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Cultural statistics
Artburst! : growth in arts demand and over two decades supply / by Hans Hoegh Guldberg. Redfern, N.S.W.: Australia Council, c1992. 102 p. (1862571147)

Australia’s balance of trade in culture / a report by the National Culture and Leisure Statistics Unit, Australian Bureau of Statistics. Canberra: Statistics Working Group of Cultural Ministers Council, c1996. 16 p. (0642264333)

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Government cultural funding in local government areas : an analysis of Commonwealth, State and Local Government expenditure in 1982-83 : a report prepared for the Australia Council / by John Cameron. North Sydney: Australia Council, 1986. 2 v. (0908024967 (set), 0908024940 (v. 1), 0908024962 (v. 2))

How important is culture? : public attitudes to the arts – a precis / Compiled by the David Hides Consulting Group from data collected by Reark Research. Perth, W.A.: Western Australian Dept. for the Arts, c1995.12 p. (0730961931)

Local government cultural funding: a comparison of local government expenditure in 1981-82, 1986-87 and 1987- 88: including a breakdown of the category ‘Other culture’ for 1986-87 and of Public halls/Civic centres for 1987-88 / prepared for the Australia Council by John Cameron. Redfern, N.S.W.: Australia Council, 1991. 259 p. (1862570809)

Local government’s role in arts and cultural development, January 1991 / Local Government and Arts Task Force. {Canberra}: The Task Force, 1991. 124 p. (0642163448)

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Public attitudes to the arts : report of surveys of public opinion carried out in ... for the Australia Council / Australian Bureau of Statistics and Australia Council, 1987-


Cultural tourism

Beauty! Cultural tourism a big winner for Victoria / Ian Marshman. Traveltrade, 26 July - 2 Aug. 1995, p. 20.

The cultural landscape : a cultural tourism action plan for Western Australia, 1996-1998 ; a joint initiative of the Western Australian Tourism Commission and Arts portfolio of W.A. / prepared by Jenny Beahan. {Perth, W.A.}: Western Australian Tourism Commission, {1997}. 75 p.

Cultural mapping and tourism / prepared by Strategic Planning Group, Tourism New South Wales. {Sydney}: Tourism New South Wales, 1995. 11, 3 leaves. (073108800X)

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Cultural tourism in Australia : a study commissioned by the Department of the Arts, Sport, the Environment, Tourism and Territories, May 1991 / by Corporate Concern, Economic Strategies. Canberra : Dept. of the Arts, Sport, the Environment, Tourism and Territories, 1991. 357 p.

Cultural tourism in Australia : visual arts & craft shopping by international visitors / prepared by Bureau of Tourism Research, Survey Research Section. {Canberra} : The Bureau, {1995} 30 p. (0642264430)

Cultural tourism in Australia: a report on cultural tourism / by Peter Brokensha and Hans Guldberg. Canberra: AGPS, 1992. vi, 226 p.

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Cultural tourism opportunities for South Australia / Lyn Leader-Elliott. Adelaide : South Australian Tourism Commission, 1996. (0730847578 (set), 0730847586 (v. 1), 0730847594 (v. 2))

Cultural tourism planning : art in community consultation partnerships / Ros Derrett. Lismore, N.S.W.: Centre for Tourism, Southern Cross University, 1996. 10 p.

Cultural tourism, the National Trust and Tasmania / P. Mercer. National Trust Tasmania newsletter, Feb. 1992, p. 4-5.

Culture and tourism / Alison Broinowski. Media Information Australia, no. 76, May 1995, p. 22-26. (0312-9616)

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Culture plays a part in boosting State tourism / David Hough. Australian financial review, 22 Sept. 1992, p. 44. (0404-2018)

Developing cultural tourism. Tourism Victoria newsletter, Feb. 1997. p. 7.

Domestic cultural tourism in Australia 1994-95 / National Centre for Culture and Recreation Statistics, Australian Bureau of Statistics. {Adelaide}: Cultural Ministers Council Statistics Working Group, 1997. 84 p. (0642192995)

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Effective regional tourism research and planning - a case study of the Cairns region tourism strategy / Steve Noakes. Tourism and hospitality research: Australian and intemational perspectives: working papers from the Australian tourism and hospitality research conference, 1996. Prosser, Gary (ed.). Canberra: Bureau of Tourism Research. p. 64 (abstract only)

Heritage, tourism and local communities / Max Staples. Rural Society, vol. 5, no. 1, 1995, p. 35-40. (1037-1656)

Is cultural tourismviable? / Jennifer Craik. Smarts, no. 2, May 1995, p. 6-7. (1323-5095)


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Selling art and history : cultural heritage and tourism / Michael C. Hall, Heather Zepper. Journal of tourism studies, May 1991. (1035-4662)

State of the art travel : a guide to cultural tourism in Australia. Issue 1-, Dec. 1995/Mar. 1996- (1324-6674)

Strategic directions for Ontario’s cultural tourism product / prepared by LORD Cultural Resources Planning & Management Inc.; in association with the Economic Planning Group of Canada, Eck Talent Associates Ltd. Toronto: LORD Cultural Resources Planning & Management, 1993. 106 p.

Strategy document for next two decades. Travel reporter, p. 21, 19 Sept .1993.

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Tourism for the future : a select bibliography on ecotourism and cultural tourism / Australian Heritage Commission, 1994. Canberra: AGPS. vii, 51 p. (064442611X) (In Australian Heritage Commission bibliography series, 1032-8858)

Tourism policy planning and development / Editor, Peter W. Williams. Tourism development and heritage conservation
/ Editor. Vincent May. Lucknow, India: Centre for Tourism Research & Development, 1994. 102 p.

Wilpena Station, Flinders Ranges National Park: planning for cultural tourism / paper presented at the Australia ICOMOS Conference on History, Architecture, Environment: Cultural Heritage and Tourism (1990: Adelaide). Michael Williams and Lynn A Blake. Historic Environment, vol. 7, nos 3-4, 1990, p. 61-71. (0726-6715)


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