Basic concepts what is Polygraphy?

What are the Tripod Foundations of Polygraph Technique?

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Forensic Polygraphy
What are the Tripod Foundations of Polygraph Technique?

  1. The Mechanical Leg Basic Premise - The polygraph machine is mechanically capable of making graphical records containing reliable information regarding physiological changes

  2. The Physiological Leg Basic Premise - Among the physiological changes that may be recorded and identified are those that automatically occur only following the stimulation of specific nervous system component and from which stimulation of those specific nervous system components can be reliably diagnosed.

  3. Psychological Leg Basic Premise - Under the polygraph leg premise, the specific nervous system component whose stimulation can thus be diagnosed are so stimulated by the involuntary mental and emotional processes of the individual who is consciously attempting concealment of deception specially if that individual has something at stake and the prevailing circumstances lead him to believe that exposure to detection is quite possible though undesirable.


What is the ultimate objective of conducting Polygraph examination?

The ultimate objective of Polygraph Examination is to obtain the Subject’s “ADMISSION or CONFESSION” of the offense committed.

General Purposes of using Polygraph

Polygraph Examination is generally used an investigative aid/technical aid in the investigative process. It is used to verify if the statement of the victims/complainant, establish the credibility of the witnesses, evaluates the truthfulness of the suspects. It is also used for pre-employment screening and loyalty check of personnel.

Generally, it deals with

      1. Security risk – Leakage of Information Intelligence and Counter-Intelligence.

      2. Criminal Law Infraction – Murder, Robbery, Theft, Rape etc.

      3. Personnel Screening

      4. Misconduct

      5. Medical Measurements

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