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Perform Devotion with Determination

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Perform Devotion with Determination

Determination of Dhruva Maharaj

Dhruva Maharaj when he saw Kṛṣṇa immediately in front him he didn’t expect so soon. Kṛṣṇa appeared before him. He said this boy is unnecessarily following all the austere life let Me give him darshan and so He immediately came in front of him. Dhruva could not understand anything he was not ready.  Frankly speaking he had a material motive to carry on his tapasya here.  He wanted to be more powerful king than his father.  That was the material motive.  But as soon as we see Kṛṣṇa through chanting or through darshan we forget our material motives.  That is His potency. Because He is the spiritual whole and when the spiritual Supreme living entity comes in front of us our material motives completely disappear. This is what happened to Dhruva also.  Then he did not know what to tell, so Kṛṣṇa immediately recognized that he doesn’t know how to what to tell me.  So He touched His conch shell on Dhruva’s forehead and immediately Dhruva start speaking and the first verse he spoke is very instructive


dhruva uvāca

yo 'ntaḥ praviśya mama vācam imā prasuptā

sañjīvayaty akhila-śakti-dharaḥ sva-dhāmnā

anyāś ca hasta-caraṇa-śravaṇa-tvag-ādīn

prāān namo bhagavate puruṣāya tubhyam
[Dhruva Maharaja said: My dear Lord, You are all-powerful. After entering within me, You have enlivened all my sleeping senses -- my hands, legs, ears, touch sensation, life force and especially my power of speech. Let me offer my respectful obeisances unto You.](SB 4.9.6)


He said my vācam is prasuptā, my vācam is sleeping and yo 'ntaḥ praviśya You have entered into it.  You entered in my vācam and the vācam completely looks lively and goes on speaking about You.  Such a small child didn’t understand, how can he can tell such an eternal truth.  As soon as you touch Kṛṣṇa name on your tongue, the tongue becomes lively.  


yo 'ntaḥ praviśya mama vācam imā prasuptā

Please when you take Bhāgavatam separate the words, try to understand and then try to sing.  The lyric is in side, inbuilt and you don’t need to learn the lyrics.  If you correctly pronounce the lyrics are already there. 


[Maharaj sings so lovingly….]

yo 'ntaḥ praviśya mama vācam imā prasuptā


It’s not a very classical music.  See how nicely it is.  Maharaj makes everyone to recite the sloka after him. How easy it is? 

yo 'ntaḥ praviśya mama vācam imā prasuptā

and then he says not only that sañjīvayaty and sanjivani mantra you know?  The dead bodies will also standup. 


Story: Determination of Kacha

Sukrachaarya the demon guru, the guru of the demons, he knew the sanjivani mantra.  The demons were killed by demigods and immediately Sukrachaarya went to the battle field and he will revive the whole lot.  Deva’s all tired you know, so what to do was a big question before the demigods. 
So, they thought that if our guru’s son, their guru was Brhaspati so he had a son known as Kacha, and he said “If Kacha can go to Sukrachaarya and learn sanjivani mantra then we will be able to defeat the demons, but how to?” Kacha was completely perplexed when all the demigods approached Kacha. 
They said “Maharaj Kacha”, he was a small boy and they call him Maharaj because they want to send him to demons. 
“Please do us a favor.”
“What can I do I am a boy?”
“You please go to Sukrachaarya and learn the sanjivani mantra.”
He said “How?  He will not allow me.”
“No, no go and try.”
Kacha was determined to help the demigods.  This determination is required.  Such a small boy went and approached Sukrachaarya with full of determination. And this determination is the gift of our attachment to Kṛṣṇa. As soon as we are attached to Kṛṣṇa, He gives you the determination. And you are full of courage because of your determination, and you can do anything then.  ki durāpādana teṣāṁ (SB 3.23.42)… those who are attracted to Kṛṣṇa what is impossible for them? Nothing is impossible. 
When Kacha approached Sukrachaarya, Suckrachaarya was thinking, and he knew that he is Bruhaspati son.
He [Kacha] said “Please I am a brahmachari and I want you to be my guru.” 
He didn’t tell that he want to learn the sanjivani mantra.  But Sukrachaarya understood why this demigod has to come to me.  He must have some secret motive, he understood. But the Vedic tradition was that if the young person brahmachari approaches the guru then no way he could be denied and Sukrachaarya knew that he was the enemy’s son and even then he admitted him in the ashram and Kacha has to do so many duties you know, so much labor he had to do to serve his guru maharaj Suckrachaarya and he couldn’t utter a word that he wants sanjivani.  He was doing all the labor work in the ashram for many years and Sukrachaarya had Devayani one young girl.  So they became friends.  Pure friends you know. So, naturally they were attracted to each other and they were helping each other you know.  That was really the mercy of Kṛṣṇa that somehow or the other in the demons camp also he had a bit comfortable life. 
So, then what happened that these demons when they knew about the Kacha is with Sukrachaarya, so they thought that there is something fishy in it.  So we should not allow this boy to stay there.  So, how to drive him out because guru maharaj has allowed him, guru maharaj is admitted this boy here, so how can we drag him out?  So what to do was a big question.  So they thought when he is gone out, we will kill him. So one day, he went to graze the cows and they caught hold of him and killed him and he was finished completely.  So when cows went alone back home, Devayani saw the cows are back and Kacha has not returned. 
So she went running to Sukrachaarya and relayed that “I don’t know Kacha is not coming back and the cows have come.” 
So Sukrachaarya immediately went to search for Kacha, his dead body was there.  By sanjivani mantra he just revived him.
So Kacha was alright came back home.  “Where were you, I don’t know really.  They killed me that’S what I remember and now I am here again.” 
“So forget about it you are alright, that’s it.” 
So this happened once. then next time he was sent to collect the flowers in the garden and again the demons caught him. This time they killed him and they just crushed his body and threw in the ocean.  So, now how can he come back?  So again when he did not come back from the garden Devayani again ran to Sukrachaarya.  
Sukrachaarya said to Devayani “See, demons are bent upon killing him, even if I revive they will again kill him.  They will not allow him to stay with me, maybe he will learn this sanjivani mantra.  That’s why the demons are scared that they will lose in the battle.” 
So somehow or other then Devayani insisted, so Sukrachaarya had to go. By uttering the sanjivani mantra somehow or the other Kacha came back.  So this was the second time.


Then again demons saw he was again alive so now we have to do something.  So again when he was sent to forest to collect the fire wood that time they caught hold of him and this time they burnt his body and it was ash and that ash they mixed into the wine. Demon guru Sukrachaarya used to drink wine in the evening.  Here they drink in the evening in the pubs. That is Sukrachaarya’s tradition.  Sukrachaarya also in the evening wanted a peg. So they knew Sukrachaarya likes to drink wine.  So they mixed the ash with the wine and offered it to Sukrachaarya.  Sukrachaarya thought “Very nice my disciple demons they serving me.”  So he drank the wine and he didn’t know that ash was in his stomach.  So again Deviyani ran…. (break). So again Sukrachaarya try to utter sanjivani mantra and Kacha speaks from the stomach. 

“Hey how did you happen to get in there?”
“I don’t know that, now I am here. “
Now there was dilemma really, if Kacha comes out from Sukrachaarya womb, stomach or intestines then Sukrachaarya will die or if he doesn’t allow Kacha to come then Kacha will die. So Devayani started crying again.  “I want you both. He also should be there and you.”
How that has to be done?  Because of the determination of the Kacha to learn the sanjivani mantra Kṛṣṇa arranged this situation and then Sukrachaarya has to teach Kacha sanjivani mantra in the stomach otherwise he is also going to die or he will die or Kacha will die. Then he taught him the sanjivani mantra, Kacha came out and Sukrachaarya died.  Then Kacha revived Sukrachaarya.  This is how determination always gives you success.  Maybe there will be setbacks but determination must be there. 
Please be determined that in this human existence at least you make it now with Kṛṣṇa otherwise if you are not determined the same way the time will run out and again the horrible result is that we don’t know may be 84 lakhs we call it that different species you have to undergo again and again and again.  Please this circle has got to stop.

Determination of Srila Prabhupāda

This is said in this verse by Kunti śṛṇvanti gāyanti gṛṇanty abhīkṣṇaśaḥ then you please abhiksnasah always keep on hearing, gayanti speak sing, grnanty accept, in this age to accept Kṛṣṇa is also difficult.  Our mind is rebellious.  Our mind doesn’t want to know anything.  So that’s why it is very difficult in this age to accept Kṛṣṇa and because we are not accepting Kṛṣṇa in India after all the Prabhupāda’s so many endeavor, He has to leave India and come to the foreign countries make the white people the devotees and then he knew that we will copy white people.  So he brought his disciples and then we copied them and we are copying them even now.  So this is how the determination.  Prabhupāda was very determined and he has so many …. You read his lilaamrta you will find out how much difficult was for him, just to begin and then to carry on with the openings of the temples. So many times he wrote to his god brothers and others that please this is the sublime way to uplift the population and we must do something for that.  What are you going to do with the money?  But nobody agreed with him and eventually these boys so called hippies they helped him out and then eventually Kṛṣṇa wanted this to expand and so in front of him, he could open 100 temples.  This is the result of the determination.  Otherwise we can’t run one temple what to talk about 100.  We can’t even run one nama-hatta program it is very difficult for us. Why? Because we are lacking devotional service and the determination.  Devotional service and determination are two sides of the same coin.  As soon as you are a sincere devotee the determination will be there definitely.  As soon as you are determined there is no delay. bhavaami na ciraat paartha mayy aavesita-cetasaam (BG 12.7) Those who are completely engrossed in Me there is no delay for them.  Subtly He works. How He works we don’t know?  It is inconceivable.  Somehow or the other we get the results and please don’t doubt about it. 
Chapter 40
  1. Change Your Lifestyle for Good

Teachings of mother Kunti

śṛṇvanti gāyanti gṛṇanty abhīkṣṇaśaḥ

smaranti nandanti tavehitaḿ janā

ta eva paśyanty acireṇa tāvakaḿ

bhava-pravāhoparamaḿ padāmbujam
[O Krsna, those who continuously hear, chant and repeat Your transcendental activities, or take pleasure in others' doing so, certainly see Your lotus feet, which alone can stop the repetition of birth and death.] (SB 1.8.36)
That is the meaning about śṛṇvanti gāyanti gṛṇanty abhīkṣṇaśaḥ and then he says smaranti nandanti smaranti means those who remember chant always
Hare Kṛṣṇa Hare Kṛṣṇa Kṛṣṇa Kṛṣṇa Hare hare

Hare Rāma Hare Rāma Rāma Rāma Hare Hare
smaranti nandanti those who are very happy tavehitaḿ janā with the association of the devotees.  These five things she has recommended in the pages of Bhāgavatam.  Kunti says that you hear, you sing or talk about Him, you accept Him whole heartedly, 100%, no doubts, then you will chant His names and you be happy with the devotees association.  These five things, and what they do then “ta” “ta” those people who are following these five things and we all trying half heartedly to follow these things.  Please make it full heart and if you do that “ta eva” eva means certainly nishchit, definitely ta eva pasyanty, they will see acirena, without delay ta eva paśyanty acireṇa tāvakaḿ, your padāmbujam, your lotus feet.  If you really want to see, if you really want Kṛṣṇa to appear in your house then you please follow these things and Kṛṣṇa will definitely be there.  Otherwise appearance or Janmastami Utsav or the discussion about the appearance is completely useless.  This was simple method this Mata Kunti shows and that’s why I am praising mothers, Vedic mothers.  Vedic mothers know this, so somehow or the other in their own children they have to inculcate. 
There was a family here. Now somehow or the other they try to chant. They may not be perfect but their parents should be credited that atleast they have taught them to sing. This is how the mother, this is the Vedic mother.  As soon as you come to this, then these five things come together.  If they hear they going to talk and they have to accept anyway where mother says this is correct then they will immediately without question they will accept and this is Kunti devi.  Kunti devi is the representation of Vedic mothers and we all have to be Vedic mothers if you want your children to be happy. 
How children can be happy?

You want, we want, we all want our children to be happy but we don’t want to be Vedic that is our rog, that is our disease and this disease has got to be rid off.  Otherwise your future generation will be completely diseased.  Please when children are there don’t scream and shout in front of them. You better, I request you, buy a big house and have one room for fighting, separate. When you think you have to fight then go to the room and lock it and come on… [audience laughs].  I don’t want you to stop you to stop fighting, fight.  You go into that room. Not in front of the children.  Otherwise the bad things samskaraas are completely gone and that’s not what Bhāgavatam wants.  Otherwise all these discussions are completely useless.  We may read Bhāgavatam, we may describe Bhāgavatam everything but the root is this that we have to be Vedic and Veda means knowledge.  It doesn’t belong to one sect. That we should be very clear and it’s not Hinduism or this or that.  No, no. It is sanatana eternal. Sanatana it is eternal.  Whole population is in misery, whole population is completely misdirected because of the television propaganda and so many other things.  How many hours we sit in front of the television and how much life is wasted? The breaths are gone. It is insisted that with every breath there must be chanting of Kṛṣṇa’s names.  In one minute, we breathe in and breathe out 15 times. So in one hour, how many? 900 times and in 24 hours 21,600 times and if we chant 16 rounds of maha mantra then it comes nearly 22,000 so each breath you have the …this is the calculation and each breathe you have the mantra if you chant 16 rounds. 

So make an endeavor to just stop this non-sense television.  Really if you want to throw anything from their house, go and throw it away and many times what we think that I have to see the news and I am the business man, etc. and then we see the news and then let me see the advertisements and let me see what is again and then hours together we sit there. So unless you get rid of these things… at least reserve one room for it and like a medicine you should use television or internet or whatever it is. Otherwise you serve your disease and it is destroying our future generations. Future generations are at the risk of extinction. Your generation will extinct. Nobody will survive with these things.  Everybody will survive without that.
How elders can be happy?

Please at least you elders in the house should always sing Bhagavad-gītā, should always sing Bhāgavatam.  It’s very easy to sing Bhāgavatam also.  Please don’t worry, everything is clear in this book and try this way and then you come to understanding importance of Kṛṣṇa and then we go into in His own vigraha. You can understand vigraha very nicely and in-order to get the knowledge we must have the authority you know.  So in our house also if grandfather tells something without any question we believe.  The grand children know that their grandfather is very experienced unless he is insane.  After 60 years it is said that the old people so called they become insane.  You know sadi budhi nadi we call it.  After 60 years they lose intelligence, but it’s wrong.  If that intelligence is dovetailed with the knowledge of Kṛṣṇa never it will be deteriorate because Kṛṣṇa is avyaya without extortion.  Never deteriorates always fresh.  At the time of Kurukshetra war He was 125 years old and if you look at the pictures hardly He is 22/23 years old. Funny enough He doesn’t age beyond young age. Those who run after Kṛṣṇa, bodies are going to go away but your soul will always be fresh and if the soul and mind is allright intact then there is no way that body will give you trouble.  We have to take care here and there a bit but otherwise it doesn’t give that much trouble.  Please, please, please from every angle to completely submit to Kṛṣṇa is the best policy in this age.

Take the king of knowledge and change your life for the better

Change of country or change of times, don’t change the values of our life. Values of our life are eternally fixed and that is definite and these values if you don’t nourish who is going to nourish and that’s why I am after the young people.  Please, that you please come and understand these things with the association and carry on with the taking or imbibing all the real knowledge and the same time propagating. This is the main duty we have to do. And that is the appearance of Kṛṣṇa otherwise there is no appearance of Kṛṣṇa. Kṛṣṇa is already here sarvabhutastam atmany in every living entity I am situated and sarvabhutanicha atmaanam and all the living entities are in me. ikshate yoga yuktatma those who are bhakti yogis yoga yuktaatma. ikshate they see this, that all living entities are in Him and He is in every living entity.  This is the king of knowledge rajavidya rajaguhyam pavitram idam uttamam [BG 9.2] and uttama is the best word why it is uttama? Utt means out it is very near utt means out and tama means darkness.  This knowledge takes you out of darkness, that is uttama and this vidya rajavidya rajaguhyam pavitram purified completely purest and uttamam it is taking you out from the darkness of ignorance and that is uttamam. Why we are ignoring this rajavidya king of knowledge, in every word of Śrīmad-Bhāgavatam and Bhagavad-gītā, in any other scripture it says the same thing and if any sect has any other spiritual material then it is not spiritual, it is material. 

Spiritual knowledge is this that we are all spirit souls it doesn’t matter whether he is Muslim or Christian or Jew or whatever doesn’t make any difference at all even Christians have grey hairs, Hindus also lose teeth, Muslims also grey beard, where lies the difference? There is no difference at all. But ignorance is ruining unless this culture is widely propagated we will not get out of our own difficulties at the moment.  The whole world is completely shaken because two buildings are destroyed. This is our pitiable situation that we are not self-sufficient at all, such a nice country such a big country you have and we are depending on somebody and because two buildings are broken there our own whole economy is dwindling.  This is our pitiable condition.  Every country was very self-sufficient and never economy dwindled. Even before 100 years our economy depended upon farming and cows businesses and etc. and so much was there already. We are completely, under the name of the advancement, we are going backwards. Somewhere some sanity has got to prevail. We have to become simple. So much grass is there, why we are not driving horse carriages? We have to be self-sufficient. And this grass we are mowing and throwing it out.  Here whole world of horses can graze the grass so much grass is here and we just throw our grass and look to some country for oil and if they send oil then we go in car. Please somehow or other somewhere the circle has to be broken otherwise every time one country is in difficulty the whole economy is gone and unemployment, mass unemployment. So much land we have that we can till, we can produce our own things and that doesn’t matter what happens there you are completely self-sufficient you are getting tomatoes, you are getting potatoes, you have your own cooking wood fire or something and you will be completely blissful.  Somehow or other, somewhere we have to come to this simple life otherwise we will be forced by the laws of the nature, we will be forced to do it and then you may we may celebrate hundreds of janmastamis or hundreds of appearance of Kṛṣṇa but it won’t have any effect at all.  This is the main thing our lifestyle has got to change for good.  Even now, the simplicity we may [want, may not be possible to change immediately.] It is not a day’s job that you can switch on. It is gradual thing slowly we have to think about this thing.
How the youths can contribute?

Young person’s please come together and make your life very simple.  First get attached to the names of the Lord and as soon as you have faith, increase in faith, then you may try to interpret here and there and may change your life for good. And you will be doing so much service to the community at large because you are young you can run around, you can do whatever [you want], your body is completely under your control at the moment so please make use of this body and let Kṛṣṇa appear in your own life otherwise what is this appearance we are discussing today “the appearance of Kṛṣṇa”, it doesn’t have any meaning that’s what I am insisting the practical side of the appearance must be very clear in our mind and then we may go through the story this or that, it doesn’t matter but the thing is that what is the Vedic culture?

Why it should be very popular on this planet that we must think about it and we have plenty of infrastructure, spiritual infrastructure with us, is very nicely given by Prabhupāda, there he has given us the whole infrastructure for our progress. All the big scriptures including Bhāgavatam, Bhagavad-gītā etc. they are translated in very easy English language, purports are explaining very nice, so many conversations books are there this is all infrastructures at our disposal. We are not alone. The young people should not get lost.

Only finding out the job is not the goal of our human existence. No doubt it is required. But soon it will be there, because you are young. So somewhere little less or more, you are going to be fixed. But this thing will not come to you. You please take advantage from our vast spiritual infrastructure. And we have thousands of tapes, CDs, Prabhupāda lectures, very easy. Please come to this. You prepare yourself and you start to give the lectures. That is the potency of Prabhupāda. They read one small book about him and they start speaking about Kṛṣṇa. And that is how we are attracted to Prabhupāda. There may be so many mosquitoes far flying around. But those are mosquitoes. They don’t have any infrastructure. They just have to propogate something nonsense. And that nonsense is destroying the society. Save yourself from this misdirection. This is impious life, misdirected civilization completely. And you have to create a revolution against this.

That is the appearance of Kṛṣṇa. Otherwise we may discuss appearance of Kṛṣṇa, “Oh ho ho very good, very good, very good.” Go home, sleep and forget about the whole thing. In the morning we don’t know, “Ah, yesterday we had appearance of Kṛṣṇa. Forget about it. Next time we’ll see now.” No, not that. Don’t forget about it. “I don’t care about that” No, No, No. That is not the way. Be serious about. Please, we are very lucky to be heir apparent of this greatest culture. And we have so much our disposal, take help from this.

Chapter 41

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