August 2015 Curriculum Vitae

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August 2015
Curriculum Vitae

Jeffrey S. Librett
CURRENT POSITION: Professor of German

University of Oregon

Loyola University Chicago, Adjunct Prof. of Philosophy (Spring 2003-2005)

Loyola University Chicago, Prof. of Modern Langs. and Lits. (Spring 2003-2005)

University of Chicago, Visiting Assoc. Prof. of German (Winter 2000)

Loyola University Chicago, Adjunct Assoc. Prof. of Philosophy (Spring 1997-Spring 2003)

Loyola University Chicago, Assoc. Prof. of Modern Langs. and Lits. (Spring 1994-Spring 2003)

Loyola University Chicago, Asst. Prof. of Modern Langs. and Lits. (Fall 1988-Spring 1994)

University of Arizona, Asst. Prof. of German (Fall 1987-Spring 1988)

Freie Universität Berlin, Teaching Assistant, Research Assistant, Instructor (1984-7)

Cornell University, Teaching Assistant (1982-3)

1989 Cornell University Ph.D. in Comparative Literature

1984 Cornell University M.A. in Comparative Literature

1981 Columbia University M.A. in English Literature

1979 Yale University B.A. in Philosophy

Ph.D. Dissertation: Rhapsodic Dispositions: Engenderments of the Ground

in the Discourse of the Beautiful Soul

(Shaftesbury, Kant, Hegel, and Heidegger)

directed by Peter U. Hohendahl

(other committee members: Jonathan Culler and Richard Klein)


  1. BOOKS: The Rhetoric of Cultural Dialogue: Jews and Germans

from Moses Mendelssohn to Richard Wagner and Beyond.

(Stanford: Stanford University Press, 2000.)

Orientalism and the Figure of the Jew (New York: Fordham University Press, 2015).
B. EDITIONS: Books translated, with Introduction or Afterword:

Of the Sublime: Presence in Question. Essays by Michel Deguy, Eliane Escoubas, Jean-Luc Nancy, Philippe Lacoue-Labarthe, Jean-Francois Lyotard, Louis Marin, Jean-Francois Courtine, Jacob Rogozinski, trans.and ed., with an Afterword by Jeffrey S. Librett. Albany: State University of New York Press, 1993.
The Sense of the World, by Jean-Luc Nancy, trans. and ed. with a Foreword by Jeffrey S. Librett. Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, 1997.
Co-Edited (with David Luebke) and wrote Introduction for Special Issue of Konturen, "Up

Against the Wall," volume 4, fall 2013.

Edited and wrote Introduction for Special Issue of Konturen, "Borderlines in Psychoanalysis,

Borderlines of Psychoanalysis," volume 3, online Dec. 30, 2010.

Edited and wrote Introduction for Special Issue of Konturen, "Between Nature and Culture: After

the Continental-Analytic Divide," volume 2, online Dec. 30, 2009.

Edited and wrote Introduction for Special Issue of Konturen, "Political Theology: the Border in

Question," volume 1, online Dec 1, 2008.

"How to Go Beyond an Ontotheology of the Subject? Anxiety in Kierkegaard and Heidegger"

Konturen, volume 7 (2015), 194-214.
"On an Intermittent Subject in Jean-Luc Nancy," Diacritics, Special Issue on "The Prepositional

Sense of Jean-Luc Nancy (1), 42.2 (2014): 36-58.

"Aesthetics in Deconstruction: Derrida's Reception of Kant's Critique of Judgment," The

Philosophical Forum: a Quarterly 43.3 (Fall 2012): 327-44.
“Historicist Orientalism as a Public Absolute: On Herder’s Typo-teleology,” Telos 159

(Summer 2012): 19-34.

"The Finitude of Method: Mourning Theory from the New Criticism to the New Vitalism,"

Comparative Literature 64.2 (Spring 2012): 121-49.
“Abstraction and Materiality in Post-Holocaust Art:

Colette Brunschwig’s Collage Series White Pebble for Paul Celan," in The Hyphenate Writer and the Legacy of Exile, ed. Paolo Giordano (Chicago: Bordighera Press, 2011), 37-57.

Polish translation of “The Practice of the World: Jean-Luc Nancy’s Liminal Cosmology Between

Theory and History,” in Nowa Krytyka 24-25 (2010): 251-69.

"From the Sacrifice of the Letter to the Voice of Testimony: Giorgio Agamben's Fulfillment of

Metaphysics" – Diacritics Special Issue on "Taking Exception with the Exception," 37.2-3 (Summer-Fall 2007): 11-33.

"'With these Repulsive Things Indissolubly Bound': Franz Kafka as Primal Scene," in American

Imago: Psychoanalysis and the Human Sciences 64.4 (Winter 2007): 513-533.
“La terreur dans la philosophie: Heidegger en tant qu’homme européen,” in Le Portique:

revue de philosophie et de sciences humaines, trans. Martine Guyot-Bender. Special issue: Heidegger. La pensée à l’ère de la technique et de la mondialisation. 18 (Octobre, 2006): 103-8.
“Perversion and Freedom at Abu Ghraib.” Les enjeux de la perversion aujourd’hui/The Stakes of

Perversion Today. Quebec: GIFRIC, 2005. 63-78.
“Pomiedzy nihilizmem i mitem: wartosci, estetyka I polityka w Sensie swiata Jeana-Luca

Nancy’ego” (translation by Tomasz Zaluski of “Between Nihilism and Myth: Value, Aesthetics, and Politics in The Sense of the World,” which is my “Foreword” to The Sense of the World, listed above). Sztuka I Filozofia 22-23 (2003): 193-215.

“Orientalism and Panic in Franz Kafka’s “Great Wall of China.” (a): the journal

of culture and the unconscious 3.1 (Spring 2003): 1-11.
"Destabilizing Typologies: Jewish Works, Christian Faith, and the Passage from Orient to

Occident in G.E. Lessing’s Ernst und Falk: Gespräche für Freimäurer" The Germanic

Review 78.4 (Fall 2003): 301-18.
"How Does One Orient Oneself in Giving? Cultural-Political and Theological Implications of

Problematic Generosity in G.E. Lessing's Nathan the Wise." Lessing Yearbook 35 (2003): 35-59.

"Interpretation of Medicine or Medicine of Interpretation: Some Remarks on State, Religion, and

the Question of 'Lay Analysis'." (a): the journal of culture and the unconscious, 1. 2 (2001): 55-67.

"Force de la nature ou décadent manqué? -- Wagner vu par Nietzsche." Cultures en

mouvement, Dossier sur Nietzsche (Mai 2001): 47-51.
"Stolen Goods: Cultural Identity After the Counterenlightenment in Salomon Maimon's

Autobiography (1792)." New German Critique, special issue on the 18th century, 79 (Winter 2000): 36-66.
"Can a Jew Have Feelings? -- Aesthetics of Cultural Suicide in Moses Mendelssohn's Letters on

Sentiments." In Richard Block, Peter Fenves, eds., "The Spirit of Poesy": Essays on Jewish and German Literature and Thought in Honor of Géza von Molnár. Evanston: Northwestern U Press, 2000. 1-26.
"Humanist Antiformalism as a Theopolitics of Race: F. H. Jacobi on Friend and Enemy."

Eighteenth Century Studies 32:2 (Winter 1998-9): 233-45.
"The Splitting of the Superego in the Process of Self-Consolation: Psychoanalysis Between

Scientific Facts and Aesthetic Values." Savoir: revue de psychanalyse et d'analyse culturelle, Special issue on "La vérité, entre science et savoir," 4.1 (June 1998): 79-98.

"Interruptions of Necessity: Being Between Meaning and Power in Jean-Luc Nancy."

In Simon Sparks, Simon Sheppard, and Colin Thomas, eds., On Jean-Luc Nancy: the Sense of Philosophy. London: Routledge, 1997. 103-39.

"Figuralizing the Oriental, Literalizing the Jew: On the Attempted Assimilation of Letter to

Spirit in Friedrich Schlegel's Über die Sprache und Weisheit der Indier." The German Quarterly 69:3 (Summer 1996): 260-76.

"The Practice of the World: Jean-Luc Nancy's Liminal Cosmology Between Theory and History,"

International Studies in Philosophy 28.1 (Winter 1996): 29-44.
"Writing (as) the Perverse Body in Friedrich Schlegel's Lucinde." In Juliet Flower MacCannell

and Laura Zakarin, eds., Thinking Bodies. Palo Alto: Stanford U Press, 1994. 132-40.

"Schizotechnotheology in Some Zionist Texts: Melanie Klein and Martin Heidegger in the

Promised Land." American Journal of Semiotics 10: 3-4 (1993): 27-80.

"Vom Spiegelbild zur Unterschrift: Paul de Mans Ideologiebegriff und Schillers Dramen."

In Karl Heinz Bohrer, ed., Ästhetik und Rhetorik: Lektüren zu Paul de Man. Frankfurt: Suhrkamp Verlag, 1993. 206-52.

"The Chorus of Crossing (Walls Made of Voices)." In Karen Haworth, John Deely, Terry Prewitt,

eds., Semiotics 1990, Proceedings of the Fifteenth Annual Meeting of the Semiotic Society of America, Oct. 1990. Lanham, New York: UP of America, 1993. 288-93.

"From the Authority of Appropriate (De)form(ation) to -- : Toward de Man's Totalitarian Acts."

In Werner Hamacher, Neil Hertz, and Thomas Keenan, eds., Responses: on Paul de Man's Wartime Journalism. Lincoln: U of Nebraska Press, 1989. 314-23.

"East-West Dialogue as Exemplary Performance of the Hermeneutic: Toward Heidegger's 'Aus

einem Gespräch von der Sprache'." In Wimal Dassanayake, Steven Bradbury, eds., Literary History, Narrative, and Culture: Selected Conference Papers. Honolulu: U of Hawaii Press, 1989. 61-71.

"Wunderzeichen: from Signs of Wonders to Characters as 'Wonders' in Kant." In Semiotics 1986,

Proceedings of the Eleventh Annual Meeting of the Semiotics Society of America, Oct. 1986. Lanham, New York, London: U Press of America, 1987. 285-95.

“From Here to’Over There’: the Transubstantiation of the Private(s) in the Culture of the Mass.”

ArtUS 12 (March-April 2006): 31-37.
“Continuous Separations: Colette Brunschwig’s Paul Celan Collages/Vloeiende scheidingslijnen:

de collages van Colette Brunschwig over Paul Celans poëzie” (with Dawn A. Marlan), in Colette Brunschwig en andere transposities van de poëzie van Paul Celan/et autre résonances autour de l’oeuvre poétique de Paul Celan, ed. Etty Mulder and Daan Van Speybroeck. Netherlands, Nijmegen University Press, 2003. 33-38.

"On the Matter of Method in Modernist German-Jewish Studies.”

The German Quarterly 76.1 (Winter 2003): 86-93.
"Is Psychoanalysis a Science?" review article on Donald Levy, Freud Amongst the Philosophers:

the Psychoanalytic Unconscious and its Philosophical Critics. Science as Culture 8.4

(1999): 525-33.

"L'antinomie de la faculté (psychanalytique) de juger: commentaire." In Christiane Kègle, ed.,

Transmission du savoir analytique. Québec: la Nuit blanche, 1995. 77-82.
Review of Richard T. Gray, About Face: German Physiognomic Thought from Lavater to

Auschwitz (Detroit: Wayne State University Press, 2004). In Comparative Literature 58.2 (Spring 2006): 175-77.
Review of Laurence A. Rickels, Nazi Psychoanalysis, in Monatshefte 96.3 (Fall 2004): 451-3.
Review of David Martyn, ed., Moses Mendelssohn, “Jerusalem, oder über religiöse Macht und

Judentun,” Vorrede zu Manasseh Ben Israel’s “Rettung der Juden”. Aisthesis Verlag,

2001, in The German Quarterly 76.3 (Summer 2003): 330-1.

Review of Jean-Michel Rey, La part de l'autre, in Sub-stance 89 (1999): 164-7.
Review of Eric Santner, My Own Private Germany: Daniel Paul Schreber's Secret History of

Modernity, in Modernism/Modernity 5:1 (January 1998): 196-8.
Review of Marina Foschi Albert, Friedrich Schlegels Theorie des Witzes und sein Roman

Lucinde, in Seminar: a Journal of Germanic Studies (Winter 1997): 217-20.
Review of Ortwin de Graef, Serenity in Crisis: a Preface to Paul de Man, in Sub-stance 24.1-

2 (1995): 208-12.

Review of Eitel Timm, Ketzer und Dichter: Lessing, Goethe, Thomas Mann, und die

Postmoderne in der Tradition des Häresiegedankens, in Lessing Yearbook, 23 (1991): 211-13.
Review of Hugh Silverman, Inscriptions: Between Phenomenology and Structuralism, in

Sub-stance 11.2-3 (1990): 210-13.
Review of H.E. Bödeker and Ulrich Herrmann, eds., Aufklärung als Politisierung--Politisierung

als Aufklärung, in Lessing Yearbook 21 (1989): 272-5.
Review of Slavoj Zizek, Le plus sublime des hysteriques: Hegel passe, in Newsletter of the

Freudian Field 3.1-3.2 (Spring/Fall 1989): 118-23.
Review of David Macey, Lacan in Contexts, in Newsletter of the Freudian Field 2.2 (Fall 1988):


1. German into English
Peter U. Hohendahl, "Introduction" and "Literary Criticism in the Epoch of Liberalism, 1820-70,"

in Peter U. Hohendahl, ed., The History of German Literary Criticism, 1730-1980. Lincoln: U of Nebraska Press, 1988. 1-12, 179-276.

Werner Hamacher, "Disgregation of the Will: Nietzsche on the Individual and Individuality," in

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2. French into English:
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Technologies. Minneapolis: U of Minnesota Press, 1993. 28-58.
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Heidegger: Commemorations. Bloomington and Indianapolis: Indiana U Press, 1993. 241-57.
3. English into German:
John Ashbery, "Night Life"and "The Ivory Tower" from Shadow Train, in collaboration with

Nikolai Hormess, in Sprache im technischen Zeitalter 101 (March 1987): 30-1.

"Kant's Critique of Herder (from Teleology to Racism)" -- in circulation.
"Lessing's 'Grounding' of the Spirit as Religion and Family" -- in circulation.
“Martin Buber’s Reading of Taoism,” article forthcoming in essay collection on China in the

German Enlightenment, ed. Daniel Purdy (Toronto University Press).
"Moses," forthcoming in Handbuch Literatur und Psychoanalyse, eds. Frauke Berndt and Eckart

Goebel, 2016.

Co-editing Special Issue of Konturen on "What is a Thing?" with Nicholas Reynolds.
Board of Consultants: The Owl of Minerva, Journal of the Hegel Society of America.
Advisory Board: Signale: Modern German Letters, Cultures, and Thought (online monograph

series published by Cornell University Library and Cornell University Press)

Founding Editor: Konturen (online journal for German Studies and theory—

*"Jouissance and the Defect of Language: Reading Freud's Totem and Taboo through Jakobson

and Lacan," invited lecture in Training Sessions as GIFRIC, Québec, Canada, June 3, 2015.

"On the Subject of the Traumatic Metaphor (War Neurosis 1918)," at German Studies

Association annual convention, Kansas City, MO, September 21, 2014.

*"The Devil's Prescription: the Unconscious in Action," invited lecture in Training Sessions at

GIFRIC, Québec, Canada, June 4, 2-14.

"Anxiety of the Clinic" at MLA convention, January 2014, in Chicago, IL.
"Displacing Pauline Fulfillment: Martin Buber on "The Teaching of the Tao," at German Studies

Association annual convention, Denver, CO, October 5, 2013.

Summary of “Orientalism and the Question of the Jew” (a “teach-the-book” talk) – at Biennial

German-Jewish Studies Conference, Duke University, Feb 11, 2013.

* "How to Go Beyond an Ontotheology of the Subject? Anxiety in Kierkegaard and Heidegger,"

at conference on Kierkegaard and German Thought, May 11, 2012, at University of Oregon.

* "The Construction of China in Herder's Typoteleology" invited lecture presented at conference

on "Reading China during the Enlightenment," at Penn State University, Feb. 24-25, 2012.

*”Aesthetics in Deconstruction: Kant in Derrida,” invited lecture presented at conference on The

Legacies of Kant, III, at Cornell University, Sept. 17, 2011

*”Herder’s Chaos,” invited lecture presented at conference on Literature and the Public Sphere, at

Cornell University, April 29, 2011.

*"Mourning Theory: on the Borderline," lecture presented in Clinical Workshop at GIFRIC,

Québec, Québec, June 2009.

"Splitting Headaches: On the Borderline Between the Borderline and the

Narcissistic Personality Disorders," in conference on "Borderlines in Psychoanalysis, Borderlines of Psychoanalysis," University of Oregon. April 30-May 1, 2009.

*"Freud, Moïse et la psychanalyse de l'exile," invited lecture at GIFRIC, March 2009.
"Freud, Moses, and the Psychoanalysis of Exile" invited paper for conference on "The Hyphenate

Writer and the Legacy of Exile," University of Central Florida, February 22, 2008.

"Sacrifice and the Homo Sacer in Giorgio Agamben's Works and in the Holocaust," at German

Studies Association conference in San Diego on Oct. 5, 2007.

*“Abstraction and Materiality in Paul Celan’s The Rose of No One and Colette Brunschwig’s

White Pebble for Paul Celan,” at conference on Witnessing Genocide: Representations

and Responsibilities, at University of Oregon, April 29, 2007 (also on organizing committee for the conference)

“Orientalism and Political Theology in Schopenhauer,” at conference on “Political Theology: the

Border in Question,” a conference organized by JSL as Director of German Studies Committee at University of Oregon, March 1-2, 2007

“Art, Angst, and Egypt in Gautier and Hegel,” presented at MLA conference in Philadelphia,

Dec. 2006

*“Sovereignty and Liminality” lecture presented on Sept. 29, 2006 at

invitation-only conference at Cornell University on “Taking Exception to the Exception.”

*“Literature and Obliteration,” invited lecture presented on June 6, 2006

at GIFRIC, Québec, Québec, in Clinical Case Seminar in psychoanalysis.

*“Goethe in the Desert: Biblical Criticism in the West-East Divan,” invited lecture presented on

March 10, 2006 at the University of Washington, Seattle, WA. (Also presented in

December 2005 in the Work-in-Progress series of the Oregon Humanities Center, Eugene, OR.)
#Chaired a session on “Humanism from Lessing to Schiller Today” at the MLA Conference in

Washington, DC, Dec. 2005.

“Here, Now, As: Affirmation and Disavowal of the Border in Goethe’s West-East Divan,”

October 20, 2005, Conference of Western Humanities Alliance on Borders, Tucson, A..

*”Metaphysik des Orientalismus: Typologie und Panik von Lessing zu Kafka,” invited lecture in

workshop on orientalism at Zentrum für Literaturforschung, Berlin, July 11, 05.

*“Goethes orientalisierender Augenblick: Zeitlichkeit und Typologie im West-Östlichen Divan,”

invited lecture at the Free University, Berlin, Comparative Literature Department, June 30, 05.

“The Pantheism Debates in the Twentieth Century: Leo Strauss on Spinoza,” in session of

Lessing Society at MLA conference, Philadelphia, Dec. 27, 2004.

*“Orientalism, Panic, and the Subject of (In)security in Franz Kafka’s “The Great Wall of

China,” lecture at colloquium of California Psychoanalytic Circle on “The Subject of

(In)security,” held at Cardozo Law School, New York, NY, May 2-4, 2003.
*“How to Orient Oneself in Contexts: Franz Kafka’s Beim Bau der chinesischen Mauer,” invited

lecture at New York University, Feb. 14, 2003.

*“Reading Contexts: Franz Kafka’s The Great Wall of China against the Ground of Orientalist

Discourse,” invited lecture at Northwestern University, Jan. 15, 2003.

“Germans, Indians, and Other Jews: Hegel on Abstract Materiality in the Bhagavad-Gita,” at

German Studies Association Conference, San Diego, CA, Fri, Oct. 4, 2002.

*“Church and State in Mendelssohn, Buber, and the World Today,” invited lecture at UCLA, Jan.

9, 2002.

"The Gift of the Origin: the Jew and the Orient in G.E. Lessing's "Ernst und Falk" and "Nathan

der Weise," presented at invited conference on "Orientalism and the Jews," University of

Toronto, May 6-7, 2001.
"The University of Reason and the Age of Transnational Capital: Kant Then and Now," presented

at invited conference on "Globalization and Nationalization," Stanford University, April 19-21, 2001.

"The University of Reason and the Age of Transnational Capital: Kant Then and Now," presented

at conference on "The University as Institution: Past, Present, and Future," at Loyola University Chicago, April 10-11, 2001.

*"The Gift of the Orient in Lessing's 'Nathan der Weise'" invited lecture at the University of

Maryland, College Park, February 13, 2001.

*"Figural Jews, Literal Christians, and the Birth of German Romanticism," invited lecture at the

Institute for German Cultural Studies, Cornell University, Sept. 8, 2000.

"How Does One Affirm One's Passivity?" response to paper by Wayne Froman on "Jean-Luc

Nancy and the Surprising Generosity of Being" at SPEP Conference (Society for Phenomenology and Existential Philosophy), Eugene, Oregon, Oct. 8, 1999.

"De l'interprétation de la médecine à la médecine de l'interprétation: le rêve de la psychanalyse

médicale aux États-Unis," lecture at Centenaire de l'Interprétation des rêves (Traumdeutung) de Freud," organized by L'Association Internationale d'Histoire de la Psychanalyse and Espace Analytique at Maison des Sciences de l'Homme, May 28-30, 1999.

"Analytic Experience Between Theory and Truth," response to session on "The Subject of Savoir

in the Analytic Experience," at Conference on The Subject: Encore, at UCLA, Sunday, March 7, 1999.

"Kant on the Limits of Fanaticism: Critique Between 'Philosophical' Faith and 'Rhetorical'

Reason" at MLA Conference, San Francisco, CA, Dec. 29, 1998.

*"Nietzsche on Wagner," public lecture at Chicago Cultural Center, March 15, 1996, in

connection with Lyric Opera production of the Ring

"Judaism as the Principal of the Figural in Friedrich Schlegel's Lucinde," at MLA Conference,

Chicago, IL, Dec. 29, 1995

"From Rhetorical Jew to Aesthetic German: the Cultural Politics of Figural, Sensuous

Presentation in Mendelssohn's Über die Empfindungen,"at M/MLA Conference, St. Louis, MO, Nov. 3, 1995

*"Psychic Structures and the Right: Homophobia, Sexism, and the Male Identity Crisis," session

chaired at 6th Annual Midwest Radical Scholars and Activists Conference on "The Rise of the Right," held at Loyola University Chicago, Oct. 27-9, 1995

"The Event of the World: Jean-Luc Nancy's Liminal Cosmology Between Theory and History," at

conference on World, Community, and Place, Program in Philosophy, Interpretation, and Culture, Binghamton, University, SUNY, April 25, 1995
*"Orientalism as Annihilation of Difference: Mechanical and Organic Cultures in F. Schlegel's

On the Language and Wisdom of the Indians," lecture at Loyola University Chicago, Jan. 25, 1995, at opening of First Annual Lecture Series of the German Studies Committee on "German Identities, German Differences"
#"Mechanisms of the Organic in Friedrich Schlegel," in session I chaired and organized on

"Orientalism as Cultural Imperialism in German Texts," at M/MLA Conference, Nov. 11, 1994, Chicago, IL

*#"The Ontorhetoric of Truth in Moses Mendelssohn's Morning Hours: Lectures on the Existence

of God," lecture at conference on "Unveiling Imitation: Mimesis and Truth in Philosophy, Psychoanalysis, and Cultural Studies," jointly sponsored by Loyola Univ. Chicago (as representd by myself) and the Collège international de philosophie (as represented by Jacob Rogozinski), April, 29, 1994
"L'antinomie du jugement critique de l'inconscient," response to Danielle Bergeron, a colloquium

on La transmission du savoir analytique, Québec, Dec. 4, 1993

"Windows as Bars, Fences as Gates: Dorothea Schlegel's Florentin Between Literal and Figural,"

M/MLA Conference, Minneapolis, MN, Nov. 5,1993.

"(Un)splitting the Orient, Grounding Occidental Drift," response to Marc Penka, M/MLA

Conference, Minneapolis, MN, Nov. 6, 1993

"Divisions of Church and State in Mendelssohn's Jerusalem," IAPL Conference, San Francisco,

CA, May 1992

#"Improprieties: Theft as Model of Cultural Consumption in Solomon Maimon's

Lebensgeschichte," M/MLA Conference, Chicago, IL, Nov. 15, 1991, in session I organized on "Aporias of Emancipation: Texts by and about Jews in the German Enlightenment"
"The Yawning of Metaphysics (Heidegger's Mouth)," Eighth International Colloquium in

Twentieth Century French Studies, Austin, TX, March 21-3, 1991

"The String of 'It is': Transitional Phenomena and the Cultural Canon," MLA Conference,

Chicago, IL, Dec. 1990

#Chaired and organized Comparative Literature session at M/MLA Conference, Kansas City,

MO, Nov. 1-3, 1990, on "Juridical Hallucinations: Withdrawals of the Law in (psychotic?) Texts" (contributors: Sanford Ames, Alina Clej, Herman Rapaport, Lawrence Rickels)

"The Chorus of Crossing (Walls Made of Voices)," Semiotics Society of America Conference,

Oct. 15, 1990

*"Vom Spiegelbild zur Unterschrift: Paul de Mans Ideologiebegriff und Schillers Dramen,"

lecture delivered at Universität Bielefeld, June 21, 1990 and at Freie Universität Berlin, July 2, 1990

"Writing (as) the Perverse Body in Schlegel's Lucinde," IAPL Conference on "Bodies," Irvine,

CA, April 23, 1990

"L'écriturire: du réel," lecture on Freud's Witz-book presented at training session of Groupe

interdisciplinaire freudien de recherches et d'interventions cliniques et culturelles (GIFRIC), Québec City, Feb. 23, 1990, in training sessions on "Éthique et analyse du fantasme dans la cure"

#"The Beautiful Soul as Psychotic: Staging of the Mirror in Schiller's Kabale und Liebe," at MLA

Conference, Washington, DC, Dec. 29. 1989, in session I organized on "Aesthetic Ideology in Schiller: Divergent Perspectives After de Man"

"Proscriptions of Description, or Playing the Panopticon During AIDS," response to Sanford

Ames and Stephen Infantino in Comparative Literature session on "Literature After AIDS," at M/MLA Conference, Minneapolis, MN, Nov. 4, 1989

*"The Overlaying of Dispositions: Reading the Kantian Sublime with Heidegger," lecture at

Loyola University Chicago in English Department Lecture Series, "Talk about Theory," Oct. 25, 1989

"The De-limitation of the Psychotic Signifier and the Rhetoric of the Sublime: Lacan avec Kant,"

Conference on Lacan, Discourse, and Politics, Kent State, Ohio, May 25-8, 1989

"Hegel's Double Plot: the Story of the Moral," IAPL Conference on "Dialectics and Narrative,"

Atlanta, GA, May 5, 1989

*"The Psychosis of Conscience: Degenerations of the Me in Hegel and Lacan," lecture at

University of Iowa, April 5, 1989

"East-West Dialogue as Exemplary Performance of the Hermeneutic: Toward Heidegger's

Aus einem Gespräch von der Sprache," Literary History East and West: an International Conference, Manoa, Hawaii, April 28-30, 1988
"Ethics of the Uncanny: Remarks on the Oneiric Architectonics of Lessing's Nathan der Weise,"

Loyola Univ. Chicago, Jan. 1988; and SUNY Stony Brook, Jan. 1988; and Text and Presentation: Comparative Literature Conference XII, Gainsville, FL, March 24-6, 1988; and Kentucky Foreign Language Conference, Louisville, Kentucky, April 21-4, 1988

*"Common Sense and the Exhaustion of Theory: Two Exemplary Views (Shaftesbury and

Kant)," lecture at Univ. of Arizona Colloquium on Comparative Literature and Theory, Tucson, AZ, Oct. 21, 1987

"For Schor," response to Naomi Schor, as 14th Annual Alabama Symposium on English and

American Literature, Tuscaloosa, Alabama, Oct. 10, 1987

*"Hölderlin's Hyperions Schicksalslied," lecture for Univ. of Arizona Chorus, Oct. 7, 1987
*"Paul Celan's Translation of Symbolism," lecture at The American College in Paris, March 1987
*"Goethe's 'Bekenntnisse einer schönen Seele': Letter and Spirit," lecture at Univ. of California at

Santa Barbara, Jan. 1986

"Wunderzeichen: from Signs of Wonders to Characters as 'Wonders' in Kant," Eleventh Annual

Meeting of the Semiotic Society of America, San Francisco, CA, Oct. 17, 1986

-- Eighteenth Century German and Comparative Literature

-- Nineteenth Century German and Comparative Literature

-- Modernism in German and Comparative Literature

-- Modern Jewish Studies

-- History of Modern Philosophy (Descartes to Heidegger)

-- Contemporary French Philosophy

-- Contemporary critical theory

(psychoanalysis, neo-Marxism, (post)structuralism, feminism, cultural and ethnic studies)

LANGUAGES: German: Native Fluency

French: Excellent

University of Oregon (Fall 2005-)

Service Roles
Co-Director of Translation Studies Certificate Program, 2015-

Director of Undergraduate Studies, 2015-

Head, Dept. of German and Scandinavian, Fall 2008-2015

(sabbatical leave 2010-11)

Acting Director of Graduate Studies, Fall 2009, Spring 2015.

Acting Head, Dept. of German and Scandinavian, Spring 2007

Co-director, German Studies Committee, 2005-6

Director, German Studies Committee, 2006-

Oregon Humanities Center Board, 2006-9

Judaic Studies Executive Committee, 2004-

Comparative Literature, Program Faculty, 2005-8

“Witnessing Genocide” conference organizing committee member

Delta Phi Alpha Advisor, 2004-06

Departmental Web Design Committee, 2005-

Promotion and Review Committees, 2005-

Search Committee Chair, 2005-6

Thesis Committees (*=Directed; #=Co-directed)
Honors (Undergraduate)
Jade Snelling (2012, Comparative Literature)

Peter Rice (2015, German)

Carla Devore_(2006, Art History)

Claire van den Broek# (2007, German)

Wolfgang Barth* (2008, German)

Alexis Smith* (2008, German)

Zachary Tigert# (2008, German)

Jan Schramke# (not completed)

Nicholas Reynolds* (2009, German)

Jacob Barto* (2010, German)

Miles Hentrup# (current, Philosophy—outside member)

Judith Lechner (2010, German)

Lindsey Mitzen (2014, German)
Adam Arola (2008, Philosophy)

Doris Pfaffinger (2008, German)

Carolyn Culbert (2010, Philosophy)

Erin Rokita (current, COLT)

Sean Williams (2010, Philosophy)

Michael McCann (2011, English-Rhetoric)

Josiah Simons (2014, German)*

Chet Lisiecki (2014, COLT)*

Nicholas Reynolds (2014, German)*

Judith Lechner (2015, German)

Alexis Smith (German)
Loyola University Chicago (Fall 1988-Summer 2004):
-- German Section:
-- German Section Director (1991-2, 1993-2004)

-- German Majors Advisor, with colleagues (1993-2002)

-- German Film Series Organizer, with colleagues (1988-92; 1993-5)

-- German Table, 1/wk. (1988-98)

-- German Club (1994-2000)

-- German Program Reconstructed as Interdisciplinary German Studies (1995-7)

-- German Studies Lecture Series organized (1995-99)
-- Department:
-- Language Program Assessment Committee (1994-2001)

-- Core Curriculum Committee (1996-2001), Chair (2003-4)

-- Library Liaison (1990-2)

-- Departmental Strategic Planning Committee created and chaired (1997-2001)

-- Departmental Advisory Committee (1994-2004, except 1998-9)
-- University:
-- Fulbright Interviews and German Language Evaluations (1988-2001, intermittently)

-- German Language Exams Administered for Graduate School (1988-2004)

-- Dissertation and Master’s Thesis committees in English and Philosophy (1995-2004,


-- Dissertation-proposal defense committees in Philosophy (1997-2004, intermittently)

-- CAS Academic Council and Subcommittees (1995-7; Fall 1999, Fall 2002-Spring


-- Film Major Proposal Committee (Fall 2000-Spring 2001; Fall 2003-Spring 2004),

leading to establishment of International Cinema, Video, and New Media Major in Fall 2004.

-- Major French-American Philosophy Conference planned, organized, and implemented

with Collège international de philosophie (April 1994), entitled "Unveiling Imitation: Truth and Mimesis in Philosophy, Psychoanalysis, and Cultural Studies"

-- Major International Conference planned, organized, and implemented (April 2001), entitled "The University as Institution: Past, Present, and Future"

-- Director of Peace Studies (2002-2004)

-- Chair, German Studies Committee (1997-2004)

University of Arizona (1987-8):
-- Teaching and curriculum committee

-- Library committee

2013 Oregon Humanities Center and CAS Book Subvention Award

2010 Summer Humanities Grant, University of Oregon

2009-10 CAS Program Grant for Up Against the Wall Conf

2008-9 CAS Program Grant for Borderlines Conference

2007-8 CAS Program Grant for Analytic-Continental Philosophy Conf.

2005, Fall Oregon Humanities Center Fellowship, University of Oregon

2005, Summer Zentrum für Literaturforschung, Visiting Researcher

2000, Spring Nominated for Sujack Teaching Award at Loyola Univ.

1998, Fall Loyola Univ. Research Leave

1996 Loyola Univ. Summer Research Award

1992-3 Loyola Univ. Research Leave

1991 Loyola Univ. Core Curriculum Development Grant

1989 Loyola Univ. Summer Research Award

  1. NEH Fellowship for Summer Institute

"Image and Text in the Eighteenth Century"

(Michael Fried and Ronald Paulson, Johns Hopkins Univ.)

    1. Cornell Univ. German Dept. Direct Exchange Fellowship

(Freie Universität Berlin)

1981 High Honors—Columbia Univ. English Master’s Degree

    1. Columbia Univ. Fellowship

University of Oregon, Professor of German (Fall 2004-)

-- Introduction to German Culture and Society (in German, multiple variants)

-- Themes in German Literature (in German, multiple variants)

-- German Cinema (in English)

-- Representations of the Holocaust in Literature, Film, and Monument (in English,

multiple variants)

-- History of Madness (Honor's College, taught in English)

-- The Cultures of Dream: Literature, Art, Science (Honor's College, taught in English)
Mixed Undergraduate and Graduate
-- Anxiety (Kierkegaard, Heidegger, Freud, Bernhard)

-- If the Shoe Fits Wear It: Fetishism and Anxiety in Literary Studies

-- Spinozism and Nihilism

-- Political Theology

-- Literary Theory

-- The Holocaust and the Question of Representation

-- Orientalism in Goethe – West-Östlicher Divan (in German)

-- Borderlines in/of Psychoanalysis (in English)

-- Lyric Poetry (multiple variants, in German and English)

-- Orientalism and the Philosophy of History (Lessing, Herder, Hegel) (in English)

University of Chicago, Visiting Assoc. Prof. of German (Winter Quarter 2000):
Graduate seminar on "Walter Benjamin and the Temporalities of Modernism"
Loyola University Chicago (Fall 1988-Summer 2004):
Theory-Focused Courses
-- Introduction to Literary Theory (graduate and undergraduate versions)

-- Pessimism and Nihilism in European Texts

-- Conscience in German Literature and French Thought

-- The Interdisciplinary Honor’s Seminar:

Developments in the History of Western Thought

-- Psychoanalysis and Frankfurt School Cultural Theory (cross-listed with Phil. Dept.)

-- Temporalities in Modernism (cross-listed with Phil. Dept.)

-- Philosophies of the University (cross-listed with Phil. and History Depts.)

-- Pantheism: from Spinoza to Deleuze (cross-listed with Phil. and Theol. Depts.)

-- German Romantic Literature and Philosophy (cross-listed with Phil. Dept.)

-- Between Philosophy and Literature: Psychoanalysis as a Discourse of the Laiety

(cross-listed with Phil. Dept.)

Literature-Focused Courses

-- Introduction to German Literature: Medieval to Romantic

-- Introduction to German Literature: Romanticism to Present

-- Versions of Faust (Goethe through Mann)

-- The European Novel in the Nineteenth Century

-- Decadence in European Texts

-- Modernism and Memory in European Texts

-- Kafka

-- German Lyric Poetry

Historically/Politically-Focused Courses

-- Fascism and Literature in Germany and France

-- The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: History, Literature, and Theory

-- Jewish Writers in European Modernism

-- Orientalism in German Texts

-- Orientalism in European Romanticism (graduate and undergraduate versions)

Culture-Focused Courses:
-- Eighteenth Century German Literature and Culture

-- Nineteenth Century German Literature and Culture (offered annually through 2001)

-- Twentieth Century German Literature and Culture (offered annually through 2001)

-- German Cultural History

Language Courses:
-- First Year German

-- Second Year German

-- Third Year German

-- German for Reading Knowledge

-- Stylistics
University of Arizona (1987-8):
Graduate courses:
-- Eighteenth Century German Prose

-- Cultural Development of Germany--Middle Ages through the Nineteenth century

Undergraduate instruction:
-- Second year language

-- German Literature Survey--Middle Ages through Romanticism

Freie Universität Berlin (1984-7):
Undergraduate teaching in Comparative Literature:
-- Zum Stellenwert der figürlichen Sprache in Hegels Ästhetik


-- Zur Rhetorik des (ästhetisch-ethischen) Individuums: Shaftesbury und die Folgen (Lehrauftrag)

-- Einleitung in die Allgemeine und Vergleichende Literaturwissenschaft: "New Criticism" (Tutorium)

Cornell University (1982-3):
-- Freshman seminars on romantic and modernist fiction and composition, 3 semesters

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