Basal layer of epidermis consists of

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А. Trichomonas vaginalis

В. Chlamydia trachomatis 

С. Neisseria gonorrhoeae

D. Mycoplasma hominis

Е. Gardnerella vaginalis

Variations of nodular syphilid are all the following, except:

А. Grouped

В. Dwarfish

С. Serpiginous

D. “Plane”

Е. Striated ✔

Which symptom is not used to confirm diagnosis “Psoriasis”?

A) psoriatic triad;

B) Koebner phenomenon;

C) Auspitz sign;

D) phenomenon of bloody dew;

E) “apple jelly” phenomenon ✔

Primary prevention of which pathology does immonodeficiency require?

А. Pneumocystic pneumonia

В. Tuberculosis

С. Cryptococcal and other fungal infection

D. Herpes virus infection

Е. All the above-mentioned ✔

The most effective medications for treatment of pemphigus are:

A. Antibiotics

B. Sulpha drugs

С. Glucocorticoids✔

D. Delagil

Е. Phthivazidum

Prophylactic measures concerning children suffering from pyodermas in maternity homes and other children groups, should include:

А. Treatment without isolation

В. It is necessary to isolate immediately and treat until all rash elements disappear ✔

С. It is necessary to isolate immediately and wait self-recovery

D. isolation for the first 2 weeks

Е. isolation for the first 6 hours

It is referred to primary non-cavitary morphological elements:

А) pustule;

В) papula;✔

С) vesicle;

D) bulla;

Е) microvesicle.

All the following are referred to exact signs of syphilis hereditaria tardea, except:

А. Parenchymal keratitis

В. Labirinthine deafness

С. Barrel teeth (Hutchinson’s teeth)

D. Purulent uveitis

Е. All mentioned, except uveitis✔

Nowadays in the world is:

А. HIV epidemic

В. HIV endemic

С. HIV epizootic

D. HIV pandemic ✔

Е. All the above-mentioned are true

Such forms of pemphigus are distinguished:

А. Vulgaris

В. Vegetans

С. Foliaceus

D. Seborrheic

E. All the above-mentioned ✔

In ecthyma vulgaris:

А. deep tissue necrosis affects not only dermis, but also subcutaneous fatty cellular tissue ✔

В. Deep tissue necrosis affects only dermis

С. Necrosis is not present

D. purulent infiltrate is located only in epidermis

Е. evolves without signs

Except pyococci, they are able to cause purulent lesion of the skin:

А. Escherichia coli

В. Proteus vulgaris

С. Pseudomonas aeruginosa

D. Pneumococci

Е. All the above-mentioned ✔

Syphilis agent was discovered by:

А. Nikolsky

В. Auspitz 

С. Shaudin and Hoffman

D. Neisser

Е. Donne 

What are the clinical signs of squamous-hyperkeratotic form of feet mycosis?

A. projecting lesions of interdigital spaces of the feet

B. bullae and vesicles on foot skin

C. papules and pustules on foot skin

D. exfoliation on the soles and in the interdigital spaces of the feet ✔

E. erosive elements on foot skin
Which laboratory methods are used for diagnosis of HIV-infection?

А. ELISA immunoblotting methods

В. Methods of ELISA


D. Radioimmune precipitation essay

Е. All the above-mentioned ✔

Clinical stage III of AIDS includes:

А. Unexplained chronic diarrhea lasting over 1 month

В. Recurrent candidiasis (thrush) of the oral cavity (two or more episodes during 6 months)

С. Hairy leukoplakia of the tongue

D. Severe bacterial infections (pneumonia, meningitis, empyema, purulent myositis, arthritis or osteomyelitis, bacteremia, serious inflammatory diseases of the minor pelvis etc.)

Е. All the above-mentioned ✔

Which of the following does not cause contact stomatitis?

А. Acute mechanical trauma;

В. Intravenous injections of drugs; ✔

С. Oral intake of drugs;

D. Physical factors (ionizing radiation, electric current, etc.);

Е. Influence of acids and bases on the skin.

Which agent causes scabies?

А. Pediculus corporis

В. Demodex folliculorum

С. Pityrosporum orbiculare

D. Pediculus capitis

Е. Sarcoptes scabiei varietas hominis ✔

It is associated with the most common exogenous factors, which contribute to pyoderma appearance:

А. Excessive skin contamination with benzene, petroleum, dust particles (coal, cement, etc.)

В. Micro traumas (insect bites, excoriations, injections, etc.)

С. Maceration of the corneous layer of epidermis (continuous washing of dishes or clothes))

D. body overcooling and overheating

Е. All the above-mentioned ✔

Manifestation of which stage of HIV-infection is Kaposi sacroma?

А. I stage – incubation period

В. ІІ stage of primary manifestations

С. ІІІ stage of secondary diseases

D. ІV terminal stage ✔

Е. All of the mentioned

Duration of fresh gonorrhea:

А. Up to 3 months

В. Up to 2 years

С. Up to 2 months ✔

D. Up to 7 days

Е. Up to 6 months

Primary element in lichen ruber planus is:

A) spot;

B) papule;✔

C) pustule;

D) vesicle;

E) excoriation.

Asboe-Hansen sign is typical to such disease as:

А. Duhring’s dermatosis ✔

В. Eczema

С. Herpes

D. Toxicoderma

Е. Pemphigus✔

Measures of non-specific prevention should include:

А. Work aimed at sanitary education

В. Persistent fight with prostitution

С. Maintenance of personal hygiene

D. Infected women should prevent pregnancy

Е. All the above-mentioned are true ✔

Bockhart’s staphylococcal impetigo is:

А. folliculitis

В. sycosis

С. Ostiofolliculitis ✔

D. ecthyma

Е. pyoderma chancriformis

After infection with syphilis, a fresh period appears on the:

А. 6-7 week

В. 9-10 week

С. 12-13 week

D. 15-16 week

Е. 4-5 week

This morphological element is typical of microbial eczema:

А. Bulla;

В. Vegetation;

С. Papula;

D. Microvesicule; ✔

Е. Urtica.
It is typical for zooanthropophilic microsporia

А. Agent M.ferrugineum

В. Source of infection – cattle

С. Hair in the lesion focus is broken at the level of 1-2 mm

D. Hair in the lesion focus is broken at the level of 5-6 mm ✔

Е. Source of infection are rodents

HIV virus dies under the influence of:

А. Heating

В. Ethyl alcohol

С. Drying

D. Freezing

Е. All the above-mentioned ✔

Intertriginous streptococcal impetigo is not localized on:

А. In skin folds - inguinoscrotal

В. intergluteal cleft

С. In axillary pits

D. On neck skin ✔

Е. Behind the ears, under the breasts in women

Scabies is characterized by the following rash elements:

А. Papules

В. Nodes

С. Papulovesicles ✔

D. Bumps

Е. Pustules

Which of the following belongs to atypical forms of psoriasis?

A) plaque psoriasis;

B) seborrheic psoriasis;✔

C) lenticular psoriasis;

D) nummular psoriasis;

E) miliary psoriasis.

In pathogenesis of appearance of mixed pyodermas, a significant role belongs to:

А. Rapid decrease in body immunological reactivity

В. Appearance of sensitization to metabolites of pyoderma agents

С. Presence of allergic dermatitis

D. Hypovitaminosis

Е. All the above-mentioned ✔

The synonym of Senear-Usher syndrome is:

А. Familial benign pemphigus

В. Seborrheic pemphigus ✔

С. Pemphigus vegetans

D. Pemphigus foliaceus

Е. Pemphigus vulgaris

Who should have serological blood analysis done if congenital syphilis is suspected?

А. Father

В. Mother

С. Father and mother

D. Mother’s parents

Е. Close relatives
Which immunological changes are typical for acute stage of HIV-infection?

А. Reduction of immunocorrection index

В. Decreased level of CD4-lymphocytes

С. Presence of HIV-antibodies ✔

D. Increased amount of circulating immune complexes

Е. Detection of р24 HIV antigen

Sézary syndrome is characterized by

А. Detection of relief of itch burrows with palpation ✔

В. Presence of bloody crusts and impetigo rash in intergluteal cleft with spreading to the lumbar region

С. Presence of pustules with purulent crusts around the elbows

D. Tenderness on scratching of papules

E. Presence of a small vesicle with a dark spot (female tick) at the end of an itch burrow.

Typical clinical signs of gonorrhea in men:

A. Ulcer and whitish plague on the mucosa of reproductive organs

B. High body temperature approx. 39С, rashes on the trunk

C. Pain in the kidneys and hematuria

D. Colic and pain during urination, purulent discharge from the urethra ✔

E. Inguinal lymphadenopathy

Hypodermis does not contain:

А) connective tissue;

В) blood vessels;

С) adipocytes;

D) corneocytes; ✔

Е) nerve trunks.

Whom is prophylactic treatment for syphilis prescribed?

А. All pregnant women

В. Women who had syphilis in the past during pregnancy

С. All pregnant women in the I half of pregnancy

D. All pregnant women in the II half of pregnancy

Е. All pregnant women in the middle term of pregnacy
Reinfection in syphilis is:

А. Repeated infection of a person, who had syphilis previously and was cured

В. Repeated infection of a patient who has syphilis

С. Repeated infection of a person, who had syphilis previously

D. Repeated infection of a person, who did not have syphilis previously

Е. All mentioned

What is not affected in candidiasis?

А. Mucous membranes

В. Skin

С. Hair ✔

D. Internal organs

Е. Nails
Dyshydrotic form of microbial eczema is localized on:

А. Skin areas of shins around ulcers, wounds, fistulae;

В. Skin of the face;

С. Extensor surfaces of extremities;

D. Skin of the the scalp, chest, interscapular region;

Е. Skin of the lateral surfaces of fingers, palms and soles.✔

What is not referred to clinical stage III of AIDS:

А. Pulmonary tuberculosis

В. Pneumocystis pneumonia

С. Unexplained chronic diarrhea lasting over 1 month ✔

D. Progressive multiple leukoencephalopathy

Е. All the above-mentioned are true

Which of the following medicines is referred to antifungal antibiotics?

А. Erythromycin

В. Bicillin-5

С. Lamisil ✔

D. Loratadine

Е. Levomycetin

What is typical of exudative psoriasis?

A) rapid development of disseminated typical psoriatic rash, usually, in the form of papules with diameter 2-5 mm, the process, as a rule, develops after previous viral or infectious diseases;

B) scales, covering papules, stick and form crusts-scales, when removed, a wet surface is exposed;✔

C) formation of layered crusts, which sometimes assume conical shape;

D) psoriatic elements are tiny in size and localized around openings of hair follicles;

E) it is a combination of psoriasis and seborrheic dermatitis.

Acantholysis is:

А. Thickening of corneous layer

В. Impairment of connections between the cells of spinous layer ✔

С. Intercellular swelling

D. Thickening of the granular layer

Е. Formation of vacuoles in the cells of Malpighian layer

Diagnosis of herpetiform dermatosis (Duhring’s disease) is made on the basis of:

А. Intensive itching

В. Polymorphism of rash

С. Eosinophilia in the blood and content of the bulla

D. Absence of acantholytic cells

Е. All the above-mentioned ✔

For treatment of scabies all the following are used, except:

А. Emulsion of benzyl benzoate

В. Spregal

C. Elocom ointment ✔

D. Benzyl benzoate cream

E. Ordinary sulphur ointment.

The result of two-glass test (Thompson’s test): urine is cloudy only in the first glass:

А. In fresh acute posterior gonorrheal urethritis in men

В. In fresh acute anterior gonorrheal urethritis in men ✔

С. In chronic gonorrheal urethritis in men

D. In fresh torpid anterior urethritis in men

Е. In chronic gonorrheal urethritis in women

It is not referred to absolute indices for examination of patients with AIDS:

А. Acute fever phase of HIV-infection

В. Kaposi sarcoma

С. Psoriasis ✔

D. Hairy leukoplakia of the oral mucosa

Е. Proximal subungual onychomycosis

Primary morphological element of rash in psoriasis is:

A) bulla;

B) urtica;

C) nodule;

D) vesicle;

E) papula.✔

Typical location of rash in pemphigus vulgaris is:

А. Trunk, oral mucosa ✔

В. Scalp, trunk

С. Palms and soles

D. Genitals and face

Е. Genitals and oral mucosa

Choose treatment typical to feet mycosis:

A. Flucinar ointment

B. 20% sulfur ointment

C. Mykoseptin ointment ✔

D. Sinaflan ointment

E. Elocom

In which clinical manifestations may HIV be suspected?

А. Kaposi sarcoma in young individuals

В. Persistent fever and diarrhea

С. Widespread candidiasis

D. Generalized lymphadenopathy

Е. All the above-mentioned are true ✔

Epidermis contains all the cells, except:

А) Merkel cells;

В) melanocytes;

С) erythrocytes; ✔

D) keratinocytes;

Е) Langerhans cells.

The following phenomenon is a pathohistological peculiarity of all forms of pemphigus:

А. Spongiosis

В. Epidermolysis

С. Ballooning dystrophy

D. Acantholysis ✔

Е. Hyperkeratosis

How long does sensitization period after the first contact with medication last?

А. 1-2 days

В. 5-7 days ✔

С. 25-30 days

D. 7-14 days

Е. 15-25 days

A source of HIV-infection is:

А. HIV-infected person in the asymptomatic stage

В. HIV-infected person in the stage of persistent generalized lymphadenopathy

С. A patient in III stage of HIV-infection

D. A patient with AIDS in the terminal stage

Е. All the mentioned ✔

Diagnosis of congenital syphilis is made on the basis of:

А. detection of active manifestations of syphilis and positive serological reactions in a child

В. presence of manifested active signs of syphilis in a mother

С. anamnestic data, which indicate syphilis in a mother and a father

D. Obstetric anamnesis of a mother , results of examination of other children in the family

Е. all mentioned
An agent of zooanthropophilic microscopy is

А.Trichophyton mentagrophytes ✔

B. Microsporum ferrugineum

C. Microsporum Audonii

D.Microsporum canis

E. Corinebacteria fluorescens erythrasmae

All the following are referred to typical forms of psoriasis, except:

A) plaque psoriasis;

B) seborrheic psoriasis; ✔

C) lenticular psoriasis;

D) nummular psoriasis;

E) miliary psoriasis.

Body lice live on

А. Palms and soles

В. Extensor surface of elbow joints, interdigital spaces of the hands

С. Anterolateral surfaces of the abdomen, face, neck, skin of the scalp

D. Shoulders, upper part of the back, axillae, abdomen, lumbar region, femoroinguinal folds ✔

Е. Interdigital spaces of the hands, reproductive organs.

The following medicines are used for the treatment of urogenital trichomoniasis

A. Metronidazole, ornidazole ✔

B. Ofloxacin, doxycycline

C. Terbinafine, itraconazole

D. Azithromycin, erythromycin

E. Penicillin, bicylin-5

Sebaceous glands are:

А) simple tubular formations;

В) apocrine glands;

С) merocrine glands;

D) ecrine glands;

Е) holocrine glands ✔

Antiretroviral medicines of which group are used for AIDS treatment?

А. Non Nucleoside Reverse Transcriptase Inhibitor

В. Inductors of Endogenous Interferon

С. Protease inhibitors

D. Nucleoside Reverse Transcriptase Inhibitor

Е. All the mentioned ✔

Skin lesion in tertiary syphilis is characterized by the following morphological elements:

А. Vesicles

В. bumps and nodes

С. Bullae

D. papules

Е. Nodules
Pemphigus usually occurs at the age:

А. 40-60 years ✔

В. 5-10 years

С. 15-30 years

D. 2-5 years

Е. Children under 1 year

Which clinical stage is not specific for typical eczematous process?

А. Erythematous;

В. Vegetative✔

С. Papulo-vesicular;

D. Weeping;

Е. Crusty and scaly.

Which incubation period is in patients with scabies ventricosa?

А. 2-3 hours to 1 day

В. 1.5- 2 months

С. 7-14 days ✔

D. 1-5 days

Е. 1 month

It is most often applied in diagnosis of urogenital chlamydiosis:

А. Culture on Sabouraud agar

В. Isolation of an agent on agar

С. Isolation of an agent on McCoy cells

D. Culture on nutritious medium (agar) at the temperature 37С in anaerobic conditions


Which diagnostic criterion is not typical of progressive stage of psoriasis?

A) tendency to fusion;

B) presence of psoriatic triad;

C) silverish-white exfoliation in the center of papule;

D) Koebner phenomenon;

E) silverish-white exfoliation on entire surface of papule ✔

How long does acute or initial stage of HIV last?

А. 7-9 weeks

В. 1-6 weeks

С. 10-12 weeks ✔

D. 13-15 weeks

Е. All the above-mentioned are true

Increased sensitivity of patients to iodine medicines is observed in:

А. Pemphigus vulgaris

В. Eczema

С. Herpetiform dermatosis ✔

D. Psoriasis

Е. Herpes zoster

Spongiosis is:

А) formation of vacuoles in the cytoplasm of basal epitheliocytes ✔

В) intercellular edema of spinous layer

С) alteration in skin color;

D) alteration in cell nuclei;

Е) loss of connections between cells.

Which of the suggested diagnostic methods should be performed for confirmation of pityriasis versicolor?

A. Brocq test

B. Diascopy

C. three-glass test

D. Application test with 50% potassium-iodide ointment

E. Baltzer test ✔

Which clinical signs are not typical of contact stomatitis?

А. Chronic hypertrophic processes;

В. Erosion;

С. Ulcer;

D. Catarrhal inflammation with edema, hyperemia;

Е. Pollinosis ✔

It is not referred to dermatological relative indications for examination of patients with AIDS:

А. Kaposi sarcoma ✔

В. Frequently recurrent candidiasis of the mucous membranes (stomatitis, pharyngitis, vulvovaginitis)

С. Seborrheic dermatitis with atypical clinical picture

D. Aphthae which do not heal for a long time

Е. Frequently reccurrent herpes zoster

Which nature of rash is in scabies?

А. Asymmetric monomorphic

В. Asymmetric polymorphic

С. Symmetric polymorphic ✔

Д. Symmetric monomorphic

Е. Diffuse

Clinically Duhring’s dermatosis is characterized by all the following, except:

А. Positive Nikolsky’s symptom ✔

В. Often polymorphism of the rash

С. Push-like course

D. Symmetric, herpetiform localization of bullae

Е. three-glass test is positive

In chronic gonorrhea, duration of the disease exceeds:

A. 2 months

B. 24 hours

C. 10 days

D. 2 weeks

E. 1 month

The following forms of Kaposi sarcoma are differentiated, except:

А. Benign ✔

В. Malignant

С. Sporadic

D. Epidemic

Е. Immunosuppressive
Form of lichen ruber planus, which is clinically characterized by appearance of round spots with violet tint, marked thinning of epidermis on the surface (in the form of papyrus) is:

A) erosive-ulcerative;

B) verrucous;

C) follicular;

D) atrophic ✔

E) typical.

The most efficient medicines for the treatment of pemphigus vulgaris are:

A. Antibiotics

B. Sulpha drugs

С. Glucocorticoids ✔

D. Delagil

Е. Dapsone

Intertrigo is:

А. Dermatitis solaris

В. Congelatio

С. Combustio

D. Perniones

Е. Intertrigo ✔

It is not referred to primary morphological elements:

А) spot;

В) bump;

С) nodule;

D) bulla;

Е) erosion ✔

Typical for zooathropophilic trichophytia

А. Agent Trichophytonton tonsurans

В. The sources of infection are cats and dogs

С. Hair in the lesion focus is broken at the level of 1-2 mm ✔

D. Hair in the lesion focus is broken at the level of 5-6 mm

Е. The sources of infection are rodents

A primary morphological element in true pemphigus is:

А. Bulla ✔

В. vesicula

С. papyla

D. nodus

Е. macula

In which category of individuals is lichen ruber planus the most common?

A) children;

B) teenagers;

C) women aged 40-60 years; ✔

D) men aged 40-60 years;

E) neonates.

Clinical picture of pediculosis is not characterized by

А. Skin itch

В. Scratching

С. Presence of nodules ✔

D. Presence of spots

Е. Presence of pustules

Involvement of only this organ is never clinically observed in gonorrhea, trichomoniasis, and chlamydiosis:

A. Prostate gland

B. Vesicula seminalis

C. Kidneys ✔

D. Testicle

E. Epididymis

Diameter of plaques in nummular eczema reaches:

А. 1-2 mm

В. 2-3 mm

С. 4-5 cm ✔

D. 7-10 cm

Е. 15-20 cm

Seborrheic pemphigus is clinically characterized by all the following, except:

А. First manifestations on the face, chest, and back

В. Fatty crusts with underlying erosive surface are on erythematous background

С. Nikolsky’s symptom is positive

D. Acantholytic cells are in impression smears from the base of erosions

Е. Bullae are found in plate-like thin crusts resembling layers of filo pastry ✔

Epidermis consists of the following layers, except:

А) spinous;

В) granular;

С) corneous;

D) reticular; ✔

Е) basal.

Deep trichophytia of the scalp is referred to the group of

A. Keratomycoses

B. Dermatomycoses ✔

C. Pseudomycoses

D. Candidiasis

E. Deep mycoses

It is detected in patients’ blood, suffering from atopic dermatitis:

А. Increased Ig A level;

В. Increased Ig E level; ✔

С. Increased Ig M level;

D. Increased Ig G level;

Е. Increased Ig D level.

Which route of transmission is not typical for scabies?

А. sexual

В. direct (directly from an affected person to a healthy individual)

С. indirect (transmission of an agent via personal items)

D. air droplets ✔

Е. Parturient

On bacterioscopic examination of patients with acute gonorrhea, we detect:

А. Gonococci located extracellularly, little amount of leukocytes

В. Streptococci, staphylococci, yeasts, squamous epithelium

С. Gonococci located intracellularly and extracellularly, a large amount of leukocytes

D. Trichomonas, little amount of gonococci located inside trichomonas, little amount of leukocytes

Е. Leukocytes, yeasts, epithelium
Which category of individuals most commonly experiences familial benign pemphigus of Gougerot – Hailey – Hailey?

А. In children and teenagers

В. In women 25-50 years old

С. In men 20-30 years old ✔

D. In women and men 60-70 years old

Е. In newborns

Histopathologically, Duhring’s dermatosis is characterized by:

А. Spongiosis with formation of bullae is observed in epidermis

В. Subepidermal bullae with eosinophilic leukocytes ✔

С. Acanthosis and parakeratosis

D. Intraepidermal bullae with degenerative changes of spinous layer

Е. Intraepidermal bullae with ballooning and reticular degeneration

Which sign is typical of lesion of distal phalanxes in psoriatic arthropathy?

A) arthritis of three joints of one finger;

B) tendovaginitis of certain fingers;

C) sausage-like disfiguration of fingers; ✔

D) arthritis of distal interphalangeal joints;

E) all above-mentioned.

Choose treatment typical for epidermophytosis of the folds:

A. Ketodin ✔

B. Shake with dexamethasone

C. Celestoderm-V with garamycin

D. Acyclovir

E. Ftorokort

The skin performs all the following functions, except:

А) immune;

В) metabolic;

С) receptor;

D) secretory;

Е) digestive. ✔

The synonym of herpetiform dermatitis is:

А. Duhring’s dermatitis ✔

В. Senear-Usher syndrome

С. Benign pemphigus of Gougerot – Hailey – Hailey

D. Stevens-Johnson syndrome

Е. Transitory acantholytic dermatosis of Grover

Toxicodermia appears due to:

А. Irritating or sensitizing action of exogeneous factors;

В. Action of substances which entered the body via subcutaneous, intramuscular or intravenous routes ✔

С. Irritating or sensitizing action of obligatory (unconditional irritants);

D. Repeated action of optional (conditional irritants);

Е. Influence of ionizing radiation.

Rectangular or curved lifted line of whitish or dirty grey color, length from one to several cm in scabies is called

А. Sézary symptom

В. The Rhombus of Michaelis

С. Symptoms of Ardi, Gorchakov

D. Circle of Hebra ✔

Е. Bazin’s symptom

Medicines used in the treatment of gonorrhea:

А. Antihistamine medicines

В. Sedative medicines

С. Antiviral medicines

D. Antibiotics and sulpha drugs

Е. Anti-trichomonas medicines
Primary morphological element of rash in typical form of lichen ruber planus is:

A) serous papula;

B) pustule;

C) spot;

D) papule; ✔

E) vesicle.

It is used for diagnostics of herpetiform dermatitis:

А. Diascopy

В. Systemic scraping according to Brocq

С. Three-glass test ✔

D. Jarisch–Herxheimer reaction

Е. Baltzer test

Histological alterations in urtica:

А) limited swelling of papillary layer; ✔

В) spongiosis;

С) hyperkeratosis;

D) hypergranulosis;

Е) acantholysis.

Most common localization of rash in atopic dermatitis:

А. Palms and soles;

В. Extensor surfaces of upper and lower extremities;

С. Face, neck and flexor surfaces of the upper and lower extremities; ✔

D. On the abdomen, between fingers and on reproductive organs;

Е. The scalp .

Symptom of Ardi-Gorchakov is characterized by:

А. Detection of relief of itch burrows with palpation

В. Presence of bloody crusts and impetigo rash in intergluteal cleft with spreading to the lumbar region

С. Presence of pustules with purulent crusts around the elbows

D. Tenderness on scratching of papules ✔

E. Presence of a small vesicle with a dark spot (female tick) at the end of an itch burrow.

Which of the following is not complication of gonorrhea, trichomoniasis, chlamydiosis in men?

А. Colliculitis

В. Vesiculitis

С. Vulvovaginitis ✔

D. Epidydymitis

Е. Balanoposthitis

Which of the suggested signs is not typical of lichen ruber planus?

A) Koebner phenomenon;

B) Pospelov’s phenomenon;

C) “apple jelly” phenomenon; ✔

D) Wickham striae;

E) lustrous surface of rash element.

It is referred to variations of spots:

А) plaque;

В) excoriation;

С) roseole; ✔

D) tuberculoma;

Е) lichenification.

These usually suffer from bullous pemphigoid:

А. Elderly individuals ✔

В. Children

С. Young people

D. Newborns

Е. Teenagers

It is not typical of simple contact dermatitis:

А. Absence of sensitization;

В. Absence of tendency to dissemination and distribution of the process throught the periphery of the focus;

С. Appears acutely after influence of an irritant;

D. Cessation of irritant action does not affect clinical course of dermatitis; ✔

Е. New influence of an irritant may cause recurrence of dermatitis.

Treatment of scabies is better to perform

А. In the evening (6-0 p.m.) ✔

В. In the morning (6-9 a.m)

С. In the afternoon (12 -1 p.m.)

D. At 2-6 p.m.

Е. Period is not significant.

The following is observed clinically in fresh acute posterior gonorrheal urethritis:

А. Purulent discharge in large amounts

В. Serous discharge

С. Pain at the start of urination

D. Pain at the end urination

Е. Itching in the region of the urethra
Symptom typical of psoriasis:

A) Pospelov’s symptom;

B) bloody dew; ✔

C) serous pits;

D) “apple jelly”

E) probe test symptom (Pospelov’s symptom).

Scar is:

А) skin defect within epidermis;

В) thick fibrous connective tissue growths with lesion of the dermis and frequently underlying tissues; ✔

С) deep defect of tissues within skin proper;

D) skin defect, which occurred due to scratching;

Е) impairment of skin pigmentation, which occurred due to resolution of morphological rash elements.

Allergic dermatitis is caused by:

А. Allergic agent, which enters the body with food;

В. Optional (conditional) irritants; ✔

С. Obligatory (unconditional) irritants;

D. Allergic agent, which enters the body parenterally;

Е. Allergic agent, which enters the body via respiratory route.

All the following medicines are used in the treatment of demodicosis, except:

А. Stop demodex gel

В. Metrogyl gel

С. Celestoderm with garamycin ointment ✔

D. Trichopol ointment

Е. Rosamet ointment

Which symptoms are typical for true pemphigus?

А. Nikolsky’s ✔

В. Pospelov’s

С. Baltzer’s

D. Auspitz

Е. Voronov’s

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