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Art Club

Description: Enables students with a creative outlet to enhance their artistic skills with
various fun projects.

Meeting Days: Tuesdays 2:35 – 3:45

Location: 223

Sponsor: Ms. Ritthaler



Description: Students learn basic fundamentals of audio production and create beats

and songs, (according to ability level or mastery of techniques) along with basic video editing skills.

Meeting Days: Thursdays; 2:45

Location: 121

Sponsor: Mr. Arcusa


Best Buddies

Description: Students in General Ed are paired with students in our Community Referenced

Instruction (CRI) Program to build friendship relationships during and after school.

Meeting Days: 3rd Wednesdays of each Month

Location: Senior Lounge

Sponsor: Ms. Butts, rm112


Chuck Pacholkiw Memorial Scholarship 5K Committee

Description: An April 5K race/walk to raise money for a memorial scholarship in the

name of Chuck Pacholkiw, Bowie High Class of 2005. This scholarship honors

Chuck by awarding a scholarship to a Bowie High senior planning a college math or science major.

Meeting Days: Wednesday

Location: 250

Sponsor: Ms. Price, Ms. Lopes, Ms. Kinney

Email: , ,

FBLA (edit)

Description: F.B.L.A. is organized to encourage members to participate in activities designed to

facilitate intelligent career choices, develop business skills, teach the value of

community responsibility, and strengthen self-confidence. Chapter activities usually

fall into these five categories: Professional, Service, Financial, and Social.

Meeting Days: Thursdays ; 2:45

Location: 111

Sponsor: Ms. Lamar


Fellowship of Christian Athletes

Description: Students impact and share Christian experiences through sports.

Meeting Days: 1st and 3rd Fridays , 7:00am-7:30am

Location: 25

Sponsor: Ms. Swann



Gentleman’s Club

Description:  Is a service organization dedicated to teaching, developing and upholding high standards of

respect In all the actions and speech of its members, and setting an example for other males

in our school, while participating regularly in service projects for the school and

community. There is a nomination and interview process in Spring and potential members

must be nominated by teachers or other members in the club.
Meeting Days: 1st & 3rd Tuesdays ; 2:35

Location: 23

Sponsor: Mr. Lemaster


Gospel Choir

Description: Students come together and run a choir singing Praise and Worship Songs.

Performances are local and often a trip is taken to New York.

Meeting Days: After School, 2:40 – 4:00

Location: Music Room T.B.D

Sponsor: Mr. Tidwell


International Scholars Association

Description: Students will receive peer and adult support in homework completion, study skills, and scholarship and college searches and essay writing.

Meeting Days: Wednesdays; 2:30-4:00pm

Location: M-2

Sponsor: Ms. Kevorkian


Junior Civitan

Description: Junior Civitan is a community service organization for students. Junior Civitan

members seek to meet the needs of our world and promote progress in a world of

change. It provides members with personal and career development opportunities

while improving schools and communities through volunteer service.

Meeting Days:




Ladies with Class

Description: Setting a positive example for other young ladies in the school while doing service

for all.

Meeting Days: 1st & 3rd Tuesdays of Each Month, 2:40-3:30

Location: Senior Lounge

Sponsor: Ms. Swann


Literary Magazine

Description: An online student magazine that focuses on interesting news stories,

reviews, opinion and short fiction.  Art/photography is also welcome.  The magazine just recently went up and open to new ideas, authors, editors and general contributors.

Meeting Days: Beginning in September, Day will be announced in August

Location: T-4

Sponsor: Mr. Keiler 



Men of Distinction Step Team

Description: Male Step Team that increases and enhances teamwork and brotherhood.

Meeting Days: Tuesday and Thursdays; 2:45-4:30

Location: Rm 143

Sponsor: Mr. Moore


Mock Trial

Description: A competitive team activity that mimics an actual trial.  Students must try

out for the team, which has been very successful in competitions over the years.  All students with an interest in law or debate are encouraged to try out, especially underclassmen.

Meeting Days: Mondays & Thursdays (for Practices)

Matches can be any day of the week.

Location: T-4

Sponsor: Mr. Keiler 


Model UN

Description: Club members research current world issues and represent various countries at

Model United Nations Conferences. Students work individually and in teams to

accurately represent their assigned countries in crisis situations and in-depth

simulations of current and past United Nations topics.

Meeting Days: T.B.D

Location: Library

Sponsor: Mr. Hargraves


Mu Alpha Theta

Description: Math Honor Society, provide tutoring to fellow students for service hours

Meeting Days: 1st Thursday of the Month

Tutoring Every Wednesday

Location: 41

Sponsor: Ms. Jingwi


National Honors Society

Description: Its a scholarship and service organization dedicated the personal growth of its members in

education and service to the community on a local, state, national and sometimes

international scale. We are regularly participating in projects that better the school, the

community and our fellow students. There are GPA requirements and an application process

each spring for 10th and 11th graders who have an overall GPA of 3.5 or greater for entry

into the club

Meeting Days: 2nd & 4th Tuesdays; 2:35

Location: 23

Sponsor: Mr. Lemaster

Poetry Club

Description: Poetry Club celebrates poetry writing and reading both published and student-

produced work. The atmosphere is supportive and casual with an emphasis on

creativity. Members plan a Poetry Slam at least once a semester to allow budding

poets to read their work or perform the work of others.

Meeting Days: Tuesdays ; 2:45

Location: 250

Sponsor: Ms. Price


Prayer Club

Description: Christian students pray on the behalf of others for the welfare of our school,

communities, and country. Prayer Services are arranged throughout the year

including Praise & Worship and a spoken word.

Meeting Days: Tuesdays; 7:15am

Location: student lounge

Sponsor: Ms. Carlton



Description: The Bowie High STEM club seeks to enrich students’ knowledge in the schools of

Science,Technology, Engineering and Mathematics in order to create the thinkers,

innovators, inventors and builders of a better tomorrow. The BHS STEM club also

seeks to reinforce Bowie High’s STEM program through peer to peer lectures and

STEM related projects, which are aimed to develop the scientific and mathematical

faculties of the mind and inspire its curiosities. A student or guest lecturer is usually

present at the meetings. These meetings could be about anything from housekeeping

and planning to STEM related lectures. The Bowie High STEM club will also do

occasional projects aimed to help enrich the community through STEM related

solutions and innovations.

Meeting Days: Once a Week (Listen for the Day); 2:30-4:00pm

Location: Rm 120

Sponsor: Mr. Austin


Student Government Association Executive Board (SGA)

Description: Students Will

  • Develop a familiarity with general political procedures and policy

  • Network with other student representatives from around the state

  • Practice and develop leadership skills

  • Develop expertise in general assembly procedures

  • Acquire relevant information regarding NASC issues

  • Participate in a service learning project

  • Participate in general assemblies and regional caucuses

  • Evaluate national legislation and objective/goals

  • Learn skills by attending workshops that enhance leadership development

  • Develop ideas for implementation at future school-based SGA Executive Board Meetings

Meeting Days: Tuesdays & Thursdays

And when necessary for planned events

Location: 151-S SGA Executive Board Office

Sponsor: Ms. Bethea


The Talking Dead Club

Description:  Is a club dedicated to the review and discussion of one of Televisions Highest rated and

most viewed television programs, "The Walking Dead". Plot twists and potential scenarios

are discussed as well as other reading sources that pertain to the program are reviewed.

The club begins meeting in the Fall and wraps up in the Spring

Meeting Days: T.B.D.

Location: 23

Sponsor: Mr. Lemaster


Tri-M Music Society, Chapter 1531

Description: Tri-M Music Honor Society is a national honor society for music students.  Music

students are inducted into the group based on having an overall cumulative gpa of 3.0 or higher, an A average in their music class, and a positive recommendation from their music teacher.  The purpose of Tri-M Music Honor Society is to promote music in the school and the community.
Meeting Days: 1st Thursday of each Month


Location: 152

Sponsor: Ms. Burns


Xclusive Step Team

Description: Lady students learn basic fundamentals of stepping and working in sync as a team.

Participants must be available for stepping competitions and school performances .

Tryouts are held in the fall. Listen for the announcements.

Meeting Days: after school

Location: TBD, on second floor


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