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Maṅgala-ārati and naam sankirtan

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Magala-ārati and naam sankirtan

But in the third canto again, Devahuti was married to Kardama Muni. And Kardama was Prajapati afterwards. So Brahma insisted that he should have children. Kardama Muni was very nicely situated in his own austerities, but even then, as all living entities have the inner desire to marry, he wanted to marry. After 12 years of tapascharya, he had this desire. This is the best chapter for grihastas to go through. How to stay as grihastha, and how to perfect our life. That’s why we have taken few things here and there. The main thing is to understand how our body is created. And Kapildeva, Devahuti’s son, is incarnation of Kṛṣṇa. As soon as He was born immediately Kardama Muni thought that now this is the time I should go away. I should leave the material matters now. And immediately he left to perfect his life.
Everybody has to go away. We may not leave our houses. We may not leave Australia. It’s the best country, you think. So please, be situated in Australia. Be in your own house. But please take your heart out of the house. Stay there as a guest. Now we are guest of somebody, so we use all the facilities and nothing belongs to us and we are not worried about anything else. This is how the vānaprastha life should be cultivated. And in order to have the impetus for stopping the material activities, we must come to these scriptures though gurus and sages, whatever.
Maṅgala-ārati is enlivening

We cannot be ISKCON fanatics. But I am very transcendentally proud to tell you that at the moment this is the only society, which has its own problems, but even then, this is the only society which is really genuinely propagating Kṛṣṇa Consciousness. Otherwise, [Audience applauding] not only that but we have our own specialties. Somebody tells that “You have so many problems in your society. We don’t have any problems. We run our temple, we open on Sunday, and just… clothes already are on the deities, we just dust out, take out the dust and they are ready. And then we sit for …two hours we perform continuous kirtan, and we don’t have any problem at all.”

I told “You are correct. How can you have any problem?” In the dead society, you cannot have any problem. Suppose, I am suffering from cancer. So that means that I am alive, isn’t it, isn’t it? Dead man cannot suffer from cancer. In order to suffer from cancer you must be alive, that goes without saying. Or I may have some other disease, but I must be alive to suffer the disease. So problems in the society are bound to be there. Problems are disease but that means that the society is alive. Otherwise there is no … there is no puja, there is no food distribution. There is nothing else going on, no kirtan, just half sleep you come, half sleep you go, then what problems you are going to have. We are transcendently proud that wherever we have temple at the moment so far, magala-ārati is going on at 4:30 in the morning. And I visit so many temple, hundreds of temples, ISKCON temple, everywhere magala-ārati is exactly at 4:30. And we attend magala-ārati and I have eventually told them that your temple is allright, no problem. All other problems are just scratch. magala-ārati is going on, you are alright. If your life also you want to perfect, please carry on magala-ārati. If you can at 4:30. Because of strenuous work or whatever, if you can’t, you fix your own time, but please perform some magala-ārati. We were in Minneapolis, and there are 8-10 I told you yesterday, and they were initiated, and now they are performing, everybody, they are working, and they are performing magala-ārati at 4:30 then they have humble chanting going on, then few pages from Bhāgavatam they discuss, and this is morning program. It will rejuvenate your existence, and make you ready to face the material demons during the whole day. You have face the demoniac living entities, or tendencies at least. This will give you the strength, and it will fix you at the lotus feet of Kṛṣṇa. Don’t waste your existence please.
This is the first thing, speciality, of the live symptom, in our temples. Which is the temple, show me, that from 4:30 in the morning, till 9 O clock, seven ārati’s are there, seven times prasadam is there, and everything is going on. Which temple is doing? We have Jagann Mandir in Dwaraka, Dwarkadhish mandir is very famous all over the world and may be all over the universe. It’s the best mandir we have. Nice lovely mūrti we have, Dwarkadhish mūrti. But the magala-ārati is at 7 O clock. So I told Brahmins, pujaris that please, magala-ārati is supposed to be earlier in the morning. He said “No, that is in Vrindavana. Because He is cowherd boy in Vrindavana, He gets up early there. He is here king. He gets up late.” [laughs with audience]
Our mind is very fertile I told you. It will always find out some suitable argument. I told him, “Is He sleeping or you are sleeping?” [laughs]
“No, No forget about it., he said. We don’t talk about it…. 7 O clock.”. This is how
No! No please…there are beautiful places, nice structure is standing, but its only structure. We don’t have structures. Ours is a house, humble house or some hall or something. But lively bhakti is going on. This is our monopoly, I am very transcendentally proud to tell you that, “Please, if you want to learn our own culture, and own devotional service, our own bhakti, how to develop, and how to carry on, you please come to these temples.”
Nama-sankirtanam pleases Kṛṣṇa

You are in Australia, nice temple you have. Try to help the temple. Go to the temple. Don’t worry about insults or this or that, forget about it. We go there to see the Lord and to increase our devotional service. Please carry on these activities. And not only… one temple is not enough. Sydney is so very big town, have another temple. And if you cannot have temple, at least have the groups, namahatta groups. Who stops you? Buy Prabhupāda books, read one or two slokas and please carry on, on your own. There should be millions of groups here. And the more you propagate, the more you will be engaged in active devotional service. Kṛṣṇa says in Bhagavad-gītā. That one who spreads My message, is very much dear to Me. If you want to be dear to Kṛṣṇa, this is the activity you have to propagate. Why one boy or two boys or three boys should do? If one or two or three boys can do such as a nice program, why can’t you, everybody do something? Everybody of you are staying in the house, you have your neighbors, some people, some friends; call them for this, and this is the way to propagate Kṛṣṇa Consciousness. This is sankirtan.
nāma-sańkīrtanaḿ yasya sarva-pāpa praṇāśanam
It will completely destroy all the sinful reactions. Please don’t pay attention to anything else. Those who direct you to nāma-sańkīrtana, they are your real relatives. Otherwise the misguidance is at rampant. Please, please, please. Save yourself from this. Nothing else is important. Otherwise Śukadeva Gosvāmī will not sing the glories of nāma-sańkīrtana. In the last verse, before he finished Bhāgavatam, he thought that he did not glorify nāma-sańkīrtana, so he is giving two lines only.
nāma-sańkīrtanaḿ yasya sarva-pāpa praṇāśanam

praṇāmo dukha-śamanas taḿ namāmi hariḿ param
[I offer my respectful obeisances unto the Supreme Lord, Hari, the congregational chanting of whose holy names destroys all sinful reactions, and the offering of obeisances unto whom relieves all material suffering.](SB 12.13.23)
nāma-sańkīrtanaḿ yasya, come on, nāma-sańkīrtanaḿ [audience repeating], yasya sarva-pāpa praṇāśanam. All and we are so very sinful, knowingly unknowingly, we are committing so many sins. nāma-sańkīrtanaḿ yasya sarva-pāpa praṇāśanam. Not only that but dukha-śamanastaḿ, dukha-śamanas taḿ. taḿ means that sańkīrtana will mitigate all your miseries. dukha-śamanas taḿ namāmi hariḿ param To that transcendental Hari I pay my obeisances and in order to fix in this, we must know our self and we must have some idea of Kṛṣṇa also. Then Bhagavad-gītā gives you preliminary idea, about Īśvara, the Supreme Absolute truth. He gives the idea about jīva. He again gives you the idea, Kṛṣṇa Himself, about prakti, the material manifestation, wherein we are passing our life. Then He gives the idea of the importance of time and lastly He gives the idea about our own activities, karma. Please come to the pages of these scriptures. And if you come to Bhāgavatam, you know your own situation and that is we are discussing now. It’s the last page.

Chapter 20
  1. Kapila Muni instructs Devahuti

How a living entity takes birth?

Take out the last page. Yes it is from Third canto and it’s the first verse.

[Maharaj leads recitation of SB 3.31.1 twice]
śrī-bhagavān uvāca

karmaṇā daiva-netrea jantur dehopapattaye

striyāḥ praviṣṭa udara puso reta-kaṇāśraya

[The Personality of Godhead said: Under the supervision of the Supreme Lord and according to the result of his work, the living entity, the soul, is made to enter into the womb of a woman through the particle of male semen to assume a particular type of body.](SB 3.31.1)
This verse destroys all our ignorance about the living entities’ birth. It is said wrongly, that there is no jīva from the first day of the conception. And so they can carry on the abortions. It is completely refuted by Vyasa Bhagavan in this scripture. From the first day, and the first second of the conception, there is a growth involved, and thats why the jīva is already present. reta-kaṇāśraya he is always with the semen of the father. It’s already there, and then only the semen can work out. Otherwise semen can’t do anything. As it is semen doesn’t have any capacity to create. aha bīja-prada pitā [BG 14.4], Kṛṣṇa says that I am there to inject the jīva’s; it’s already put on the semen. And then as soon as the semen is injected in the female womb, the growth starts. This is given idea here. I’ll leave it to you to study.
śrī-bhagavān uvāca

karmaṇā daiva-netrea jantur dehopapattaye

striyāḥ praviṣṭa udara puso reta-kaṇāśraya
[The Personality of Godhead said: Under the supervision of the Supreme Lord and according to the result of his work, the living entity, the soul, is made to enter into the womb of a woman through the particle of male semen to assume a particular type of body.](SB 3.31.1)
kalala tv eka-rātrea pañca-rātrea budbudam

daśāhena tu karkandhūḥ peśy aṇḍa vā tata param
[On the first night, the sperm and ovum mix, and on the fifth night the mixture ferments into a bubble. On the tenth night it develops into a form like a plum, and after that, it gradually turns into a lump of flesh or an egg, as the case may be.] (SB 3.31.2)
These verses about seven verses they give you the idea about how the embryo grows. And where there is a growth, the atma must be there. And the Supersoul also must be there. It’s very sinful, just to disturb that living entity, in that delicate stage. He already develops his head and delicate limbs. And he tries to make himself safe, in his own house, mother’s womb. And suddenly the knife is pierced from somewhere and his body is cut and sucked out, that is abortion or some poisonous liquid is thrown on the delicate lady, the delicate living entity. Please in dream also, don’t do. And those who are already victimized please continuously chant, for the living entity whom you have killed. The most disastrous effect is on the ladies. Man may forget. But lady loses her sanity if this is created. Please, please, all the miseries start from this sinful activity. And then in that stage he is fully conscious and he prays. {aside: Our matajis know about the prayers, are they here, please let them hear, are the ladies here who know the prayers? No? }

The prayers also we have given you, I think, which number verse? Prayers of the living entity. Some eleven verses are there. All the verses we have given you. I am sorry, the time is up, we will have to stop here.

Chapter 21

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