Black & White Worksheet Vocabulary

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Black & White Worksheet
Vocabulary Chapters 1-2 (pages 1-20)

  • instinct -- intuition; natural feeling

  • hype – slang -- publicity

  • hustled – to sell in an illegal way

  • scouted – to explore; to search for

  • “dissing” – slang -- from disrespect

  • hysterical – panic stricken

  • bolted – to run away quickly

Word Scramble:

S L T H E A R I Y C _________________ P E Y H ________________

N G S I S D I _________________ T U H S D E L ________________

L B D T O E _________________ T D O S U C E ________________

N N T T I I S C _________________

Fill in the blanks:

  1. We ______________ for a good place to play baseball.

  2. Malcolm wasn’t thinking, but walked home on ________________.

  3. Movies get a lot of __________ before they are released.

  4. The rabbit ______________ away from the wolf.

  5. Susan was complaining about her boyfriend, ___________ him to her friends.

  6. The ___________________ child was screaming as loud as she could.

  7. The guy on the corner ______________ downloaded videos.

Critical Thinking:

  1. What is the genre of Black and White?

  2. Who is the author?

  3. What is the point of view of Black and White? Who is narrating Chapter 1? Chapter 2?

  4. Characterization: Make a T-chart or Venn Diagram: Compare/Contrast Eddie and Marcus (see page 4).

  5. How has Marcus and Eddie’s friendship helped them in life?

  6. How does their friendship make it easier for them to become robbers?

  7. In which setting are Marcus and Eddie the most honest?

  8. How does the home life and family influence Marcus and Eddie’s characters?

  9. How does the novel’s opening scene, in which Marcus is running through the streets, foreshadow his changing relationship with Eddie, and the journey on which he is about to embark?

Journal entry: Choose one line or passage and write a personal response to it. Be prepared to share your response with your group.

Black & White Worksheet

Vocabulary Chapters 3-4 (pages 21-41)

  • zeroed – focused in on a target

  • assign – allot; dispense; to charge with a task

  • illegitimate – not legitimate; unlawful; dishonest

  • “found the groove” – a place where everything flows smoothly and easily

  • “blowout” – high score either way, winning or losing by a lot of points

  • tournament – competition

  • scrub – slang -- insignificant person

  • depend – rely; have confidence in

  • dunked – to take the ball in your hand and slam it into the hoop

  • “take no prisoners” – to win at all costs

  • huddled – draw together

Word Scramble:

D D H D U L E ____________________ R Z O E D E ______________

L L E E T T I I G M A ___________________ N K D D U E ______________

R M O U T T N A E N ___________________ B R S U C ______________

G N S A I S ____________________ E D P E N D ______________

Fill in the blanks:

  1. All of a sudden, we ________ _____ ________ and we won the game.

  2. The hawk __________ in on the mouse, dove in and grabbed him.

  3. In the tournament, the players had a ___________ ____ __________ approach.

  4. The imposter was a/an __________________ banker stealing people’s money.

  5. At a score of 107 to 52, the game was a ________________.

  6. When working in groups, you sometimes need to ____________ on others.

  7. The group of girls ______________ together, whispering their secrets.

  8. Mrs. Volponi ____________ homework daily.

Critical Thinking:

  1. How do Marcus and Eddie’s reactions to the film The Count of Monte Cristo foreshadow what is going on in the book (p. 26)?

  2. What is Eddie and Marcus’ academic relationship (p. 29-30)? How does this symbolize their relationship?

  3. By the end of Chapter 3 (p. 32), what are your impressions of Marcus? Do you feel sympathy for Marcus?

  4. By the end of Chapter 4 (p. 41), what are your impressions of Eddie? Do you feel sympathy for Eddie?

  5. Who was Jason Taylor? Why is his story included here?

  6. Explain the irony of “Take No Prisoners” on page 41.

Journal entry: Choose one line or passage and write a personal response to it. Be prepared to share your response with your group.

Black & White Worksheet
Vocabulary Chapters 5-6 (pages 42-60)

  • flinched – cringe; shy away; to move with fear

  • “sucker punch” – to hit someone who is not prepared to be hit

  • gut – stomach

  • absolutely – completely

  • scholarship – money provided to help with the cost of school

  • sprinted – to run fast

  • “to ditch” – to get rid of; to lose

  • temptation – attraction; enticement

  • “get the scoop” – find out the story

Word Scramble:

S L T A Y B O U E L _________________ H T D C I ________________

L R P S O H H A S C I _________________ H C D E I F N L ________________

M P T T A O I E T N _________________ N T P R S I D E _______________

Fill in the blanks:

  1. Chris writhed in pain when David __________ __________ him in the ______.

  2. If you work hard, you may earn a ____________________ for college.

  3. Although cutting school is a _____________, you should not __________ school to hang out with friends.

  4. The track star ______________ to the finish line.

  5. I _________________ love my job!

  6. Dominick asked his friend to ________ _____ _________ on the newly arrived student.

Critical Thinking:

  1. Re-read page 43. Do you believe there is a “natural hatred” between blacks and whites? (see Author’s Note p. 189)

  2. Who is worse off: Eddie or Marcus? Defend your position.

  3. Eddie says his grandfather “had that gun to protect his family. I used it to rob people.” Respond. Do you support gun control laws?

  4. Describe the route from Eddie’s house to where he ditches the gun. Which aspect of the imagery appeals to you and why?

  5. On page 55, Eddie says, “They were asking me about Marcus like I was his brother. Maybe they thought I was supposed to chase the cops all the way down to the station house.” How has their relationship changed? .

  6. Plot: Make a storyboard or a timeline of the plot so far.

Journal entry: Marcus wishes he could apologize to the shooting victim, Sidney Parker (p. 46). Compose a letter from Marcus, who is sitting in prison, to Mr. Parker, explaining his actions and feelings. What do you think Marcus would say by way of an apology?

Black & White Worksheet

Vocabulary Chapters 7 (pages 61-81)

  • “ice-grill” – slang -- to look mean

  • “herb” – slang -- someone who is not respected

  • “kicks” – slang – shoes or sneakers; footwear

  • evidence – tangible proof that substantiates (supports) a charge

  • bail – financial guarantee; money used to ensure that someone charged with a crime will return for trial.

  • dorm – dormitory; a place that houses a lot of people (as in college)

  • “to put up a front” – slang – to pretend

  • profile – silhouette; outline; side view; a low profile is slang for not being noticed

  • momentum – drive; energy

  • drenched –soaked; extremely wet

Word Scramble:

O M U T M M N E __________________ I B A L __________________

C D E E E N I V __________________ B R H E __________________

L P F E I R O __________________ R M O D __________________

H D E R E N C D __________________ K K C S I __________________

Fill in the blanks:

  1. Diego put on his new _______________ to walk to the party.

  2. Your grade on the test is ________________ that you mastered the curriculum.

  3. After getting caught in the rain, Joy was ____________ through and through.

  4. Judy kept a low _____________ at home after getting punished for smoking.

  5. The _________________ included a witness and a weapon.

  6. Nicole put on her best _____ _________ as she stared down the competition

Critical Thinking:

  1. If Eddie had been the one identified by the shooting victim, do you believe he would have remained quiet about the identity of his partner, like Marcus did? Do you believe Marcus would have let Eddie take the rap alone?

  2. Explain the irony of the sneakers as Marcus is in jail and the other prisoners are eyeing his new Nike joints.

  3. Are Eddie and Marcus still “Black and White?”(see Author’s Note p. 187-188).

  4. Contrast how Eddie’s parents and Mrs. Brown react to their sons’ possible involvement in this crime.

  5. On p.78, Marcus says, “No matter how bad (X and Moses) got on my case, at least it was real.” Respond.

  6. On p. 78, Marcus doesn’t give Eddie the answer to math. Symbolize?

Journal entry: Good writers use figures of speech to enhance their writing. These include simile, metaphor, personification, hyperbole, alliteration and onomatopoeia. Choose one figure of speech from this chapter. Identify the quote and the page number. Write a personal response to it. Be prepared to share your response with your group.

Black & White Worksheet

Vocabulary Chapters 8-9 (pages 82-98)

  • anchored – weighted down, attached

  • “in a heartbeat” – quickly

  • rosary beads – used in the Catholic religion to guide prayers

  • smirking – grin; a closed mouth smile, associated with sarcasm

  • “with both barrels – with all your might (phrase from gun use)

  • AWOL – Absent Without Leave (from the military)

  • strained – stressed; worried

  • consideration – concern for the feelings of others

Word Scramble:

D S N I O I O C R E T A _________________ N A D E T S R I ________________

C O D A H R N E __________________ R K I S I G M N ________________

R R Y A S O __________________ L O W A __________________

Fill in the blanks:

  1. When Diego smelled chocolate cake, he came running over ____ __ __________.

  2. The student was __________ for two weeks, missing a lot of work.

  3. Peter ______________ as he received the reward for excellence in math.

  4. Jennifer looked ______________ as the test date approached.

  5. True friends show ___________________ for each other’s feelings.

Critical Thinking:

  1. Conflict: Eddie’s father avoids asking Eddie for the truth (see page 86-top of 87). Marcus’s mother refuses to allow Marcus to avoid it (see page 70).

    1. Respond to these choices.

    2. What is each child learning?

    3. Effects on the child?

    4. Whom would you rather have for parents?

  1. How has Eddie’s relationship with his father changed? Use examples from the text to support your answer.

  1. Interpret Marcus’s relationship with:

    1. Jefferson

    2. Rose

  1. page 96-97: Significance of The Count of Monte Cristo?

Journal entry: Choose one line or passage and write a personal response to it. Be prepared to share your response with your group.

Black & White Worksheet
Vocabulary Chapters 10-11 (pages 99-117)

  • flabby – loose; saggy; out of condition

  • scribbled – scrawled; untidy; illegible

  • yarmulke – skullcap; a cap worn by religious Jews

  • lunatic – crazy; affected by the lunar (moon) phases

  • collided – crashed; collision

  • Mason – a fraternal society typically composed of older white males

  • slack – loose space; relaxed

  • DA – District Attorney; lawyer whose job it is to prove the guilt of the accused

  • indict – to formally charge someone with a crime

  • “cop a plea” – to plead guilty in exchange for a reduced sentence

Word Scramble:

A M L E Y R U K __________________ T I N C D I ____________

C T N L U A I __________________ K A S L C ____________

C I B E D L B R S __________________ B A L F Y B ____________

D D L O E I L C __________________ A P E L ____________

Fill in the blanks:

  1. The Jewish man wore a _____________________ on his head.

  2. The young woman was _________________ on the charge of grand theft auto.

  3. The _________ proved his case against the accused thief.

  4. The thief negotiated with her lawyer to ________ ___ _______ before the jury reached a verdict.

  5. People lift weights to avoid _______________ muscles.

  6. The ______________ was committed to a metal hospital.

Critical Thinking:

  1. Marcus tells Eddie, “Coach is just playing it straight. There are rules for everything. And everybody’s got to pay some kind of price.” (page 104 top) Is Eddie paying a price for shooting Sydney Parker? Explain.

  2. Why does Marcus rewrite his essay for English class? (page 115-116).

  3. Mrs. Torres advises Marcus to “cop a plea.” Should he? What would you do if you were in his situation?

Journal entry: Write your essay (a paragraph will do): How do you want to be remembered? Be prepared to read it aloud to your group.
Black & White Worksheet
Vocabulary Chapters 12-13 (pages 118-145)

  • sneer – to mock; deride; to make fun of someone

  • “prime time” – happening at the main or most important time

  • commit – to carry out an act

  • felony – a serious crime carrying a severe penalty

  • conviction – to find guilty

  • scrimmaged – faced off in conflict

  • clinched – confirmed; wrapped up

  • bouquet – a bunch of flowers

  • anxious – nervous

  • tragically – disastrously

  • burden – weight; load

  • shielded – protected

Word Scramble:
N I C V N C O T I O __________________ E O Y F L N __________________

L A I A T R G C L Y __________________ U U T O Q E B_________________

E A M R Z D G M I C__________________ S O X A U I N__________________

E R B U R B __________________ N R S E E __________________

Fill in the blanks:

  1. Julie was sent to jail for five years after the trial resulted in a ________________.

  2. Sabrina was very _______________ on the day of the big exam.

  3. The car accident ended ______________ with two deaths.

  4. On their first date, Jorge brought Susie a _______________ of flowers.

  5. The umbrella ________________ Jane from the rain.

  6. I hope that you all __________________ random acts of kindness.

  7. Students’ book bags are often heavy ______________.

  8. “You think you’re so special,” Professor Snape _____________ at Harry Potter.

Chapters 12-13 (pages 118-145) continued
Critical Thinking:

  1. Eddie’s father and lawyer discuss consequences if Marcus turns on Eddie (p.118-119). What lesson are they teaching Eddie?

  1. Eddie says, “When we were finished, I felt like I had just walked through a minefield without taking a single bad step…. But when I finally started to come back down, I felt sick.” (p. 123 top). Response?

  1. Characterization:

    1. Reread page 125. Has their relationship changed? Is it changing now?

    2. Reread top half of page 127. Who is right?

    3. Eddie’s essay seems far from the truth (p. 130). Is this how he will be remembered? Rewrite it for him to read to himself.

  1. When Marcus signs the plea deal (p. 132) he says, “It was finally over.” Is it?

  1. Respond to Marcus’s essay (page 138). How has he changed over the course of this novel? Has Eddie changed?

  1. Eddie says to Marcus, “I’d rather face the DA and judge together than your mother.” Why? Is this true?

  1. Did Marcus deserve to walk out on that court for Senior night?

  1. Describe the symbolism of Jefferson and Connelly’s fight on the court on senior night (p. 143-145).

Journal entry: Compose a letter from Marcus’s mother to Eddie’s parents, describing her feelings about how they treated Marcus, whom they once called their “second son.”

Black & White Worksheet

Vocabulary Chapters 14-15 (pages 146-164)

  • intentional – planned; deliberate; on purpose

  • sync – slang from synchronized -- coordinated; in time; in step

  • strategy – tactic; a plan for action

  • ditch – to get rid of; to lose

  • preacher – a religious leader who delivers sermons (lectures)

  • baptized – a Catholic ceremony in which someone accepts Christ

Word Scramble:

T T N I E I A N N O L__________________ P Z A I D B T E ________________

G T R S Y E A T __________________ Y C N S _________________

E H P A E R C R __________________ C D H I T ________________

Fill in the blanks:

  1. Working hard, studying, graduating high school and college is the ___________ for success.

  2. The ____________________ delivered a sermon every Sunday.

  3. My best friend and I are always in ____________ with each other.

  4. We intentionally sat in the front of the room so that we could hear the speaker.

  5. I have to __________ my baby sister before we can go to the party.

  6. The priest _________ the baby, sprinkling some water on her forehead.

Critical Thinking:
1. After senior night, Eddie says, “If it wasn’t for Ms. Randolph, me and Marcus would be playing side by side right now.” Is this true?

  1. Describe the symbolism of Eddie’s tussle with his black shadow and poor play on the basketball court after Marcus accepts his plea (p. 151 – 153).

  1. Often, our actions have a ripple effect, expanding to affect countless other people and situations. Who has been affected by Marcus and Eddie’s crime? Explain each answer.

Journal entry: Choose one line or passage and write a personal response to it. Be prepared to share your response with your group.

Black & White Worksheet

Chapters 16-17 (pages 165-185)
Critical Thinking:

  1. What is the symbolism of the Eddie’s borrowing and returning Marcus’s jacket?

    1. See page 166

    2. See top of page 169

  1. What is the symbolism of the repair of Jason’s display case?

  1. Marcus shows Rose where the shooting happened. He says, “It wasn’t something that I had to close my eyes to anymore. I could face what I did and move on.”

    1. What is the resolution for Marcus?

    2. What is the resolution for Eddie?

  1. At the end of the novel, Marcus heads off to prison and Eddie goes to college on a basketball scholarship. After all that has happened, would you say that one character is better off that the other? Explain.

  1. In the novel’s final paragraph, Marcus says, “There was nothing between us now, except for the line that separates black and white.”

    1. Do you think the racial “line” was always there between Marcus and Eddie?

    2. Could Marcus and Eddie have ever gotten past this division?

    3. Can Marcus and Eddie get past this in the future?

  1. Five years after the novel’s conclusion, how do you picture Marcus’s and Eddie’s lives turning out?

    1. Where will they be:

    2. What will they be doing?

    3. Who will have a closer relationship: Marcus and Eddie, Marcus and Rose or Rose and Eddie?

  1. Rose visits Marcus in prison, delivering a letter from Eddie, who is in the middle of his first college basketball season at St. John’s. What does the letter say?

Journal entry: What would you do with two weeks left of freedom?

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