Basic concepts what is Polygraphy?

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Forensic Polygraphy
Black Lie - a lie accompanies pretensions and hypocrisies, intriguing to cause dishonor or discredit ones good image.

  • Malicious or Judicial Lie - this is very pure and unjustifiable kind of lie that is intended purely to mislead or obstruct justice.

    What are the Types of Liars?

    1. Panic Liars - one who lies in order to avoid the consequences of a confession, He/She is afraid of embarrassment to love ones and it is a serious blow to his / her ego, He/She believes that confession will just male the matter worst.

    2. Occupational Liars - Is someone laid for spare years, this person is a practical liar and lies when it has a higher “pay off” than telling the truth.

    3. Tournament Liars - Loves to lie and is excited by the challenge of not being detected, this person views an interview as another contest and wants to win, this person realizes that he or she will probably be convicted bur will not give anyone the satisfaction of hearing him or her confesses, he wants that people will believe that the law is punishing an innocent person.

    4. Psychopathic Liars - the most difficult type, this person has no conscience. He shows no regret for dishonestly and no manifestation of guilt,

    5. Ethnological Liars - is one who is taught not to be a squealer, *squealer – to cry or to shrill voice, used by underworld gang in order for their member not to reveal any secret of their organization.

    6. Pathological Liars - A person who cannot distinguish right from wrong (his mind is sick.), Is an insane person.

    7. Black Liars - A person who always pretends, (What he thinks of himself, what kind of person he is, and what he is.)


    What is the theory of lie detection?

    It must be recognized that there is no such thing as an instrument that will detect lies. The popular name, Lie Detector, given to a collection of certain medical instruments, is somewhat misleading. No collection of inanimate objects including the very finest and complicated modern computers, can detect lies on the part of any human being.

    The students can understandably ask, “Well, what does this do called “lie detector” do?” The answer to that question is that the lie detector records certain physiological activities of the body. These activities are constantly in operation as long as the person is alive. The student should be aware that the most common lie detectors record a breathing pattern of inspiration and expiration, a continuous pattern of relative blood pressure and pulse rate, and a pattern of electro dermal activity.

    It is well known that the body adapts itself as efficiently as possible to its environment. If the environment changes, the body will rapidly adjust itself to these changes. This is done by a complicated system of internal checks and balance primarily involving the autonomic nervous system. This ability to adjust is necessary if the organism if the organism or body is to survive in a constantly changing world. Those organisms that cannot adjust rapidly die out.

    Historically, early human beings have their own way of determining lying or guilt on the part of the accused and accuser. Their common method is thru the application of “ORDEAL.”

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