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Maharaj Parikshit Punishes Kaliyuga

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Maharaj Parikshit Punishes Kaliyuga

And with this Parikshit Maharaj also tried to remove the misery. He had to face Kaliyuga. He was very best king.

One day, he wanted to see whether everyone in his kingdom is happy. So he went out he changed his clothes and he went out at night to see whether everybody is happy or not. To his surprise, he came across a Kaliyuga personified and that Kaliyuga was sudra in his look, complete blackish personality, and he had a king’s dress on him, and he was beating the cow. Just beating, not killing. Yesterday we saw millions of cows are slaughtered now. And he could not tolerate that, immediately he wanted to kill him.
He said, “You are a bad man, you are troubling the cow in my kingdom. It is a very horrible act. So I must kill you.”
The Kaliyuga was completely puzzled and he surrendered to him. The Vedic culture is that if somebody surrenders then he is excused.
So Parikshit Maharaj excused him and he said, “You are very bad, you please leave the room, leave the kingdom.”
So he presented very nice argument, “That where can I go, because everywhere it is your kingdom.”
Global remnants of Vedic culture

Formally till Parikshit Maharaj the whole planet was under one king, who was in Bharata varsha. And this is how the whole planet was managed. And that’s why we see so many remnants of the Vedic culture even now in this planet. This country's name is coming from the Sanskrit - Australia. Aastra aalaya. Himalaya, Himm means ice, snow. The house of snow is known as Himalaya. The house of astra-weapons, they are known as astralaya. And from astralaya it has become Australia. And what is it, Pandavas had all their astraas - brahmastra, agni astra, nuclear weapons. And in order to carry on an experiment on these astras, they required big land (no man’s land). In Australia, the middle of Australia is whole desert. so no mans lands, this was very suitable place for carrying out the experiments of these weapons. Pandavas might be coming here or might be sending their military officers for training here. And they should be carrying on the experiments in the deserts. And after the experiments they should attain the perfection. Perfection is known as siddhi. siddhi to operate the nuclear weapons. Those who attained the siddhi they came and stayed in this city. And from siddhi it is Sydney.

Then Arjuna was special, so he said “I don't want to stay with these ordinary people.  So I must have another place, my own headquarters.”
So he went other side. One of his name is Partha and it is Perth, there. All these cities, or everything is coming from the Vedic culture. In Java Sumatra, in Bali, particularly, there are much more beautiful temples than what we have in India. How they are there? And your Muslims in that country they loved to read Ramayan and Mahabharat. These are the remnants of the Vedic culture. How, otherwise it is a Muslim country. They cannot be reading Ramayan and Mahabharat and our devotees are very nice there. So many devotees! In every house there is a puja, these are all the remnants, you go anywhere in any country and even now you will find so many remnants of the Vedic culture.
What are the four pillars of sinful life?

Parikshit Maharaj was very kind, they were ruling from India all over the planet that time. So Kaliyuga could not find any place to stay, so he requested that “You please give me any place and I will stay there, I'll not disobey you.” So Parikshit Maharaj thought alright I must give some places to him. So he gave four places to stay and those are the sinful pillars of this Kaliyuga, because Kaliyuga stays there.

suta uvaca

abhyarthitas tada tasmai sthanani kalaye dadau

dyutam panam striyah suna yatradharmas catur-vidhah
[Suta Gosvami said: Maharaja Pariksit, thus being petitioned by the personality of Kali, gave him permission to reside in places where gambling, drinking, prostitution and animal slaughter were performed.] (SB 1.17.38)
abhyarthitas means he prayed, he requested him to give some places to stay. So these four places he gave - dyutam, panam, striya, suna. These are the four places. yatradharmas catur-vidhah, wherein irreligion is in rampant. Plenty of irreligious activities you find in these four places. Dyitam - gambling. And we know now the share market is completely crashed and within no time millions of dollars are wiped out and then we say “what to do?” We can't give $10 to any body but millions of dollars are wiped out. Can't do anything! Currency fluctuations is also gambling and we are suffering from it, sometimes more and sometimes less. All these things are dytam; Kaliyuga is there and then fighting is are there and court cases are there. So many things we have found out [like] the intoxication. In Maharastra now they had made it permissible to start drinking and that’s why in Bombay the crime rate has gone beyond our imagination. In a city like Bombay you cannot move around after 9 O' clock in the night. Can you imagine because of drinking. Gujarat is dry, it not allowing to drink, it’s a bit more peaceful …thus illegal things are going on.
That is why Prabhupāda has given us one of this regulative principle that including tea and coffee we must stop. Intoxication must stop in any form. I read about this fizzy drinks and tinned drinks… and somewhere in the college there was competition and they thought that who can drink more. So somebody drank some 8 or 10 drinks and immediately fainted. It's a poison and we love. Please, please, please try to think about these things. And this is the way our quality of human existence must improve. Young people improve your own existence so that you can be healthy. Young person must be very healthy. There shouldn’t be any disease or anything. The reason is, that our whole fiber of our fine human life is completely getting disturbed. There is a fabric, when we buy the cloth, we see how the fabric is and the fabric is all right soft and nice then we buy the cloth. This is how our own life has also a delicate fiber. Your life must be made of very fine fiber, otherwise any thing you do regarding these sinful activities which are mentioned correctly in the pages of Bhāgavatam and everybody is affected by this. It’s not meant for a sect of population. Anywhere anybody whether he belongs to Christian sect or Islam sect or Hindu sect or whatever, everybody is affected by this. That is why our way is known as sanatana. And this is how these shastras should try to improve the quality of our life. Otherwise it becomes useless. You may hear the stories from here and then go away, it doesn't make any difference.
One thing we should try to remember, that the quality of our human existence should improve and with it constant remembrance of the Supreme Person must be there in any form either you read, you chant or you go to the temple, you associate with the good devotees, or whatever you do, but please try to improve the quality like this and this way you will be away from these activities.   
These are the two dyutam and paanam. Then striya, illicit connections and always, when there in no Vedic culture these activities increase.
We remember in our childhood, it was nice Vaishnava society and we did not know even illicit connections. Everybody is married and nice society was there and everybody knew whose wife it is and whose wife and whose mother everything was known, so there were no illicit connections at all. As soon as you go to the advanced world, it increases and we call it falsely “advanced”. We are really going backwards to the animal life. This, we have to understand and then last one is suna - the fourth place he gave. That you stay in the slaughter houses. We have plenty of slaughter houses here and New Zealand. New Zealand is supreme. And we had seen one slaughter house somewhere, we were driving, and in the compound the leaves of the trees were also like this. Even the trees were troubled by the shrieks of animals. Nobody likes to be killed. Just the chopper comes, its horrible, that’s why they don’t show, it’s not open. Does not show any film or anything. If anybody sees then they will stop eating meat immediately. Not only that but this slaughter house is actual slaughter house but our tongue is another slaughter house. We cut the living entities. We speak so very harsh that the living entity is in trouble always, miserable condition.
How to improve the fabric of our existence?

We have to control our tongue. Better that this tongue is utilized in reciting our scriptures, don't understand, don't try to understand. You just hear and go on reciting. At least till that time you will not cut any other living entity. This is how violence in any form has got to be controlled. And if you follow these four things, the four sinful activities you can avoid, then the fiber of your existence will improve. And if the fiber of your existence improves, then wherever you go you will spread that quality of fiber. This is the advantage, where ever the devotees visit, people try to think that he is quite happy, he is quite satisfied. He is also like us, he is also working, and he is carrying on these activities. The fiber has got to improve and this is very easy.

We were in Minneapolis in America, and few 8-10 devotees are there. And they asked me that what is to be done, because we are all working. I told you all carry on your work. No scripture says you stop the work, but the quality of the work has got to improve, and that becomes a devotional service. And if you can, I told, you please try to perform magala-ārati do some devotional service and then if you can then I told you please try to perform magala-ārati. This is our culture. Please reintroduce magala-ārati at work. You may be working physically or whatever or maybe some other duties. So you try to fix your things. And daily please fix [some time for magala-ārati] at 5 O’clock; 6 O’clock. Get up early. That is the improvement of the quality of your human existence. And as soon as you get up then we have so many prayers and chapters from Bhagavad-gītā, so many prayers from Śrīmad-Bhāgavatam. You will relish it. And don't worry if you were not able to pronounce properly. First try, try slowly it will be there. And this is how we please avoid these four things.
What are the ill effects of money?

Try from today and please if you see anywhere you see these four things, see that we are not victimized by these four activities. Then Kaliyuga tried to go to these places but there was no place available in Parikshit Maharaj's kingdom. Dyutam, paanam, striya suna was not there at all. So he came back to Maharaj Parikshit.

He [Kaliyuga] said: “Maharaj, you have given me four things but I am not able to find the four things.”

Parikshit thought it was correct.

“So please give me some place which exists in your kingdom”.
So, then he gave jata-rupam adat prabhuh

punaś ca yācamānāya jāta-rūpam adāt prabhu

tato ’nta mada kāma rajo vaira ca pañcamam
[The personality of Kali asked for something more, and because of his begging, the King gave him permission to live where there is gold because wherever there is gold there is also falsity, intoxication, lust, envy and enmity.](SB 1.17.39)
He told that where there is gold you stay there. And gold is wealth, where there is wealth and riches, there this five inebriety is there according to the shastras. ’nta mada kāma rajo vaira ca pañcamam. 'nrtam means falsity is there. Always there is lying. We always speak lies because we are attracted to riches, somehow or the other and we have to hide it.
So 'nrtam is there, mada intoxication comes with it. Where there is riches, if we have big bank balance we are staying may be in Australia or we may be in America, and we are completely intoxicated by that.
You get on the airport in India, and the first thing you utter, “I am coming from America.”
Nobody cares you are coming from America. You are in India that’s it.
You go there: “I am from Australia. I have Australian passport”
This is how, we are completely infatuated, then lusty desires follow. Money must be spent somewhere. As soon as we have riches, we have to spend somewhere. And there are three ways we spend (you know). vitta means riches. Tri-gata yo bhavanti. Three phases are there. First dana you may give charity. bhoga - you may utilize for your own sense gratification. And if you don't give charity or don’t use for your own self, then it [wealth] is destroyed. You cannot hold it long. We may deposit certain amount, inflation is reaching ahead. It may look that we have kept 10,000 dollars, but it will reduce day by day automatically. Nothing can remain here. Everything is destroyed eventually. So, too much hoarding will not also help us. Please be happy. And use it for Kṛṣṇa or yourself, or whatever you can do. This is how it should be utilized.
So this 'nrtam madam , lusty desires are there, then enmity is there. People will become enemy. They think, “You have money, you are not giving us.” And then again envy is there. We are envying others, the others are envying us. This is the bad effect of this vitta, and because Kaliyuga is staying there. Always there is quarrel. If you want to destroy some family, who is very happy, then give them gold. As soon as gold enters the house, there is definitely bound to be misunderstanding. This is how, please save ourselves, and come to this point, so that we take advantage of this teaching of Śrīmad-Bhāgavatam. And try to improve ourselves.

How to avoid the ill effects of wealth?

One thing is there, that, as soon as there is auspicious remembrance of Kṛṣṇa is there, in any house, then riches, is a blessing. Vaishnavas also they are very rich, but they are completely blessed. They are very calm and quiet, very simple. Nobody knows even that he is very rich. In order to digest the riches also, we must have Vaishnava attitude, become Vishnu Bhakta, then only our riches becomes Lakshmi and Lakshmi always helps us, blesses us, but if you are not Vishnu Bhakta, then, the Laxmi is not there, and instead of Laxmi we have Durga and Durga kills everything. Durga will force you to go to the pubs. Laxmi will force you to go to the temple. This is the difference.
So please, we are all rich in foreign countries, in order to digest the riches, there must be Bhāgavatam always with you, there must be Bhagavad-gītā always with you, there should be some form of prayers should go on always. There is one disciple in Madras, and in his house there are five-six members, turn by turn they recite Bhāgavatam. Whenever we go to his house, somebody is reciting. This is the best activity. And then, you can have riches. You can have factories; you can have big businesses, everything you can have. But with these riches, you must have Kṛṣṇa in your life. This is the teaching of the Bhāgavatam.
What is real wealth?

As soon this happened, then Kaliyuga stayed where there was gold, but even then because of Parikshit Maharaja’s best rule, he was not that powerful. And Kṛṣṇa also was there. As soon as Kṛṣṇa left the planet then kaliyuga became rampant. This is how. So even now, in our live, if we can add Kṛṣṇa, then we can save ourselves from these difficulties. This is the main thing. And always remember please, in Hindi, there is very nice bhajan. You please repeat after me and you’ll enjoy that bhajan. And it will give you some nice idea.

[Maharaji sings Bhajan]

Kṛṣṇa naam ke hire moti, sant bikhere gali gali

Lelo re koi Kṛṣṇa ke pyare, shore machawe gali gali (2) 

Kṛṣṇa naam ke hire moti, sant bikhere gali gali


Dawlat ke matwale sunlo, ekdin aisa aawegaa (2)

Sunlo re kaya mitti hogi, charcha hogi bhali buri

Kṛṣṇa naam ke hire moti, sant bikhere gali gali
Jinko tum apna kehate ho, ek din tumhein bhulayeige

Jinko tum gale lagate ho, agni mein tumahein jalaeinge

Chamak chandani hai do din ki

Jagat sagayi hai do din ki akhir hogi chalachali

Kṛṣṇa naam ke hire moti, sant bikhere gali gali
Lelo re koi Kṛṣṇa ke pyare Shor machawe gali gali

Kṛṣṇa naam ke hire moti, sant bikhere gali gali
Jis maya ke chakkar mein tum etna bhula phirta hai (2)

Anya jivoh ko tu kuch nahi samajhata hai

Chamak chandani hai do din ki aakhir murjhaye kali kali

Kṛṣṇa naam ke hire moti sant bikhere gali gali

[The diamond and pearls in the form of name of Krsna, the saints distribute everywhere

Take this away O lovers of Krsna, thus we declare this everywhere

Intoxicants of wealth please hear, one such day will come…

Hear that this body will become soil, and people will say good-bad things about you

The diamond and pearls in the form of name of Krsna, the saints distribute everywhere

Please take it away O Krsna’s lover

We are shouting, this everywhere

Whom you call your own, one day they will forget you

Whom you hug, they will burn you in fire

This glitter is of only two days, this world meeting is there of only two days

After all we have to separate

The diamond and pearls in the form of name of Krsna, the saints distribute everywhere

Take this away O lovers of Krsna, thus we declare this everywhere

The diamond and pearls in the form of name of Krsna, the saints distribute everywhere

After the illusion you are, so much forgetting yourself and running after

And don’t regard other living entities

This glitter is of only two days, after all, all buds, wither away

The diamond and pearls in the form of name of Krsna, the saints distribute everywhere]

This is our duty. The body which is very beautiful at the moment will be completely transferred to ashes within no time and the ashes will not be even full of this glass. That is the end of this body. This is what we have to realize is not to commit the sins in our lives.

Chapter 6

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