Be away – być nieobecnym Jack’s away and he’ll return next month. Be back

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Be away – być nieobecnym Jack’s away and he’ll return next month.

Be back – wracać She’ll be back soon.

Be on – włączać The TV is on and he’s watching the film.

Be off – wyłączać The lights are off and I can’t find the exit.

Be out - być poza domem He’s out. He’s gone for lunch.

Come back – wracać They came back home last night.

Come across – natknąć się When he entered the office, he came

across his boss.

Come down with – zachorować The little boy came down with the flu.

Come out – opublikować They came out my latest photos.

Fed up with – być znudzonym I’m fed up with your stupid remarks.

Find out – dowiadywać się He’ll be angry when he finds out.

Fall in love - zakochać się She fell in love with John.

Get on with – być w dobrych układach I get on with my neighbour.

Get over – wrócić do siebie He couldn’t get over after the car accident.

Get out of – wysiadać z (samochodu) She got out of her car and opened the gate.

Get off – wysiadać z (autobusu, pociągu) Get off the bus at the next stop.

Go on – kontynuować It was getting dark but we went on talking.

Go in for – brać udział He went in for surfing competition.

Go off – wybuchnąć (o bombie) The bomb went off and injured a lot of


Give sth away – zdradzać He smiled politely and he didn’t give away

his real feelings.

Give back – oddawać Give me back my sleeping bag.

Give up – rzucić, zrezygnować He gave up smoking last year.

Give sth in – dawać I’ve got to give my essay in to my teacher.

Look after – opiekować się She looks after her little sister.

Look for – szukać What are you looking for?

Look out – uważać Look out! The car is coming.

Look forward to – czekać I’m looking forward to your answer.

Look up – szukać (w słowniku) He looked up the new word in the


Make up –robić makijaż She makes up every morning.

Make up sb’s mind – decydować się She can’t make up her mind what to wear.

Make up for – rekompensować Her enthusiasm makes up for her lack of


Put by – oszczędzać Her parents put some money by for her


Put forward – zaproponować His name was put forward for the position

of headmaster.

Put off – odłożyć The manager put off the meeting.

Put up – przenocować The best friend put me up last weekend.

Put up with – tolerować I can’t put up with his behaviour.

Take after – przypominać kogoś He takes after his father.

Take off – zdejmować ubranie Take off your coat and come in.

Take over – przejmować He took over my duty.

Take to – polubić I took to him immediately.

Take up sth – zajmować All her time is taken up looking after her


Take off – start The plane crashed on take – off.

Turn sth down – przyciszyć Turn the music down.

Turn off (sth) – zjeżdżać z We turn off the motorway at junction 120.

Turn out – pojawiać się People turned out to welcome the team


Turn sth to – otwierać książkę Please turn the book to page 32.

Turn up – pojawiać się What time did they finally turn up?

Turn sth up – zwiększać Turn the heating up – it’s cold.
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