Boston Community Leadership Academy

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Boston Community Leadership Academy

Academically, a great learning environment makes a good school. Elaborating more, I mean having small classes with a small number of students, where no child is left behind and they all receive the same amount of attention. Another reason why it is good to have a small school is because there are more opportunities for the students. A good school is one where, in every class, everybody is elated to come to school and participate.

Another trait that makes a good school is the teachers. Teachers are important to a school because they have a great influence and impact on the students and their futures. Teachers should have great relationships with the students since teachers are also like mentors. It is superior to have a relationship where the students can talk to their teachers about almost anything, as if they were best friends. If the teachers and students have a positive relationship, it will be much easier for the teacher to teach them what they need to know to succeed in life.

 The most important quality that makes a good school is its students. There are many qualities that make a good student. Some qualities a good student possesses are strength, confidence and determination. Strength is a good quality a student may have because if she/he is having trouble with school work, she/he needs the strength to keep trying until she/he gets it right, which is also being determined. Another reason why strength is a good quality is because, as a student, you must have strength to keep up with your schoolwork and keep up with your priorities in an organized order. If you stay organized, you can manage everything in your life.

Another great quality for a student to contain is knowing your strengths and weaknesses. This is important because if you know your weaknesses, you know what you have to work on in order to make them your strengths. The most important reason why I think having strength, confidence and determination are great qualities for a good student to possess is so that you can be a leader for your peers to make them better students. I believe I have this quality because when I want to give up on something, I always promise myself to continue because I am determined to play my role as a leader.

One reason why I want to attend Boston Community Leadership Academy is because I believe that this school has all of the qualities that I have mentioned. BCLA’s mission is to create a socially committed and morally responsible community of leaders, which values its student as individuals. BCLA’s goal is to encourage academic excellence and the habits of mind, self-esteem and leadership development among all the school’s students. One habit of mind I look forward to developing is my commitment to my social and civic responsibilities. Social and civic responsibilities to me are participating in community service, volunteering and demonstrating leadership. These will all help me work toward the common good.

Another reason why BCLA can help me develop and achieve strong habits of mind is because one of the habits I am currently focusing on developing in myself is demonstrating leadership, and I believe BCLA’s student council can help me acquire stronger leadership skills. At the Tobin, I have been on Student Council since the seventh grade. As secretary, I helped organize small events that we hosted, such as bake sales and parties. After a little while, the Student Council Vice President and I traded positions because he believed I would be better in the role of Vice President. Now, as an eighth grader, I have escalated to the position of President of Student Council. Although I believe that I am a good leader, BCLA can make me a great leader for my beginning in the “Real World.”

As a leader, a student should be a fighter and a strong person.  I believe that BCLA’s debate team can also help me gain stronger fighting skills. I believe this because I love to argue in a positive way. I like to fight for what I believe in just like Martin, Malcolm and the brave Rosa Parks. Another reason why I believe BCLA will help me achieve the skill of fighting for what I believe in is because it is a leadership school where you learn how to stand up for what you believe in a positive manner. I believe if I attend BCLA, I can accomplish my goals to reach my preferred future.

Another reason why I want to attend Boston Community Leadership Academy is because I enjoy helping people. I am a very considerate person. As the leader I am, I know that I have strengths and areas of challenge. I know I can become an even better leader and I want to be in an exciting environment with people that have the same qualities, strengths, weaknesses and leadership skills that I have. I look forward to working with my classmates to develop stronger and more solid leadership skills, and to collaborating with peers to work on our weaknesses together. As a person, I know I have weaknesses just as much as I have strengths, and I believe that the faculty and my future peers at BCLA can help me transform my weaknesses into strengths.

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