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Beloit College

Department of Art and Art History

Student Handbook
2014 - 2015
A reference containing information

about the Department of Art and Art History

for studio art and art history majors/minors.

consult the Beloit College Catalog

for additional information.

Cover design by Mark Klassen

Read all the great poems, plays and novels that you can,

For Dante will lead you into the dramatic economy of Giotto;

Racine will help you feel the balanced organization of Poussin;

Flaubert will show you how the Impressionists looked at life.

The more you know, the more you see.

Read general history, the history of science, of economics, of ideas,

For these, like [art and] the history of art, are all peek holes into

The central mystery of humankind.

- A. Hyatt Mayer

Former Curator of Prints

Metropolitan Museum of Art


Contents 2

Welcome to the Department 3

Academic Advising 3

The Majors 4

The Major in Studio Art 4

Academic Requirements: Checklist for Studio Art Major 5

The Major in Art History 6

Academic Requirements: Checklist for Art History Major 7

The Minors 8

The Minor in Studio Art 8

Academic Requirements: Checklist for Studio Art Minor 8

The Minor in Art History 9

Academic Requirements: Checklist for Art History Minor 9

General Academic Advice and Procedures 10

Selecting Supporting Courses 10

Capstone Experience Requirement 10

Liberal Arts in Practice Requirement 10

Academic Dishonesty 10

A Minor in Museum Studies 11

Special Projects 11

Transfer Credits, Credits from Programs Abroad, AP Credit 11

Opportunities for Professional Exploration & Experience 13

Study Abroad 13

Internships in the Arts 13

Academic Awards and Honors 14

Departmental Awards 14

Graduating with Departmental Honors in Art History 15

Special Opportunities and Events 17

Artist-in-Residency Programs 17

The Wright Museum of Art 18

Honors Term Scholars 18

Art in the Surrounding Region 18

Careers in the Visual Arts 19

The Facilities 19

Studio Use Policy 20

EPA Compliance 20

Key Policy 20

Senior Studio Space 21

Faculty and Staff 21

Department of Art & Art History 21

Wright Museum of Art Staff 23

Museum Studies Program Teaching Staff 24

Welcome to the Department

Congratulations on your declaration of a major! We applaud your interest in and enthusiasm for the arts.

The Department of Art and Art History offers two majors: studio art and art history. This handbook is intended for these constituents. At Beloit, students in both disciplines have the opportunity to work closely with studio art and art history faculty in a supportive yet challenging environment. You will encounter dedicated, energetic teachers who are practicing artists, critics, and scholars – and equally engaging, talented and committed students. In courses filled with creative assignments, provocative readings and stimulating discussion, and through the meaningful dialogues and exchanges that can occur in a small, vibrant community, we think you will discover that exceptional opportunities await you.
As a department, we have much to offer you. However, all of our resources are practically useless without thoughtfulness, planning, and dedication on your part. What you get out of a major is commensurate with what you put in. We urge you to develop and pursue a line of study that will most benefit you in terms of your needs, interests, and academic and professional goals.
This handbook answers some of the most frequently asked questions regarding our programs and policies. Read the entire handbook now, as you are becoming acquainted with the Department of Art and Art History, and save it for future reference.

Academic Advising

You may select an advisor from the department’s full-time staff and change advisors whenever you wish. We encourage you to seek advice from all art and art history faculty, in addition to faculty from other departments to discuss important issues (e.g., graduate school). Although your major advisor must register your courses online.
Art history majors may choose from full-time art history faculty; studio art majors may choose from the full-time studio art faculty. If a faculty member is on leave, their advisees are temporarily assigned to other faculty members in the department.

The Majors

The Major in Studio Art

The studio art major provides a conceptual and process-oriented approach to the fine arts. Students are encouraged to dissolve boundaries between mediums and to explore nontraditional media (you are required to take courses in two or more mediums). Special topics courses in a variety of other media are regularly offered; recent courses have concentrated on book arts, installation art, performance, and video. In addition, students may design and create independent special projects with a faculty sponsor.
In their final semester, all senior studio art majors exhibit their work in a group show in the Wright Museum of Art. The arrangements for the exhibit (including gallery space allocation, publicity, and exhibit installation) are planned in Senior Seminar (ART 384 & ART 385), which equips students with an array of additional professional skills (e.g., how to prepare a résumé and portfolio, how to apply to grad school and for employment, how to document one’s artwork).
While the senior exhibit is on display, two full-time art department faculty conduct an oral examination with each senior. Seniors should personally approach faculty members to request and invite participation on orals committees. The student is given ten minutes to explain his/her exhibit and art. The faculty members on the orals committee then question the student about the work/exhibit for approximately ten minutes. The final ten minutes are dedicated to reflective and instructional observations by the faculty.
The senior exhibition in the Wright Museum of Art is a privilege and not a right. Students are expected to comply with all policies and procedures set forth by the senior seminar advisor and museum staff. There will be a $100 damage deposit charged to all seniors exhibiting in the museum. This deposit will be returned after all your artwork is removed from the museum and your space is returned back to normal.
* Students may also be certified to teach art in schools (K-12); details can be obtained from the Education and Youth Studies Department at Beloit College.

Academic Requirements: Checklist for Studio Art Major

Eleven departmental units:
_____ ART 103 Introduction to Sculpture

_____ ART 115 Introduction to Drawing and Design

_____ Two of the following: ARTH 120, ARTH 125, or ARTH 130

All 100 level courses are foundations for the major so it is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED they be completed by students fourth semester
_____ ARTH 245 Modernism and Postmodernism: Art Since 1900

_____ Five units of studio courses in a minimum of two media*. Of the five courses,

(1) at least two must be 200-level;

(2) at least one must be 300-level, Excluding ART 390.

____________________________ (1 unit)

____________________________ (1 unit)

____________________________ (1 unit)

____________________________ (1 unit)

____________________________ (1 unit)

_____ ART 384 and 385 (½ unit each) Senior Seminar in Art. Must be taken in the fall and spring term of student’s senior year.

_____ Senior exhibition and oral examination. Occurs in student’s last term of residency. Only independent work or work created in 300 level courses may be used in the student’s Senior Exhibition. While the exhibit is on display, art faculty conducts an oral examination with the student.

Internship: __________________________________________________________

Internship: __________________________________________________________
Internship: __________________________________________________________

Note: Varying studio fees are charged in some studio courses to partially defray the cost of personal tools and consumable materials used by each student. If a student drops a course with fees associated to it, fees will only be refunded in the first four weeks of class.
*Students intending to certify to teach in schools are advised to distribute these units across a wide range of media, in consultation with their advisor.

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