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The Ohio State University

Office of Student Life, Sorority and Fraternity Life

Greek Awards:

Individual and Chapter Awards Packet


2016 Awards Submission Form

Sorority / Fraternity Organization (Alpha Alpha Alpha):

Chapter Designation (Alpha Iota Chapter):

Council (IFC, MCGC, NPHC, PHA):

Submitted By:

Instructions: Please indicate which awards your chapter is applying for by checking each box of the corresponding award. All applications must be submitted by January 20th, 2017 by 11:59 p.m., late reports will not be eligible for any of the Greek Awards. This award submission form must be sent electronically via email to

Award Categories

Chapter Seeking Recognition in Award

Individual Seeking Recognition (if applicable)

Chapter of the Year

Outstanding Scholarship Program

Outstanding Recruitment Program

Outstanding Member Development Program

Outstanding Community Service Program

Outstanding Diversity Program

Outstanding Philanthropy Program

Outstanding Safety, Health and Wellness

Outstanding Citizenship Award

House Corporation of the Year

Challenging the Process

Greek Collaboration

Greek Person of the Year (IFC, MCGC, NPHC, PHA)

Barbie J. Tootle Scholarship (IFC, PHA)

University Involvement Award

Greek Involvement Award

Volunteer of the Year Award

Outstanding New Member Award

Living the Ritual Award

Outstanding Chapter President

Chapter Advisor of the Year

Chapter Advocate of the Year

Outstanding House Director Award

Outstanding Graduate Chapter/ Alumni Advisory Board

Outstanding Alumni

Download 234.32 Kb.

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