Bloom’s Taxonomy Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences Remembering

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Bloom’s Taxonomy

Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences


Tell, list, define, label, recite, memorize, repeat, find, name, record, fill in

Understanding- Locate, explain, summarize, identify, describe, report, discuss, review, paraphrase, restate

Applying- demonstrate, construct, record, use, diagram, revise, reformat, illustrate, interpret, dramatize, practice, organize, translate, manipulate, convert, adapt, research, calculate, operate, model, order, display, implement, sequence, integrate, incorporate

Analyzing- compare, contrast, clas­sify, critique, categorize, solve, deduce, examine, differentiate, appraise, distinguish, experiment, question, investigate, categorize, infer


judge, predict, verify, assess, justify, rate, priori­tize, determine, select, decide, value, choose, forecast, estimate


compose, hypothesize, design, formulate, create, invent, develop, refine, produce, transform

Verbal/Linguistic- poetry, debate, story­telling, essay, checklist, journal

Make a topic glossary

Complete a facts quiz

Make a word list


Fill in missing words


Retell or surmise

Find examples

Compare simple texts

Make up a facts quiz

Use in a sentence

Sort in categories

Write using this style

Write a letter

Word games/puzzles

Write headlines

Write newspaper articles

Research facts

Report writing

Identify main arguments

Analyse plot/setting

Analyse language


Identify significant events

Identify bias

Identify most/best and why

Strongest argument?

Rank texts/events

Suggest changes


Plan/write scripts

Plan/write story or poem

Create a word game

Plan a research project

Compose an exam question/essay title

Visual/Spacial- drawing, model, poster, photograph, storyboard, illustration, board game

Draw what you know

Show X on a map

Complete a visual quiz


Describe how something looks

Illustrate/draw an example

Visually summarise

Compare two images

Draw a diagram

Multiple choice quiz

Mind mapping

Make a flow chart

Make a poster/brochure

Draw cartoons

Make slides

Mind mapping

Identify key features from an image

Make a matrix for comparisons

Develop a rubric

Rank artwork/images/designs

Recommend changes

Critically evaluate website/artwork/image

Which is best and why?

Plan/present a slide show

Plan/create artwork around a theme

Plan/ design sets/costumes/props/fashions

Logical/Mathematical- diagram, outline, timeline, chart, critique, graph

List dates

Write number facts

List attributes

Describe a process

What makes X happen?

Sort into correct order

Predict cause/effect


Devise number problems

Make up quiz questions

Explain results

Conduct an experiment

Logic/maths/puzzle games

Follow a recipe

Show on a timeline

Find statistics about…

Make/interpret a graph

Identify patterns

Interpret the results

Use matrix to compare

Identify key features

Make a budget

Make a concept map

Hypothesise and test

What if?

Identify problems

Identify errors in logic

Evaluate research validity

Rank (most to least)

Select the best

Plan/make a computer programme/website

Create logic/maths game

Plan & carry out data collection and display

Create a new classification scheme

Build a new machine

Musical- song, rap, lyrics, composition, jingle! slogan, melody

Make these sounds

Sing learned song

Play learned music

Music facts quiz

Compare two song/sounds

List good/bad features of song/sounds

Name the song

Associate this song/sound with……

Choose appropriate sound effects

Musical performance

Put learned facts into song/rap/poem

Analyse musical effects

Use matrix to compare singers music

Critically review music

Critically review use of music in media

Recommend changes

Plan/perform a rap/song/jingle/poem

Rewrite lyrics to a song/jingle/rap for another purpose

Bodily/Kinesthitic- role play, skit, pantomime, dance,

invention, lab, improvisation,


Describe how to perform a skill

Describe how to make a…

Move or act like a….

Cut and paste examples….

Make one with plastcine

Use hands to show a number

Make a model to show

Mime/use body to show

Practice skills in a games

Play charades

Make something from instructions

Form an equation using students

Develop rubric to assess performance/skills

Use matrix to compare performances

Evaluate a performance

Evaluate a role play

Plan and perform a scene/role play

Create a new sport

Plan and make puppets

Intrapersonal- journal, log, goal statement, belief statement, self- assessment, editorial

Describe yourself

List your experiences

Describe what you know

Explain your views/opinions/feelings/reactions

Explain what you have learned and how

Make a personal timeline

Set personal goals

Keep a learning log

Self reflect…

Analyse personal strengths

Make a self mind map

When would you do this?

How do you learn best?

Evaluate yourself..

Which character is most like you and why?

Which of these applies to you and why?

Plan ways to achieve

Interpersonal- discussion, roundtable, conversation, group activity, position statement, interview

Work together to list…

Summarise this person

Act as this character

Compare two characters

List good/bad features of a character

Teach someone….

Discuss social skills..

Work with others

Interview someone

Conduct surveys

Explain/defend a person

Do character analysis

Identify social solutions

Explain why people…

Critically review as a group

Negotiate to decide on solution

Debate as a group

Peer assessment

Plan an investigation

Plan and conduct a peer assessment

Set targets for a peer

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