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: Project Name: Aadarana Home for Orphan Boys

Project Contact Information

Asha Contact


Dm. Madhava Rao

Giri Kolanupaka



Asha-Hyderabad volunteer


H. No. 16 - 2 - 738/4/5/12, S.B.H Bank
Gaddiannaram, Malakpet, Hyderabad - 500

H. No. 13-104, P and T Colony


Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh 500060



+91-9247386808 / 9346005469

+91 - 9949474871


    1. E-mail

        1. Part I: Information about your group/organization

Please feel free to attach any additional sheets and/or information such as brochures, press reports etc.

11. Name of the group/organization requesting funds.

AADARANA (The Home for Orphaned and Needy Students) (

2. When was the group established?

Estd. 2003, Reg. No. 1352/2003

3. Briefly describe the motivation for starting this group.

The established of Aadarana was initiated by Dhamma Mitra Madhavarao along with

his friends, educationists and philosophers. DM Madhavarao from childhood was

inspired by the service rendered to the people by greatest personalities like Mother

Theresa, Dr. BR Ambedkar, Bhanthe Sangharakshitha (T.B.M.S.G) etc. and he

made up his mind to follow their path by serving the mankind. His thoughts when

shared with his like minded friends, colleagues, relatives and family members

evoked positive response and with their support and service, the Aadarana has been


4 Briefly describe the aims of your group.

  • Aadarana helps to orphan and poor children, who desire to continue their studies

  • Aims at providing facilities to the orphanage children’s education, training in

personality development

  • Aims at development of orphanage children in all levels that is physical,

mental and psychologically through physical exercises and strengthening their


  • Development of competitive spirit in the education and lead their life with self


  • Aims at importing and practicing utmost discipline preaching for love,

affection, friendly behavior and equality

  • Aadarana provides and practice meditation, yoga and philosophical way life

  • To develop their responsibility to serve the society and people at distress and

needy with pure heart

  • To explore sustainable and alternate development methods of livelihood.

5. Does your group have any religious or political affiliation? If yes, please describe the type of affiliation and the reason for it.

We do not have any Religious or Political affiliation.

6. What non education-related community development activities is your group involved in?

  • We do and teach Yoga and meditation to all the kids.

  • Apart from academic activities the students of Aadarana participates in games

and sports like Chess, Caroms, Cricket, Volley Ball and athletics. To make the

students physically and psychologically fit the Meditation, Yoga, Karate,

Personality development programs are imparted.

  • Imparts Training in different Cultural and Fine arts to students like, light music,

Classical music, instrumental music, dramas, dance, debates and essay

writing etc.

7. Does your organization have FCRA clearance from the Indian government? This is required for you to receive foreign funds.


Part II: Details about your educational project/s

8. List the school/s run by your group, and their locations. If you are requesting funds for only a few of several schools, please specify which one/s.

Funds are requested to provide support for the orphan kids in going to school and for

their educational expenses per year. All the kids are going to local private school and
are studying in various schools and mostly in Telugu medium of instruction.
Annexure 1 has details about the schools and their location

9. Location of school/s

Urban, Hyderabad, AP

110. Specify the type of education provided (e.g. basic literacy, vocational training etc.).

Basic literacy and also conventional education. The schools that they go to follow

state government syllabus to train students for government examinations.

111. Please tell us about your teaching techniques (conventional vs. alternative).
Conventional teaching methods are used.

112. What is the literacy rate in your local community?

We are in urban area (outskirts of Hyderabad) and hence the literacy is almost 100 percent.

13. Describe the socio-economic background of the children and their parents (e.g. education, occupational). If any of your students are employed, please tell us about that as well
Most of theses children are orphans, and they came to us through their relatives or guradians, who cannot
afford to grow them. Rest are all single parent children and are from very poor and rural places.

114. What are the admission criteria for the students to join your school?

The preference is for full orphans, and then for single parent and for economically poor background.

How many children attend your school currently?

There is no school run by us. We send our children to private schools near by.

What is your boy: girl ratio? About 50-50%

What is your teacher: student ratio? N/A

115. In addition to education, does your group provide any other services to the children in your schools (e.g. food, health care, clothing, etc.)?

The school is home for all the children, and hence provide all the basic amenities like food, clothes,

health care along with education.

116. How do you perceive that education will improve the lives of the children in your village?


As tribal people do not have education, outsiders easily exploit them. They are no longer isolated communities which increases the need for their education so that they are well informed of their constitutional laws and rights, are better able to compete with the outside world and build capacities to increase their scope of livelihood to other sectors as well. They need to develop abilities to deal with the government and its machinery and protect themselves from being cheated for even simple things like ration-cards, title deeds and caste certificates. Due to lack of education facilities their employment opportunities even within the government are restricted to that of chaprasis (watchmen), drivers or sweepers in spite of reservations in other levels of employment as well.

Please also refer to the concept note in Annexure II.

117. Does your school have:

Its own buildings(s): No, the home is in rented premises. They are now trying to construct their own home in recently acquired land.

Yes/ No Yes /No Yes / No

Toilets Yes Playground No forests around No

Chairs & Tables Benches Blackboard Yes Library No

Drinking Water Yes Electricity Yes Computers No

Laboratory No Teaching aids (eg.books/slates) Yes

18. How many children are currently enrolled in your school(s)?
Male 36 Female 36
Age Range 5 - 18

119. How many staff is employed at your schools?

Teachers 1

Minimum Qualifications: Degree
Other staff 2
Hostel staff: 2

20. Average distance the children travel to attend your school

0-1 km

21. Do you help your students with their future education efforts after they have passed out of your school?
Post-School Support
1. Members of our organization conduct counseling and guidance to the students.
2. We advice them how to apply for the job oriented courses and how to build up their future career.
3. We also show them ways and means to secure suitable employment in various fields and firms.
4. We also help them in arranging financial assistance through private donors, lions club and such other
agencies depending upon the requirements.
5. We also help them in learning computer courses offered by local teachers and philanthropists and help
them in becoming self sustained..

22. Are there any other schools (Kindergarten/Balwadi, Elementary school, High school) in the area? If so,

please list the schools and the range of classes each of them offers.
There are many private schools around which run from nursery to 10th std. There are also some
intermediate and degree colleges.

23. Is your program different from that provided at these schools? Please explain.
We help the kids go to the nearest schools since ours is not a school by itself. We only provide shelter to the

orphans and help them go the school. Not all kids go to the same school. They go to different schools in the

same area.
We did make some of the kids go to a local govt school, but realized later that Government schools are not

so productive and the kids have been having difficulty in getting along with the kids going to the school


24. Why are the children in your school/s not attending government/other schools in the local area?
Govt school are not able to provide sufficient education and standards and we have had bas experience when

they initially had gone to govt school.

25. Do you try to involve the parents of the children in the running of the school (e.g. in setting the syllabus

etc.)? Please specify.

26. What are your expansion plans for the future (e.g. adding more classes or schools)?
The current facility is rented and is expensive and cannot accommodate the current strength of 36 kids. We recently acquired a land (640 Sq. Yd) through other donors and we have now started construction of our own facility where children can have their own home instead of rented premises.
We are now looking out for such donors and trying to raise funds locally for the building constrution. If there is

support for the children education, the local donation that we raise could be diverted for infrastructure


27. Do you have any suggestions on how Asha can be a positive influence in changing the education
scenario in India?
ASHA for Education and partnering Ngo’s have worked very hard to address educational needs of children

in INDIA mostly for normal children. Asha and the partnering NGOs should also work for better education

methodologies for visually, physically and mentally challenged people as well and make them close to or

better than normal people. These people also have right to live the way the normal children would. There

are not many trained people who could help these people. So, helping in making or training people for

them to be able to teach needy people like these would definitely make them benefit.

28. If possible, please provide us with the contact information of two individuals from your community who can describe the impact of your program.


Prof. T. Muralidhar


Giri Kolanupaka

              1. Address

Professor of Political Science
L-11 Osmania University
Staff Quarters near Faculty club,
O.U Campus

, Tarnaka,

Hyderabad – 500 0070

                1. Address

H. No. 13 - 104
P and T Colony
Hyderabad - 500 060

              1. Phone


                1. Phone


29. Asha for Education requires reports from its projects every six months to continue funding. Please provide the contact information for the person from your group who will be responsible for these reports


Dm. Madhava Rao

              1. Address

H. No. 16 - 2 - 738/4/5/12,
S.B.H Bank Colony
Gaddiannaram, Malakpet,
Hyderabad - 500 059


+91-9247386808 / 93460054694


        1. Part III: Financial Details

Please feel free to attach any information such as annual reports, budgets etc.

30. What sources fund your group’s activities at present? List the sources and the current and future funding from each of them. If these funds are meant for a specific part of your group’s activities, please describe those restrictions.
Currently the orgainization is sustaining only by local donations and few philanthropists from a few
corporate companies. This is not sustainable funding that we get. Yashoda hospital supports our rent for the

33. Please provide us with details of your projected budget for the next 3 years:
I. The following is funding requested for all the boys in the home for their educational expenses which include their school fee, expenses for uniforms, books and stationary.
Year 2013-14 = Rs. 1,50,000

Year 2014-15 = Rs. 1,50,000

Year 2015-16 = Rs. 1,50,000
In addition, a support for maid servant is also requested with salary of Rs. 2500 per month (Rs. 30,000 per year)

Total funding requested for this year (2013-14) is 1,80,000

334. Please provide details of the fixed costs of your school/s for the next three years


35. How may of your students pay school fees? Please provide details

We do not collect fees from any of our children.

36. What amount are you requesting from Asha, and for what specific purpose?



Admission fees for 25 boys at Fern Hills School (25 *


Rs. 37,500

Admission fees for 6 boys at SRKSV School (6 * 2000)

Rs. 12,000

Admission for one 10+2 in Narayana College

Rs. 5000

Admission for three 10+2 in other college

Rs. 9,000


Rs. 63,500

Examination Fee for 4 10 Std students (Rs. 250 each)

Rs. 1000

Uniforms (2 pairs each for 15 lower class students)

Rs. 6000

Uniforms (2 pairs each for 20 higher class students)

Rs. 10000

Shoes and socks (2 pairs for 15 lower class students)

Rs. 6750

Shoes and socks (2 pairs for 20 higher class students)

Rs. 11000

Bags, carriage box, bottles for 35 students

Rs. 1050

Text Books for 15 lower class students

Rs. 15000

Text Books for 16 higher class students

Rs. 8000

Text Books for 1 10+2

Rs. 2000

Text Books for 3 10+2

Rs. 3000

Notebooks for higher classes (Rs. 15*20 items*20


Rs. 6000

Notebooks for lower classes (Rs. 200 items*15 students)

Rs. 16000

Other stationary items

Rs. 7000

Ties, belt, diary, id cards (31 students)

Rs. 6200


Rs. 1,56,500

Support for Maid Servant: 2500 * 12 = Rs. 30,000 per year.

Total: 1,86,500

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