Basic concepts what is Polygraphy?

What are the Principal uses of the polygraph?

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Forensic Polygraphy
What are the Principal uses of the polygraph?

  1. Aid in investigation

  2. Speeds up processing of investigation

  3. Eliminates innocent suspects

  4. Pre-employment screening

  5. Honesty test (Periodic test)

What is the significance of understanding Lie Detection?

In every criminal investigation, the truth must be established to ensure proper prosecution of offenders. Criminal investigators must exert all effort to determine lying not only on the part of the suspect but as well as to everyone involved in the criminal act – witnesses, victims, etc.

In establishing the truth, criminal investigators apply various methods such as: observation; mechanical lie detection; use of drugs that inhibits the “inhibitor”; hypnosis; and interrogation.

What is Lie? Any untruthful statement; Falsehood; Anything that deceives or creates false impression; to make untrue statements knowingly, especially with intent to deceive; To give an erroneous or misleading impression; Lie is also synonymous to Deceit; deception; fabrication; falsehood; and untruth.

What is the meaning of Detection? The act of detecting, discovery, perceiving, finding, or uncovering something obscure

What are the Kinds of Lie?

  1. White Lie or Benign Lie - the kind of lies used to protect or maintain the harmony of friendship or any relationship.

  2. Pathological Lie - this is a lie made by persons who cannot distinguish right from wrong.

  3. Red Lie - this involves political interests and motives because this is a part of communist propaganda strategy. This is prevalent in communist countries or communist infested nation. Lies of means of propaganda-brain-washing and blackmail via espionage and treason.

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