Basal layer of epidermis consists of

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Basal layer of epidermis consists of:

А) one layer of cylindric cells; ✔

В) 3-8 layers of cylindric epitheliocytes;

С) one layer of cuboidal epitheliocytes;

D) elastic fibers;

Е) Langerhans cells.
The cause of pyodermas is:

А. heredity

В. allergic reactions

С. microorganisms ✔

D. protozoa

Е. all the above-mentioned

An agent of zooanthropophilic trichophytia is:

А.Trichophyton mentagrophytes ✔

B.Trichophytonton tonsurans

C.Trichophyton rubrum

D.Microsporum canis

E. Corinebacteria fluorescens erythrasmae

Typical of psoriasis:

A) polymorphism of rash;

B) intensive itching;

C) yellowish-brown color of elements;

D) presence of vesicles on the border of rash;

E) formation of silverish scales on the surface of rash. ✔

Choose the correct statement:

А. HIV is the stage of AIDS

В. HIV and AIDS are different diseases

С. AIDS is the stage of HIV ✔

D. AIDS and HIV are the terms for one disease

Е. HIV and AIDS are manifestations of a different nosology

For confirmation of diagnosis – Duhring’s disease – test for tolerance to …. is performed.

А. Sulfanilamides

В. Antibiotics

С. Glucocorticoids

D. Iodine ✔

Е. Novocain

The following is specific for primary element of rash in lichen ruber planus: А) symptom of pinpoint bleeding; B) symptom of „wafer” (Pospelov’s symptom);C) umbilicate depression in the center; ✔

D) phenomenon of hidden exfoliation;

E) symptom of terminal film.
Furuncle is caused by

А. streptobacillus

В. pathogenic streptococcus

С. Escherichia

D. pathogenic staphylococcus ✔

Е. all the above-mentioned

Ostiofolliculitis is

А. purulent inflammation of sebaceous gland

В. purulent inflammation of entire hair follicle

С. purulent inflammation of sweat gland

D. pustule in hair follicle ostium ✔

Е. purulent necrotic inflammation of entire hair follicle

An agent of pityriasis versicolor is

А. Pityrosporum orbiculare ✔

B. Еpidermophyton floccosum

C. Epidermophyton stockdaleae

D. Corinebacteria tenuis Castellani

E. Corinebacteria fluorescens erythrasmae

Duration of lichen ruber planus from one to six months is:

A) acute course;

B) torpid course;

C) subacute course; ✔

D) chronic course;

E) undulating course.

Which biological fluids are the most contagious in HIV?

А. Blood

В. Sperm

С. Cervical secretion

D. Breast milk

Е. All the above-mentioned ✔

Which of the suggested symptoms is typical of true pemphigus?

А. Besnier-Meshchersky

В. Jadassohn

С. Koebner

D. Auspitz

Е. Nikolsky ✔

The following types of staphylococcal pyodermas are differentiated, except:

А. ostial folliculitis

В. primary syphiloma ✔

С. pemphigus of the newborns

D. hydradenitis

Е. carbuncle

Phenomenon of “serous pits” (Devergie phenomenon) in eczema is:

А. Damage of skin regions rich in sebaceous glands;

В. Trophic ulcers with purulent discharge;

С. Pinpoint erosions with secretions of serous exudate; ✔

D. Vesicles, filled with serous content;

Е. Vegetations, from which hemorrhagic exudate is discharged.

How long does a complete cycle of itch mite development lasts in a human body?

А. Approximately 2 months

В. 5-10 days

С. 10-14 days ✔

D. 14-21 days

Е. Approximately 1 month

Maternal factors influencing transmission of HIV from a mother to a child:

А. While taking illegal drugs or alcohol, smoking, mother’s malnutrition

В. It depends on the stage of HIV infection, condition of a mother’s immunity (amount of CD4+ T-lymphocytes in the blood) and the level of viral load

С. It increases in pregnant women in acute stage of the disease and progressing of HIV –infection into AIDS stage, in high viral load (over 10000 copies in 1 ml of blood plasma), in reduction of CD+ T lymphocytes (below 500-200 in 1 mcl of blood)

D. In the presence of acute and chronic diseases and other infections in pregnant women, which are transmitted to the fetus in uterus or during delivery (TORCH infections)

Е. All the above mentioned are true ✔

It is typical for clinical picture of acute gonorrheal urethritis in men:

А. No discharge

В. Slight discharge

С. Purulent discharge in large amount ✔

D. Appearance of blood drops at the end of urinating

Е. Pain at the end of urinating

Ecthyma vulgaris leaves

А. hyperpigmentation

В. Scar ✔

С. hypopigmentation

D. unchanged skin

Е. atrophy

Staphylococci most commonly affect:

А. smooth skin

В. hair follicles ✔

С. nails

D. skin of vermillion border

Е. skin of the palms and the soles

Lyell’s syndrome is:

А. Severe form of toxicodermia; ✔

В. Severe form of urticaria;

С. Pemphigus;

D. Severe form of allergic dermatitis;

Е. Collagenosis.

Choose one of the phenomena, which is included in Auspitz triad:

A) symptom of oil stain;

B) “apple jelly” phenomenon;

C) Wickham striae;

D) terminal film; ✔

E) Koebner phenomenon.

Erythematous pemphigus is:

А. Gougerot – Hailey – Hailey’s pemphigus

В. StevensJohnson syndrome

С. Transient acantholytic dermatosis (Grover disease)

D. Gorlin-Goltz syndrome

Е. Senear-Usher syndrome

It is not associated with staphylodermas:

А. sycosis

В. furuncle

С. hydradenitis

D. carbuncle

Е. Erysipelas ✔

Which agent causes syphilis?

А. Pediculus corpori

В. Sarcoptes scabiei varietas homini

С. Demodex folliculorum

D. Treponema Pallidum

Е. Staphilococcus albus

A which level is hair broken in deep trichophytosis capitis?

А. 1- 4 mm

В. 5- 8 mm ✔

С. 9- 10 mm

D. 11-12 mm

Е. no broken hair

It is observed in patients with urticaria:

А. White dermographism;

В. Red dermographism;

С. Urticarial dermographism; ✔

D. Absence of dermographism;

Е. First white, then red dermographism.

Which symptoms are typical for pre-AIDS:

А. Diarrhea of unknown etiology

В. Splenomegaly

С. Anorexia

D. Night sweating ✔

Е. All the above-mentioned

Primary period of syphilis is characterized by:

А. Presence of hard chancre

В. Regional lymphadenitis

С. Lymphangitis

D. negative and positive Wassermann reaction

Е. All the above-mentioned ✔

Bazin’s symptom is characterized by

А. Detection of relief of itch burrows with palpation

В. Presence of bloody crusts and impetigo rash in intergluteal cleft with spreading to the lumbar region

С. Presence of pustules with purulent crusts around the elbows

D. Tenderness on scratching of papules

E. Presence of a small vesicle with a dark spot (female tick) at the end of an itch burrow ✔

They suffer from pyodermas most often:

А. adult men

В. adult women

С. Children ✔

D. teenagers

Е. elderly individuals

Secondary period of syphilis lasts:

А. Up to 3 weeks

В. From 3 weeks to 2 months

С. Up to 2 years

D. 3-5 years ✔

Е. Over 5 years

Which viral lesions of the skin and mucous membranes most often occur in AIDS?

А. Herpes simplex virus

В. Cytomegalovirus

С. Varicella zoster virus

D. Papovaviridae

Е. All the mentioned ✔

Tertiary syphilis is characterized by all the following, except:

А. Limited skin lesion

В. Focal rash localization

С. Tendency of elements to decomposition

  1. Formation of scars at the site of rash

Е. Bright color of rash elements ✔
Which laboratory investigations are performed in case of gonorrhea?

A. Virological

B. Bacterioscopic ✔

C. Serological

D. General clinical

E. Immunofluorescent

Dermis does not contain:

А) cell elements;

В) fibers;

С) basal membrane;✔

D) vessels;

Е) fibroblasts.

Furuncle does not appear on the skin of

А. neck

В. lumbar region

С. buttocks

D. extremities

Е. Palms ✔

Basic skin lesions on mucous membranes in early congenital syphilis are all the following, except:

А. Diffuse skin infiltration

В. Papular rash

С. Syphilitic rhinitis

D. Syphilitic pemphigus

Е. Follicular keratosis ✔

HIV-infection is caused by:

А. Streptococcus

В. Staphylococcus

С. Retrovirus ✔

D. Adenovirus

Е. Papillomavirus

In keratomycosis fungi affect:

А. skin dermis

В. basal layer of epidermis

С. granular layer of epidermis

D. corneous layer of epidermis ✔

Е. hypodermis

The following forms of psoriasis are distinguished by prevalence, except one:

A) limited psoriasis;

B) disseminated psoriasis;C) lenticular psoriasis; ✔D) diffuse psoriasis;E) psoriatic erythroderma.
In the clinical course of syphilitic infection, the following periods are differentiated, except:

А. Syphilis primaria

В. Syphilis congenita

С. Syphilis tertiaria

D. Syphilis secundaria

Е. Syphilis nummularis
Causative factors of hydradenitis development are:

А. excessive perspiration in inguinal folds, perineum

В. body fatigue due to fasting, infectious diseases

С. nervous and endocrine diseases

D. menopause

Е. all the above-mentioned ✔

HIV is transmitted through the following routes, except:

А. Casual contact ✔

В. Sexual contact

С. Parenteral route

D. Transplacental route

Е. During breast feeding

It is observed histologically in Duhring’s dermatosis:

А. Subepidermal bullae

В. Bullae containing eosinophils-leukocytes

С. Absence of acantholytic cells

D. Phenomena of acute inflammation in the dermis and epidermis

Е. All the above-mentioned ✔

It is performed for diagnostics of eczema:

А. Grattage by Brock; ✔

В. Three-glass test;

С. Baltzer test;

D. Luminescent diagnostics;

Е. Auspitz sign.

Due to what causes do bluish or grey spots („maculae coeruleae”) appear at the site of Pediculus pubis bite?

А. Sensitization of the body to lice and nits

В. Itching

С. Irritation of nervous endings during bite

D. Action of substances, secreted from excrements of pubic lice

Е. Action of lice’s salivary enzymes to hemoglobin ✔

Indurated swelling develops and is characterized by all the following, except:

А. Due to involvement of lymphatic capillaries of the skin on the penis and testicles, labia minora and majora

В. Affected organs enlarge

С. Skin of the affected organs is dense, of bluish color

D. On pressing, pits do not remain, palpation is painless ✔

Е. On pressing, pits remain, palpation is painful

Workers in this area most often suffer from pyodermas:

А. metal industry ✔

В. education

С. cooking

D. medical workers

Е. all the above-mentioned

Which diagnostic test may be conducted to make diagnosis of pityriasis versicolor?

А. Diascopy

В. Auspitz sign

С. Baltzer test ✔

D. three-glass test

Е. Thompson test

Infectum – AIDS is manifested by:

А. Caused by conditioned pathogenic agents – viruses, protozoa or fungi, or unusual clinical course of a patient, caused by pathogenic microorganisms ✔

В. Kaposi sarcoma

С. Caused by viruses or protozoa; neurological or mental manifestations are the most common in clinical picture

D. Dyspeptic disorders

Е. All the above-mentioned are true

Which route of transmission is typical for trichomoniasis?

A. Transfusion

B. Air droplets

C. Sexual ✔

D. Via food

E. Via sweat

What is typical for secondary recurrent syphilis?

А. White dermographism

В. Positive Auspitz sign

С. Leukoderma ✔

D. Positive Asboe-Hansen sign

Е. Positive Nikolsky’s symptom

It is referred to streptodermas:

А. ostiofolliculitis

В. carbuncle

С. pemphigus of the newborns

D. hydradenitis

Е. angular cheilitis ✔

Characteristic localization of rashes in psoriasis vulgaris:

A) extensor surfaces of the extremities; ✔

B) palms and soles;

C) face;

D) flexor surfaces of the extremities;

E) mucous membranes.

For confirmation of diagnosis pemphigus, the most important is:

А. Detection of acantholytic cells in impression smears ✔

В. Eosinophilia in erosions of pemphigus surface

С. Leukocytosis in peripheral blood

D. Detection of LE-cells

Е. Expressed thrombocytopenia

4. Laboratory diagnostic signs of the stage pre-AIDS (AIDS-associated symptom complex), except:

А. Reduction of T-helpers in the blood (below 500 cells/mcl)

В. Decrease in immunoregulation index of T-helpers/T-suppressors below 1.0, at the norm 1.5-3.2

С. Decrease of the level of circulating immune complexes

D. Increased level of IgA and IgG

Е. Increased level of circulating immune complexes ✔

What is syphilitic gumma?

А. Bulla

В. Node ✔

С. Papule

D. Bump

Е. Vegetation

Skin appendages are all the following, except:

А) hair;

В) nevus;✔

С) nails;

D) sweat glands;

Е) sebaceous glands.

Streptococci affect

А. sebaceous glands

В. sweat glands

С. hair follicles

D. smooth skin ✔

Е. nails
In epidemic pemphigus of the newborns, rash is localized:

А. on the abdomen, around umbilicus

В. buttocks, thighs

С. back, chest

D. extremities

Е. all the above-mentioned ✔
Indicate diagnostic test, which confirms diagnosis of microsporia of the scalp:

А. on scratching, “bloody dew” symptom

В. in impression smears – acantholytic cells

С. detection of mycelium in scales ✔

D. appearance of bullae in application test with 50% potassium iodide ointment

Е. Brocq test

It is observed in early congenital syphilis:

А. Parrot’s disease

В. Osteochondritis of the 3rd stage

С. Osteochondritis of the 2rd stage

D. Osteoperiostitis

Е. All the above-mentioned is true ✔

What is HIV-embryo/fetopathy not characterized by?

А. High body weight of a baby at birth ✔

В. Low body weight of a baby at birth

С. Multiple impairments of facial and cerebral parts of the skull

D. Moderately manifested strabismus

Е. Growth delay

Typical localization of rash in pustular (Barber type) psoriasis:

А) extensor surfaces of the extremities;

B) palms and soles;✔

C) face;

D) interscapular region;

E) mucous membranes.

In Tilbury Fox streptococcal impetigo the main element of rash is:

А. vesicle

В. Phlyctena ✔

С. bulla

D. erosion

Е. papule

Which pathogenic mechanisms promote acantholytic pemphigus?

А. Allergic reaction of retarded type

В. Cytotoxic reaction

С. Microbial sensitization

D. Involvemebt of endoproteins and their inhibitors in the acantholytic process

Е. Presence of circulating antibodies having affinity to the antigens of spinous layer cells✔

Reinfection in syphilis is:

А. Repeated infection of the individual, who suffered from syphilis before and was cured ✔

В. Repeated infection of the individual in late tertiary period of syphilis

С. Repeated infection of incompletely cured individual, who suffers from syphilis

D. Repeated infection with syphilis at the early stages of the disease

Е. Repeated infection of the patient in syphilis hereditaria tardea

HIV is transmitted:

А. Via parenteral route

В. Via sexual contact

С. From a mother to a fetus

D. During breastfeeding

Е. All the above-mentioned are correct ✔

All the following are referred to lichen ruber planus, except one:

A) bullous;

B) hypertrophic;

C) follicular;

D) polygonal;✔

E) atrophic.

In which form of trichophytia Kerion Celsi is observed?

А. superficial trichophytosis capitis

В. deep trichophytosis capitis ✔

С. deep tinea corporis

D. chronic trichophytia in adults

Е. onychomycosis favosa

The main clinical symptoms of regional lymphadenitis are:

А. Complete absence of signs of acute inflammation

В. Pleiades of Ricord

С. Nodes of a round and oval form, the skin over the nodes is unchanged

D. Consistencies are dense elastic, painless on palpation

Е. All the above-mentioned. ✔

In pyodermas, immunity is:

А. inborn

В. unstable infectious ✔

С. artificial active

D. artificial passive

Е. stable infectious

Which is not observed on the surface of papule in lichen ruber planus?

A) scaly silver-white exfoliation;✔

B) wax-like luster;

C) Wickham striae;

D) umbilicate depression in the center;

E) slight exfoliation.

Indicate risk groups concerning infection with HIV:

А. Injection drug addicts

В. Recipients of blood, its components and organs

С. Individuals having chaotic sexual life

D. Patients with venereal diseases and viral hepatitis B, C, D

Е. All the above-mentioned ✔

Frostbite is

А. Dermatitis solaris

В. Congelatio

С. Combustio

D. Perniones

Е. Intertrigo ✔

Staphylococci affect:

А. skin of the palms and soles

В. smooth skin

С. nails

D. hair follicles ✔

Е. sebaceous glands

With which diseases should roseolar rash be differentiated in secondary syphilis?

А. Sicosis

В. Lichenoid tuberculosis

С. Pityriasis versicolor ✔

D. Scabies

Е. Lichen ruber planus

Gradual reduction of CD4+ cells clinically corresponds to:

А. Remission

В. Latent stage of the disease

С. Evident stage of the disease

D. Terminal stage ✔

Е. Norm
Life span of itch mite without human body lasts

А. Approximately 1 month

В. 5-10 days ✔

С. Approximately 2 months

D. 14-21 days

Е. Approximately 6 months
These are used for treatment of gonorrhea:

А. Antihistamine medicines

В. Sedative medicines

С. Antiviral medicines

D. Antibiotics and sulpha drugs ✔

Е. Anti-protozoa medicines

Tourniole is:

А. deep panaritium

В. superficial panaritium ✔

С. joint panaritium

D. ligament panaritium

Е. pandactilitis

It is not typical to patients with bullous vascular syndrome:

А. Positive Nikolsky’s symptom

В. Positive Auspitz sign ✔

С. Presence of acantholytic cells in impression smears

D. Positive iodine three-glass test

Е. Bullae with hemorrhagic content on oral mucosa

Peculiarities of AIDS-associated Kaposi sarcoma are:

А. Rapid dissemination of the process

В. Aggressive course, resulting in a patients’ death in 1.5-2 years

С. Young age (35-40 years)

D. Bright color and juicy character of rash elements, their tenderness, often asymmetry

Е. All the above-mentioned ✔

All the following consequences of gummatous syphilids are present, except:

А. Complete resolution ✔

В. Scar atrophy

С. Purulent ulceration

D. Deep sclerosis

Е. Atrophic scarring

Ration of the fetus mass to placenta mass normally constitutes:

А. 1:5 or 1:6 ✔

В. 1:3 or 1:4

С. 1:7 or 1:8

D. 1:2 or 1:3

Е. 1:9 or 1:10.

Which of the symptoms is typical for deep infiltrative purulent trichophytosis capitis?

А. Symptom of “bloody dew”

В. Symptom of “stearin spot”

С. Symptom of “terminal film”

D. Symptom of a “woman’s heel”

Е. Symptom of “honey combs” ✔

Vesiculopustulosis in children is a pustular disease, which is manifested:

А. from 2 to 6 years

В. after 12 years

С. is inborn

D. in the first years of a child’s life ✔

Е. at the age of 7 years

The agent of chronic ulcerous pyoderma is:

А. streptococcus

В. staphylococcus

С. streptococcus and staphylococcus ✔

D. Proteus

Е. Pseudomonas Aureginosa

Routes of infection of patients with syphilis are:

А. Sexual

В. Close everyday contact

С. Transfusive

D. Transplacental

Е. All mentioned✔

Koebner phenomenon is detected on the following stage:

A) progressive;✔

B) stationary;

C) remission;

D) regressive;

E) all options are correct.

Choose treatment typical for rubrophytosis of the feet:

А. Lorinden A ointment

В. Miconazole ointment ✔

С. hydrocortisone ointment

D. tetracycline ointment

Е. sulfur ointment

It is not typical for chancre-amygdalitis (specific amygdalitis):

А. Enlargement and solidification of the tonsil without formation of erosion and ulcer

В. It is not painful during swallowing

С. Unilateral involvement, absence of impairment of general body condition

D. Unilateral involvement of submandibullar and cervical lymph nodes;

Е. Tenderness, bilateral involvement ✔

Pyodermas are a group of diseases:

А. caused by fungi

В. caused by allergens

С. caused by microorganisms, causing purulent inflammation of the skin ✔

D. caused by general body diseases

Е. caused by viruses

Which category of individuals suffers from pemphigus rarer?

А. Men at the age 40-60

В. Women at the age 40-60

С. Men at the age 20-40

D. Women at the age 20-40

Е. Children ✔

Which method of diagnosis of HIV infection is necessary for final confirmation of the diagnosis?

А. Immunoblotting (western-blot) ✔



D. Virological method

Е. General blood analysis

Scales, located in the periphery of morphological elements in secondary syphilis are called:

А. Biett’s collarette ✔

В. Necklace of Venus

С. Crown of Venus

D. Voronov’s rim

Е. Scars of Robinson Fournier

Multiple abscesses (pseudofurunculosis) are observed in:

А. adulthood

В. primary school children

С. infants and young children ✔

D. teenagers

Е. elderly age

Ostiofolliculitis is characterized by the presence of:

А. erosions with purulent discharges, not associated with hair follicle

В. purulent necrotic inflammation of hair follicle

С. tiny abscesses, not associated with hair follicle

D. node with central necrotic shaft

Е. tiny superficial tight cone-shaped abscesses, with a hair in the center ✔

Affection of this system is the base of AIDS pathogenesis:

А. Digestive system

В. Immune system ✔

С. Nervous system

D. Respiratory system

Е. Excretory system

With which diseases should gummatous syphilid be differentiated?

А. Tuberculous lupus, leprosy, leishmaniasis ✔

В. Scleroderma, psoriasis, neurodermitis

С. Scabies, pediculosis, demodecosis

D. Urticaria, leprosy, lupus erythematosus

Е. Pemphigus, urticaria, eczema

Most commonly, rash in lichen ruber planus is localized on:

А) extensor surfaces of the extremities;

B) flexor surfaces of the extremities;✔

C) palms and soles;

D) the scalp ;

E) mucosa of eye conjunctiva.

These are not typical for staphylodermas:

А. spots

В. bulla

С. bump

D. lichenification

Е. all the above-mentioned ✔

Hyperkeratosis is characterized by:

А) impairment of melanocyte processes;

В) loss of connections between the cells;

С) thickening of corneous layer;✔

D) growth of the dermis papillae;

Е) thickening of granular layer.

In syphilitic lesion of the placenta, alterations are observed:

А. In maternal part

В. In embrionic part✔

С. Significal alterations are absent

D. All mentioned is true

Е. None of the mentioned is true

Which clinical signs are typical for HIV-infection?

А. Mononucleosis-like syndrome

В. Flu-like syndrome

С. Gastrointestinal syndrome

D. Generalized lymphadenopathy

Е. All the above-mentioned ✔

Clinical stage II of AIDS includes:

А. Seborrheic dermatitis

В. Herpes zoster

С. Angular cheilitis

D. Recurrent aphthous stomatitis

Е. All the above-mentioned ✔

Laboratory diagnostic signs of AIDS stage, except:

А. Antigen р24/25 is detected

В. Titre of HIV antibodies decreases

С. Titre of HIV antibodies increases ✔

D. Development of anemia, leukopenia, lymphocytopenia

Е. A significant reduction of T-helpers

Which incorrect diagnoses are often made in the presence of primary syphiloma?

А. Balanoposthitis

В. Genital herpes

С. Trichomonal erosion

D. Soft chancre

Е. All mentioned✔

Primary period of syphilis lasts:

А. 7-8 weeks✔

В. 14 weeks

С. 3 weeks

D. 4 weeks

Е. 6 months

An agent of rubrophytosis is

А.Trichophyton mentagrophytes

B.Trichophyton tonsurans

C.Trichophyton rubrum✔

D.Microsporum canis

E. Corinebacteria fluorescens erythrasmae

It is used for the treatment of herpetiform dermatosis (Duhring’s disease) with pathogenic aim:

А. Benzyl benzoate

В. Fungicides

С. Iodine medicines

D. Antibiotics

Е. Dapsone✔

Factors, which counteract incidence of staphylococci and streptococci virulence, are:

А. Acid reaction of the corneous layer of epidermis

В. Secretion of sebaceous glands

С. Enzymatic skin activity

D. Secretion of sweat glands

Е. All the above-mentioned ✔

Exacerbation after injection of penicillin in secondary fresh syphilis is called:

А. Jarisch-Herxheimer-Lukashevich reaction

В. Wassermann reaction

С. Immunofluorescence reaction

D. Treponema pallidum immobilization test

Е. Polymerase chain reaction

Caterpillar dermatitis is called:

А. Lepidopterism; ✔

В. Dermatophiliasis;

С. Phytodermatitis;

D. Atopic dermatitis;

Е. Myiasis.

Which medicine is not used for treatment of head pediculosis?

А. Water-soap emulsion of benzyl benzoate

В. Pedilin

С. Nitifor

D. Para Plus

Е. Freederm tar ✔

It is referred to superficial pyodermas:

А. folliculitis

В. furuncle

С. Ostiofolliculitis ✔

D. carbuncle

Е. All the above-mentioned

Chlamydiosis agent:

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