Billy Elliot Opening scene

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Billy Elliot

Opening scene

Colours- Yellow= Joy (Tee-shirt+ Sunflower)

Green=Youth (wall)

Soundtrack= Cosmic dancer “I was dancing when I was 12”Light pop = happy / joyful

Close up of his face = happy, hands and feet = graceful.

Buttheads laundry (Soccer move) = young boy.

Action- making breakfast (for his ‘Nana), as well as searching for and finding Nana “It’s me Billy” shows he’s independent, caring and responsible

Scene 2: A disgrace to the gloves.

Dialogue “This is man to man contact, not a bloody tea dance.” (Coach) Graceful not tough. You’re a disgrace to this club, those gloves and boxing traditions of this hall.” (Coach) Billy’s not good at boxing.

“Pretty arms… Feel the music…Hold it…Support yourself…Where’s your confidence.”-Juxtaposition of the dance teacher’s instructions (to her students) and Billy ‘Following’ those instructions and applying them to his boxing. Audience hears instructions and piano but sees Billy. Piano= symbol of his Mother.
Scene 3: The ballet class.

Symbolism= Mirrors- too Billy (or who he is) A chance about who he is going to be

Piano music = “The sun will come out tomorrow”

- A possible different future for Billy.

Contrast= rows of ballerinas in white tutu and Billy Elliot in his boxing gear

-He is different but not necessarily out of place tracking close up at Ballet shoes (feet) Stopping at Billy’s boxing boots “Go on I dare you”  An opportunity which Billy takes. Action: Mrs W (Dance teacher) Tells them to ‘Hold’ their legs out. The ballerinas can’t. They keep having to put their feet on the floor.

Scene 4: To be A dancer.

Tracking- Two shot of Billy and Deb – Plenty of boys do ballet} Gender identity

Billy trying to play piano  Link to Mother- Music

Billy hides from boxing boys to join the ballet class  Shows he ashamed “ I feel like a right sissy”, but he doesn’t give back the ballet shoes (hides shoes under his bed)

Billy distracted at school  sound track “Get it on”

Admires self in [mirror]- symbol of inner identity (stands straighter)

Discuss with Michael about wearing a tutu “I’d look like a real dick, they’re only for classes

Steals a book from the mobile library on the ballet  shows dedication + shame

Voice of Mrs Wilkinson sounds disapproving but wink shows how impressed she is when Billy succeeds (Billy is also impressed he can do it)

Montage of Billy joy, running, piano playing, fast paced music.
Scene 5: Dad finds out.

Parallel structure- {Jacky told during a violent clash against police, Contrasted will, Billy being shown how to be strong “Proud” at dance class

“Can we have a go miss?” shows how much attention Mrs W giving Billy because of his ability

“You. Out. Now.” Jackey angry at Billy

“What wrong with Ballet?... Lads do football or boxing or wrestling”} doesn’t want a ‘girly’ son

“It’s not just poofs dad. Some ballet dancers are as fit as athletes” } billy trying to show he’s not ugly

“I hate you. You’re a bastard” }Billy is struck by his father and runs away.

Soundtrack- “ The children of the revolution”

Billy strikes protest poster in anger  He’s not soft

Billy goes to Mrs W for support.
Scene 6: Mrs Wilkinsons offer.

Two shot or Mrs W + Billy in the car}

“I’ve been thinking of the royal ballet”

“I could teach you on your own”} Shows Billy’s willing to risk his dads wrath by going behind his back to learn ballet

“You’d have to move” } Michael

“By myself”} Shows what Billy is willing to do- leave his home, family, friends

Scene 7: Private lessons.

Costumes  Football shirt (a boy)

Props  Letter from the Mother (encouragement)

 Football (a boy)

 Tape “I love to boogie”-dance (Belonged to Tony)

Sound track - “I love to boogie- It’s also being danced to a by Jackey, Tony and grandma  Shows the whole family, loves music, moving, dancing

Long shot of Billy walking home- Mentally practicing his dance routine

 Obsessed with dance

Contrast of Billy vs Tony’s life choices as Tony plans a violent attack on the police

Confrontation with Mrs W as Billy is finding life/dance overwhelming

Billy screams, Mrs W stops him, They get on with it.

Scene 8: A ghost story.

*Soundtrack- Music for Swan Lake

*Contrast of beautiful music with industrial back ground + Similarity of Swan lake tragedy, with Billys own life as he, comes alive when he dances (his love) and the implication that if he doesn’t get to be a dancer ( a swan) he will ‘die’

Billy interacts with the ghost of his mother while getting a drink in the middle of the night  implies she is looking out for him.

Debbie’s offer to ‘show him her fanny’ alludes to the doubt over Billy’s sexuality and reinforces his passion is for dance.
Scene 9: Tony’s Arrival.

*Soundtrack- ‘London Calling’ – Angry fast pased

A Tracking shot of Tony running through the town being chased by the police- shows his family of his town ( he is comfortable here)

Debbie’s jealousy stops her from passing on Billy’s message that he can’t make the audition.

Scene 10: The chance to dance.

Tony very aggressive

- “who the fuck are you”

- “ He’s only 11 for fuck sake… he’s only abarn”

Billy tries to assert himself

- “I don’t want a childhood. I want to be a dancer”

*Symbolism- Tony, puts Bill on the table between Mrs W and Tony. High angle shot shows Billy loss of power’

*Soundtrack- -A town called Alice’ drowns out Tony and Mrs W fight – Billy ‘escapes’ into a dance routine / fight (against the walls- his town)

Runs away (Michael follows) as far as he can but ‘hits a wall’ and collapse’s, when he stands up it is snowing indicating that moths have passed and he’s still angry.
Scene 11: Christmas.

Jackey chops up piano (mother) for firewood (to keep them warm) Jacky is crying ‘she’s dead’ as if he is losing her again.

Billy + Michael make a snowman (being kids) Michael kisses Billy and warms his hands: Billy’s willingness to accept his friends sexuality shows his ability to accept people for who they are (Mature beyond his years)
Scene 12: Dance of defiance.

Ironic that Michael likes the tutu but does not dance. Billy only cares about dancing.

When Jackey catches the boys dancing in the hall a two shot of Billy standing toe to toe with his dad then the music picks up ( almost military sounding) as he dances- rather than speaks (actions speak louder than words) to show his dad that he will never stop dancing.
Scene 13: Dad decision.

Jacky crosses the picket line (goes back to work) to get the money for Billy to get to London “he’s my son. I’ll handle this myself”

Tony goes to see him. Stops him. “we’re finished. Lets give the boy a chance”

Tony helps his dad find another way to get the money

“Dads right. Mum would have let you”

Jacky pawns his wife jewellery. (she’s still helping)

On the bus to London Jacky reveals he’s never been this far from home  Shows how different Billy’s life will be, but that his family/community are there to love and support him. They want better for him than they do for themselves.”
Scene 14: The audition.

Mise en scene

-Very old beautiful building (L.S)

-High white ceilings (H.A)

-Light piano music

-‘Proper’ English accents

-Graceful girls

 Billy completely overwhelm. “Dad I’ve changed me mind”

 Feels audition went bad and hits boy trying to comfort him * Billy filmed behind mesh wire ( Cage symbol)
Scene 15: The interview.

[L.S two shot] of Billy and Jacky sitting uncomfortable infront of audition panel.

Gestures- Billy’s arms crossed (defensive)

-Jackys hands on knees (nervous)

“It makes me feel… sort of disappear… like there’s a fire in me body... flying like a bird... like electricity.”

Jacky is faded in the background – Billy is clear in the foreground.

Scene 16: The letter.

Montague - Making breakfast

- School

 It’s too hard to just go home and live his old life

[Letter] – Symbolic  His mother’s letter to him reminded him how much she loved him and to follow his dreams (Didn’t make him cry)

 Acceptance letter allows him to follow his dreams (cry’s)

“He did it he fucking did it.”

“ Now is when you go out and find life”

Everyone’s heart is breaking

-Gran hugs tight then pushes Billy away

-Jacky hold Billy tight over his head then turns as Billy enter the bus

-Tony shouts “ I’ll miss ya” but Billy can’t hear

Emotional sacrifice to let Billy go
Scene 17: Billy’s big night.

Sacrifice was worth it = Billy is a success and family so proud of him.



[Strike] –Miners + Government

 Treated poorly because they are just blue collar. Workless- Tough uneducated men

No power All power


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