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Students who intend to apply for a student loan should be aware that the online application for full-time studies is available at
Important information on student loans can be found on the Can Learn website If you want to find what the expected parent contribution is Click> Online Tools, Click > Parental Contribution Calculator.

Note: In 2010, if you are a single student living away from home your monthly living expense allowance is $941.00 (x 8 months = $7528.00) Other info can be obtained by going to , Click > Student Finance, Click > About Loans and Grants Click > eligible for a student loan, Click > Living allowances and funding limits.

Post Secondary Applications

Before you apply for a post-secondary institution read this. Apply Alberta is an online application and transcript transfer system that all grade 12 students should use to apply to undergraduate programs at one or more of Alberta’s post-secondary institutions. Go online now to create your own profile/password that you can use to apply for any post-secondary school. There is no cost to use this service but you first need your Alberta Student Number to do this so if you need it go see your career counselor or the school secretary. Go to


Northern Alberta Development Bursary

You may qualify for free money if you plan on returning to work in northern Alberta after you graduate from a post-secondary institution. Here are some examples: up to $12,000 for final 2 years of post-secondary, $96,000 for medical students, $48,000 for pharmacy, $54,000 for nurse practitioners, $16,000 for teachers. Go to Deadline is April 30.

NADC Bursary: A return service bursary of $6000 per year for a maximum of two years, and is offered to students in their final two years of post-secondary studies. It is meant to encourage students to pursue careers in fields such as education, social work, engineering, business, healthcare, etc.

Northern Student Supplement: Applications are submitted at the same time as the Alberta Application for Financial Assistance (

Medical and Dentistry Student Bursary: A return service bursary of $12,000 or $24,000 per year for the full length of the medical program (maximum 4 years).

Pharmacy Student Bursary: A return service bursary of $6,000 or $12,000 per year for the full length of the pharmacy degree program (maximum 4 years).

Nurse Practitioner Bursary: A return service bursary of $9,000 or $12,000 per year for up to 3 years.

Veterinary Student Bursary: A return service bursary of $6,000 to 12,000 per year for 4 years of your large animal or large and small animal veterinary program.

Student Teacher Bursary: A return service bursary of $8,000 per year for two years, and is offered to students in their last two years of a Bachelor of Education degree.

Health Care Practicum Program: The NADC and Alberta Health and Wellness offer funding to help with the cost of practicum’s completed in provincial health facilities in northern Alberta.

Bursary Partnership Program: Businesses and organizations can submit forms according to individual sponsor deadline. However, applications are due three months before the completion of an academic year.
Click here to download applications for all bursary programs.

Each year, thousands of dollars in award funding is unclaimed in Canada. Why do eligible students miss the funding they have earned? Because they don't know when or where to apply.

Hopefully, this handbook will assist you in attaining all the scholarships, awards and bursaries you are eligible for.


Here are some hints and examples of how you can show that you meet the criteria. How can you demonstrate some of the foremost qualities? You must look at your activities and decide what they illustrate. Be careful: do not belittle your accomplishments. Even the smallest activities will indicate some special skill or quality that is unique to you.
Athletic Ability
Obviously, being chosen for the school team is a way of showing your athletic ability. But it is not the only way. Don't forget to include representation on local or municipal teams, and any other teams you have been on over the years. How about that golf trophy or the bowling trophy?
Extracurricular Activities
This is an activity above and beyond what is expected of you in regular classroom studies. Participation in clubs or local teams are obvious activities, but don't forget it may also include activities outside of school as well. Sports, drama, bands, science clubs, photo club, or 4H, are all examples of extracurricular activities.
Financial Need
Work out your potential costs for university and the funds you actually have.
Residence Requirements
This is your home, where your parents live, even if, as a student, you are away from home. If you are on your own, it is probably where you are presently living and have been for a minimum time.
Note: If you split your time between two parents you may have two residences; this may be an asset to you, so be sure to check the individual funding source for their criteria. It may mean a special letter posing your question before you make application.
Voluntary Service
This is going to be one of your most important criteria. Volunteer work at the hospital, helping at the Special Olympics, being a member of a service club, singing in the church choir, child minding at the local craft fair, coaching the Little League ball team, cleaning up after the school dance are all examples of when you have been of service to others.
Citizenship can have two meanings. It refers to the country in which you were born. Usually this is the same as your parents, but it may be different. The label may also refer to your volunteer capabilities. Have you been someone who is helpful? Document it. Get references if you can. Have you served on committees? This may have demonstrated citizenship.


Plan Ahead
Request application forms as early as possible.
When in Doubt, APPLY!
The element of competition may work in your favour. Let the judges decide how much Icelandic blood must run in the winner's veins this year, not you.
Fill out the school's General Application form
Most Canadian universities and colleges provide a general financial aid application form.
Do it right

  • Make a photocopy of each form to use as a working copy.

  • It is preferable to type your application, or use black ink to copy your work to the donor's form: blue and red do not photocopy well. Never cross out or write over an entry.

  • Give full answers to every question in the form.

  • Mark response boxes with an X: no check marks, no words.

  • Be sure to answer every question.

  • Never write in the margins or outside the answer boxes. Attach a separate letter to clarify or add to the information requested.

  • Be sure that you and your parents date and sign all forms.

  • Make photocopies of each completed form, and keep them. You may need to refer to these documents again.

  • Use letter sized paper (8 1/2" x 11") white or off-white.

  • Highlight key words.

  • Send your applications by registered mail and keep your dated receipts from Canada Post. You may be asked to prove your mailing date.

Follow up

  • Whenever you apply for an award, ask about other possible scholarship sources. Follow up every lead. Include a business-sized self-addressed-stamped-envelope with each request.






John Michael Smith

1234 Grant Blvd.

Langton, AB, T7V 5V3

Applying for:

The Lessor Scholarship

The Application Form

Resume, 2 pages

Reference Letters, 3 pages

Total 8 pages


  • Make your presentation coherent and interesting.

  • Answer each question clearly and concisely.

  • Always be aware of your choice of words. Use active, energetic words or phrases like: "created" for started or began.


  • Official transcripts or interim transcripts are available from Alberta Education or from your school counsellor.


  • Application may have a resume with it. This is your opportunity to present accomplishments that may not be addressed in your application.

  • Here are some possible headings to get you started. You would not include all of them. Keep in mind the type of funding you are requesting and the criteria of the funding source.

* Citizenship * Birth date (where and when)

* Languages (speak, read, write, fluent, functional) * Education (where and when)

* Awards (include Honour Roll) * Extracurricular Activities

* Hobbies * Special Skills

* Volunteer Work * Memberships

* Clubs * Special Training

* Interests * Leadership Positions

  • Athletics * Community Activiti

Local Scholarships, Grants and Bursaries
Alberta Municipal District (AAAS) Scholarships (for $1,000)

Must be pursuing studies related to local government and/or rural interests

Must be a resident of the MD of Bonnyville, No 87

Applications available at

Deadline is June 15
Andy Collins Memorial Scholarship ($1000)

Applicant must be of aboriginal ancestory within Zone II regional boundaries.

Must be entering or enrolled in a post-secondary field in the areas of oil, gas, music or sport and demonstrate a financial need.

Application process – fill out an application at the Zone II Metis office in Bonnyville, attach a letter of acceptance or proof of attendance from the institution, submit a short type-written profile of yourself and proof of aboriginal ancestory. Also, submit two letters of support with your application. Send application to Zone II Regional Council, Metis Nation of Alberta, Box 6497, Bonnyville, AB T9N 2H7 For more information contact 826-7483 Application deadlines : June 15th

Other Aboriginal Scholarships are available at:
ASET Cold Lake Chapter (One bursary of $500)

Must be enrolled at technical institution in a program that has been accredited by ASET

Applications are available in the Career Room

Deadline for application is June 30

Aspen Regional Health Authority #7 (Award is a cheque for $500)

Must be a student attending high school within the Aspen Regional Health who plans to enrol in a post secondary program leading to any career with potential for employment within Aspen Regional Health

Applications available in the Career Room

Deadline for application is July 15

Bonnyville Country Opry ($500)

Lakeland School District Graduating Student pursuing a Post Secondary Program in Music.

Academic achievement, school/community involvement and financial need.

Applications available in the Career Room

Deadline: August 31

Bonnyville Health Centre Auxillians Bursaries (Award is two $1,000 scholarships

Presented to students enrolled a degree, college or technical school health related program. Preference will be given to a student who resides in the Bonnyville area.

Application information available in the Career Room after March 1

Deadline is April 30
Bonnyville Lions Scholarship (Award is a $500.00 cheque)

Bursary is selected on high school academic achievement and community involvement.

Applications available in the Career Room

Deadline is May 30

Bonnyville Oilmen’s Society (Award is a $1,000.00 cheque)

Scholarship is available to any graduating student from the four Bonnyville high schools pursuing a post secondary education in any field.

Students are asked to pick up the application form from the Career Room, gather all the necessary information and return it to the school career counselor by September.  To be considered the student must write a one-two page letter describing career aspirations and plans to achieve those goals, including academic standing, extracurricular activities and community volunteering and reference letters from teachers, coaches and leaders of the community groups they were involved with.  The two recipients will be considered for another $1000.00 award after completing their first year of post-secondary schooling if they meet certain academic requirements.  

Return the applications to the school counselor.  Any questions can be directed to Bob Hunter at 780-573-4169.

Deadline is September 1
Duclos Hosptial Society (Annual scholarship is $1000.00.)

Scholarship is available to graduating students pursuing post secondary education in the health related field.

Scholarship may continue with the student for up to 4 years if satisfactory marks are maintained.

Applications available in the Career Room

Deadline is July 31
Imperial Oil Resources – Women in Wage Awards Program – Cold Lake Operations

Award is $1,000 and recipient will be offered summer employment after successful completion of their first year of school

This award is intended to support women of the Lakeland District in their pursuit of an operational or trades career path in the oil field.

Application available in Career Room or contact Imperial Oil Resources

Deadline various dates
Inter Pipeline Fund Discovery Award Program ($2000)

The Guidance Counsellor or Principal may nominate one graduating student for this award.

Nomination is based upon a student who demonstrates high academic achievement, has significantly contributed to his or her school and/or community and pursuing post secondary education in business, engineering and technology or any field’s associated with Inter Pipeline’s business.

Application form available in the Career Room

Deadline for school nomination is June
Lakeland Credit Union Bursary Program ($1000)

Bursaries may be granted to graduating students seeking post-secondary education or the Registered Apprenticeship Program. The awarding decision will be based on factors that include leadership, community/school involvement, education and future goals, academic achievement, essay and letter of recommendation. More details and complete applications are available at

Deadline for Application is June 1

Lakeland 2000 Lions Club of Bonnyville ($500 bursary for each of the local high schools)

The application should outline not only academics but social and community activities..

The applicant must be studying in a post-secondary institution the school year.

Deadline is June 1st.

Applications should be sent to: Lakeland 2000 Lions Club, Box 8119, Bonnyville, AB T9N 2J4

Contact person – Doris Charlton 826-7355
Mazankowski Scholarship

(The Right Honourable Don Mazankowski Scholarship)

Awarded to a graduate who has lived in the local federal constituency that Mr. Mazankowski was elected in. This includes the Bonnyville area.

Must be registered in a program at least 5 month long

Awarded to students with exceptional academic achievement, demonstrated leadership and community involvement.

Visit to download the application

Deadline is February 28.

Five scholarships of $1500.00 each will be available.

Society of Petroleum Engineers – Lloydminster Section, is proud to make available the following awards to students from a high school in Lloydminster or surrounding areas. The Lloydminster Section of the Society of Petroleum Engineers donates these awards to worthy candidates to recognize:

·                  Personal development

·                  Academic Achievement

·                  Contribution to school and community

of graduating high school students The scholarships are intended to financially assist students who will be continuing their education in a post secondary institute and who are majoring in Science or Engineering with relationship to the petroleum industry. The applicant must be in full time attendance and a member of the current year’s graduating class. At the time of awarding the scholarship the applicant must be enrolled full time in a post secondary program of studies at a university, college or technical school.

1.  Two (2) High School Scholarships at $1000.00 each

2.  An Essay Contest with prize of $1000.00

Deadline –August 31


National Scholarships

Loran Award (up to 30 available up to $75,000)

85% average in all high school

Character, service and leadership are the selection criteria for Loran Awards. Loran scholars are people of strong moral character who have demonstrated academic excellence and potential as leaders. They are curious by nature, interested in a wide range of subjects and willing to take meaningful risks. They prioritize results over appearances and value integrity and honesty. Though they study diverse subjects, and go on to work in a variety of fields, they share a common commitment to their university and larger communities.

Visit or

Deadline Oct

Alberta Scholarships, Grants and Bursaries

ADVANCING FUTURES BURSARY PROGRAM – school expenses and fixed monthly living allowance. Assists youth who have been or continue to be in the care or custody of Alberta Children’s Services to achieve their educational goals by offering opportunities and resources through education. Application and information available or on-line at

  • Deadline various dates

  • Various awards

AGRICORE UNITED SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM - up to $600 annually for 4 years

Applicants must be a member or immediate family member of an Agricore United Member who is in good standing. Applicant will use the scholarship for full-time post secondary education at a recognized college or university in any field of study.

Application must be received prior to July 1 of each academic year.Applications may be found on-line at

Agricore and AGPlus Education Awards (twelve $1,000 awards)

Awards for students who are registered in colleges and universities in Western Canada which offer degree or diploma programs in agriculture or agri-business

Application forms available in the Career Room

Deadline is April 30

AGVANTAGE 25 UFA SCHOLARSHIPS - $2500 (2 available)

Students pursuing a post-secondary education who are able to demonstrate or display intent to enhance the rural Canadian community through their education are eligible for this scholarship. UFA Agvantage 25 membership is required - membership is free by contacting a local UFA Coop. Deadline mid-March. Applications should be available mid-March. Applications available in the Career Room or by going on-line at click on 'About UFA' then go to 'Community Investment'.

Deadline March 15

Eligible students must be rural residents going to an Alberta post-secondary institution. Community involvement and academic performance are considered. Deadline tends to be in July. Applications available on-line at in May; type 'scholarship' in the search bar.

ALBERTA BARREL RACING ASSOCIATION SCHOLARSHIP – award amount determined by ABRA Scholarship Committee

Applicants must be a member of the ABRA in good standing; requires two letters of reference and a letter of intent; must have proof of enrollment to have funds released directly to recipient; Applications and information available on-line at’ . Deadline tends to be in June.


Three scholarships are awarded each year to aboriginal students completing high school and planning on entering post-secondary studies in Alberta. Applicants must be Indian, Inuit or Métis and must have been residents of Alberta during their previous year of study. Recipients are chosen based on academic achievement, financial need and community involvement. Applications are available in the Career Centre or on-line at . Deadline tends to be in June.

ALBERTA BLUE CROSS (50 scholarships totalling $50,000)

Several scholarships for the following categories: Entrance Students, Travellers, Special needs students, Aboriginal Students, Students specializing in Computer Systems Technology, Nursing, Health Sciences, Dentistry, Medicine and Pharmacy

Application available from post-secondary institutions or

Deadline various dates

This bursary is awarded to people with disabilities who are entering their first year of post-secondary training or who are attempting one course at the post-secondary level. The bursary assists first-time post-secondary learners who require support in overcoming the financial barriers they may encounter when taking on educational challenges. Recipients must be a resident of Alberta; 17 years old or older; a member of ACCD; use the bursary in Alberta; Applications must be received at the ACCD office. Deadline tends to be in June. Applications available on-line at 


The applicant must be enrolled in a minimum one-year environmental sciences or related program at an accredited Alberta post-secondary institution; must also be or have a parent that is a member of the AFGA or an affiliated fish & game club; must be 21 years of age or younger; must fill out application & write a minimum 500 word essay; not necessarily based on high marks; Deadline tends to be in February. Detailed information & applications are available on-line at . Click on 'Programs' then on "Educational Scholarship'


Must be applying for Golf Management, Turf Grass Management, or Alberta Golfer

Scholarship applications will be judged on the following criteria if applicable:

- Academic performance in the previous school year      

- Golf related awards

- Financial need

- Participation in extracurricular or community activities

- Relevant work experience

Deadline July 31

Information & applications are available on-line at


This award is for students who achieve a balance in life, participate in school life, and have the desire to do great things in life.

- Grade 12 student

- Participate in athletic activities (school intramurals, member of a sports team, pr participate in activities outside of school ie. Dance, water polo, hockey, karate, etc.)

- Demonstrate an attitude of fair play  and sportsmanship while participating in sport and social activities

- Show personal development with involvement in activities other than athletics and academics (ie. Community work, hobbies, clubs, youth programs, etc)

- Plan to attend a post-secondary facility in Canada

- Be an Alberta resident

Applicants will be required to submit four complete copies of the application signed by the student and school principal/assistant principal, a resume, maximum two letters of reference, and an essay of a maximum of 500 words. The Alberta Milk Never Stop application form, requirements and eligibility criteria are posted on the ASAA website  (click on ‘ASAA Awards’, then click ‘Milk Scholarship’, then ‘Download the application form’. Deadline tends to be in June.

Applicant must be pursuing a career in a field that perpetuates the “Western Spirit”; can include: veterinary medicine, animal husbandry, ranching, agricultural business administration, forestry, fish & wildlife, etc. Applications available on-line at Deadline tends to be in December.


Go to

A different essay topic is given each year

Deadline is January 15


To qualify, applicant must be a graduating senior & a Trail Pass member of the ASA as of January 1 of that scholarship year; must submit a cover letter, a resume, a summary of involvement in snowmobiling, a transcript of grade point averages, & an essay of the theme provided. Applications available on-line at . Application must be received at ASA. Deadline tends to be in March.


For students age 15-17 wishing to explore the world of visual art. Five scholarships provide the cost of tuition, meals, accommodations and art supplies at Red Deer College's Summerscapes program. Must have a teacher's recommendation. Students will attend a one week session featuring an intensive, studio based exploration of drawing, painting, sculpture, & printmaking supplemented by visiting artists' lectures & opportunities to explore different media. Applications are available on-line at , click on Education.  Deadline tends to be prior to mid-May. Send your application to: The Alberta Society of Artists, Box 11334 Main Post Office, Edmonton, AB T5J 3K6 including a CD-ROM disk with your art images or applications can be e-mailed to .


a. AUPE Bursaries/Endowments are set up with the following Institutions for first and subsequent year students:

-Universities - Augustana, Calgary, Lethbridge

-Technological Institutes - NAIT, SAIT

-Colleges - Fairview, Grande Prairie, Grant MacEwan, Keyano, Lakeland, Lethbridge Community, Medicine Hat, Mount Royal, Olds, Red Deer

Once you have chosen the institution you will attend, ask their Finance Department or Bursar’s office for an AUPE Bursary Application. The application form is to be returned to your post-secondary institution.

b. AUPE will award a limited number of bursaries for students attending any post secondary training or educational institute. Deadline tends to be in June. Pick up application forms mid-January and submit completed applications to:
Secretary Treasurer

Alberta Union of Public Employees

10451 - 170 Street

Edmonton, AB T5P 5S7

APEGGA (Association of Professional Engineers, Geologists and Geophysicists) $3000

Student must be entering the Faculty of Engineering or Geology or Geophysics

Based on academics, school involvement and letter of reference

Deadline is July 15


These are tenable at post-secondary institutions. Deadline tends to be in May for September entry; December for January entry. (Note: Work Experience and Special Projects are not eligible for consideration of averages). Apply for all three years at the end of Grade 12. Application available at  or in the Career Centre.

*Grade 10 – $300 – average of 75% - 79.9% in five (5) subjects or $400 - average of 80% or higher in five (5) subjects:

-One of: English 10, 13, 10-1, 10-2, or Français 10, 13 or 0-2 and

-At least two of - Pure Mathematics 10, or Applied Mathematics 10

-Science 10

-Social Studies 10

-A language other than the one used above at the Grade 10 level and

-Any two courses with a minimum three credit value at the Grade 10 level including those listed above and combined introductory C.T.S. courses.
*Grade 11 – $500 – average of 75% - 79.9% in five (5) subjects or $800 - average of 80% or higher in five (5) subjects:

-One of: English 20, 23, 20-1 or 20-2 or Français 20, 23 or 20-2 and

-At least two of - Pure Mathematics 20, or Applied Mathematics 20

-Science 20

-Biology 20

-Chemistry 20

-Physics 20

-Social Studies 20

-A language other than the one used above at the Grade 11 level and

-Any two courses with a minimum three credit value at the Grade 11 level including those listed above and combined intermediate C.T.S. courses.

*Grade 12 – $700 – average of 75% - 79.9% in five (5) subjects or $1300 - average of 80% or higher in five (5) subjects:

-English 30, 30-1 or 30-2 or Français 30 or 30-2 and

-At least two of - Pure Mathematics 30

-Applied Mathematics 30

-Mathematics 31

-Science 30

-Biology 30

-Chemistry 30

-Physics 30

-Social Studies 30

-Any one language other than the one used above at the Grade 12 level  and

-Any course with a minimum five credit value at the Grade 12 level including those listed above and combined advanced C.T.S. courses.


Applicants for the Anna & John Kolesar Memorial Scholarship must be Alberta residents and from a family where neither parent obtained a university degree. In addition, they must have obtained a grade 12 diploma after January 1, 1988 and must be enrolling for full-time study in the first year of a program in a Faculty of Education. Based on final standings in three academic subjects including English 30-1 or 30-2. Application available on-line at .  Deadline tends to be in July.

AIR FORCE ASSOCIATION of CANADA – 784 (Diamond Jubilee) Wing ($1,000)

Award available to students furthering his/her education in a field related to aviation, aeronautical engineering or avionics engineering technology.

Based on academic achievement, financial need, extra-curricular activities or community involvement

Deadline is June 21

One award of

Bursaries are available to students who are Alberta residents continuing their education at a College or University enrolled in an agricultural or environmental science program. Must supply a copy of their high school marks, together with a letter of acceptance & course of studies planned at a post-secondary institution. Applications are available on-line at , type AAAF Memorial Bursary in the search box then follow the link. Deadline tends to be in September.


Numerous scholarships available for varying amounts

Deadline is August 31

BELCOURT BROSSEAU METIS AWARDS – awards range from $2000 - $9000

Awards are intended to assist Métis students with costs for tuition and for mandatory expenses. These awards will be based on financial need and individual circumstances. Involvement in the Métis community, volunteer work, and/or community service may be considered when determining the recipient. Priority will be given to students who are entering the first year of a post-secondary program for the first time. Application available on-line at Deadline tends to be in March. Applications for the trades are accepted throughout the year but are advised to apply at least one month in advance to allow for application processing.


Open to students who have completed grade 12 & are pursuing post-secondary education. To honor Bill’s memory, awards will be distributed to students with academic interests in broadcasting or agriculture. Individuals in professional rodeo will also be able to apply for an award to support their post-secondary studies. Applications may be downloaded at . Deadline tends to be in August.


Eligible students must meet the following criteria:

-be a graduating student intending to pursue journalism studies                                        

-attend an accredited post-secondary institution during the year of, or following application

Application & information available on-line at . Deadline tends to be in May.

Canadian Hospitality University Entrance Scholarships - $1,000 – 2,000

Criteria for consideration includes work experience, extra-curricular activities, academic record and letters of reference

Must be entering a university program in tourism and hospitality management

Deadline is March 29
Canadian Merit Scholarship Foundation175 awards of $1500, $2500, &12,000, $16,000

Must have an average of 85% or higher

Deadline is October 26
Canadian Natural Building Futures Scholarships up to $5,000.00

Must be applying to technical or trades education/training related to the oil and natural gas industry and reside near a Canadian Natural operations

Commitment to maintain at least C+ average in your courses

Deadline various dates. For fall entrance the deadline is August 15th.

CN Scholarship Program for Women Scholarships of $500

Female students accepted into a program of study in the trades or technology


Deadline is October 15

Canadian Printing Industries Scholarship $1,250.00

Student must be entering a printing management or technical program

Must have an average of 75%

Applications available in Career Room

Deadline for application is June 30
Canada War Museum Five prizes of $1000 each

Preference will be given to a student pursuing a degree in history

Deadline is March 15

Contact (819) 776-8617 for application details and essay topic


Open for application to female students coming to the University of Alberta out of high school. The ideal candidate should have an appreciation of the rural way of life, be actively involved in school, extra-curricular activities, & strive for excellence in all she does. Deadline tends to be in July. Application available on-line at .


This scholarship is set up to reward the athletic & academic excellence of Junior “A” Hockey players & provide incentive & means for these players to continue with their post-secondary education. Applicants must be an Alberta resident; a participant, or have been a participant, in at least one full season of hockey in the Alberta Junior "A" Hockey League & have played during the last year or are currently playing; enrolled as a full-time student at a post-secondary institution in Alberta; achieved a minimum g.p.a. of at least 65% in the previous semester of study; recommended by the Scholarship Committee of the Alberta Junior "A" Hockey League. Applications available at . Deadline tends to be in December.


These scholarships will recognize & reward academic excellence & provide an opportunity for outstanding Alberta students to pursue undergraduate studies at Harvard. Applicant must intend to be enrolled full-time in an undergraduate program at Harvard. Application available at .  Deadline tends to be in May.

CHARMAINE LETOURNEAU SCHOLARSHIP – number & value of awards vary Applicants must be a resident of Alberta, be deaf or hard of hearing, have applied or been accepted to an academic or training program at a qualified  post-secondary or vocational school, demonstrate financial need, show leadership within your school or community; other considerations are regular attendance, punctuality, diligence, and commitment. Application available on-line at Deadline tends to be in May.

This Bursary is awarded annually in amounts up to $5,000 by the Board of Directors of the Children's Ability Fund and may be allocated to more than one individual. The selection committee bases its decision on personal accomplishments and financial need. It is intended that the bursary will be used for registration and books for a student who is entering the first year of post-secondary education. It will be paid directly to the University, Community College, or Technical Institution. Information available at .  Application available on-line at (go to Documents). Application annual deadline tends to be in August.

DeVRY COMMUNITY SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM – ($1000 per semester (valued up to $9,000)

Open to all 2009 high school graduates who meet the following criteria:

 In the top 50% of graduating class or have a combined CGPA of 2.7 on a 4.0 scale at the end of the junior year. (CGPA is determined on a 4.0 scale. CGPA conversion must be determined and supplied by the high school if the CGPA is calculated using any other scale besides 4.0.)

-Nominated by high school guidance counselor or principal

Information available on-line at . Deadline tends to be in June.

Based on scholastic achievement in Grade 12 diploma examinations, financial need and commitment of the individual. Criteria will be the same as the Rutherford Scholar Awards. Recommendations of school principals and financial information will also be considered. Application available on-line @ Deadline tends to be in June.


Recognizes the top male and top female Alberta students who have excelled in track and field, have a strong academic record and plan to continue their studies at the post-secondary level in Alberta.  Must have completed grade 12 in the year of application and earned an average of 80% or higher in 5 subjects.  Must also be planning on joining the Track and Field team at their chosen post-secondary. Application available on-line at .  Application deadline tends to be in October.  


ELAA' s goal is to help an enthusiastic student, who is a leader in their high school, and is a volunteer in their community;

They must be:

- a grade 12 student, or have completed grade 12 and is heading directly to a recognized Post-Secondary, ELAA member institute, in the Province of Alberta (acceptance letter must accompany application);

- a leader in their high school;  

- participating as a volunteer in their high school or their community;

Applications available on-line @ . or

Deadline March 31.
4H Scholarships

Application available at

Various awards

Deadline is May 15

Father Ted Colleton Scholarship Program Two scholarships of $1000 and $500

Available to any high school student to promote the right to life.

Deadline is December 31
Fireside Bible Publishers Scholarship Five $1,000 scholarships awarded in North America

Any student enrolled in a Catholic high school

One nomination from each school will be accepted

Criteria for selection includes outstanding leadership in embracing religious education

Deadline is February 15
FRED ROW JOURNALISM BURSARY – two awards of $1000

Eligible applicants are Albertans who are:

-1st year journalism students;

-students who have expenses away from home;

-students from rural Alberta;

-students who are interested in the PRINT media;

-students who have had articles published i.e., school newspaper, yearbook, weekly or daily newspapers

The studies must be pursued through an accredited, post-secondary institution during the year of, or following application. Application & information available at . Deadline tends to be in May.


Awarded annually on the basis of superior academic achievement to an Alberta resident entering the first year of the BSc Nutrition and Food Sciences degree program in the Faculty of Agriculture, Forestry, and Home Economics at the University of Alberta. Information available at . Apply through the U of A.  Deadline for application tends to be in July.

Garfield Weston Merit Scholarship for Colleges – Up to $12,500

Demonstrate leadership and community service

Minimum of 75% in required entry courses

Deadline is March 1 Go to

Greyhound Road Scholar

Grade 12 student free tuition if you ride a Greyhound bus between March 8 and August 31st.

Drop off transcript to nearest Greyhound depot to be entered for the draw

Deadline is August 31st

Visit for more information.
Grant MacEwan – Young Author Scholarship One scholarship for $10,000

Presented annually to a young Alberta author (16-25 years of age) who creates an essay or short story reflecting Alberta or one of Dr. MacEwan’s many interests.

Application available at

Deadline is January 31


This scholarship was created in 2008 to support a member of a needy rural family desiring advanced education. Applicant must:

-be a Canadian citizen and be an Alberta resident

-have primary family income from the agriculture sector

-be in need of financial assistance in pursuing post secondary education

-demonstrated leadership qualities in family, community, and school involvement and/or clubs/teams

-plan on pursuing further education at a recognized educational institution

Go to & click on documents. Application deadline tends to be in April.
HEC GERVAIS ACADEMIC & CURLING SCHOLARSHIP – (awards & value of each will be determined by the Foundation Board of Directors)

Applicant must be an active curler & have competed in Junior Men's or Women's, High School, Winter Games, or Mixed competitions; must be age 20 or less as of Dec 31 in the year of application; For other criteria specifications & application please refer to the website at . Deadline for application tends to be in March.  

John Hasselfield Endowment Foundation Scholarship - depending on need upto $500

A general award given out to students in need. There are awards given out two times in the year.

Go to Deadlines: October 20 and April 1

To be eligible you must have been an Alberta resident for at least 3 years; enter any degree-granting program in Alberta; financial need is considered.  Applications are available online at Deadline tends to be in July.

KEYERA ENERGY PETER J. RENTON MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP - $6000 ($3000 per year for two years)

The scholarship is intended to assist and encourage Alberta students to pursue full-time studies in a post-secondary program in a field related to the oil and gas industry. Applicant must plan to enroll in an accredited Alberta post-secondary institution in the first year of a degree or diploma program; be a Canadian citizen; be an Alberta resident; have completed the requirements for high school graduation in Alberta. Deadline tends to be in May. Application & information may be found at


This scholarship is open to Knights, their children, wives or widows of Alberta Knights of Columbus who are in good standing in their councils. The scholarships are awarded on the basis of all round achievement in the areas of academics, athletics, the arts, school, community & church involvement as well as financial need. Deadline May 31. Application & information may be found at .

Kinsmen and Kinettes Bursary

Individual must demonstrate high ideals and qualities of citizenship and be sponsored by a local Kinsmen or Kinettes Club

Deadline is February 1

Application form available in Career Room

Al Larson Memorial Scholarship (Alberta Real Estate Association) ($1,000.00)

Must be a son or daughter of a Realtor

Applications available in the Career Room

Deadline is August 31

Ladies Auxiliary Alberta Royal Canadian Legion Bursary (Award is $500.00)

Assist children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, nieces, nephews of military personnel (current and retired), RCMP, and firefighters (paid or volunteer)

Based on financial need

Deadline is August 24

Leonard Foundation (140 awards)

Criteria is financial need

Preference will be given to daughters or sons of ordained clergy, licensed elementary or secondary school teachers.

Deadline is March 15

Lord Strathcona Trust Fund Scholarship (Three scholarships of $1000 each)

Students entering Education, Physical Education or Rec. Management. Students must have served with the cadets for at least 3 years.

Deadline is June 1

Six Education Grants are available to graduating students planning to start their own business after post secondary. Two primary criteria: the applicant has demonstrated a desire to be an entrepreneur and has financial need. Application available on-line at ] .  Deadline July 31.  


Six Education Grants are available to graduating students planning to start their own business after post secondary. Two primary criteria: the applicant has demonstrated a desire to be an entrepreneur and has financial need. Application available at .  Deadline July 31.  


The Mandin Awrd is a financial award of up to $400 to assist Alberta children & young adults (between the ages of 4 & 21) with learning disabilities. Its purpose is to encourage those children to pursue their educational goals with enthusiasm & confidence. More information & the application are available @ . Deadline tends to be in May.

Miller Thomson Foundation National Scholarships (200 awards of $1,000.00)

Based on academics, contribution to school and community including sports, clubs, organizations, volunteerism.

Deadline is March 15

Visit and link to MT Foundation or email for an application form.

Monsanto Agri-Business Scholarship ( $1,500.00)

Must be pursuing a degree or diploma in agricultural sciences or forestry

Scholarship application is available in Career Room or online

Deadline is August 17


Goes towards tuition at post-secondary institutions in Alberta. Priority given to those who do not receive a Rutherford Scholarship. This award is based on financial need. Application available on-line at Application must be submitted in duplicate by January 31.

METIS & NON-STATUS BURSARY PROGRAM (Alberta Children’s Services) - up to $19,200 This program assists eligible Métis & Non-Status Indian students who wish to pursue post-secondary education in the field of social services. Applicants must have a financial need, demonstrate a commitment to aboriginal communities in Alberta & have been an Alberta resident for at least 3 years prior to applying. Application available on-line at (look for ‘Aboriginal Peoples’ then click on ‘Métis & Non-Status Bursary’). Deadline tends to be in May.


The MDA Education Foundation was established to provide an avenue for scholarship opportunities to dealership staff.~ From trade and technical scholarships, to bursaries for finance and dealership management programs at SAIT and Georgian College- the MDA wants to provide assistance where it is needed, and reward excellence in academic achievements. Eligibility requirements:

-enrolling in Automotive Technical Trade Apprenticeship Programs                                               

-enrolling in Canadian Automotive Institute Program (either Georgian College, Barrie or SAIT Polytechnic, Calgary)                                           

-Alberta resident                                    

-apprentice or employed by active MDA member dealer

-financial need

Students must provide-a copy of their enrollment transcript

Applications are accepted year-round & reviewed by the MDA scholarship committee on a quarterly basis. Scholarship values are assessed based on need & merit (marks & other achievements). Students are eligible to apply for every year of their schooling or technical training so long as they remain employed by an MDA Member Dealer. Application available at , scroll to bottom of page, click on ‘MDA Education Foundation’, then click on ‘download scholarship application’.
NAVY League (Twenty bursaries of $1,000 each)

Bursary program for currently serving cadets who plan on pursuing post secondary education

Deadline is August 15
Northern Alberta Crippled Children’s Fund (of $500)

Award given to assist children, grand children, great grand children, nieces, nephews, great nieces and nephews of ex-service people as well as children and grand children of current personnel and RCMP>

Deadline is September 30
Northern Alberta Development Council Bursary Application

Student must be a resident of Alberta

Be enrolled in a full-time post-secondary program

Be within 2 years of completion of your post-secondary program

Not be in default of a provincial student loan


Deadline is May 1

Up to $12,000 for final 2 years of post-secondary study, Medical/Dentistry Up to $96,000 for medical school students

  • Up to $48,000 for pharmacy students

  • Up to $54,000 for nurse practitioner students

  • Up to $2,500 for health care practicum support

Up to $16,000 to complete your Education degree.

The bursary will be awarded on the following criteria:

-full-time attendance in a post secondary;   

-exemplary character, both at school & while playing hockey;   

-satisfactory academic achievement;   

-distinction in cultural, athletic, or other community activities;   

-financial need;    

-resident of Alberta;   

-zest for life;   

-formal written application by the applicant to the President of NAFHA

Application form available at . Deadline tends to be in Januar
Petroleum Society of CIM Heavy Oil

Two scholarships of $1000 given to students from Lloydminster and surrounding high schools enrolled in a college, university or technical school entering science or engineering related to the oil industry .

One essay contest prize of $1000.

Visit for more information.

Deadline is August 31
People Against Impaired Driving and Research and Education on Impaired Driving ($500)

One award of $500 given to one graduating student in Northern Alberta who is involved in promoting awareness to impaired driving and has been involved in anti drug and alcohol activities.

Deadline is June 1


This scholarship honors the efforts of five Alberta women. Criteria considered will be financial need, program of studies and academic achievement. Women entering nontraditional fields are encouraged to apply. Further information & application available at . Application deadline tends to be in September.


To recognize students graduating from high school who have supported and contributed to Alberta communities through public service and voluntary endeavours.  Recipients will receive a plaque and a letter of commendation from the Premier.  One award is available for each high school in Alberta. Students should contact the Career Centre. More information available at . Nominations usually requested in late April or early May.


This award was created to commemorate the Queen’s Golden Jubilee in 2002.  The five most outstanding recipients of the Premier’s Citizenship Award will receive the Queen’s Golden Jubilee citizenship Medal, a letter of commendation from the Lieutenant Governor, and $5,000. Information available at . Nomination deadline tends to be in June


Awarded annually to a student in teh performing ars who shows extraordinary talent and potential and who demonstrates clear educational/training goals and objectives.

Applicants may apply for:

-Any level of undergraduate studies; or

-Equivalent in an accredited performing arts program; or

-Any level of a technical performing arts school; or

-A recognized program or mentorship;

Other eligibility criteria may be viewed on-line at . Deadline for application tends to be the beginning of March.


Awarded annually to a student in the visual arts who shows extraordinary talent and potential and who demonstrates clear educational/training goals and objectives.

Some of the eligibility criteria includes:

-For the purposes of this scholarship program the visual arts can include but are not restricted to: drawing, painting, sculpture, printmaking, clay, glass, wood, metal, fiber or combination of these.

-Must be a resident of Alberta

-The scholarship will only be granted if the applicant can prove enrollment

For more information . Deadline for application tends to be the beginning of March.
RAP SCHOLARSHIP - up to 500 scholarships of $1000

Must have completed a minimum of 250 hours of on-the-job training in a Registered Apprenticeship Program and plan on continuing in a regular apprenticeship program.

Applicants must be registered as an apprentice while still attending high school, have completed a minimum of 250 hrs of on-the-job training and work experience in their chosen trade and plan to continue in an approved apprenticeship program after completing high school.

Applications must be supported by 1) two or three paragraphs describing themselves, confirming their plans to continue their apprenticeship program and why a career in that trade is a good fit for them. 2) a completed employer recommendation form 3) a recommendation letter from a high school teacher.

Application and information available on-line at (click on ‘Scholarships’ under ‘Resources’). Or applications for RAP scholarships will be available via in April.

Deadline tends to be in June; second round application deadline tends to be in February.

RE/MAX Bursary ($500)

Essay on leadership, sports, technology and innovation, arts and community services

Deadline is March 12

See for application form

Retail Council of Canada (Fourteen $1,000.00 scholarships)

Bursaries available to committed and deserving students who are pursuing an education in

a retail or business-related post-secondary program.

Application form available at

Deadline for application is April 15

Royal Bank Scholarship

Minimum average of 65%

Involvement in any of all of the following areas: community leadership, extra-curricular activities, special endeavours or circumstances, volunteer service, career objectives

Deadline May12, 2006 or call 1-866-363-1722

These awards are for Alberta and N.W.T. Command students entering their first Term of a University, School of Technology and Art, Nursing Program, or any recognized College within Alberta-N.W.T. These awards are intended to assist children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, nieces, nephews and great nieces and nephews of ex-service personnel, as well as children and grandchildren of current serving personnel, R.C.M.P., Fire fighters, Volunteer Fire Fighters and Reserve Personnel in advancing their education. They are not for mature students = i.e. students over twenty years of age.

Students may obtain an application form at the Career Centre or write to the Ladies' Auxiliary, Bursary Chairman, 2020 - 15th Street N.W., Calgary, Alberta T2M 3N8, or they may contact the nearest Auxiliary or Legion Branch.

The completed Application Form should be mailed on or before August 2l to the Ladies' Auxiliary Bursary Chairman.

Scotia Bank Scholarship (Five $1000.00 scholarships)

Go to

Deadliine is December 15th

This scholarship is intended for a full-time student attending an Alberta University who is enrolled in a program that will lead to that individual being able to assist children and/or adults with learning disabilities. More information & the application are available on-line @ . Deadline tends to be in May.


These scholarships recognize the academic accomplishments of the children Stream-Flo Industries Ltd., Master Flo Valve Inc., and ERC Industries employees. Applicants must:

-Have completed high school

-Be enrolled or intending to enroll in full-time post-secondary studies at a college, university or technical school in Alberta, Saskatchewan, or British Columbia

-a parent must be employed full-time in one of the above listed companies

Recipients will be selected based on highest average marks obtained in five eligible Grade 12 courses. A minimum of 80.0% is required to obtain the scholarship.

For more information on this scholarship & for applications please go to & search by title. Deadline for application tends to be in July.
TD Canada Trust Scholarships for Community Leadership (Up to 20 Scholarships of up to $60,000.00 each will be awarded across Canada)

Awards for graduating students who have demonstrated outstanding community leadership, and be accepted to a college or university program

Applications available online at

Deadline is October 29

Teletoon Animation Scholarship

Awards for graduation students enrolled in an animation program at a certified Canadian Post Secondary Institute

Awards of four $1000, four $2500, and four $4000 scholarships.

Deadline is May 12
Terry Fox Humanitarian Award (

The award reads “ In recognitions of having demonstrated the highest ideals and qualities of citizenship and humanitarian service while in pursuit of excellence in academic, amateur sport, fitness, health and voluntary community service. In so doing has reflected those ideals of courage , humanitarianism, service and compassion, which Terry embodied.”

The value of each award is up to $7,000.

deadline is February 1st

Toyota Earth Day Scholarship Program (15 entrance scholarships of $5,000.00)

This scholarship encourages and rewards graduating high school students who have distinguished themselves through environmental community service, extracurricular and volunteer activities and academic excellence.

application available online at or

Deadline for application is January 31

Young Women of Vision Bursary (Award is for one year tuition at Grant MacEwan College)

Open to young women entering their first year of post-secondary education at Grant MacEwan College

Based on financial need

Application deadline is January 24


3 scholarships of $750

Awarded to Alberta students with superior year Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree Program with a focus on studio fine art disciplines. Students will be selected on the basis of their portfolio of recent work (completed during the last 12 months, maximum 10 pieces) and accepted into a Bachelor of Fine Arts program offered by a post secondary institution in the Province of Alberta. Application available on-line at [ ] (go to Documents). Deadline for application tends to be in July.

Presents three scholarships annually to talented and enthusiastic High School students from Alberta’s rural areas and communities to attend School for Teena at Red Deer College in August. Interested High School level art students are invited to submit:

-student statement of 1 to 2 paragraphs on why you would like to attend visual arts summer school

-a letter of support form your teacher

-3 to 5 slides/photographs of recent work

Deadline for application tends to be May.

Application available on-line at (go to Documents).

Post secondary French Language Scholarships

French Summer Language Bursary Program (bursary covers tuition, books and accommodation)

Provides students with an opportunity to preserve or learn one of Canada’s official languages. Approximately 500 bursaries will be available for Alberta students to enroll in a full-time, five-week French language course at an accredited institution. Students are responsible for their own travel. The student must have completed at least grade 11 prior to the program. Additional information and applications are available on-line at . Deadline is February 15.

FELLOWSHIPS FOR FULL-TIME STUDIES IN FRENCH – ($500 to $1000 per semester)

Applicant must be an Alberta resident, Canadian Citizen or Landed Immigrant, & plan to register full-time in a post-secondary program of at least one semester in length. In addition, applicant must be enrolled in a minimum of three courses per semester which have French as the language of instruction. Application available on-line at . Deadline for application tends to be in November.

Aboriginal Scholarships, Grants and Bursaries

For Aboriginal students pursuing an education in Business or Commerce in any public post secondary educational institute in Alberta.  Information available at Deadline tends to be in June.


Applicants must be Indian, Inuit, or Métis and have been living in Alberta for the last three years and plan to enroll full-time in a health field at the college, technical institute or university level. Students are selected on the basis of financial need, previous academic record, program of study, involvement in the aboriginal community and experience in the health care field. The selection committee will also review the applicant’s health career goals. Deadline tends to be in May. Information & application forms are available at (look under Alberta Health Careers then search Aboriginal Health Careers Bursary).

Indians and Northern Affairs Canada

see website for numerous awards
Dollars for Learners (Metis Students)

Numerous awards

Primary criteria are financial need and community involvement.

Deadline of various dates – most due in May

Belcourt Brosseau Metis Awards, $1,000 – $7,000

Metis, Alberta resident for at least the past 12 months

Demonstrate financial need

Deadline is May 15

Grant MacEwan – Aboriginal Business Leadership Awards

Deadline is June 15

Aboriginal Social Services Bursary

Deadline is April 30

Imperial Oil Aboriginal Education Awards Program

Imperial Oil Cold Lake Operations offers $1000 to individuals with Native ancestry to assist in post-secondary education towards a career in the petroleum industry.

National Aboriginal Achievement Foundation

Three scholarships available

Arts Scholarship Program for fine arts and performance arts studies

Health Careers Program

Post-secondary Education Awards program for business, science and general education studies

See for applications

Deadline is a variety of dates

-Two awards of $2000.00 each for Aboriginal people attending post secondary educational institutions in programs related to the oil sands industry (i.e.: engineering, computer science, technologists etc.).

-Two awards of $2000.00 each for Aboriginal people attending post secondary educational institutions pursuing studies in the Finance/Accounting/Business disciplines.

-Two awards of $2000.00 each for women attending post-secondary institutions pursuing a degree in Science & Technology.

To be eligible you:

- must be aboriginal peoples (First Nation, Inuit, & Métis Nation); women pursuing studies in science and technology.

-have lived in Alberta for at least one year

- be registered as a full time student leading to a recognized degree or diploma

-provide parental or spousal financial information

-provide your most recent transcripts

-provide proof of acceptance into accredited colleges or universities within Canada

For more information on these scholarships & for applications please go to . Deadline for application tends to be in June.

Xerox Aboriginal Technology Scholarships Award Program

Available to Status or Non-Status Indian, Metis or Inuit students registered in a full-time program at an approved Canadian post-secondary institution in a program with significant content in information technology.

Other websites: search scholarships
Post-Secondary Institutions
See website of institution you are planning on attending or contact student services
University of Alberta – Leadership Awards, $1,000 - $10,000
Exceptional leadership skills as demonstrated by community service and extracurricular involvement

Average of 80% or higher on grade 11 and/or grade 12 final marks

Deadline is March 15

www.registrar.ualberta/awards and go to Entrance Awards, Entrance Leadership
University of Alberta – Grade 11 Honors Awards, $1,000 - $10,000

Average of 80% or higher on grade 11 final marks

Deadline is Feb. 15

Additional Scholarship websites:

  • General scholarship info: watch the power point presentation:











You can explore a diversity of awards (scholarships and bursaries) available to supplement funding of your post-secondary education through the following three databases:

i) Alberta Scholarship Programs – lists awards that are administered by Alberta Scholarship Programs. Search alphabetically, by keyword or by audience.

ii) Scholarship Connections – lists awards that are administered by various organizations. Search by keyword, deadline or category.


iii) Post-Secondary Institutions Scholarships – lists awards that are administered by specific post-secondary institutions in Alberta. Search by post-secondary institution.
Apprenticeship Information:

Scholarship and Bursaries Application Forms


Go to for the following scholarships and applications

Apply now. Below are application forms for the following scholarships:

   Aboriginal Health Careers Bursary

   Alberta Award for the Study of Canadian Human Rights and Multiculturalism 

   Alberta Barley Commission - Eugene Boyko Memorial Scholarship 

   Alberta Blue Cross 50th Anniversary Scholarships for Aboriginal Students 

   Alberta Motion Picture Industry Training Program-On-the-Job Training 

   Alberta Motion Picture Industry Training Program-Short Course or Seminar Grants 

   Alberta Press Council Scholarship 

   Alberta Ukrainian Centennial Commemorative Scholarship 

   Alexander Rutherford Scholarship for High School Achievement 

   Anna and John Kolesar Memorial Scholarship 

   Arts Awards for Career Development 

   Arts Graduate Scholarship 

   Boys and Girls Clubs of Alberta Scholarship 

   Cana Scholarships 

   Carmangay Home and School Association Scholarship 

   Central Alberta Rural Electrification Association Scholarship 

   Dr. Ernest and Minnie Mehl Scholarship 

   Dr. Robert and Anna Shaw Scholarship 

   Dr. Robert Norman Shaw Scholarship  

   Earl and Countess of Wessex-Edmonton 2001 World Championships in Athletics Scholarship 

   Fellowships for Full-time Studies in French 

   Grant MacEwan United World College Scholarship 

   International  Education Award - Ukraine 

   Janet and Horace Allen Scholarship 

   Language Teacher Bursary Program

   Little Divide Search and Rescue Scholarship 

   Michael Luchkovich Scholarships for Career Development 

   Northern Alberta Development Bursary 

   Northern Alberta Development Council Bursary for Medical Students 

   Northern Alberta Development Council Bursary for Pharmacy Students 

   Northern Alberta Development Council Bursary Partnership Program 

   Northern Student Supplement 

   Persons Case Scholarship  

   Ralph Steinhauer Scholarship  

   Sir James Lougheed Scholarship  

Symposiums/ Conferences/ Opportunities

Alberta Youth Olympic Symposium (For Grade 11 and 12 students)

  • Sports Leadership Conference first week of May at Canada Olympic Park in Calgary

  • Program teaches leadership skills and values

  • Contact

  • Deadline for applying is first week of April

Deep River Science Academy

  • A 6 week summer program for students interested in the Sciences or Engineering

  • Applications available at

  • Application deadline is March 20

EF Global Citizen Award for $1500 and a 10-day educational tour of Europe

  • based on an essay “Describe a specific incident in your own community that has encouraged you to live as a global citizen.“

  • deadline is February 15

  • or call 1-800-263-2806

Forum for Young Canadians

  • Forum is open to students between the ages of 15 and 19: based on sound academic performance, social and leadership skills, extra curricular activities, interest in current national and community affairs.

  • Forum is held in Ottawa at Parliament Hill

  • Sessions are one week long

  • See for application package and dates of the four forums

  • Application deadline is November 15

House of Common Pages

  • Paid one year position for 15 hours a week

  • Student must have an average of 80% , have a superior knowledge of both official languages, and apply and be accepted to a university in the National Capital Region

  • see under Quick Links – Youth programs for information

  • Deadline is December 4

REDA (Rural Education and Development Association) Cooperative Youth Program

  • One week camp open to youth who have completed Grade 8, 9, 10 or 11 by June 30 of the current school year

  • Located at Goldeye Centre, near Nordegg, Alberta (one hour west of Rocky Mountain House)

  • Seminars to develop necessary skills and confidence for teens to participate effectively in groups, clubs, etc.

  • Cost of camp is $431.25. Participants are encouraged to find a sponsor to help pay all of part of the fee.

SHAD Valley

  • Four intense weeks at one of the 12 host university campuses

  • Science, Technology, Entrepreneurship, and leadership

  • See

  • Deadline December 7

WISEST - Summer Research Program – Grade 11 Students

  • A paid six-week summer University research experience for young women and men

  • Participants work on various research projects in non-traditional areas within the Faculties of Science Engineering, Nursing and Agriculture, Forestry and Home Economics.

  • Objectives of the program are to broaden the career choices of high schools students to encourage them to consider a future in the research culture.

  • Applications and information are available at

  • Deadline for application is April 30.

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