Bibliography of Studies of Eighteenth-Century Journalism, the Periodical Press, and Serial Publications in 1985-2015

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“BibS_jour_2015” 21 Feb. 2016 (211 pp.) James E. May (

based on 8C_journalism_for_bibsite_July2010, formerly "c18-jour" 10/16/2000; 7/11/03; 7/31/03; 4/30/04 (sent to Barton); 5/27/04; 11/21/04; 1/12-30/05; 1/3/07 (sent to Jeff Barton); 1/7/07; 8/29/10 (152 pp.); 22 July 2015 (184 pp.)

Bibliography of Studies of Eighteenth-Century Journalism, the Periodical Press,

and Serial Publications in 1985-2015
This bibliography surveys scholarship published from 1985 to 2015 on journalism, diverse serials (including almanacs and calendars), and the periodical press throughout Europe and the Americas during the "long eighteenth century," approximately 1660-1820. It is most inclusive for the years 1990-2014, in consequence of my compiling for those years Section 1--"Printing and Bibliographical Studies"--of the ECCB: Eighteenth-Century Current Bibliography, until recently known as The Eighteenth Century: A Current Bibliography). It focuses on printed scholarship regarding Europe and the Americas, but many electronic publications have been included. Dissertations and book reviews are included. A 2015 revision corrected some errors and expanded it from 152 to 184 pages, and this revision in February 2016 expands it further to 211 pages, particularly increasing the coverage of newspapers and periodicals in Dutch and Spanish. For previous editions, I received additions and corrections from James E. Tierney, Mr. Harold Braem of Hildesheim (who provided titles from his “Historische Zeitungen: Privatarchiv der deutschsprachigen Presse des 17.-19. Jahrhunderts”), Marie Mercier-Faivre, Eric Francalanza, Rudj Gorian, and Charles A. Knight. Up until the mid 1990s, I was indebted to Diana Dixon’s annual bibliographies in a group of related serials: Journal of Newspaper and Periodical History (London, 1984-1994), Studies in Newspaper and Periodical History (Westport, CT: Greenwood, 1994-1997), Media History (1999-2002). I also then drew upon Sam Riley’s and Kim Martin Long's checklists in issues of American Periodicals. Recently I’ve relied heavily on Dialnet, Project Muse, and other venders of scholarly articles, scholars’ journals’ and presses’ websites, OCLC’s Worldcat, the two premiere on-line bibliographies: MHRA's Annual Bibliography of English Language and Literature (the printed volumes once having chapters on periodicals) and the Modern Language Association’s International Bibliography, and the superb electronic quarterly L’Almanacco bibliografico--for over ten years now the most useful bibliographical review in any language. This bibliography was formerly posted on Kevin Berland's C18-L website, but was moved in June 2003 to BibSite and repeatedly enriched. I hope that its presence here will support and call attention to the Bibliographical Society of America's William E. Mitchell Prize for research on eighteenth-century British serials. (See the Society's home-page for information on this prize offered to the best book, article, or thesis every three years--the next deadline in fall 2017.) Some studies touching on the periodical press, inadvertently not included here, will be found in my other bibliographies on BibSite, particularly those involving authorship, censorship, and publishing. Finally, I thank the Bibliographical Society of America for this posting on BibSite, particularly Christina Geiger of Bonhams, and I apologize to scholars for inaccuracies and for works overlooked.
James E. May (

Penn State University--DuBois Campus

17 February 2016
[first compiled: 13 January 2000; revised for "BIBSITE" on 1 July 2003; 30 April 2004; 20 January 2005; 3 January 2007; 18 April 2008; 29 July 2010 (postings with the assistance of Jeffrey Barton and Travis Gordon); and 22 July 2015]

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