Argumentative Essay Writing: Promoting sports can derive tremendous benefit to the nation

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Argumentative Essay Writing:

Promoting sports can derive tremendous benefit to the nation
Since someone suggests if the government puts more resources to promote sports like Olympics Games, it can derive tremendous benefit to the nation. However, whether such a big input can attain a reasonable benefit has long been an issue of controversy. In my opinion, it is beyond doubt that promoting sports can bring a multitude of benefit.
The myriad of benefit is the consequence of several factors, one being the attitude of the new generation towards their nation. Since the new generation is the pillar of the nation, the nation is to be on their hands. So, it is of paramount importance to cultivate their passion for their countries. Only though sports can they develop the human spirit of competing, of attempting the impossible, of fighting as a nation. They can also work cooperatively which in turn make then have a sense to sin for their teams, their school, their communities, and their countries. When they grow up, I believe the youths are able to face the dynamic challenges of the future and try their best. Eventually, their success is merely the nation’s success.
In addition to the development of the passion for the nation, promoting sports through holding bid competition like Olympic Games can make the country become more popular so that it will stimulate tourism. The foreigners may come to the nation not only in the midst of the competition period, but also after the competition owing to the fact that the country may attain a good celebrity rating during the Games. Therefore. It can benefit the tourism industry.
Added to the above is the economic benefit for the whole country. When promoting sports through holding a big game, the consumption throughout the country will increase. For example, the oversea participants need to consume on the accommodation, flight, meals and so on. They will need to pay for different aspects which in turn benefit the nation and boost the economic conditions. Admittedly, it must bring the nation much more benefit. But, of course, promoting sports is not just looking for money, but to exchange the culture between different countries. In the way, they can learn more about the other countries and learn from others. It is also another benefit to the country.
In view of the above reasons, I strongly believe promoting sports does more good than harm. You may argue that it is a waste of money to put resources in educating sports or holding competitions of large scale. However, when you see the youths who are successful under the sport emphatic system or the multitude of income from the games, it is worthwhile to promote spots. Why doesn’t the government take action to improve the nation?

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