Biennial International Caving Film Festival La Chapelle-en-Vercors, Drôme

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Spéléovision 2002
2nd Biennial International Caving Film Festival
La Chapelle-en-Vercors, Drôme
August 22-25, 2002
Organized by the Spéléovision Association

Festival Director: Luc-Henri Fage

e-mail :

Address : Maison de l’Aventure, 26420 La Chapelle-en-Vercors

Tél. 04 90 75 48 22 38

Films in competition

Art and Essay Room


Video Workshop

Major caves rigged for visitors

Thursday, August 22: special opening night theme on Papua New Guinea

Gala Award Night : August 24

A celebration of exploration caving

From the very first night of the first Speleovision, we knew we’d succeeded at reviving la Chapelle-en-Vercors as the center of the caving universe, if only for one week. What words could express our joy at seeing the festival hall filled to capacity on Awards Night ? Just that afternoon we’d taken down the stands to make room for all 700 attendees — an attendance that had surpassed our greatest expectations. An impeccable dinner, lively entertainment, delightful surprises everywhere, laughter, excitement and inspiring guests… What a party! So we’ll have to do it again…

The world’s best caving films
in competiton at Spéléovision

We welcome documentaries, fiction and short promotional pieces, reports, television programs and all films about caving (or canyoning). For registration and payment, visit our site :

Pre-registraiton deadline : June 15, 2002.
An international jury will award cash prizes to the best films. A children’s jury, organized by l’Hebdo des Juniors (Children’s Weekly magazine), will also award prizes.

Thursday, August 22 : a special evening
devoted to Papua New Guinea

Opening night will start us again on our epic adventure, with a retrospective look at the best films about Papua New Guinea. Members of previous expeditions to New Britain will present their discoveries in the Exploration Forum. All cavers who have participated in expeditions to Papua New Guinea are invited to share the stage for a super photo!

The Art and Essay Room :
a corner for the curious…

Adjacent to the main meeting hall, films will be shown to the public on demand, including old films, out-of-competition films, as well as your own amateur works.

The Exploration Forum,
or the “ Great Caving Adventure ”

Every year, cavers discover and map new caves, contributing to a better understanding of our planet. They will talk about their adventures on stage and present images from their latest and greatest “ missions ”.

Gala Award Night :
And more surprises to come!

The culminating moment of the competition, Saturday evening promises to be eventful, with awards, new films, a live performance and more surprise guests… all accompanied by an excellent dinner. At midnight, we’ll take down the tables and dance the night away...

The Speleo Market for caving and canyoning…

Equipment manufacturers and vendors, caving clubs, publishers, and bookstores will be there to provide a lively caver’s market.

Screenplay Competition

Create and film your own adventure for the public!

All cavers are invited to present their caving adventures to the public in the format of a short screenplay (between 6 and 13 minutes’ film duration), based on a 2-page synopsis. The subject is of course caving, in any form. The winning production will be shown widely as part of the National Caving Day to be held by the French Caving Federation in October.

The author of the chosen screenplay will be invited to participate in the 2002 Spéléovision Workshop (at no charge), where he will produce his short film.

All synopses (2-pages, ou scenario ?) must be received by June 10, 2002 for consideration.

Spéléovision Workshop

The film workshop will take place from Saturday, August 3 through Sunday, August 11, and will be supervised by Martin Figère and Luc-Henri Fage. The program will include a film theory course, a hands-on introduction to professional equipment, completion of the winning competition screenplay, cutting and referencing, filming in digital video, cutting and editing in Final Cut Pro, sound editing, and final mastering.

First showings will take place Saturday night. Cost for the workshop, including room and board, courses and materials: 3500 F. Limited to 6 attendees maximum.

For more information, visit our site :

or write to the Maison de l’Aventure, 26420 La Chapelle-en-Vercors.

Deadline for workshop registration : June 30, 2002.

Photo Contest

Send us your best photographic prints (30 x 40 cm) before August 15, 2002: Spéléovision, Maison de l’Aventure, 26420 La Chapelle-en-Vercors.

Details available on the internet. Numerous prizes to be awarded!


• An exhibit on the theme “ Water in the Vercors ”, presented by the Vercors Regional Nature Reserve.

• Borneo’s painted (ornate ?) caves : an ancheological and speleological adenture in the jungle of Borneo.

– and presenting... new and origianl photography by Thierry Aubé, Serge Caillault, Françoise et Geneviève Magnan, Jean-Paul Sounier, and more…

Major caves of the Vercor rigged for your enjoyment.
From Saturday the 17th to Monday the 26th, some of the Vercor’s most beautiful caves will be rigged for visitors. Thanks to our technical sponsors Béal and Petzl for their assistance in making this possible.


Wednesday, August 21

7 p.m.: Aperitif at a surprise cave!

Thursday, August 22

2 - 6 p.m. : projection of films in competition

8 : 30 p.m.: opening night. Theme : major caving expeditions to Papua New Guinea.

2 - 6 p.m.: Art and Essay room open

Friday, August 23

Morning : films and projections for children

2 - 6 p.m.: films in competition

8 : 30 p.m.: films en compétition

10 a.m.-6 p.m. : Art and Essay room open

Saturday, August 24

9 a.m.- noon : films in competition

2 – 5 p.m.: films in competition

9 a.m.- noon: Art and Essay room open

8 :30 p.m.: Gala Award night with dinner, prizes, surprises and dancing until dawn..

Sunday, August 25

10 a.m.- 4 p.m.: non-stop projection of the festival’s winning films

Spéléovision full pass reservation form

Send completed form and payment to : Spéléovision, Maison de l’Aventure 26420 La Chapelle-en-Vercors, France

Spéléovision full pass : pay early and pay less !

The full pass Spéléovision badge gives you access to all festival events and projections (40 E), to the Gala Award night and dinner (20 E), a festival T-shirt (child size, S, M, L, XL ; 12 E) and festival program (3 E). Total price : 75 E.

Help us better prepare for the festival by reserving your pass now, and save some money at the same time! The full pass is available for only 50 E per person, 95 E per couple and 45 E per child (with the same address). Tickets to projections and to the Gala Award night and dinner will be sold at the entrance according to availability.






Arriving with :

Last name : First name : Age : T-shirt size :

Please attach one ID-sized photo per person with the name written legibly on the back!

before 15/07

after 15/07


tot. price

Single pass

 50 EUR

 65 EUR

Couple pass (2 people)

 95 EUR

 127 EUR

children under 14 years

 45 EUR

 55 EUR

Payment : TOTAL

 by check from a French bank : made to Spéléovision

 from foreign banks : by account transfer to Spéléovision, Crédit Agricole Sud-Rhône-Alpes IBAN FR76 1390 6001 3077 8671 6500 071

by credit card : Type : Number : Exp. ? ? ?

Accomodations : The Vercors Office of Tourism (tél. 04 75 48 22 54, fax 04 75 48 13 81) can help you find and reserve accomodation during the festival. Check the appropriate box if you wish to receive information on accomomation in a:

 hotel  B& B or inn  camp ground

I would like to receive registraiton information and forms for: the film competion  the photo competition
Exploration Forum : I would like to present a talk on: (please attach a separate document)

 I wish to receive information on reserving a vendor stand.

 I wish to receive information on the Maison de l’Aventure.

 I wish to receive information about the nursury available at the Maison de l’Aventure (daily activities for children of 4 to 10 years). Name(s) and age(s):

Reservation before July 15: 50 EUR

After July 15: 65 EUR
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