Basic concepts what is Polygraphy?

Signs or Clues of Deception

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Forensic Polygraphy
Signs or Clues of Deception

  1. Swearing to God.

  2. Failure of subject to look straight into examiner eyes.

  3. Rapid movements of adams apple among males. Hysteria among females or woman.

  4. Shedding tears of both sexes.

  5. Arrogance or indifference to interrogation.

  6. Bitting upper and lower lips after a hot stimulus is profounded.

  7. Changes on the color of the face.

  8. Complete and total denial of the case under investigation. Questioning accuracy on the polygraph machine.

  9. Sarcastic laugh of the subject.

  10. Force laugh of the subject.

  11. Restlessness of the subject.

  12. Show of the unnecessary movements of legs and head.

  13. Changing seats from chair to chair.

  14. Frequent excuses to go to the comfort room.

  15. Asking the examiner for a drink or a smoke.

  16. Over perspiration despite of an air-conditioned room.

  17. Answering questioning by beating around the hush when questioning and answered yes or no.

  18. Asking the examiner to repeat the question although propounded clearly.

  19. Asking counter remark who me.

  20. Making reference to prominent people and mutual friends.

  21. Shifting blame to someone else.

  22. Pointing the guilt to other.

  23. Refusal to submit to polygraph examination. Consenting to polygraph examination but refuse to sign the consent (written).

Physiological and Psychological Signs and Symptoms of Guilt

    1. Sweating

    2. Color Change

    3. Dryness of the mouth

    4. Excessive activity of the Adam’s apple

    5. Fidgeting

    6. “Peculiar feeling inside”

    7. Swearing in the truthfulness and assertion

    8. “Spotless past record”

    9. Inability to look at the investigator “straight in the eye”

    10. “Not that I remember” expression

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