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Gustave Alexandre Eiffel / ed. by Paco Asensio; photogr. by Roger Casas. - teNeues, 2003. - 79, [1] p.: ill.

Gustave Alexandre Eiffel.

ed. by Paco Asensio

Gustave Eiffel (Dijori, 1832-Paris, 1923), famous engineer, empresario, and builder. He was known above all for the tower in Paris that bears his name and from his youth showed great inclination toward the study of the sci­ences as well as a thorough interest in succeeding in the society of his time. An untiring worker, Eiffel founded his own construction firm in 1865, at a time when France was industri­alizing. His contact with the engineer Charles Nepveu was crucial at the beginning of Eiffel's career, as would be later his own capacity for innovation and the ability to surround him­self with brilliant engineers such as Kcechlin, His last years were dedicated to the study of aerodynamics, a science which captivated his imagination.
A fresh new series about the masters of classical architecture
Each volume in this eminently attractive series highlights the work of a renowned architect of the past centuries
Packed with dazzling photographs of exteriors and interiors, detailed plans and brief, comprehensive texts

Hackney, Fiona The Art of Charles Rennie Mackintosh / Fiona Hackney, Isla Hackney. - Silverdale Books, 2004. - 128 p.

Hackney, Fiona

The Art of Charles Rennie Mackintosh.
ISBN: 184509087X

ISBN: 9781845090876

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