Basic concepts what is Polygraphy?

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Forensic Polygraphy



What is Polygraphy? It is the scientific method of detecting deception with the use of a polygraph instrument. This is the new name of LIE DETECTION.

What is a Polygraph? It is a scientific diagnostic instrument used to record physiological changes in the blood pressure, pulse rate, respiration and skin resistance of an examinee under controlled condition.

What is Lie Detector? It is the popular but misleading name of the Polygraph. In Greek, Polygraph means “many writings” and the instrument was so named because it make various ink recordings of a person’s body functions.

What is the other name of the Polygraph? It is also called “Truth Verifier” since statistics show that is the vast majority of the instances the instrument verifies an innocent person’s truthfulness.

What are the Concepts of Polygraph Examination?

  1. Used to test an individual for the purpose of detecting deception or verify the truth of statement

  2. Records identifiable physiological reactions of the subject, such as; blood pressure, pulse rate, respiration and skin resistance.

  3. The effectiveness of the polygraph in recording symptoms of deceptions is based on the theory that a conscious mental effort on the part of a normal person to deceive causes involuntary physiological changes that are in effect a body’s reaction to an imminent danger to its well being.

What are the objectives of a Polygraph Examination?

  1. Obtain additional investigation leads to the facts of the case/offenses.

  2. Ascertain if a person is telling the truth

  3. Locate the fruits or tools of the crime or whereabouts of wanted persons.

  4. Identify other persons involved.

  5. Obtain valuable information form reluctant witnesses

  6. Eliminate the innocent suspects.

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