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Tumiye Hoba Koina Mor:

Guwahati: Rabin Das, who had made TV serials for Guwahati DD, has directed a video comedy film Tumiye Hoba Koina Mor, which was released recently. The film was formally released at a function by Hari Sarma, president of the Rangiya Press Club. The video film has been produced by Anwar Hussain and Daisy Pathak Das under the banner of Mahindri Cine Production. The story, script and dialogue are written by Bipul Basistha Goswami. The entertaining film is full of pleasing dance and music. All the artist have done justice to their roles. They are Gitawali Rajkumari, Hiryanya Das, Rupjyoti Das, Dwijen Das, Moni Deka, Anwar Hussain, Maitreyee Goswami, Utpal Das, Shyamantika, Alfrin Chowdhury and students of Mahindri Drama School. The songs have been rendered by Kumar Sanu, Udit Narayan, Sadhana Sargam, Jitul Sonowal, Shanta Uzir, Vidyasagar and Bijoy Talukar.

Moromor Moushmi:

Guwahati: Bikram Hazarika, the well known actor of Assamese films, has latterly directed a video film titled Moromor Moushumi, with popular artists Jatin Bora and Barasharan Bishaya in the lead. The entertaining film is produced by Chandrakamal Saikia under the banner of BK Production of Nagaon. The screenplay and dialogue are written by Dilip Phukan. The theme is set in a rural backdrop. Krishnamoni Nath has scored the music and the songs, mostly based on Bihu tunes, have been sung by Zubeen Garg, Krishnamoni Nath, Mahendra Hazarika, Barnali Kalita, Vitali Das and Udit Narayan. The other artistes in the film are Debajit Bhuyan, Dibyajyoti Das, Julen Bhuyan, Jayanta K Bora, Dudul Baishya, Priti Bhuyan and others. Krishnamoni Nath is portraying a cameo role of an Assamese Sikh. Lakhmi Gogoi handles the camera. The background music is by Pranjal Bora and Diganta Sarma of MK Digital. Barasharani has done the choreography.

Snehbandhan set for release:

Guwahati: Sahil Entertainment's Snehbandhan, directed by newcomer Debajit Adhikary, is awaiting and early release. The story, written against the backdrop of rural and urban lives, has been written by Adhikary himself. The screenplay has been jointly written by Moloypaban and Mriganka Saikia. The co-producers of the film are Rosy Ahmed, Junu Das and Dharmendra Chowdhury. The cast includes Madhusmita Saikia, Mridula Barua, Debajit Mazumdar, Chetana Das, Kamal Rashid Ahmed, Hiranya Deka newcomer Krishna and child artiste Devinejyoti. Biju Phukan, Rajashree Pukhan and Hiranya Das are appearing as guest artistes. Nanda Banerji has composed the music and the songs are rendered by Khagen Mahanta, Zubeen Garg, Shanta Uzir and others. Incidentally, late Nirmalprabha Bordoloi had written her last song while celebrated cameraman late Mrinalkanti Das handled the camera for the last time for film, which is edited by Srikar Prasad.

'A' certificate to Aghari Aatma:

Guwahati: Mahamaya Films' Aghari Aatma, directed by Munna Ahmed, was recently cleared by the Censor Board with an 'A' certificate in the 'Horror' category, the first Assamese film to get such a certificate. The executive producer and music director of the film, Bhupen Uzir informs that the film is going to be release on January 6 simultaneously at three cinema houses of the city.

Antaheen Jatra earns acclaim:

Guwahati: Antaheen Jatra, the Assamese feature film directed by Munna Ahmed and produced by Pranjal Bharalee under the banner of Gargi Entertertainment Pvt Co Ltd, was screened at the Calcutta International Film Festival. The festival was held at Kolkata from November 10 to 20. It may be mentioned here that Antaheen Jatra, based on a story by Jnanpeeth awardee Mamoni Raisom Goswami, was the only Assamese film shown at the festival and was highly appreciated by the filmmakers, critics and the audiences. The film was shown along with a remarkable Chinese film Warriors of Heaven and Earth on November 21. Incidentally, films from France, Czeckhoslovakia, China, Portugal, Vietnam, Canada, Norway, Italy and Bangladesh were also exhibited at the festival. Earlier, Antaheen Jatra was also shown at the Memery International film festival at Kolkata on November 17. Director Munna Ahmed had an interaction with a number of film activists on the contemporary theme of the film and its making. The topical subject of the film has specially drawn the attention of the representatives from foreign countries. The film has been invited to some other foreign festivals. The Calcutta Film Festival is annually held under the banner of the International Forum of New Cinema by Cine Central and the Satyajit Ray Film And Television Institute in collaboration with National Film Development Corporation.

Jiwan Trishna set for release:

Guwahati: Jiwan Trishna, the seventh Assamese film of the year, is going to be release on December 9 at three threaters of the city. The film, directed by Arup Manna, has been cleared by the Censor Board on November 24. The social, entertaining film has been made under the banner of Manjushree Production. The story, script and dialogue have been written by Manjumala Saikia and revolves around the relation between a father and his daughter. The camera has been handled by the director himself. Shankar Kumar Deb is the executive producer of the film. Manas Hazarika has directed the music, with songs rendered by popular singers Zubeen Garg, Tarali Sarma, Barnali Kalita, Barnali Hazarika, Saju, Babu and Dilip Nath. The audio cassette of the songs has already been released and it has gained popularity. The songs have been written by Robson and Dilip Nath. A galaxy of Assamese film stars are appearing in the film, and include Ravi Sarma, Gayatri Mahanta, Bishnu Khargharia, Bandana Sarma, Bhagawat Pritam, Jayashree, Bhaskar Bora, Paul Phukan, Dr Rajeev Jaisval, Abatosh Bhuyan and Jayshree, along with others. The film has been edited by Kaushal Mitra of Mumbai. The choreography is by Bappa Ahmed and Sailen Rasasiang.

Video film Bhagya Bidhata:

Guwahati: Bhagya Bidhata, an Assamese video flim made under the banner of Maa Movies of Jorhat, has hit the stands, Bhagya Bidhata is based on a tragic theme, full of emotions and tears. The story revolves round a poor matriculate village youth who has to face death. The story is by Utpal Das while the director Riki Batsav has written the script and dialogue. All the artistes have done justice to their roles. The cast includes Aaimee Barua, Rina Bora, Sanchita Talukdar, Aklanta Bezbaruah, Suruj, Gautam, Andu, Shankar, Rajiv, Sarbananda, Jayanta, Riki and Utpal Das. Monoran Kalita can claim credit for the photography. The background music is suitably provided by Mrinal Dutta. The VCD has been produced by Premada Das.

Deuta Diya Bidia shot in Mumbai

The outdoor shooting and song picturisation of Deuta Diya Bidia, directed by Ramesh Modi, was recently done extensively in and around picturesque locations and the Film City in Mumbai. The participating artistes in this shooting schedule were noted Hindi film actor Anil Dhawan, Gajendra Chowhan (Yudhisthir of Mahabharata fame), comedian Birbal and the romatic pair Jatin Bora and Gayatri Mahanta. Song picturisation was done under the direction of noted choreographer Kamal Nath. Incidentally, this is the first Assames picture directed by Ramesh Modi, who hails from Sadiya and has made a mark as a Hindi flim director. He has also written the script in collaboration with Nurul Haque - based on a story by Keshav Rathod. Deuta Diya Bidia is produced by Suresh Agarwala under the banner of Classic Media. The music director are Jitu-Tapan and Manas Hazarika. The star-cast of the movie includes Biju Phukan, Nipon Goswami, Jerifa Wahid, Gayatri Mahaanta ,Akashitora, Chetana Das, Lipika Bora Medhi, Bina Pabitra Barua, Maitreyee Goswami and others. Director Modi informs that the Flim is set for release during the current year.

Sakinar Deshey Premer Aagun

Sakinar Deshey Premer Aagun - a VCD flim reached my hands the other day. The flim, produced and directed by Anwar Hussain Ahmed, is entirely different from the other VCDs. The flim is made in the colloquial (Banga) language of the char and reverine areas of Assam. The flim is also made against the backdrop of the lives of the char people and their socio - culture aspects. The story and dialogue have been written by Abdul Majid Mandal. Director Anwar Hussain Ahmed has written the screenplay. The upcoming director Anwar is a talented young man who has experience in directing films and TV serials as assistant to well known directors like Gautam Bora, Bidyut Chakravarty, Sanjib Hazirakia, Abdul Mazid and Chandra Narayan Barua. He is also a good actor .Anwar deserves credit for being able to handle the artistes - who are amateurs and new comers. Despite some flaws here and there, he holds promise as an upcoming director. The music by Prakash Agarwala and Omar Kalayam and traditional folk songs have added beauty to the flim. The photography is appreciable. The cast includes Abdul Khaleque, Jiten Pathak, Swapnali Pathak, Sahida, Moonara Ahmed and Anwar.

Jiwan Trishna ready for the censors:

Assamese feature film Jiwan Trishna is getting ready for release in the middle of November next. The film is directed by well known cinematographer Arup Manna, who has also operated the camera, and produced by Manjumala Saikia under the banner of Manjushree Production of Nagaon. According to director Manna, the film is likely to be passed by the Censor board within a few days. He is also hopeful about this entertaining social film revolving around the love and affection between a father and his daughter. The story, script and dialogue have been written by Manjumala Saikia. Manna also informs that a few film people of Mumbai have appreciated the film after viewing it in the laboratory. The film has been edited by Kaushal Mitra of Mumbai. The musical score of the film is by Manas Hazarika and the audio cassette of the songs has already been released and appreciated by the Assamese film music lovers. The songs are suitably rendered by Zubeen Garg, Tarali Sarma, Shanta Uzir, Barnali Kalita, Barnali Hazarika, Saju, Babu and Dilip Nath. The songs have been written by Dilip Nath. The roles in the film are portrayed by Ravi Sarma, Gayatri Mahanta, Bishnu Khargharia, Bandana Sarma, Bhagawat Pritam, Bhaskar bora, Avatosh Bhuyan, Paul Phukan, Chuni Bhattacharya, Dr Rajen Jaiswal, child artiste Abhinandan Manna and others. The choreography is by Bappa Ahmed and Sailen Ramsiyari. Shankar Kumar Deb is the executive producer of the film.

Aami Asomiya on editing table:

Aami Asomiya, an Assamese feature film directed by Rajiv Bhattacharya, is presently on the editing table of A Srikar Prasad. The dubbing of the film is going to be done soon at Jyoti Chitraban Studio. According to the director Bhattacharya, the film is set for release in December next. The film is produced by Narendra Kumar Jain, under the banner of Rara Brothers Pvt Ltd., and deals with the burning unemployment problem. The music, which plays a major role in the film, has been scored by noted music director-singer Zubeen Garg. The film contains Bihu, Jhumur and romantic numbers besides an item song. The item song is beautifully picturised on Nitu Rajkhowa and Ashim Baishya, and is going to be highlight of the film. The story, screenplay and dialogue are by Rajiv Bhattacharya. Suman Duarah is in charge of the cinematography- made in 35mm cinemascope. The cast includes Ravi Sarma, Angurlata, Jayanta Bhagawati, Jerifa Wahid, Rimpi Das, Chetana Das, Munmun Das and others. Hiranya Das appears as a guest artiste.

Aami Asomiya shooting on:

The muhurat of Rajiv Bhattacharya's second directional offering, Aami Asomiya was held on August 31 at Jyoti Chitrabon premises. Rajiv Bhattacharya, welcoming the guests, said his film deals with the burning unemployment problem of Assam. The producer, Narendra Kumar Jain, who hails from Nalbari, said he thinks of himself as an Assamese and is inspired by Rupkonwar Jyotiprasad Agarwala. At the function, AGP president Brindaban Goswami lighted the lamp. Mridula Barua garlanded the camera. Anirban Banerji, the zonal executive director of Tanishq jewellery, switched on the camera. Filmmaker Munin Barua gave the clapstick, while actor Pranjal Saikia broke the coconut. Ravi Sarma and Angurlata appeared in the muhurat shot. Meanwhile, the shooting of the film is going on in full swing at Jyoti Chitraban studio. The story, screenplay and dialogue of Aami Asomiya are by Rajiv Bhattacharya. The music is by Zubeen Garg, while Suman Duarah is the cinematographer. Other artistes include Jayanata Bhagawati, Jerifa Wahid, Chetana Das, Munmun Das, Saurabh Hazarika, Hiranya Deka, Jagdish Bhuyan, Monoranjan Sarma, Monmoth Barua, Chandra Sarma and Bijit Devchoudhury. The film, made in 35 mm cinemascope, has been produced under the banner of Rara Brothers Private Ltd.

Hero no. 0 :

A video film, Hero No. 0, was released recently under the banner of Tanz Creative Entertainment, Guwahati. The artistes are Ravi Sarma, Bhargav Kataki, Bhagawat Pritam, Akashitora, Sohani Goswami, Atul Pachani, Khirod Sarma and Hiranya Deka. The film has been directed by Dipak Roy and produced by Trisha Saikia.

Video film: Ghatak

An Assamese video film Ghaatak, with a story of love and murder, romance and suspense is set for release on September 2. The story, screenplay and dialogue for the film have been written by its director, Banjit Sarma. Sarma had directed successful video films like Dhan Daulat, Prem Pratarana, Sanghat and Tez. Ghaatak has been produced by Rashmi Sarma and Dhani under the banner of MG Production. The music has been composed by Kukil and Manas while songs have been rendered by a team of new singers like Juthika Mahanta, Bhaskar Sarma, Mainu Devi, Jilmil Pathak and Milan. In the cast too a number of upcoming artistes will be seen along with the veterans. The cast includes Biju Phukan, Dinesh Das, Rabi Sarma, Aaimee Barua, Niral Das, Archana Hazarika, Jitu Kalita and newcomer Soma Banerjee. The cinematography is by Abhijit Biswas.

Shooting of Adhinayak completed:

The shooting of Jatin Bora's first directorial debut Adhinayak has just been completed, covering the scenic beauty of Barapani and Cherrapunji of Meghalaya and in and around Guwahati, besides Nagaon, where the bulk of the outdoor and indoor shooting was done. Meanwhile, Bora has expressed his gratitude to his unit members and well-wishers of Nagaon who rendered help and cooperation. The story of the entertaining social film, catering to tastes of the majority of Assamese cine goers, is written by well-known Munin Barua. He has also penned the script and dialogue. The title role is enacted by Jatin Bora and the 'second hero' is a newcomer - talented and well-built Arup Bora. A galaxy of Assamese film stars are appearing as guest artistes in the film. They are Prastuti Parashar, Chetana Das, Jayanta Das, Hiranya Das, Upakul Bordoloi, Debojit Mazumdar and Avatosh Bhuyan. Two major female roles are portrayed by Nishita Goswami and Rimpi Das. Others in the cast include Nikumoni Barua, Jayanta Bhagawati, Basabi Bhuyan, Hiranya Deka, Arun Hazarika, Dilip Barua and Guna Mahanta, among others. Adhinayak is produced by Lihoon Sarma and made under the banner of SGL Cine Enterprise. Rajesh Bhuyan is the technical adviser. Suman Duarah has done the cinematography. The music direction is by Zubeen Garg. Jini Moholia and Ashim Baishya have done the choreography. The editing will be done by noted editor Kaju at Pixel Media in the city.

House No. 14: first VCD for adults

House No. 14 is the first VCD film in Assamese which was recently passed by the Censor Board with an 'A' certificate. The story of the film deals with lesbianism, as worldwide phenomenon. The film, the first of its kind in Assamese, is made under the banner of Archlight and is produced by Pradyut Kumar Deka and Pankaj Kalita. Pradyut Kumar Deka has also directed and written the story centering around a lesbian. The screenplay has been written by Hem Chandra Pathak. Ratul Barman has handled the camera. Veteran classical singer Pushparanjan Deb has composed the music and rendered the songs. Two major roles in the film have been portrayed by talented actress Simi (of Raag-Birag fame) and Konki Bordoloi (of Anurag fame). The cast also includes Parag Kalita, Abhinav Hazarika, Umesh Chakravarty, Suresh Medhi, among others. The VCD will be released before Durga Puja.

Churen Choror Putek releasing on Aug 26:

Gargi Entertainment's third venture Churen Choror Putek- produced by Pranjal Bharalee and chabi Bharalee- is releasing on Aug 26 at Udesna, Urvashi and Vandana cinemas in Guwahati. The film has been directed by Chandra Mudoi, who has to his credit successful films like Ranangini, Agnigarh, Sator, Maghat Mamonir Biya and Ujanir Dujani Gabharu. The story of this hilarious comedy film with a message to society is written by director Mudoi, keeping in view the interests of the Assamese filmgoers. Besides comedy, the film has sentimental and other commercial ingredients. It may be mentioned here that the producers had earlier made two remarkable films- Ma Tumi Ananaya in 2003 and Antaheen Jatra in 2004. It is definitely a welcome sign for the Assamese film industry that the producers are going ahead with productions consecutively every year since its inception in spite of various drawbacks. Dr Hitesh Barua is the music director and the singers are Dwipen Barua, Zubeen Garg, Tarali Sarma, Parveen Hussain, Kallol, Birina Dutta, Gargi Neha and Chetana Das. The challenging title role has been played by Jatin Bora, supported by Prastuti Parashar, Nishita Goswami, Dr Rajen Jaiswal, Chiranjiv Mahanta, Emon Kashyap, Prabal Barthakur, Gargi and others. Magician Sudhangsu Das is the adviser.

Rajiv Bhattacharya's Aami Asomiya:

Rajiv Bhattacharya, director of Seuji Dharani Dhuniya, is going to launch his second directional venture Aami Asomiya with the muhurat set to be held on August 31. The film has been produced by business entrepreneur Narendra Kumar Jain under the banner of Rara Brothers Private Ltd of Guwahati. The story and screenplay of the film have been written by director Bhattacharya himself, dealing with the unemployment problem of Assam. Zubeen Garg will score the music for the film. The selection of the artistes and technicians for the film is yet to be finalized. The film will be made in cinemascope and 35mm.

Morome Morom Bichare awaiting release:

A new Assamese feature film, made under the banner of Chitralankar Multifarious of Tinsukia, is set for release in the last part of September. The film is directed by Jitu Ahmed, who has also handled the camera. The film has been produced by Harichandra Kurmi. The story, script and dialogue of the three-hour-long entertaining commercial film have been written by Nirupam Dutta. The film was shot in scenic locations of Upper Assam and Arunachal Pradesh. Two new music composers- Vinod Bharadwaj and Khrau Roy, have scored the music with songs rendered by Zubeen Garg, Vinod Bharadwaj. Jinti Barkakati and Chayanika. The audio cassette of the songs will be released shortly. The artistes in the film include Barasharani Bishaya, Jayanta Das, Arup Bora, Pallavi Saikia, Ananya Gogoi, Bikash Dutta, Anwal Hussain, Bina Bora, Taranika Bora, Manju Nath, Bijoy Gogoi and others.

Video film Nishiddha Milan:

Nishiddha Milan, a video film produced by Swapna Saikia and directed by well known filmmaker Jones Moholia, recently hit the stands. The story, script and dialogue of the film has been written by Mukutmoni Saikia. The film revolves round an appealing love story. The film has been released under the banner of Swapna Films. The musical score has been provided by Jerry Moholia with lyrics by Apurbajyoti Bhuyan. The singers are Shamiron Akhtar and Prarthana Chowdhury. Ranjit Moholia has operated the camera. The artistes in the film are Bhaskar Bora, Akashitora, Nayan Nirban, Aimee Baruah, Dibyajyoti Saikia, Mukul Saikia and others. RMS has taken the distribution rights of the video film.

Kadam Toley Krishna Nachey print ready:

The print of Kadam Toley Krishna Nachey, an Assamese feature film based on Striya culture produced by Ranjit Chakravarty and directed by Suman Haripriya is ready in Mumbai's Ad Lab. Both the producer and director appear to be satisfied after viewing the final print. A number of Bollywood film personalities have also appreciated the film, especially the photography. A serious theme is being presented through the film with the ingredients required to attract cinegoers. The

Treatment of the film is entirely different from the previous two films of the director- Koina Mor Dhunia and Kokadeutar Ghar Jowai. This musical film has 12 songs and a good number of dance sequences enriched by brilliant performances by well-known artistes like Mahananda Sarma, Runu Devi and Hiranya Das, supported by a number of other artistes. The musical score has been provided by noted music director Prabhat Sarma based on traditional indigenous compositions. Nirmal Deka (Tito) is the cinematographer, the assistants being Bapi Sengupta and Pradip Sengupta.

Paran Barbarua recovering:

The noted award winning producer of Assamese films and TV serials, Paran Barbarua, who was undergoing treatment at Apollo hospital in New Delhi for a serious illness, was recently discharged. Several members of the Assamese film and television fraternity, besides Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi visited Barbarua at the hospital and wished him speedy recovery. Barbarua has a number of films and television serials to his credit, including popular television serials Brikodar Barua and Major Sahab which were telecast on Guwahati Doordarshan.

New VCD: Pratyahban

A new VCD film Pratyahban has been made under the banner of TDR Films and directed by Rajiv Bora, who has also written the dialogue. The story, which revolves round today's unemployed youths who go astray, is written by Ramesh Bodo. Rajiv Bora as a director has a number of documentary and video films to his credit. The artistes in the film are - Paul Phukan, Rimpi Das, Giridhar Rai, Lalit Barua, Mukut Chandra Das, Naba Thakuria, Ramesh Bodo, Pulin Bodo and others. Arun Nath handles the camera and the musical score is by Arup das. Simanta Bordoloi has done the editing. The VCD has been made under the banner of TDR Films, produced by Ramesh Bodo. The VCD was formally released recently by noted cinematographer Indukalpa Hazarika at a function held at Bishnu-Nirmala Nyas Bhavan in the city.

Zubeen Garg turns writer producer-director:

The popular Assamese singer Zubeen Garg is turning towards directing and producing Assamese and Hindi films. The proposed Hindi film titled heyiya and the story, written by Zubeen himself, centers round the struggles of a fisherman's life in Assam. He will also direct the film. The Assamese film, yet untitled, will be directed by Rajesh Bhuyan. Zubeen, the co producer, has also written the story. The story is based on a blind character. Zubeen has also made a mark as an actor with his performances in Assamese films, including the award-winning Dinabandhu.

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