Basal layer of epidermis consists of

Laboratory diagnosis of gonorrhea is mainly based on

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Laboratory diagnosis of gonorrhea is mainly based on:

А. Bacterioscopic investigation (Romanowsky-Giemsa stain)

В. Bacterioscopic investigation (Gram stain)

С. Indirect Coombs test

D. Bacterioscopic investigation (Ziehl Neelsen staining)

Е. Immunofluorescence reaction

In which layer of epidermis does mitosis occur?

А) granular

В) corneous

С) basal ✔

D) lucid

Е) spinous
An agent of tinea pedis is:

А.Trichophyton mentagrophytes ✔

B. Еpidermophyton floccosum

C. Epidermophyton stockdaleae

D. Microsporum canis

E. Corinebacteria fluorescens erythrasmae

Dermatophiliasis is:

А. Dermatitis caused by contact with plants;

В. Dermatitis caused by influence of sun rays;

С. Dermatitis caused by contact with caterpillar;

D. Dermatitis caused by flea bites; ✔

Е. Dermatitis caused by influence of ionizing radiation.

Which complications often mask clinical picture of scabies?

А. Impetigo, ecthyma

В. Folliculitis

С. Dermatitis

D. Eczematization

Е. All the above-mentioned ✔

Agent of body louse is:

А. Demodex folliculorum.

В. Pediculus capitis

С. Anoplura

Д. Sarcoptes scabiei varietas

Е. Pediculus vestimenta seu corporis ✔

Gram-negative bean-like diplococci, located extra- and intracellularly, are found in a smear of purulent discharge from the urethra. Your initial diagnosis:

A. Trichomoniasis

B. Syphilis

C. Chlamydiosis

D. Gonorrhea

E. Candidosis
Homeostasis of epidermis is provided by:

А) purposeful migration of cells in epidermal layer;

В) cell renewal;

С) exfoliation of corneocytes from the surface of epidermis;

D) cytodifferentiation of keratinocytes into corneocytes;

Е) all the above-mentioned ✔

Which of the mentioned diseases is not referred to trichomycosis?

A. Superficial trichophytosis capitis

B. Onychomycosis favosa ✔

C. Deep tinea corporis

D. Chronic trichophytosis of adults

E. Deep trichophytosis capitis

All the following are typical for pemphigus vegetans, except:

А. At first, bullae appear on oral mucosa, then in physiological folds

В. Fatty crusts on erythematous background ✔

С. Bullae are tiny, densely located on the skin

D. Dark grey plague with vegetations is on erosive surface

E. Positive Nikolsky’s symptom

All the following are referred to sensitive nerve endings, except:

А) Merkel nerve endings;

В) Vater-Pacini corpuscle;

С) Greenstein cells ✔

D) Meissner’s corpuscles;

Е) end-bulbs of Krause.

What is not typical to pediculosis of the trunk?

А Lichenification

В. Papular urticarial elements

С. Secondary pyoderma

D. Bluish and grey spots at the place of female fleas’ bites, which do not disappear on pressing ✔

Е. Excoriations

In which form of pemphigus oral mucosa is not affected?

A. Foliaceus ✔

B. Seborrheic

C. Vulgar

D. Vegetans

E. Brazilian
Which of the types of skin tests is not used for identification of the substance, which promoted the development of allergic contact dermatitis?

А. Drop on inner surface of the forearms;

В. Application;

С. Scarification;

D. Baltzer test; ✔

Е. Intradermal of forearm surface.

Which forms (stages) of the disease are not typical to demodicosis?

А. Rosacea eritematosis (classic)

В. Rosacea papulosus

С. Rosacea hypertroptica

Д. Rosacea pustolosa

Е. Rosacea bullosum ✔

Factors contributing to transition of fresh urethritis into chronic stage:

А. Exacerbation of chronic cystitis

В. Irrational treatment ✔

С. Always after fresh form

D. Exacerbation of other chronic diseases

Е. Exacerbation of chronic prostatitis

It is reffered to primary hollow morphological elements:

А) pustule; ✔

В) papula;

С) macula;

D) urtica;

Е) node.
It is observed in patients with atopic dermatitis:

А. White dermographism; ✔

В. Red dermographism;

С. Urticarial dermographism;

D. Absence of dermographism;

Е. First red dermographism with further transformation into urticarial one.

Which symptom is not typical for scabies?

А. Circle of Hebra

В. Sézary symptom

С. Symptoms of Ardi, Gorchakov

D. The Rhombus of Michaelis

Е. Nikolsky’s symptom ✔

Which of the following is a complication of gonorrhea, trichomoniasis, chlamydiosis in women?

А. Balanitis

В. Prostatitis

С. Vaginitis ✔

D. Cowperitis

Е. Parauretritis

These are detected in taking impression smears in patients with true pemphigus:

А. Langerhans cells

В. LE-cells

С. Merkel cells

D. Melanocytes

Е. Tsank cells ✔

Fissure is:

А) skin defect within epidermis;

В) deep skin defect;

С) linear skin defect; ✔

D) skin thickening with intensification of its pattern;

Е) local alteration in skin color.

Indicate morphological elements which are the most common in uncomplicated dyshidrotic tinea pedis:

A. Vegetation

B. Lichenification

C. Bumps

D. Scar atrophy

E. Bullae and blisters ✔

Asboe-Hansen symptom is caused in:

А. Pulling with a pincers of epidermis fragments of a ruptured bullae (skin sloughs off on visibly undamaged area, adjoining the bulla)

В. Rubbing of the skin region between two bullae (epidermis sloughs off and bullae merge, forming one large bulla)

С. Rubbing of the skin on remote from lesion sites areas, where bullae never appeared (epidermis sloughs off)

D. Pressing on unchanged bulla – undamaged skin outside bulla sloughs off and it increases in size ✔

Е. None of the mentioned

Melanocytes compose:

А) basal layer; ✔

В) spinous layer;

С) granular layer;

D) lucid layer;

Е) corneous layer.

Which color of lesion foci is typical for diagnosis of zooanthropophilic microsporia in luminescent examination under Wood’s lamp.

А. Smaragd ✔

В. Coral red

С. Reddish-yellow

D. Violet

Е. White
The cause of bromoderma appearance is:

А. Influence of bismuth;

В. Continuous intake of halogens; ✔

С. Intoxication after snake bites;

D. Continuous intake of antibiotics;

Е. Benzine poisoning.
Langerhans cells are:

А) a type of epitheliocyte;

В) intraepidermal macrophage ✔

С) melanin-producing cell;

D) neuroendocrine skin cell;

Е) tissue basophil.

Not typical of Lyell’s syndrome:

А. Use of more than 3 different drugs in anamnesis;

В. Tenderness of damaged and non-damaged skin;

С. Aneosinofilia;

D. Positive Asboe-Hansen and “pear” symptoms;

Е. Negative Nikolsky’s symptom and «wet dressing» ✔

The following is examined to diagnose trichomoniasis in women:

A. Discharge from the urethra

B. “threads” in the urine

C. Discharge from the cervical canal

D. Discharge from the posterior roof of the vagina;

E. All the above-mentioned are true ✔

The following clinical forms are typical of microbial (paratraumatic) eczema, except:

А. Nummular;

В. Varicose;

С. Pruriginous; ✔

D. Sycosiform;

Е. Eczema of nipples and areoles in women.

With which diseases should differential diagnosis of mucosal candidiasis be performed?

A. Meteorological cheilitis

B. Lichen ruber planus ✔

C. Pemphigus

D. Psoriasis

E. Migrating glossitis

Which elements are typical for Duhring’s dermatosis?

А. Erythema

В. Bullae and vesicles

С. Papules

D. Pustules

Е. All the above-mentioned ✔

Hypergranulosis is characterized by:

А) thickening of corneous layer;

В) thickening of granular layer; ✔

С) loss of connection between cells;

D) uneven thickening of the epidermis;

Е) growth of dermal papillae.

An agent of epidermophytosis inguinalis is:

А.Trichophyton mentagrophytes

B. Еpidermophyton floccosum ✔

C. Epidermophyton stockdaleae

D. Microsporum canis

E. Corinebacteria fluorescens erythrasmae

Indicate typical sites of rash localization in patients with seborrheic eczema:

А. Palms and soles;

В. Extensor surfaces of the upper and lower extremities;

С. Face, neck and flexor surfaces of the upper and lower extremities;✔

D. Abdomen, regions between fingers and reproductive organs;

Е. The scalp .

When is diagnosis of fresh gonorrhea made?

А. Period of the disease not over 2 months

В. Period of the disease over 2 months

С. Period of the disease up to 4 months

D. Period of the disease over 3 months

Е. Period of the disease is not established✔

A type of pustule:

А) plaque;

В) microvesicle;

С) phlyctena; ✔

D) excoriation;

Е) crust.

It is not typical of occupational eczema:

А. Lesion of open body areas;

В. Hereditary tendency;✔

С. Continuous course;

D. In pathogenesis – hypersensitivity of slowed type;

Е. Itching.

All the following are referred to side effects due to intake of corticosteroid hormones in treatment of pemphigus vulgaris, except:

А. „Moon-like face”

В. Hypertonic crises

С. Exacerbation of gastric and duodenal ulcer

D. Splenomegaly ✔

Е. Steroid diabetes

The following are detected on bacterioscopic examination of patients with acute gonorrhea:

А. Gonococci located extracellularly, a little amount of leukocytes

В. Streptococci, staphylococci, yeasts, squamous epithelium

С. Gonococci located intracellularly and extracellularly, a large amount of leukocytes ✔

D. Trichomonads, a little amount of gonococci located inside trichomonads, a little amount of leukocytes

Е. Leukocytes, yeasts, epithelium

It is typical of limited neurodermitis:

А. Weeping;

В. Vesicles;

С. Absence of itching;

D. Red dermographism;

Е. Lichenization. ✔

Ulcer is:

А) skin defect within epidermis;

В) deep skin defect; ✔

С) linear skin defect;

D) skin thickening with intensification of its pattern;

Е) local change in skin color.

What are clinical signs of rubrophytosis of the hands and feet?

A. Papules and plagues on the skin of the feet and hands

B. Exfoliation of plaques on extensor surface of the feet and hands

C. Papules with “umbilicate” depression on the skin of the feet and hands

D. Dryness of the palms and soles, flour-like exfoliation in skin sulci ✔

E. Microvesicles on the skin of the hands and feet

Dermatitis caused by insect bites (fleas) is called:

А. Lepidopterism;

В. Dermatophiliasis;✔

С. Phytodermatitis;

D. Atopic dermatitis;

Е. Myiasis.

An agent of gonorrhea:

А. Streptobacillus

В. Trichomonad

С. Gram-positive diplococc

D. Gram-negative diploccoc

Е. Gardnerella Vaginitis
Which structural element does not compose dermis?

А) fibrous substances;

В) fatty cellular tissue; ✔

С) connective substance;

D) cell elements;

Е) hair shaft.

What is the color of fluorescence of foci of pityriasis versicolor in the rays of a Wood’s lamp?

А. Smaragd

В. Blue

С. Reddish-yellow ✔

D. Violet

Е. White

Simple contact dermatitis appears:

А. Due to action of the agent, which entered through respiratory route or orally;

В. Directly at the site of contact with irritant; ✔

С. Repeated action of optional (conditional irritants);

D. Influence of occupational harmful agents;

Е. Due to action of the agent, which entered parenterally.

An agent of trichomoniasis?

А. Mycoplasma hominis

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