Books in English on Art and Architecture

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Honnef, Klaus Pop Art / Klaus Honnef; edited by Uta Grosenick. - TASCHEN, 2006. - 96 p.

Honnef, Klaus

Pop Art.
ISBN – 3822822183

ISBN – 9783822822180

Pop artists of the 1960s, heralded by the Great Andy Warhol, commented on everything from mainstream media to consumer society to advertising to product packaging with colorful and often comical works. Pop Art's profound influence on contemporary art and culture remains prominent today. Nowhere else can you find so much Pop Art in such a compact, stylish book!

Islam. Art and Architecture / edited by Markus Hattstein, Peter Delius. - h.f.ullmann, 2007. - 623 p.: photo.

Islam. Art and Architecture.

edited by Markus Hattstein, Peter Delius

ISBN: 3833135344

ISBN: 9783833135347

This book follows the historical development of the Islamic dynasties and regions, showing the variety of their forms of artistic expression from the beginning until today. From decorative elements of buildings to calligraphy and the embellishment of everyday objects, ornamentation, that most characterise Islamic art form, displayed in an extraordinary rich range of ways. The contributions of important scholars bring to life before our very eyes this culture, which belongs next to Greek and Roman antiquity as one of the pillars of our modern society.

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