Awp’s Fifteenth Tweet Chat: #Proposeawp17 April 13, 2016 from 3: 00-4: 00 p m. Et awp

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the slimmest pug@levicitodd

@awpwriter #ProposeAWP17 Do you recommend using the full 500 word limit for proposals, or is brevity encouraged?

Hannah Landsberger@inhannahland

@levicitodd Conveying the purpose/content of your event is most important! Length less so, as long as it's in the limit #ProposeAWP17

Jasminne Mendez@jasminnemendez

#proposeawp17 oh and why put ALL the caucuses on the same day & time? If I was a gay disabled Afro-Latina I'd have to choose. @Icess

Christian Teresi@ChristianTeresi

@jasminnemendez @Icess This actually helps cut down on conflicts. During the day there are as many as 30+ concurrent events. #proposeawp17


@ChristianTeresi @jasminnemendez Could there be half one day and half another day? Or could they start at different times?

Christian Teresi@ChristianTeresi

@jasminnemendez @Icess If caucuses had to compete with 30+ events & the bookfair, a lot fewer people would be able to attend. #proposeawp17

Sandra Beasley@SandraBeasley

Agreed, @jasminnemendez @Icess'd be great to avoid cross-scheduling caucuses, to avoid intersectionality conflicts. #ProposeAWP17

Christian Teresi@ChristianTeresi

@jasminnemendez @Icess Plus we don't want caucuses at the same time as the many LGBT, Latina/o, etc. focused events during the day.

Jasminne Mendez@jasminnemendez

@ChristianTeresi @Icess I see your point I also noticed that many of the "diversity" panels happening at the same time instead of spread out

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