Ba in film with television studies

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Table of Contents

Page Nos.

1. The Department: General information

- Location 4

- Members of Staff 5

- Communications 6

- Personal Tutors 7

- The Student-Staff Liaison Committee (SSLC) 9

- Student mentor scheme 9

- Warwick Awards for Teaching Excellence (WATE) 9
2. Resources

(i) Departmental:

- Undergraduate common room 10

- Films and film projection 10

- DVD/Video screenings 10

- Booking departmental rooms 10

- Health and safety 11

(ii) Outside the department:

- The Library 13

- DVD/Video collection 13

- IT/computer facilities and training for students 14

- Cinema provision on campus 14

- The Language Centre 14

3. Curriculum

- BA in Film and Literature: First year modules 15

- BA in Film Studies: First year modules 16

- Assessment 16

- Essay submission 20

- Essay extensions 21

- Essay deadlines 22

- Examination information 22

  • The BA in Film and Literature: Second year modules 23

  • The BA in film Studies: Second year modules 23

  • Option information 24

  • Dissertations 25

  • Assessment 26

Curriculum ctd..
- Essay submission 30

- Essay extensions 31

  • Essay deadlines 31

  • Examination information 32

  • The BA in Film and Literature: Third year modules 33

  • The BA in Film Studies: Third Year modules 33

  • Film Options 33

  • Postgraduate Study 35

  • Assessment 36

  • Essay submission 39

  • Essay extensions 40

  • Essay deadlines 41

  • Examination information 41

4. Teaching and Learning

- Attendance and absences 42

- Monitoring Points 44

- Mobile phone policy 44

- Screenings, lectures, seminars and individual study 44

- Reading and viewing week 46

- Timetable 46

5. The University: summary of useful services

- Student Support Services 46

- University Senior Tutor 47

- Residential Life Team 47

- International Office (Immigration Team) 47

- The Senior Tutor and Counselling Service 48

- Disability Services 48

- Mental Health Team 48

- University Health Centre 49

- Chaplaincy 49

- Student Funding 50

- Security 50

- Student Careers and Skills 50

- The Students’ Union 52

- Film Making 52

- Lord Rootes Memorial Fund 52

- Sexual and Racial Harassment 53

- The University Website 53

1. Dates of terms 55

2. Guidelines for the writing of essays 56

3. Exam writing skills 66

4. Third Year dissertation guidelines 70

5. Assessment criteria: guidelines 72

6. Sick certification for students 75

7. Assessed work cover sheet 78

Cover still: Louis Jourdan in Letter From an Unknown Woman (Max Ophüls, USA, 1948).

Courtesy BFI.
The information in this handbook is as accurate and up-to-date as we can make it. Statements of departmental policy are made in good faith and are an honest attempt to describe current practices, but they do not replace entries in university regulations. In the event of uncertainty, regulations take precedence.


The BA in Film and Literature and the BA in Film Studies are administered by the Film and Television Studies department, although modules are taught by staff from Film and Television Studies, English, French and German. This means that most administrative matters are handled by Film and Television Studies and all your personal tutors are from this department. The information below centres therefore mostly on Film and Television Studies, though at appropriate points references are made to matters that affect the literature departments (see, in particular, ‘staff’ and ‘curriculum’ below).


The Film and Television Studies department is situated on the ground and first floors of an annexe to Millburn House. Staff offices, and most of the teaching and resources rooms, are between rooms A0.12 and A0.28 on the ground floor and between rooms A1.12 and A1.28 on the first floor of the building.
Common Room facilities
Within the Film and Television Studies annexe, you may congregate in room A1.23 in between classes when this room is not in use for seminars or meetings.
This public space is for your own use and enjoyment - use it considerately, and remember to leave it clean and tidy. (If these reasonable rules are not followed, the use of this space may be withdrawn.) The whole of Millburn House is a no-smoking area.
The nearest outlet for food and drink is located in University House.
The Departmental Office (A0.13)

The secretary and Administrator, Ms Tracey McVey, in room A0.13, plays a key role in answering queries, and the booking of rooms and keys (see section 2, Resources). Please note the office hours displayed on the door. They are normally:

Monday 8.15 – 6.15

Tuesday 8.00 – 4.00

Wednesday 8.00 – 4.00

Thursday 8.15 – 6.15

Friday 8.00 – 12.30
The Film Booking Office and Departmental Secretary (A0.12)

16mm and 35mm prints of films for projection are delivered to and collected from this office, which is staffed by Dr Adam Gallimore and Mrs Heather Hares. Adam is responsible for collecting essays in addition to managing the teaching collection, and arranging video/DVD screenings.

Adam’s office hours are:

Monday – Tuesday 8.30 – 5.30

Thursday – Friday 8.30 – 5.00

There are two display boards in the corridor outside the office, with information of a general nature concerning events in the field of Film and Television Studies (e.g. conferences). Watch general noticeboards, in the corridor, for announcements of open lectures by visiting speakers to the department or the university (also posted on http//

Members of Staff

Full-time Academic Staff: Room No. Tel. No.

Dr Alastair Phillips (Head of Department) A0.20 22434

Mr José Arroyo (UG Admissions Tutor & Exams Secretary) A1.17 22361

Dr Louis Bayman A0.15

Professor Charlotte Brunsdon A1.18 22791

Professor Stella Bruzzi A1.19 22436

Dr Jon Burrows (on research leave all year) A1.20 24645

Dr Catherine Constable (Director of Undergraduate Studies) A1.21 50651

Dr Ed Gallafent (Senior Tutor) A1.22 23662

Professor Stephen Gundle (on research leave Spring 2015) A0.18 28435

Dr James MacDowell A0.17 73041

Dr Rachel Moseley (on research leave Spring 2015) A0.19 73000

Dr Michael Pigott A0.21 74318

Dr Karl Schoonover (MA Admissions) A0.23 50684

Dr Helen Wheatley (on research leave Autumn 2014) A0.22 73871
Post-doctoral and Postgraduate Teaching Staff

Dr Paul Cuff A1.20

Ivan Girina A1.09 (Spring)

Nike Jung A1.10

Catherine Lester A1.08

Dr Joseph Oldham A0.25

Dr Santiago Oyarzabal A1.09 (Autumn)

Patrick Pilkington A1.08

Isabel Rhodes A1.09 (Spring)

Mario Slugan A1.09 (Autumn)

Charlotte Stevens A1.10

Dr Lauren Thompson A1.20

Dr Owen Weetch A0.25

Clerical Staff:

Ms Tracey McVey (Departmental Administrator) A0.13 23511

Mrs Heather Hares (Graduate & Admissions Secretary) A0.12 22689

Dr Adam Gallimore (Departmental Secretary & Librarian) A0.12 24696

Further information on staff, including publications and research interests, can be found on the pages of the department’s website (

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