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Student Mentor Scheme

As a result of a Student-Staff Student Liaison Committee initiative, the department has developed a student mentor scheme. Second year students have volunteered to act as mentors to first year students from the start of the autumn term. The date of the first mentoring meeting will be announced in the first week of term.
Warwick Awards for Teaching Excellence (WATE)
More important than the curriculum is the question of the methods of teaching and the spirit in which the teaching is given”

Bertrand Russell
The Warwick Awards for Teaching Excellence give students and colleagues the opportunity to recognise and celebrate excellence in teaching and the support of learning throughout the nominee’s career at the University. The awards aim to:

  • Recognise and reward members of staff who have had exceptional impact on the student learning experience.

  • Enhance the profile of teaching excellence at the University.

  • Award winners and commendees with funding to further enhance practice.

All staff, postgraduates and post-doctoral students who teach or support student learning at Warwick are eligible to be nominated for an award. Winners will receive an award of £5000 and commendees receive £2000.

Information will be circulated when nominations open and students can nominate staff members or teaching Post-doctoral or Postgraduate students.


(i) Departmental:
Undergraduate common room

Room A1.23 is for the use of all Film & Television undergraduate students. Enjoy it but please use the space considerately. Tea, coffee and milk are available, and the kettle can be refilled in the Staff Kitchen (A1.06). Do let Tracey McVey know if supplies are running low. Please leave the common room clean and be respectful of the offices and seminar rooms nearby.

Films and film projection

Films for module screenings (16mm, 35mm and DCP formats are available) are hired by Film and Television Studies and handled by our departmental projectionists, Frank Gibson and Richard Allen. Frank and Richard are responsible for celluloid and digital projection.

DVD/Video screenings

Screenings are usually either celluloid or DCP (Digital Cinema Packages). We also project off-air recordings on DVD or Blu-Ray when prints are unavailable.

A week by week list of all module screenings is posted on the notice board to the right of the main entrance. You may attend screenings other than those prescribed for your module, provided there are available seats in the room - which you should check with the relevant tutor.
The department owns a collection of about 100 film prints, mostly on 16mm, which you may borrow and screen on the premises. Please contact Dr Adam Gallimore, who has the list.

Booking departmental rooms

You may also book rooms for individual or small group screenings. The procedure for booking is described below.
Rooms A0.26, A1.25 and A1.27 are used for teaching, but may also be booked for individual screening and/or viewing of film or video outside of teaching hours via the departmental secretaries (rooms A0.26 and A1.25 are centrally timetabled on Mondays and Fridays and should be booked through Central Timetabling). Rooms A0.28 and A1.28 can only be booked online through Central Timetabling ( All of the teaching rooms have video projection facilities for DVD and VHS. Rooms A0.26, A0.28, A1.25 and A1.27 can also project Blu-Ray discs. Room A0.08 has a steenbeck table for 35mm viewing and a 16mm projector. You can view DVD and VHS on a TV monitor in room A0.09, and there is also equipment in this room which enables you to make copies of such materials. Room A0.08 contains a PC with facilities for creating digital copies of still and moving images from VHS and DVD sources, along with an A4 scanner.
Booking rooms and keys; looking after equipment and rooms

Locally-timetables rooms are booked, and keys issued, by the secretary during office hours (see under ‘Departmental office’). Please make sure you are familiar with the system and plan your booking ahead. When you wish to book a room, check availability in the folder in the office, and enter your name in the relevant slots. Always enter the title of film(s) to be screened on the sheet when making the room booking. Rooms for module screenings are already booked in the secretary’s records. (See above for booking procedures concerning rooms A0.28 and A1.28)

Keys for weekend use should be signed out on Friday, and returned on Monday morning. Otherwise KEYS MUST NOT BE RETAINED FOR LONGER THAN 24 HOURS.
You are personally responsible for keys issued against your signature. DO NOT hand them to anyone else. Keys must be returned to the secretary during office hours, and the earlier the better. Make sure that your return of a key is noted in the issue book by signing your name.
VERY IMPORTANT: Never leave rooms for which you have been issued with a key unoccupied and unlocked, even briefly; we know from experience that thieves and vandals can work with amazing speed. Make sure that the video projectors (in A1.25, A1.27, A0.26, A0.28 and A1.28) are turned off after use.
Please REPORT any damage to films or failure of equipment to the departmental office, as soon as possible and in the most clearly detailed terms. Things do go wrong; it is not necessarily anyone’s fault, but we need to know. Equally, report faulty video tapes or DVDs to the library when returning them.

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