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College Student Application

ASHRAE Baltimore College Scholarship

The Baltimore Chapter of the American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE Region III, Chapter 025) is pleased to offer scholarships to select college students who are pursuing their Bachelor's Degree in an ASHRAE‑related field of practice. Among other specific criteria, scholarship eligibility is limited to students residing in, or moving to, the Baltimore Chapter assigned geographical area as a permanent resident (students residing outside the area who may otherwise not qualify based on their residence may still apply if intending to move to the Baltimore area upon graduation).

Applications will be reviewed anonymously by the ASHRAE Baltimore Scholarship Committee for award to students directly during the first quarter of 2016. The application deadline indicated below cannot be extended.
Applicant Minimum Eligibility Requirements (generally, these are grouped by importance**)

  1. ASHRAE‑related engineering field of training.

  2. Applicant is in an accredited course in a recognized college or university (or participating in a program preapproved by the ASHRAE Board).

  3. Applicant is matriculating for a degree in an ASHRAE-related engineering field.

  4. Applicant is residing in, or moving to, the Baltimore Chapter assigned area as a permanent resident.

  5. Applicant is working in the Heating, Ventilating, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration (HVAC&R) field.

  6. Applicant is the son or daughter of an ASHRAE Baltimore Chapter member, either living or deceased.

  7. Applicant has high scholastic standing or grade average from the previous academic year.

  8. Financial need.

  9. Veteran with an Honorable Discharge or member of United States Armed Services.

Note for Criteria** Points are awarded based on each applicant's demonstration of the above criteria. Criteria items 1 through 5 are weighted greater than items 6 through 9, although all criteria are important in the final consideration of awards.
Submission of Scholarship Application Form

Once you have determined that you meet the minimum eligibility criteria, complete this application form and mail it to the current scholarship chairperson of the ASHRAE Baltimore Chapter, indicated below.

Deadline: Your completed application and a current official (sealed) college transcript must be mailed and postmarked no later than Thursday, December 31, 2016.
All materials must be received together in one envelope, unless you have instructed your college or university to mail your transcript directly to the scholarship chairperson below. If the college mails the transcript for you, that independent mailing must also be postmarked no later than the deadline stated above. Incomplete applications will be disqualified for review by the scholarship committee. In order to request confirmation that your application form has been received by the committee, please include a self‑addressed, stamped envelope or postcard.
College Scholarship Chairperson

ASHRAE Scholarship Committee

c/o Saqib Ashraf

Carrier Corporation

3701 Commerce Drive, Suite 11

Baltimore, MD 21227

** For additional questions, contact Saqib via email at, or via phone at 240-278-4611**







Mailing Address


Email Address

Phone Number


Are you matriculated in a 4‑yr (Bachelor's Degree) Program at an accredited institution?


Name of Institution


What is your major?

Current academic year?


What is your GPA?

Cumulative GPA for all courses taken through the end of Spring 2016 semester

Cumulative GPA for all engineering courses through the end of Spring 2016 semester


Are you related to an ASHRAE Baltimore Chapter member, either living or deceased?



(Do not name chapter member at this time)


Are you a veteran with an Honorable Discharge or currently serving in the US Armed Services?




List the courses you are currently taking in the Fall semester of 2016, and their instructors:

Course No.

Course Title

Instructor Name


Are you (or have you been during college) a member or leader in any professional societies

or clubs, either regional chapter or student chapter? If so, provide a list below. Include offices

held, committees on which you have served, activities you participated in, etc.

Society or Club

Member or Office

Committees or Activities of Participation


Summarize any awards and honors you have received.

(Community-related honors are relevant as well as school-related, for example church, etc)




Provide any additional information about yourself that you would like the committee to consider.

Include information such as engineering experience, honors or recognitions, financial need, etc.



In 500 words or less, please provide a statement indicating your career goals, and how those goals relate to the field of Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning. Describe your past experiences and activities related to engineering and what intrigued your interest in this field. Discuss the geographic area where you are interested in pursuing your career. You may type your essay in the formatted box below, or alternately attach a separate sheet to be mailed with this application (provide the essay typewritten, and formatted with 1.25 line spacing, 10‑pt Tahoma font.

With my signature I certify that the above information is true to the best of my knowledge and that I am a citizen of the United States.

Signature: Date:

ASHRAE Baltimore Region III Chapter 025

Dave Reese Craig Parks Brad Watkins Steph Kunkel James Cote Jeff Shook Adam Fauer

President Vice-President Treasurer Secretary Governor Governor Past President

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