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Participatory design : theory and techniques

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Participatory design : theory and techniques / Henry Sanoff. Raleigh, N.C., c1990. ii, 212 p. (0962210730)


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Population group discussion papers & policy issue discussion papers : planning for an information society project . Melbourne: Telecom Australia, 1994. 218 p. (0642213631) Also available in electronic version at:

Power through influence : the evolution of arts management in Australia / Jennifer Radbourne. Brisbane, Qld.: Queensland University of Technology, 1993. 18 p. (0868568244)

Preserving our cultural heritage : why should local government be interested in local history? / G. Moor. In ‘Timekeepers: forging links in local studies.’ Proceedings of the 1st National ALIA Local Studies Section, Australian Library and Information Association Conference, Heritage House, South Perth, Western Australia, 19-20 September 1997 ed. by M. Pember and R. Horgan. p.49-54. Langford, W.A.: ALIA Local Studies Section. (0868045470)

Process or the way in which the Council of Europe’s cultural policy was developed / Eleanor Downdes. Adelaide: South Australian Institute of Technology, 1987. 10 leaves.

Programs of assistance handbook. Brisbane : The Arts Office. (1442-0465) (Previous title: Regional arts development fund. ISSN 1441-6050)

Proposed procurement policy at a glance / New South Wales Government. {Sydney}: N.S.W. Govt., 1998. 8 p.

Prospect arts path, 1987-1991 : a City of Prospect and Prospect Rotary Club arts project. Prospect, S. A., 1991. 20 p.

Prospective : 10 years of art by the people of Prospect, 1978-1988. Nailsworth, S. Aust.: Prospect Gallery, 1989. 56 p. (0958752206)

Protecting heritage : a plain English introduction to legislation protecting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander heritage in Australia. Canberra: Land Heritage and Culture Branch, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission, 1996. 32 p. (0642245347)

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A public archaeologist’s view of future directions in goal resource management / P.J.F. Coutts. in: Archaeology at ANZAAS, Canberra, 1986. p. 212-221. (0958862508)

Public art / Penny Metham. Sydney, 1996. 37 p.

Public art : people, projects, process / Eileen Adams. London: London Arts Board, 1997. 96 p. (0907730361)

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Public art : who cares? : proceedings of the 1993 seminar presented by the Sculpture, Monuments & outdoor Cultural Materials special interest group of the Australian Institute for Conservation of Cultural Material, 2 March – 3 March 1993 / edited by Donna Midwinter, Marilyn Karet, Bridget Pirrie. Sydney: Art Gallery of New South Wales, 1993. xiii, 69 p. (0731003497)

Public art in Prospect : pure decoration or designing an interactive, community orientated urban environment? / Sally Handke. {Adelaide}, 1995. 52 leaves.

Public art in the community : proceedings of the 1995 conference presented by the Sculpture, Monuments and Outdoor Cultural Material (SMOCM) special interest group of the Australian Institute for Conservation of Cultural Material / {edited by} Julie A. Potts. Sydney: Art Gallery of New South Wales, 1995. 102 p. (0731067339)

Public art, public space : using art for better buildings, better cities / New South Wales Ministry for the Arts. {East Sydney}: The Ministry, {1990} 1 folded sheet (12 p.)

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Public attitudes to the arts : report of surveys of public opinion carried out in ... for the Australia Council / Australian Bureau of Statistics and Australia Council, 1987.

Public participation : myth or reality? a case study : The Terrigal experience / Paul John de Fina. Bathurst, N.S.W.: Mitchell CAE, 1990. 1 v. (various pagings)

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The recognition of aboriginal law and traditions for the protection of aboriginal art / Michael K. Peters. Sydney, N.S.W.: Pan-Asian Research and Training Centre, c1994. 31 leaves.

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Reflecting Gippsland : the public art collection in Sale’s pedestrian mall / editor, Pauline McLaren: photographer, Geoff Parrington: designer, Lorri Zarina. Sale, Vic: Friends of the Sale Regional Arts Centre, 1985. 32 p. (0959324623)

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Review of arts funding : Adelaide, December 1986. Adelaide: {The Committee}, 1986. 139 leaves.

Review of government funding of municipal public libraries in Victoria : report to the Minister for the Arts / Libraries Board of Victoria. {Victoria: The Board}, 1993. 1 v. (various pagings)

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Roads, rates, renaissance : local government in the arts in nineties / editor, Deidre Williams ; writers, P.P. Cranney and Ian Chance. Adelaide: SA Community Arts Network, {1990} 1 portfolio (5 pieces)

The role of community music in the building, maintaining and fostering of cultural identity in the western regions of Adelaide in the 1990s / by Barry R.M. McKee. Adelaide: Univ. of South Australia, 1996. 80, {27} leaves.

The role of the arts in modern Australian life : cultural policy for the ACT Seminar, November 20, 1991 / Max Bourke. Canberra, 1991. 8 p.

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