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Part 1 Abstract

* It is mid-August in Alabama. Frankie Addams, age 12, feels like she doesn't belong anywhere. She has spent most of her summer in the kitchen with her 6 year-old cousin John Henry and the cook, Berenice, feeling hot, bored, and afraid.

* Frankie has a number of fears. For one thing, Frankie is sincerely afraid that she is going to grow to be over 9 feet tall.
* Until April of this year, Frankie had been like other people. She used to sleep in bed with her father, but it wasn't because she was afraid. Until April, she wasn't the kind of person to think of being afraid.
* In April, Frankie became concerned about the world, which was embroiled in World War II. To her, the world seemed to be cracked and broken beyond repair.
* On another April day, Frankie's father teased her and said she was too big to sleep with him anymore. She began sleeping in her own room upstairs, but it hurt her feelings. Now, she and her father are awkward with each other, and she has a little grudge against him.

Part 2, Chapter 1 Abstract

* Frankie then became a criminal. She carried her father's pistol all over town and shot it in an empty lot. She even shoplifted a pocketknife from Sears and Roebuck.

* By the end of the summer, Frankie no longer thinks of the war, and she doesn't leave home very much. She's afraid of Barney, her father and the Law, but she tries not to think about them. She's determined not to hurt anymore. She spends her days eating, writing shows, playing bridge with Berenice and John Henry, and throwing knives against the side of the garage.

Part 2, Chapter 2 Abstract

* There is no one for Frankie to play with. Frankie's best friend, Evelyn Owen, has moved to Florida. A group of older girls that used to include Frankie has formed a club that doesn't include her. Even her cat, Charlie, has run away.

* Frankie learns that her brother Jarvis is to be married in Winter Hill on Sunday, and she and her father are going to the wedding.
* Jarvis, a soldier, has come back from a 2-year stint in Alaska. He brought his fiancée Janice to the house to make the announcement. Frankie thinks they are meant to be because both their names begin with JA. She wishes her name began that way, too, so she could be one of them.
* The thought of Jarvis and Janice leaving makes Frankie sad.

Part 2, Chapter 3 Abstract

* Frankie announces to Berenice that she is going to run away. Frankie says that after the wedding, she does not plan to return home to live. Berenice doesn't take this announcement very seriously and teases Frankie about her plans. Once Frankie has this idea, though, it relieves the ache in her heart, and she feels she knows that she belongs with Jarvis and Janice.

* When Berenice leaves for the evening and the house is quiet, Frankie remembers the Marlowes. Frankie's mother had died when she was born, and Frankie's grandmother came and took care of her. When Frankie was 9, her grandmother died, and Frankie's father rented the extra bedroom to Mr. and Mrs. Marlowe. This couple fascinated Frankie. When they were away from home, she used to look at all their belongings.
* One Sunday afternoon, however, Frankie saw Mr. Marlowe having some sort of fit next to Mrs. Marlowe's corset on the bed. She ran to tell Berenice, who slammed the bedroom door and said the Marlowe's were common people. Mr. Addams evicted them, and although Frankie didn't understand why, she knew it had something to do with the fit.

Part 3 Abstract

* While Frankie is remembering all this, she is walking over to John Henry's house after dark. She suddenly finds the words to describe how she feels about her brother and the bride.

* Frankie feels that she has spent all of her life alone, as an "I," but now that she has seen the couple about to be married, she feels that she is a member of a "we."


* Once at John Henry's, Frankie becomes angry, because he doesn't feel like sleeping over at her house. She screams that she only invited him because he looked "so ugly and lonesome." This surprises John Henry, because he doesn't feel a bit lonesome.

* A horn begins to play. First it plays sad and low, then a jazzy tune, and then the blues song again. It hurts Frankie when the horn breaks off its playing in the middle of the tune. It squeezes her heart until John Henry asks her where she intends to go after the wedding. Frankie feels her heart break open into two wings, and she finally knows. She will go with her brother and the bride wherever they go. "I love the two of them so much," she tells John Henry. Frankie feels that the questions about what will become of her and who she is, are solved. She is no longer afraid.

* The old Frankie, who wasn't a member of anything, is gone. She has become F. Jasmine, who is a member of the wedding. F. Jasmine makes her plans to join the JA wedding party of Jarvis and Janice in Winter Hill, and she will go with them wherever they go. She will travel with them wherever her brother may be stationed, all over the world.

* F. Jasmine spends the Saturday before the wedding saying goodbye to her hometown. She wears her best pink organdy dress instead of the shorts and Mexican hat she wore all summer. F. Jasmine is such a new person that she no longer carries a grudge against her father for saying she was too big to sleep with him. She tries to tell her papa that she won't be back after the wedding, but he doesn't listen. F. Jasmine feels a little sorry for him. She realizes how lonesome he will be after she's gone.

* In addition to saying goodbye to familiar places, F. Jasmine goes into places the old Frankie has never been, including a place called the Blue Moon. F. Jasmine comes to the Blue Moon by following the sounds of the monkey and the monkey man. She has not seen them all summer, but she loves them and wants to tell them goodbye. She follows the sound of the organ, but it suddenly stops before F. Jasmine can find them, so she goes into the Blue Moon instead. There, a bartender is the first in town to hear F. Jasmine talk about her wedding plans.

* After telling her story, F. Jasmine looks down toward the end of the bar and sees a red-haired soldier looking at her. For the first time, she is able to look a soldier in the eye and not feel jealous. The old Frankie envied soldiers because they could go places and were included in the war.
* The red-haired soldier doesn't speak, and F. Jasmine leaves the Blue Moon. She walks all over town and tells her plans to anyone who will listen.

* At 11:30 a.m., F. Jasmine stops at her father's jewelry store. Mr. Addams directs Frankie to go home because Berenice has been looking for her. He also tells her that Uncle Charles died that morning. Uncle Charles was not really F. Jasmine's uncle. He was John Henry's uncle from the other side of John Henry's family.

* On her way home, F. Jasmine is to stop by MacDougal's Department Store to charge a new dress and shoes for the wedding. On the way, she hears the monkey man's organ, and follows the sound. When she finds the monkey and the monkey man, they are in a quarrel with the red-haired soldier. He angrily pushes a fistful of money at the monkey man, apparently trying to buy the monkey. He is drunk, but F. Jasmine does not know that.

* After the monkey and monkey man leave the scene, the red-haired soldier walks with F. Jasmine and takes her back to the Blue Moon, where he orders her a beer. She drinks the beer and agrees to meet the soldier at 9 p.m. for a date.

* Back out on the sidewalk, F. Jasmine sees a girl from school. The uneasy feeling suddenly disappears, and she brags to her schoolmate about having a date with a soldier. The girl goes with F. Jasmine to help her pick out her dress and shoes for the wedding.

* On her way home, F. Jasmine sees a pair of figures out of the corner of her eye, and feels strongly it must be Jarvis and Janice, even though she knows they are in Winter Hill preparing for the wedding. When she turns to face the figures, she finds that they are two young boys, the taller one resting his arm on the shoulder of the shorter boy. F. Jasmine arrives home at 2 p.m.

* F. Jasmine's last dinner with Berenice and John Henry begins at about 4 p.m. and lasts until twilight. They eat a bit, argue a bit, eat some more and talk some more. Berenice tries to reason with Frankie about her plans for the wedding, but F. Jasmine won't listen and insists on being called by her new name.
* To change the subject, Berenice asks F. Jasmine to model the dress for the wedding. It is an orange spaghetti-strapped gown that, judging from Berenice's reaction, is way too big for F. Jasmine. However, after her initial surprise has passed, Berenice lovingly helps F. Jasmine adjust and alter the dress to fit better.

* A few minutes after 5 p.m., F. Jasmine tries to describe to Berenice her experience of seeing the two boys out of the corner of her eye. She wants to convey how eerie it was that two young black boys would remind her of Jarvis and Janice. To her surprise, Berenice grows excited, because she knows exactly what F. Jasmine is talking about. Berenice says this is how it is when people are in love. She has been having this experience all her life and never heard it put into words.

* F. Jasmine is pleased and, for the first time, listens to Berenice discuss love without making fun of it. Berenice tells the old familiar story of Ludie Freeman. Ludie Freeman was Berenice's first husband and the only one she truly loved. She met him 20 years ago, and after 8 years of happy marriage, Ludie died of pneumonia. He died the very month and year that Frankie was born. F. Jasmine thinks this must be some kind of sign. She finds it interesting that she feels sadder about the death of Ludie Freeman, even though she never met him, than she does about the death of Uncle Charles.
* Berenice moves on to tell the stories of her other three marriages, all of which were disastrous attempts to recreate what she had with Ludie. Each time she met one of these men, she first saw him out of the corner of her eye and saw something that reminded her of Ludie. None of the three were anything like him, though. Berenice's second husband was an alcoholic, the third became a mental patient just weeks after they married, and the fourth was so violent, Berenice had to call the law on him.

* The point of Berenice's story, she explains, is that she tried to copy her first love. She wants to warn F. Jasmine against choosing a wedding as her first love, because she is afraid that she will forever copy that love in all kinds of bizarre ways. Berenice wants F. Jasmine to channel her interests away from the wedding to the subject of attracting a beau of her own. F. Jasmine has no interest in beaus, and although she wants to tell Berenice about the soldier, something holds her back.

* On the last day before the wedding, twilight lasts a long time. F. Jasmine feels she should leave to prepare for her date, but now that it is her last evening in the kitchen, she feels there is something final she should say. Words rise up in her, but nothing she says is what she means to say. This frustrates and frightens F. Jasmine. She becomes very agitated and paces excitedly around the table, waving a knife, until Berenice grabs her by the petticoat and insists that she rest.
* F. Jasmine sits down on Berenice's lap. After a few moments of silence, Berenice says that she think she understands what F. Jasmine has been trying to say. All of us, she says, are somehow caught in our identities, whether we want to be or not. This helps F. Jasmine articulate her feelings. She feels both caught and loose at the same time, even though those words sound like opposites.

* F. Jasmine is almost ready to go, but she has one more thing to say. This moment, she realizes, will never come again. Berenice, John Henry, and F. Jasmine sit in the darkening kitchen, silently watching this moment pass forever. Suddenly, the three of them begin to cry. They cry for about a minute, and then stop as suddenly as they began. Then they stand up around the table, turn on the kitchen light, and wash their faces. When they hear Mr. Addams come home from work through the front door, the last afternoon in the kitchen is over.

* F. Jasmine goes to Berenice's house in Sugarville to have her fortune told by Berenice's mother. On the way, she stops to look at the jail, which has haunted the old Frankie ever since the time last spring when she took the pocketknife from Sears and Roebuck. F. Jasmine finds that the jail does not scare her now that she knows she is leaving.

* It is after 8 o'clock when F. Jasmine reaches Sugarville. She asks Big Mama to tell her fortune. First, Big Mama asks to hear her most recent dream. F. Jasmine remembers a dream in which she faced an opening door. It gave her a funny feeling, and she woke up.

* Big Mama says that a change is coming in F. Jasmine's life. She claims to see the wedding, with both a departure and a return. Later, Big Mama says there will be roads, trains, and a sum of money in F. Jasmine's future.

* F. Jasmine proceeds into town for her date with the red-haired soldier. Now that it's time, she feels it is a mistake, although she doesn't know why. They have a drink at a table, and afterward, instead of taking her dancing, the soldier takes her up to his room.

* F. Jasmine has the feeling of being at the fair and on a ride that's too much for her, but being unable to get off until it's over. She recognizes a certain silence, although of course there is noise through the open window. The silence is threatening and somehow familiar, and F. Jasmine has already started toward the door when the soldier pulls her to him on the bed. She buys herself some time when she bites his tongue and knocks him out by breaking a glass water pitcher on his head.

* F. Jasmine sneaks out by the fire escape and goes home. She asks her father if hitting someone over the head with a glass pitcher will kill him. Of course he doesn't take her question seriously, and F. Jasmine angrily goes up to bed, glad to think that this is the last night she'll sleep in this house.

* Frances said goodbye to her old town at 6:30 in the morning. She rides the bus sitting a little apart from Bernice, John Henry, and her father. They arrive at 11 a.m., and the author says, "the next hours were unexplainable." By mid-afternoon, it was all over. It ended with Frances being dragged out of the wedding couple's car, throwing herself down in the dust as the car sped away, crying, "Take me! Take me!"
* Now Frances just hates everybody and worst of all, she hates herself. On the bus ride home, Berenice tries to console her by planning a party for Frances and some new friends after school starts in a few weeks, but Frances is too heartbroken and furious to talk about it. Even the wedding has not included her, just like the girls' club and the war, and Frances is determined to show them all that she belongs somewhere.

* That night, after everyone else has gone to bed, Frances tries to run away, carrying her father's pistol. She even puts the pistol to her head for a minute, but then she thinks that she might feel this nothingness forever, so she changes her mind at the last second. Finally, Frances has an idea to go to the Blue Moon and find out if the red-haired soldier is dead. She wants to know whether or not she is a murderer before she leaves town. Then Frances decides that if he is not dead, she will marry him, since Big Mama predicted she would marry someone with light hair and blue eyes. Frances has finally admitted to herself that she is too scared to go out into the world alone.

* On the way to the Blue Moon, the incident with the soldier, the Marlowes' common fit, and Barney's nasty remarks behind the garage come together in Frances' mind. She suddenly realizes that the stories about sex the older girls whispered were true. It was her unwillingness to believe these stories that made the other girls say that the old Frankie was too young for their club, but now Frances understands.

* When Frances arrives, a police officer in the Blue Moon recognizes her as Royal Addams' daughter. He calls her father and waits with her, while Frances watches the red-haired soldier at the jukebox, apparently none the worse for being "brained" by her. She admits to the officer that she doesn't know what she was planning to do, and when her father arrives, Frances willingly goes home with him.

* Months later, in November, Frances is now 13. She is in the kitchen with Berenice on what actually is their last day together. John Henry died in October, having battled meningitis for 10 days. His parents will now share a home with Frances and her father in a suburb outside of town. When this was decided, Berenice turned in her resignation and decided to marry T.T., the man she's been dating. He doesn't make her shiver the way Ludie Freeman did, but T.T. is a good, steady man who loves her.

* Frances still feels John Henry's ghost-gray presence sometimes, especially now when she and Berenice are in the kitchen for the last time. Mostly, though, Frances' life is filled with school and her new best friend, Mary Littlejohn. When they graduate, the two girls plan to travel around the world together. When the doorbell rings at 5 o'clock, Frances feels a little thrill of joy.

Character Descriptions

This section provides a short description of all the major characters in the book. This can be printed out as a study guide for students, used as a "key" for leading a class discussion, or you can jump to the quiz/homework section to find worksheets that incorporate these descriptions into a variety of question formats.


Frances Addams - The twelve year-old main character who is described in the book as feeling ugly and awkward and who is restless and bored with life in the hometown, and who dreams of a more exciting life.

Jarvis Addams - The blond and handsome older brother of the main character who is in the Army and is stationed in Alaska.

Royal Quincy Addams - This character is a successful jewelry store owner who earns a middle-class living, but seldom spends time with family.

Big Mama - This character is bedridden for many years because of a back injury and is said to have developed a "second sight."

Berenice Sadie Brown - This character is an African-American cook with very dark skin, who offers advice, tells stories, and puts up with the main character's moodiness although the position as a servant prevents this character from being much of a disciplinarian.

Honey Camden Brown - This character is a stylish dresser who is intelligent and well spoken at times, but was not accepted in the Army. This character took a job in a gravel pit until suffering an internal injury.

Uncle Charles - A sickly character who dies just before the wedding.

Frankie - The main character's nickname.

Janice - A petite brunette, who gets married and is delighted to have a younger sister through her marriage.

Mary Littlejohn - This brown eyed character with long blonde braids, who loves art and poetry and meets the main character at a raffle.

The Red-Haired Soldier - This character goes on a date with the main character, but tries fails to realize the main character's age when trying to make advances.

John Henry West - The sensitive, yet mature, six year-old character, who wears gold-rimmed glasses and a small lead donkey around the neck and enjoys cooking and dressing up in costume dresses and heels.

T. T. Williams - A polite and friendly large character who runs a successful restaurant and at the end of the novel is engaged to an African-American family cook.

Multiple Choice Questions

This section contains 180 multiple choice questions about The Member of the Wedding. Multiple choice questions test a student's recall and understanding of the text. Use these questions for chapter quizzes, homework assignments or tests. Jump to the quiz/homework section for the multiple choice worksheets.
Multiple Choice - Part 1

1. What is the setting of the story?
a) Alabama.
b) Arkansas.
c) Georgia.
d) Tenessee.

2. During what month does the story take place?
a) August.
b) June.
c) September.
d) July.

3. How old is Frankie Addams' cousin John Henry?
a) 8 years-old.
b) 6 years-old.
c) 7 years-old.
d) 9 years-old.

4. What is Bernice's profession?
a) She is a babysitter.
b) She is a gardener.
c) She is a housekeeper.
d) She is a cook.

5. What is one of Frankie's fears?
a) She is going to gain a lot of weight.
b) She is going to lose all of her hair.
c) She is going to get a splinter stuck in her big toe.
d) She is going to grow to be over 9 feet tall.

6. What is Frankie's birth month?
a) November.
b) January.
c) August.
d) March.

7. Where does Frankie work on Saturday mornings?
a) At the local beauty parlor.
b) Her father's jewlery shop.
c) At the town market.
d) Her mother's boutique.

8. Which war takes place during this novel?
a) Civil War.
b) Vietnam War.
c) World War II.
d) World War I.

9. What color are Frankie's eyes at the start of Part 1, when she is instructed by Bernice to look in the mirror?
a) Brown.
b) Gray.
c) Green.
d) Blue.

10. Where does Frankie's brother and his bride-to-be plan to hold their wedding?
a) In the countryside.
b) At the bride's home in Winter Hill.
c) In Frankie's father's home.
d) At the groom's church in Alaska.

11. In Part 1, why was Frankie upset at the war?
a) Because all the men she could date were fighting the war.
b) Because she could not see her brother.
c) Because it did not include her.
d) Because she did not know what was going on.

12. What was Jarvis's position in the army?
a) Private.
b) Corporal.
c) Lieutenant.
d) Sergeant.

13. What did Frankie shoplift from Sears and Roebuck?
a) A ring.
b) A wrench.
c) A handkerchief.
d) A pocketknife.

14. How much time did Jarvis spend in Alaska?
a) Almost 1 year.
b) Almost 2 years.
c) Almost 3 years.
d) Almost 4 years.

15. What did Frankie send Jarvis when he first left for Alaska?
a) A long letter.
b) A handmade handkerchief.
c) A box of homemade fudge.
d) A pair of warm socks.

16. What did Jarvis send Frankie three months after she sent her initial gift?
a) A five dollar bill and his army dog tags.
b) A thank you letter and a picture of him in his army uniform.
c) A thank you letter and five dollar bill.
d) A piece of animal hide and a ten dollar bill.

17. What is not one of the ways Frankie spends her day?
a) Playng with her dolls.
b) Eating.
c) Throwing knives against the backside of the garage.
d) Playing bridge.

18. On what day of the week does Jarvis get married?
a) Sunday.
b) Tuesday.
c) Wednesday.
d) Monday.

19. Who is Frankie's best friend?
a) Jane Taylor.
b) Evelyn Owen.
c) Cindy Johnson.
d) Sally Winters.

20. In Part I, what happens to Frankie's best friend?
a) She stops talking to Frankie.
b) She moves to Florida.
c) She is accidentally killed in a car accident.
d) She runs away from home.

21. What is the name of Frankie's cat?
a) Charlie.
b) Minnie.
c) Mable.
d) Whiskers.

22. In Part I, what is the name of Jarvis's bride-to-be?
a) Joanne.
b) Joan.
c) Jane.
d) Janice.

23. Why does Frankie think that her brother and his fiancee are meant to be?
a) Because they like the same kinds of foods.
b) Because they both are from Alabama.
c) Because they share the same favorite color.
d) Because their names begin with the same two letters.

24. Which character makes the following remark, "You know its still hard for me to realize that the world turns around at a rate of about a thousand miles an hour."
a) Jarvis.
b) Berenice.
c) John Henry.
d) Frankie.

25. Which characters says, "It looks to me like everything has just walked off and left me."
a) Berenice.
b) Frankie.
c) Jarvis.
d) John Henry.

26. When did Frankie's mother die?
a) When Frankie was 2 years old.
b) When Frankie was 4 years old.
c) When Frankie was born.
d) When Frankie was 6 years old.

27. Who came to take care of Frankie after her mom died?
a) Berenice.
b) Frankie's grandmother.
c) Frankie's Aunt Pet.
d) Frankie's Uncle Ustace.

28. How old was Frankie when her grandmother died?
a) 8 years-old.
b) 7 years-old.
c) 10 years-old.
d) 9 years-old.

29. In Part I, what does Frankie, Berenice, and John Henry do every afternoon after eating dinner?
a) They play music and dance.
b) They play cards.
c) They throw rocks across the lake.
d) They go fishing.

30. Why is Frankie not a member of the club in her neighborhood?
a) Because the club members said that she does not have enough money.
b) Because the club members do not like her.
c) Because the club members said she was too young and mean.
d) Because the club members do not think that she dresses well.

31. What is the name of the couple that Frankie's father rented their extra bedroom to?
a) Mr. and Mrs. Morris.
b) Mr. and Mrs. Marlowe.
c) Mr. and Mrs. Moss.
d) Mr. and Mrs. Marcusson.

32. How old was Berenice when she married her first husband?
a) 17 years-old.
b) 15 years-old.
c) 19 years-old.
d) 13 years-old.

33. How many times had Berenice been married?
a) Three times.
b) Four times.
c) Two times.
d) One time.

34. When Frankie becomes angry because she does not feel like sleeping over at her house, what reason does she give John Henry for inviting him?
a) She tells him that she only invited him because Jarvis wanted to see him.
b) She tells him that she only invited him because he looked so ugly and lonesome.
c) She tells him that she only invited him because her father told her to invite him.
d) She tells him that she only invited him because she didn't have anything else to do.

35. What are Frankie's plans after the wedding?
a) Frankie plans to remain at home with her father.
b) Frankie plans to move in with John Henry.
c) Frankie plans to run away with her boyfriend.
d) Frankie plans to go with the bride and the groom.

36. What was the name of Berenice's first husband?
a) Lorenzo Johnson.
b) Ludie Freeman.
c) James Claiborne.
d) Samuel Kemp.
Multiple Choice - Part 2, Chapter 1

1. Who is F. Jasmin Addams?
a) Frankie's new alter ego.
b) John Henry's sister.
c) Frankie's mother.
d) Jarvis's ex-girlfrind.

2. What does F. Jasmin spend the Saturday before the wedding doing?
a) Working at Mr. Addams' shop.
b) Buying wedding presents.
c) Hanging out with all of her girlfriends.
d) Saying goodbye to her hometown.

3. What does F. Jasmin wear on the Saturday before the wedding?
a) Overalls and a t-shirt.
b) Her school clothes.
c) A torn t-shirt and cowboy boots.
d) Her best pink organdy dress.

4. What outfit has Frankie worn all summer?
a) Jeans and a baseball jersey.
b) Shorts and a Mexican hat.
c) Her school clothes.
d) A summer dress.

5. What did F. Jasmin decide to have engraved on visiting cards that she was making?
a) F. J. Addams, Esq.
b) F. J. Addams.
c) F. Jasmin Addams.
d) F. Jasmin Addams, Esq.

6. What is F. Jasmin's father's full name?
a) James Quincy Addams
b) Quincy Monroe Addams
c) Quincy Washington Addams.
d) Royal Quincy Addams.

7. How many cups of coffee did F. Jasmin's father like to drink before he started conversation for the day?
a) Five.
b) Four.
c) Two.
d) Three.

8. What does F. Jasmin's father wear on the Saturday before the wedding?
a) Overalls, white t-shirt, and Mexican hat.
b) Grey trousers, blue shirt, and tie.
c) Blue jeans, black shirt, and dirty shoes.
d) Brown shorts, red shirt, and a military I.D.

9. What street is the Blue Moon situated on?
a) Main Avenue.
b) Front Avenue.
c) Main Street.
d) Front Street.

10. Why was F. Jasmin in the neighborhood of the Blue Moon?
a) Because she always hung out at the Blue Moon.
b) Because she thought Jarvis and Janice would be there.
c) Because she followed the sounds of the monkey and the monkey man.
d) Because John Henry told her to meet him at the Blue Moon.

11. Who is the first person that F. Jasmin shares her post-wedding plans with while at the Blue Moon?
a) A soldier.
b) A friend from school.
c) The Blue Moon's owner.
d) The monkey man.

12. Who color hair does the solider F. Jasmin speaks with at the Blue Moon have?
a) Blond.
b) Brown.
c) Red.
d) Black.

13. What did Frankie used to do at the Blue Moon?
a) She would sit outside of the Blue Moon in hopes that she would see her brother when he came to town.
b) She would stand outside on the sidewalk and listen to the radio programs.
c) She stood outside on the sidewalk with her nose pressed against the screen door and watch the customers.
d) She would meet up with friends outside of the Blue Moon.

14. Why did Frankie never enter into the the Blue Moon?
a) Because her father told her not to enter the establishment.
b) Because she knew that she had no valid right to enter the establishment.
c) Because the owner told her that she was not welcome in the establishment.
d) Because there were laws to keep her out of the establishment.

15. What was the nationality of the Blue Moon's owner?
a) Russian.
b) Chinese.
c) Portuguese.
d) French.

16. Why did Frankie envy solders?
a) Because they could travel and they were included in the war.
b) Because they were able to drink beer.
c) Because they were able to donate blood.
d) Because they wore uniforms.

17. What does F. Jasmin do at 11:30 am on the Saturday before Jarvis's wedding?
a) Meets up with a girl friend from school.
b) Stops at Mr. Addams' jewlery store.
c) Rides her bike to the department store.
d) Eats lunch at a the Blue Moon.

18. Who does Frankie's father tell her is looking for her while she is traveling around town on the Saturday before Jarvis's wedding?
a) Bernice.
b) Janice.
c) Jarvis.
d) John Henry.

19. What happens to Uncle Charles in Part 2, Chapter 1?
a) He is hospitalized.
b) He divorces Aunt Pet.
c) He is fasely accused of a crime and arrested.
d) He dies.

20. Where is Frankie's father's shop located?
a) On the same block as the Blue Moon.
b) On the same block as the department store.
c) Three doors from the main street.
d) One door from the main street.

21. How is Uncle Charles related to Frankie?
a) Uncle Charles was the friend of the family.
b) Uncle Charles was the brother of Frankie's mother.
c) Uncle Charles was the great uncle of John Henry West.
d) Uncle Charles was the brother of Mr. Addams.

22. In Part 2, Chapter 1, which character says, "At one time Uncle Charles was one of the leading citizens."
a) John Henry.
b) F. Jasmin.
c) Jarvis.
d) Mr. Addams.

23. What stores does Mr. Addams tell F. Jasmin to charge a wedding dress, shoes and stockings?
a) MacDougal's Department Store.
b) Murrphy's Department Store.
c) Morrison Department Store.
d) Macy's Department Store.

24. What is going on between the solider from the Blue Moon and the monkey man when F. Jasmin finds them together?
a) They are both playing instruments.
b) They are in a quarrel.
c) They are talking about F. Jasmin.
d) They are playing with the monkey.

25. What kind of shoes does F. Jasmin have on when she runs into the soldier from the Blue Moon?
a) Pink flip flops.
b) Black pumps.
c) Red sandles.
d) White sneakers.

26. Who is the first person on the Saturday before the wedding to speak to F. Jasmin while she is in town?
a) The owner of the Blue Moon.
b) The solider from the Blue Moon.
c) Mr. Addams.
d) The monkey man.

27. What state is the soldier from the Blue Moon originally from?
a) Alabama.
b) Arkansas.
c) Louisiana.
d) Tennessee.

28. What type of pass does the solider from the Blue Moon have?
a) A three-day pass.
b) A two-day pass.
c) A four-day pass.
d) A one-day pass.

29. Which character says, "It seems like I've seen you somewhere before. Do you ever go dancing at the Idle Hour?"
a) The monkey man.
b) F. Jasmin.
c) Bernice.
d) The soldier from the Blue Moon.

30. What does the solider order for F.Jasmin at the Blue Moon?
a) A beer.
b) A Coca-Cola.
c) A glass of wine.
d) A glass of water.

31. What product was the sassy chorus on the radio singing an advertisement for?
a) Dentyne Chewing Gum.
b) Arm & Hammer Baking Soda.
c) Aunt Jemima Pancake mix.
d) Coca-Cola.

32. What time does F. Jasmin agree to meet the soldier for a date?
a) 8:00 pm.
b) 7:00 pm.
c) 9:00 pm.
d) 6:00 pm.

33. What does F.Jasmin realize about the soldier as they sat in the Blue Moon to talk to each other?
a) F. Jasmin realizes that the solider has not traveled overseas.
b) F. Jasmin realizes that the soldier thinks she is much older than she really is.
c) F. Jasmin realises that that soldier knows Jarvis.
d) F. Jasmin realizes that the soldier has been discharged from the military.

34. What does F. Jasmin say is her favorite color?
a) Red.
b) Green.
c) Purple.
d) Blue.

35. Where does the solider suggest he and F. Jasmin go on their date?
a) The Happy Spot.
b) The Green Room.
c) The Blue Moon.
d) The Idle Hour.

36. Who does F. Jasmin brag to about having a date?
a) Mr. Addams.
b) A schoolmate.
c) Bernice.
d) John Henry.
Multiple Choice - Part 2, Chapter 2

1. What times does F. Jasmin begin to eat her last dinner with Bernice and John Henry?
a) 5:00 pm.
b) 4:00 pm.
c) 6:00 pm.
d) 7:00 pm.

2. What time does F. Jasmin's last dinner with Bernice and John Henry end?
a) Midnight.
b) Twilight.
c) 10:00 pm.
d) 2:00 am.

3. What happens when Bernice tries to reason with Frankie about her wedding plans?
a) She listens and decides to return home after the wedding.
b) She changes her plans and decides to leave with the solider from the Blue Moon.
c) She will not listen and she insists on being called by her new name.
d) She changes her plans and decides to travel on her own after the wedding.

4. What does Bernice ask F. Jasmin to do in order to change the subject?
a) Model her dress for the wedding.
b) Tell about Uncle Charles.
c) Tell about her date with the solider.
d) Teach her how to make a biscuit man.

5. What color is the dress that F. Jasmin plans on wearing to the wedding?
a) Pink.
b) Orange.
c) Purple.
d) Yellow.

6. What type of dress does F. Jasmin plan on wearing to the wedding?
a) A long sleeved gown.
b) A spaghetti strap gown.
c) A strapless gown.
d) A gown with a long train.

7. A few minutes after 5:00 pm, what does F. Jasmin try to describe to Bernice?
a) Her experience telling the Portguese man about her post-wedding plans.
b) Her experience by a dress with a schoolmate.
c) Her experience at the Blue Moon with the solider.
d) Her expereince of seeing the two boys out of the corner of her eye.

8. Which character says," Fool's hill. You have a whole lot less of sense than I was giving you credit for. What makes you think they want to take you along with them? Two is a company and three is a crowd."
a) The solider from the Blue Moon.
b) John Henry.
c) Bernice.
d) Mr. Addams.

9. What Bible verse does Bernice reference while speaking with F. Jasmin about the wedding?
a) Adam and Eve.
b) Cain and Able.
c) David and Goliath.
d) Noah and the Ark.

10. What did Mr. Addams keep under the handkerchief along with his pistol?
a) A book on how to shoot a gun.
b) A Bible.
c) His wedding ring.
d) A photo of Frankie's mother.

11. What was F. Jasmin's favorite food?
a) The ham knuckle.
b) Hopping-john.
c) Corn bread.
d) Buttermilk.

12. What food is not at F. Jasmin's last dinner with Bernice and John Henry?
a) Fried fresh-water trout.
b) Hot baked sweet potatoes.
c) Corn bread.
d) Buttermilk.

13. What does F. Jasmin do while Bernice tells her the story of Ludie Freeman?
a) F. Jasmin continues to eat her food and argue with John Henry over the facts of the story.
b) F. Jasmin lights one of Bernice's cigarettes and sits smoking like a grown up.
c) F. Jasmin starts writing down Bernice's story.
d) F. Jasmin combs Bernice's hair.

14. Who was Ludie Freeman?
a) Bernice's third husband who abused her.
b) Bernice's second husband who cheated on her with another woman.
c) Bernice's first husband and the only man she truely loved.
d) Bernice's fourth husband who was killed in the military.

15. How long was Bernice married to Ludie?
a) 20 years.
b) 8 years.
c) 3 years.
d) 11 years.

16. How long ago does Bernice say she met Ludie?
a) 20 years ago.
b) 5 years ago.
c) 30 years ago.
d) 10 years ago.

17. How did Ludie die?
a) Cancer.
b) He drowned.
c) In the military.
d) Pneumonia.

18. When did Ludie die?
a) The very month and year that Bernice met her next husband.
b) The very month and year that Frankie was born.
c) The very month and year that John Henry was born.
d) The very month and year that Frankie's mother knew she was pregnant.

19. Which one of Bernice's husbands was an alcoholic?
a) Her second husband.
b) Her third husband.
c) Her first husband.
d) Her fourth husband.

20. Which one of Bernice's husbands became a mental patient just weeks after they married?
a) Her third husband.
b) Her fourth husband.
c) Her second husband.
d) Her first husband.

21. Which one of Bernice's husbands was so violent that Bernice had to call the law on him?
a) Her second husband.
b) Her third husband.
c) Her fourth husband.
d) Her first husband.

22. What is the point of Bernice's story about her four husbands?
a) The point is that she did not love any of the men she married.
b) The point is that she tried to copy her first love.
c) The point is that she did not have any members in her wedding party.
d) The point is that she married four dishonest men.

23. After telling F. Jasmin about her four marriages, what does Bernice warn F. Jasmin of?
a) Dating a solider.
b) Choosing the wedding as her first love.
c) Marrying a lot of men.
d) Running away from home.

24. What does Bernice want F. Jasmin to channel her energy on?
a) Traveling around the world.
b) Finding a beau of her own.
c) Making new friends.
d) School work.

25. What does F. Jasmin say she will do if her brother and the bride do not take her with them?
a) She will hide in their car.
b) She will shoot herself in the head.
c) She will live with John Henry's family.
d) She will run away with her solider.

26. What frustrates and frightens F. Jasmin at twilight on the day before the wedding while she is in the kitchen?
a) John Henry will not have any friends if she leaves.
b) Bernice hide all of her clothes so she cannot pack her bags.
c) Her father seems like he will not miss her if she leaves.
d) She is unable to say what she means.

27. As F. Jasmin gets agitated at twilight on the day before the wedding, what does she do?
a) She screams loudly at John Henry and Bernice.
b) She paces around the table waving a knife.
c) She threatens to shoot the bride and groom if they do not take her with them.
d) She pulls wildly at her hair.

28. In the kitchen, what does Bernice do to try to calm F. Jasmin down after she is agitated?
a) Bernice insists that she rest.
b) Bernice pours cold water over her head.
c) Bernice slaps F. Jasmin.
d) Bernice shakes F. Jasmin.

29. Where did Bernice and Ludie get married?
a) Welcome Ascension Church.
b) New Bible Church.
c) New First Baptist Church.
d) Holy Redeemer Church.

30. What year was Frankie born?
a) 1929.
b) 1928.
c) 1931.
d) 1930.

31. Which character says, "Gray eyes is glass"?
a) John Henry.
b) Mr. Addams.
c) F. Jasmin.
d) Bernice.

32. Which character says, "If it's anything I mortally despise it's a person who starts out to tell something and works up people's interest and then stops"?
a) John Henry.
b) Bernice.
c) Solider from the Blue Moon.
d) F. Jasmin.

33. According to the narrator, time in August could be divided into four parts. What is not one of those parts?
a) Dark.
b) Afternoon.
c) Morning.
d) Light.

34. What does F. Jasmin, Bernice, and John Henry all do, suddenly, at the same time in the darkening kitchen?
a) They cry.
b) They start cleaning.
c) They fall asleep.
d) They laugh.

35. How does F. Jasmin, Bernice, and John Henry know that the last afternoon in the kitchen is over?
a) John Henry leaves to go home.
b) Bernice leaves to go home.
c) F. Jasmin goes to room to pack her belongings.
d) Mr. Addams returns home from work.

36. Which character says, "We all of us somehow caught. We born this way or that way and we don't know why. But we caught anyhow..."?
a) Mr. Addams.
b) F. Jasmin.
c) Bernice.
d) John Henry.
Multiple Choice - Part 2, Chapter 3

1. Where is Bernice's house located?
a) Morrisonville.
b) Sugarville.
c) Bensville.
d) Cartersville.

2. Why does F. Jasmin go to Bernice's house?
a) To talk to Bernice about her soldier friend.
b) To escape her house.
c) To have her fortune told by Bernice's mother.
d) To meet Bernice's new beau.

3. What does F. Jasmin stop to look at on her way to Bernice's house?
a) The jail.
b) The department store.
c) The Blue Moon.
d) The school house.

4. What no longer scares F. Jasmin now that she knows she is leaving?
a) Sears & Roebuck.
b) The girls' club.
c) The jail.
d) The Blue Moon.

5. What time is it when Frankie arrives at Bernice's home?
a) After 7:00 pm.
b) After 10:00 pm.
c) After midnight.
d) After 8:00 pm.

6. What is Bernice's mom's name?
a) Little Bits.
b) Itsy Bitsy.
c) Big Mama.
d) Mama B.

7. What does Bernice's mom ask F. Jasmin to recall?
a) Her most recent dream.
b) Her most recent love.
c) Her most recent friend.
d) Her most recent secret.

8. What does F. Jasmin recall for Bernice's mom?
a) A dream in which she faced an opening door.
b) Evelyn Owen.
c) The solider that she met from the Blue Moon.
d) Stealing a pocketknife from Sears and Roebuck.

9. What does Bernice's mother tell F. Jamsin about her future?
a) A change is coming.
b) She is going to fall in love.
c) She will no longer feel the need to steal.
d) She will have fun traveling with Jarvis and Janice.

10. Which one of the following is not something that Bernice's mother says will be in F. Jasmin's future?
a) Trains.
b) Roads.
c) Suitcase.
d) Money.

11. According to F. Jasmin, what did all of the people that she knew who had been locked up in the jail have in common?
a) They were all women.
b) They were all men.
c) They were all white,
d) They were all colored.

12. What street does Bernice live on?
a) Perennial.
b) Marigold.
c) Goldberry.
d) Chinaberry.

13. How does F. Jasmin feel as she proceeds into town for her date with the solider from the Blue Moon?
a) She feels that the date is a mistake.
b) She feels that she should leave with the solider.
c) She feels that she should have spent the night at Bernice's house.
d) She feels that she is doing the right thing.

14. According to Bernice's mother, what are F. Jasmin's two lucky numbers?
a) Six and Thirteen.
b) Two and Fifteen.
c) Four and Sixteen.
d) Ten and Tweleve.

15. Who was coming to visit Bernice on the night that F. Jasmin was at her home?
a) Honey.
b) MacKern.
c) T.T.
d) Ludie.

16. Instead of taking F. Jasmin dancing, where does the solider take her instead?
a) The banks of the river.
b) His room.
c) Back home.
d) A local bar.

17. What does F. Jasmin compare her date to?
a) Eating a nasty dinner.
b) Skiing downhill.
c) A cold winter day.
d) A ride at a fair.

18. What does the solider do when F. Jasmin starts towards the door?
a) Starts yelling at her.
b) Wrestles her to the floor.
c) Pulls her to him on the bed.
d) Tackles her.

19. While trying to resist the solider, what does F. Jasmin do to buy herself some time?
a) She bits his tongue.
b) She steps on his foot.
c) She offers to get them something to drink.
d) She tells him that she has to use the bathroom.

20. How does F. Jasmin knock the solider out?
a) She hits him over the head with a lead pipe.
b) She hits him in the head with a baseball bat.
c) She hits him over the head with a water basin.
d) She breaks a glass water pitcher over his head.

21. How does F. Jasmin escape the solider?
a) She sneaks out the window and goes to Bernice's house.
b) She sneaks out by the fire escape and goes home.
c) She sneaks out of a side door and goes to Bernice's house.
d) She sneaks out the front door and goes home.

22. When F. Jasmin returns home from her date, how does her father take the question that she asks?
a) Her father does not listen to her question.
b) Her father does not take her question seriously.
c) Her father does not know how to take her question.
d) Her father takes her question seriously.

23. What is F. Jasmin's biggest fear at the end of Part 2, Chapter 3?
a) F. Jasmin fears that she might not travel with Jarvis and Janice.
b) F. Jasmin fears that the solider might have followed her back home.
c) F. Jasmin fears that she might be a murderer.
d) F. Jasmin fears that she might marry a solider,

24. Which character warns, "Sure enough. I'm perfectly serious. It don't do you any good to mess around between Forks Falls and this town. I've seen a whole lot of pictures of Cubans and Mexicans. They have a good time"?
a) Bernice.
b) F. Jasmin.
c) Honey.
d) John Henry.

25. Where does F. Jasmin suggest that Honey go?
a) Spain.
b) Cuba.
c) Puerto Rico.
d) Venezula.

26. What did the streets in the middle of the town remind F. Jasmin of?
a) A Mexican fiesta.
b) A dance party.
c) A carnival fair.
d) A war zone.

27. What did F. Jasmin suspect was in the drink that the solider from the Blue Moon gave her?
a) Liquor.
b) Fruit.
c) Water.
d) Pineapple juice.

28. While on her date with the solider, what time does the soldier tell F. Jasmin that the band starts to play?
a) 9:00 pm.
b) Midnight.
c) 11:00 pm.
d) 10:00 pm.

29. What does the sign above the sign above the sink in the Blue Moon hotel read?
a) No Loitering.
b) No Dumping.
c) Strictly Washing.
d) No Washing.

30. What was John Henry doing when F. Jamsin eventually arrives home from her date?
a) Eating leftovers from dinner.
b) Playing cards with Bernice.
c) Gazing at the stars.
d) Looking at bats around the street lights.

31. What color are John Henry's eyes?
a) Blue.
b) Green.
c) Brown.
d) Gray.

32. While talking to John Henry after her date, what does Frankie eat to get the disgust in her mouth to go away?
a) A bowl full of grapes.
b) A handful of raisins.
c) A tablespoon of sugar.
d) Six tablespoons of sweetened condensed milk.

33. How old is F. Jasmin's father?
a) Fifty-one.
b) Forty-six.
c) Forty-one.
d) Fifty-six.

34. Which character says, " I'll never be so glad to get to any place in all my life as Winter hill tomorrow"?
a) F. Jasmin.
b) Bernice.
c) Mr. Addams.
d) John Henry.

35. Which of the following was not on the parlor table at Bernice's house?
a) A jellyglass of water.
b) A Cuban hat.
c) A dream book.
d) A Bible.

36. Which character says, "That's a sweet dress you got on. And them silver shoes! And silk stockings! You look like a regular grown girl"?
a) Bernice.
b) Big Mama.
c) F. Jasmin.
d) John Henry.
Multiple Choice - Part 3

1. What time does Frances say goodbye to her old town?
a) 8:30 a.m.
b) 7:30 a.m.
c) 6:30 a.m.
d) 9:30 a.m.

2. How did Frances travel to Winter Hill on the day of the wedding?
a) She rode the bus to Winter Hill.
b) She rode her bike to Winter Hill.
c) She walked to Winter Hill.
d) She caught a cab to Winter Hill.

3. Who went with Frances to Winter Hill for the wedding?
a) The soldier from the Blue Moon, Bernice, and Mr. Addams.
b) Mr. Addams, John Henry, and Jarvis.
c) Jarvis, Bernice, and Janice.
d) Bernice, John Henry, and Mr. Addams.

4. What time does Frances arrive in Winter Hill for the wedding?
a) 9:00 a.m.
b) 11:00 a.m.
c) 12:00 noon.
d) 10:00 a.m.

5. Which of the following is not a city that the narrator mentions that Frances passes on her way to Winter Hill?
a) Sugarville.
b) New City.
c) Leeville.
d) Cheehaw.

6. What location, described by the narrator as the ugliest place of all, did Frances reach by 9:00 am?
a) Growing Tree.
b) Marketville.
c) Flowering Branch.
d) North Chicasaw.

7. Where did Frances keep her wedding dress on the way to Winter Hill?
a) A suitcase.
b) She wore it.
c) A lunch box.
d) She shipped it to the wedding.

8. What did Frances cry as the wedding couple's car sped away?
a) "Stop! Wait! Take me!"
b) "Please, wait for me. I don't want to return home."
c) "Stop! No, don't go without me."
d) "Take me! Take me!"

9. What time did the return bus leave to take Frances home?
a) 5:00 p.m.
b) 4:00 p.m.
c) 7:00 p.m.
d) 6:00 p.m.

10. Which character says, "The show is over and the monkey is dead"?
a) Mr. Addams.
b) Bernice.
c) Frances.
d) John Henry.

11. Where did Frances sit on the bus returning home?
a) Next to her father.
b) The "Whites Only" section of the bus.
c) The front of the bus.
d) The Colored section of the bus.

12. How does Frances feel after the wedding on the bus ride home?
a) She is excited for the new couple.
b) She is confused about what she will do when she returns home.
c) Frances was against every single person, even those she did not know.
d) She is hopeful that she will be able to leave town on her own.

13. What color handkerchief did Bernice give to Frances while she was crying?
a) Gold.
b) Blue.
c) Red.
d) Green.

14. What does Bernice try to do in order to console Frances after the wedding?
a) Bernice plans a party for Frances and some new friends after school starts.
b) Bernice offers to allow Frances to live with her for a little while.
c) Bernice offers to make Frances a splendid dinner.
d) Bernice offers to help Frances find a beau.

15. Which character says, "They put old Frankie out of the wedding"?
a) John Henry.
b) Mr. Addams.
c) Bernice.
d) Jarvis.

16. Who wore a lace dress to the wedding and was extremely nice to F. Jasmin?
a) Mr. James.
b) Mrs. James.
c) Mr. Williams.
d) Mrs. Williams.

17. What was the main question F. Jasmin was asked at the wedding?
a) What is your favorite color?
b) Are you excited about the wedding?
c) What grade are you in school?
d) How old are you?

18. What does Jarvis give Frankie when he sees her?
a) A journal.
b) A quarter.
c) A dollar.
d) A locket.

19. Which character says, "I can feel in the atmosphere a storm is brewing"?
a) John Henry.
b) Bernice.
c) Jarvis.
d) Frankie.

20. How were people at the wedding dressed?
a) They were dressed in shorts and sandels.
b) They were wearing fancy clothes.
c) They were not wearing fancy clothes.
d) They were dressed in black.

21. What name was the protagonist called at the wedding?
a) Frankie.
b) F. Jasmin.
c) Jarvis's little sister.
d) Frances.

22. While at the wedding, how many weeks does Bernice say Frankie has before school starts?
a) 2 weeks.
b) 1 week.
c) 4 weeks.
d) 3 weeks.

23. What grade will Frankie be going into in the fall?
a) 5th grade.
b) 6th grade.
c) 8th grade.
d) 7th grade.

24. The night of the wedding, after everyone has gone to bed, what does Frankie do?
a) Run away with her father's pistol.
b) Eats the food Bernice has prepared for breakfast the next morning.
c) Goes to Bernice's house.
d) Listens to the reports on the radio.

25. Ultimately, what does Frankie decide to do the night of the wedding?
a) Spend the night at John Henry's house.
b) Pack up her belongings and live at Bernice's house.
c) Go to the Blue Moon to see the solider.
d) Go to sleep.

26. What does Frankie decide she will do if the soldier is not dead?
a) Travel with him.
b) Marry him.
c) Kill him.
d) Talk to him.

27. On her way to the Blue Moon, what does Frances finally realize?
a) That her father does not like her.
b) That the stories about sex the older girls whispered were true.
c) That her brother is never coming back home.
d) That her mother died because of her life.

28. What happens when Frances arrives at the Blue Moon?
a) A police officer reconizes her and calls her father.
b) The solider has left the Blue Moon.
c) Frances witnesses a crime.
d) A fight breaks out in the bar area of the Blue Moon.

29. What happens when Frances father arrives at the Blue Moon?
a) Frances decides to stay at the Blue Moon with the solider.
b) Frances runs away with the solider.
c) Frances refuses to go with him.
d) Frances goes with him willingly.

30. In what month was Bernice's last day working at Frances' home?
a) October.
b) November.
c) December.
d) September.

31. Who are Frances and her father moving in with when they move to the suburban town?
a) Bernice.
b) Jarvie and Janice.
c) Aunt Pet and Uncle Ustace.
d) The solider from the Blue Moon.

32. Who does Bernice marry after she puts in her resignation letter?
a) Malcolm.
b) J.W.
c) T.T.
d) Honey.

33. What month does John Henry die?
a) August.
b) October.
c) September.
d) November.

34. What does John Henry die of?
a) Influenza.
b) Diabetes.
c) Meningitis.
d) Cancer.

35. Who is Frances' new best friend?
a) Melissa Williams.
b) Mary Littlejohn.
c) Sally Anderson.
d) Clair Baines.

36. What plans do France and her new best friend have for when they graduate?
a) They plan on joining the military.
b) They plan to travel around the world together.
c) They plan to get married.
d) They plan on getting teaching jobs.

Multiple Choice Answer Key

Part 1

1. a.
2. a.
3. b.
4. d.
5. d.
6. a.
7. b.
8. c.
9. b.
10. b.
11. c.
12. b.
13. d.
14. b.
15. c.
16. c.
17. a.
18. a.
19. b.
20. b.
21. a.
22. d.
23. d.
24. d.
25. b.
26. c.
27. b.
28. d.
29. b.
30. c.
31. b.
32. d.
33. b.
34. b.
35. d.
36. b.

Part 2, Chapter 1

1. a.
2. d.
3. d.
4. b.
5. d.
6. d.
7. d.
8. b.
9. b.
10. c.
11. c.
12. c.
13. c.
14. b.
15. c.
16. a.
17. b.
18. a.
19. d.
20. a.
21. c.
22. b.
23. a.
24. b.
25. b.
26. b.
27. b.
28. a.
29. d.
30. a.
31. a.
32. c.
33. b.
34. a.
35. d.
36. b.

Part 2, Chapter 2

1. b.
2. b.
3. c.
4. a.
5. b.
6. b.
7. d.
8. c.
9. d.
10. d.
11. b.
12. a.
13. b.
14. c.
15. b.
16. a.
17. d.
18. b.
19. a.
20. a.
21. c.
22. b.
23. b.
24. b.
25. b.
26. d.
27. b.
28. a.
29. a.
30. c.
31. a.
32. d.
33. d.
34. a.
35. d.
36. c.

Part 2, Chapter 3

1. b.
2. c.
3. a.
4. c.
5. d.
6. c.
7. a.
8. a.
9. a.
10. c.
11. d.
12. d.
13. a.
14. a.
15. c.
16. b.
17. d.
18. c.
19. a.
20. d.
21. b.
22. b.
23. c.
24. b.
25. b.
26. c.
27. a.
28. c.
29. c.
30. d.
31. b.
32. d.
33. c.
34. a.
35. b.
36. b.

Part 3

1. c.
2. a.
3. d.
4. b.
5. a.
6. c.
7. a.
8. d.
9. b.
10. d.
11. d.
12. c.
13. b.
14. a.
15. a.
16. d.
17. c.
18. c.
19. b.
20. c.
21. a.
22. d.
23. d.
24. a.
25. c.
26. b.
27. b.
28. a.
29. d.
30. b.
31. c.
32. c.
33. b.
34. c.
35. b.
36. b.

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