Basic concepts what is Polygraphy?

Ordeal of Boiling Oil or Water

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Forensic Polygraphy
Ordeal of Boiling Oil or Water - The accused was forced to dip his hands into the boiling water or oil and ask to pick up stone in it. If he remains unhurt then he is innocent. Practiced in Asian Countries.

  • Ordeal of Red hot Needle - Red hot needle was drawn through the lips of the accused, if innocent; no blood will be seen flowing out. Practiced in Wanaka, East Africa.

  • Ordeal of the Tiger - Accuser and accused were placed together in the same and a tiger set loose upon them. If both were spared, further elimination followed. Practical in Siam.

  • Ordeal by Combat - Accuser and accused report to a duel where the winner was adjudged innocent. Those not proficient in weapons and those who could not afford to do so could hire champions in the field to do the fighting for them. This type of ordeal is vividly dramatized in the movie “Ivanhoe” based on the novel of the same title (became the only legal ordeal). Practiced in England, time of “King Henry III”.

  • Test of the Cross ordeal - The accuser and accused each were made to stand with arms crossed on their breasts. The one who endured the longest was deemed to have told the truth, the other, is the liar. Practiced in Europe.

  • Donkey’s Tail Ordeal - Psychological theory, the donkey placed in one room alone and observed it, and if the donkey cried is a judged of guilty of crimes, because deep in side and conscience he is guilty.

    What are the Common Countries that Practiced Ordeal?

    1. Burma - The accuser and accused were given each identical candle and both were lightened at the same time.

    2. Borneo - The accuser and accused were presented by shell fish placed on a plate. An irritating fluid was then poured on the shell fish and the litigant whose shell fish moved first was adjudged the winner.

    3. Greece - A suspended axe was spun at the center of a group of suspects. When the axe stopped, whoever was in line with the blade as supposed to be guilty as pointed out by the divine providence.

    4. Nigeria - The priest greased a clock’s feather and pierced the tongue of the accused. If the feather passed through the tongue easily, the accused was deemed innocent. If not, the accused is guilty. Another Method (same country) Pour corrosive liquid into the eyes of the accused who was supposed to remain unharmed if innocent. Pour boiling oil over the hand of the accused with he usual requisites for guilt or innocence (if remain unharmed, he is innocent).

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