Azadi 70, Yaad Karo Kurbani -report

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Azadi 70, Yaad Karo Kurbani” -Report
“Azadi 70, Yaad Karo Kurbani was celebrated as per instruction issued by Deputy Commissioner KVS Regional Office Dehradun vide Letter No. FNo.-11029/64-1/2016-KVS(H.Q.)/Acad/Misc.Ministry/10774-110779 w.e.f. 9th August to 23rd August 2016. The following activities were conducted during this highly charged, enthusiastic and patriotic fortnight:

  1. On 9th August 2016, Patriotic songs were sung in the assembly – all the students and teachers participated in it.

  2. On 10th August, Slogan Writing competition was held and total 38 slogans were prepared from secondary and senior secondary students.

  3. On 11th August, Painting competition on the topic “Value of Freedom and Freedom Movement” was organized. Total 34 posters were made from secondary and senior secondary students.

  4. Solo Song (Patriotic) competition was conducted on 12th August 2016 in which Preeti Chauhan, Anurag, Sakshi Kotnala of X,XI, XII got First, Second and Third position respectively.

  5. Independence Day was celebrated with great enthusiasm and feeling of patriotism on 15th August, in which students presented different enchanting and captivating items like Action Songs , Group Songs, Speeches (In Hindi and English) after the Flag Hoisting Ceremony which was appreciated by the audience a lot.

  6. On 16th August, Mass Tree Plantation was observed by students of class IX and Teachers in which 70 saplings of useful and medicinal plants were planted.

  7. On 17th August, Essay Writing Competition in Hindi on the topic “Swatantrata Sangram main Krantikariyon ka Yogdan (The contribution of Freedom Fighters in Achieving Freedom) ,was conducted , in which total 65 students took part and Praveen Singh, Sneha Bisht and Dewanshi Sharma of XI and IX class stood First, Second and Third respectively.

  8. On 19th August, Greeting Card competition was held and total 45 Greeting Cards were prepared and sent to the Jawans posted at border stations by Primary, Secondary and Senior secondary classes.

  9. On 20th Aug 2016 Dramatics Competition took place. The topic was Freedom Movement/Freedom Fighters and Shivaji, Raman and Tagore House stood First, Second and Third respectively.

  10. Elocution competition was held on 22nd August 2016 in which total 10 students took part and Dimple, Mahak Bahuguna, Anushka from class VIII,VII,VIII got first, second and third position from Junior Group. From Senior Group Anchal, Kanika Gusain, Anirudh Thapliyal of class X,XI,IX stood First, Second and Third position respectively. The topic of Elocution was Loyalty Towards Nation is our Pious Duty.

  11. On 23rd August 2016 Freedom Run was organized in which total 350 students took part from Primary, Secondary and senior Secondary Section. Students ran along the main road of IIP campus. A rally was also organized and the students holding the banners and charged with very intense feeling of patriotism walked among the road inside the same campus . On the same day Mass Recitation of National Anthem took place at 11:00 AM in which the whole school took part.

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