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Local Government Cultural Policy

Australia Council Library

Chuen-Chi Brace & Janice Besch Minson - May 1999

Australian Local Government Association

Australian Council for the Arts

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May 1999

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This publication is a product of the Local Government Cultural Development Strategy . The Strategy is the creation of a partnership between the Australian Local Government Association, the peak national body for Local Government, and the Australia Council, the Federal Government’s arts funding and advisory body.

Through the Agreement, both parties work collaboratively to advocate and support cultural development as an integrated aspect of Local Government planning and operations.

The publication is designed as a resource for local Councils, Universities, students of all ages and anyone with an interest in the arts generally. The work is the most up-to-date bibliography of its kind in this area and is the product of much work by Chuen-Chi Brace in the Australia Council corporate library and Janice Besch Minson from the Council’s Strategy and Policy Division.

We hope that you will find this publication of value and ask that you to take the time to complete the survey form provided inside the back cover.



Community cultural development organisations Email/Websites . p 3

Subject Index:

Aboriginal & Torres Strait islander arts . p 4

Art form development . p 6

Arts & cultural diversity . p 7

Arts training & administration . p 9

Cultural facilities . p 12

Cultural planning . p 13

Cultural policy & funding . p 19

Cultural statistics . p 24

Cultural tourism . p 25

Heritage policy & planning . p 27

Media & broadcasting . p 30

Public art / community environment art & design . p 31

Young people and the arts . p 33

List by Title:

Books . p 34

Journal Articles . p 53

Feedback Form . p 59


Community cultural development organisations Email/Websites

Australia Council -

Australian Council of Social Service -

Community Arts Network (SA) -

Community Arts Network (WA) -

Create NT -

Culture Research Education and Training Enterprise Australia (Sydney) -

Footscray Community Arts Centre -

NSW Community Arts Association -

Queensland Community Arts Network -

Tasmanian Arts, Communications, Information Technology,

Printing & Recreation Industry Training Body -


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