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The Hermitage. Western European Painting / compiled and introduced by Yu Kuznetsov; translated from the Russian by V. Vezey. - Leningrad: Aurora Art Publishers, 1983. - 192 p.: ill.

Toulouse Lautrec / Grange Books, 2005. - 80 p.

Toulouse Lautrec

ISBN: 1840136588

Born in 1864, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec has become famous as the bohemian artist of the Moulin Rouge. He captured the spirit and emotion of the belle epoque, the beautiful era in Paris, through his posters and prints. He died relatively young in 1901. A must-have book for art lovers and particularly fans of Henri de Toulouse Lautrec.

Twentieth-Century Museums II / by James S. Russell. - Phaidon Press Limited, 1999. - 240 p.: ill. - (Architecture 3s).

Twentieth-Century Museums II.

by James S. Russell
ISBN – 0714838799

ISBN – 9780714838793

The Museum of Modern Art in Gunma, surrounded by parkland, is the most complete realization by Isozaki of a conceptual approach to museum design. The Clore Gallery, London, was built to house the Tate Gallery's superb collection of paintings by J M W Turner, while the Tate in Liverpool was created out of a magnificent 1845 dockside warehouse; both are examined here within the context of Stirling & Wilford's oeuvre at the time of construction. James Ingo Freed's United States Holocaust Memorial Museum is one of the late twentieth century's most profound architectural statements, managing subtly and symbolically to disengage itself from the city where is stands. By considering these museums together, the reader can examine the varying approaches taken by different architectural practices in separate continents to meeting the challenges of adventurous museum commissions.

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