Be sure to follow proper essay structure, and proper mla style in terms of quotations and the layout of the paper

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Kite Runner Essay Topics
Select one of the topics below and compose a five paragraph essay.
Be sure to follow proper essay structure, and proper MLA style in terms of quotations and the layout of the paper. Use the essay outline, format sheet, powerpoint presentation, and MLA style guide from class and the course website.
The topics below are not thesis statements. You will need to compose your own thesis on the topic once you have thought about the topic at length. Remember to think analytically: explain the how and why, as well as the significance of what you say in response to the statement. Ask yourself, what is Khaled Hosseini saying about your topic? What is his message?

  1. There are a number of betrayals that occur in the novel.

  1. It is Hassan's pure nobility that acts as a foil to characters in the novel.

  1. Rahim Khan offers Amir an opportunity to be “good again.” Indeed, this novel plots Amir's journey of redemption.

  1. The novel presents the story of a country and people in turmoil.

  1. Baba said, “a boy who won't stand up for himself becomes a man who can't stand up for anything.” This statement can be applied to more than one character in the novel.

  1. Baba said that it is “better to get hurt by the truth than comforted by a lie.” Discuss the irony of this statement in reference to the novel.

  1. Parallel scenes reveal much of the meaning in the text.

  1. Characters as foils for one another reveal much of the meaning in the text.

  1. Discuss the relevance of kite running – literally and metaphorically (focus on this aspect) – to the characters and to Afghanistan.

  1. Discuss how Hosseini uses cycles and motifs to convey his message.

  1. How do the experiences of Afghanistan and the characters compare and contrast with each other?

  1. Discuss how the past haunts not only Afghanistan, but virtually every character in the text.

  1. This novel demonstrates that amidst the struggles of life, it is mankind's strength of will, courage, compassion and hope that shine brightly.

  1. This novel supports the philosophy that to know oneself takes the most courage in life.

  1. Hosseini's novel emphasizes the importance of the culture and tradition of a people, especially in difficult times.

  1. This novel clearly presents the theme of a “hero in a fallen world.”

  1. Hosseini tells a story of Afghanistan – a country with many children, but little childhood.

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