Attention Students & Recent Grads…Conference Scholarship Application

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Attention Students & Recent Grads…Conference Scholarship Application


AHEC (Area Health Education Center) regions from across Illinois are sponsoring scholarships* for students to attend the Health Association’s Annual Educational Conference August 10-11th at the Keller Convention Center in Effingham. *Scholarship includes Holiday Inn overnight accommodations August 10th, $40 gas card and conference registration fees, which include all meals. Attached please find a detailed brochure.

Criteria – Students currently enrolled in or who have graduated within the past 12 months from a health professions program (medical billing and coding, medical school, nursing, physician assistant, allied health or related fields such as rehabilitation, health education or social work) and have an interest in service to rural health and who otherwise would have to pay for the conference out of pocket (without reimbursement from employer).


Please contact IRHA Executive Director Margaret Vaughn 217-280-0206 with questions . Visit us online at

Application process:

  1. Please find your county of residence on the next page and email your application to the AHEC contact for that region by July 15th, 2016, attach your essay on the next page of this form. Do not email multiple attachments.

  1. In 300 words or less, explain your interest in rural health, future career goals and why you would make a good choice to attend the Conference.

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