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17.b. Politics and Society

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17.c.1 General texts on Pre-Modern Thai Art

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17.c.2 Texts on Pre-Modern Thai Painting

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17.d. Art in the 19th and early 20th centuries

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17.e. General works on neo-traditional art [including group catalogues]

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17.f.Works and catalogues of neo-traditional artists and sites [alphabetical

by artist forename]

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17.g.Works and catalogues on modern artists [alphabetical by artist forename]

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17.h.Group catalogues

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17.j.2 General works on modern Thai art

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Department, B.E. 2532 [1989]

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17.j.2. Thai Art in the 1990s

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17.i.Works on Modern Thai Literature in English

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Duang Kamol, Bangkok, 1985, (the long foreword contains an accessible review of the problems of

Americanization in culture and politics in the 1960s and 1970s).

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17.j. Religion and Intellectual History

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Southeast Asian Studies, 1993.

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17.k. Film, T.V., and Modern Media

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18.a General works

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18.b The 1990s

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