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This study was conducted during the second semester of the school year 2019-2020 in Malabon City, Manila, Philippines by STEM ( Science , Technology , Engineering and Mathematics ) students from Arellano University Malabon ( Elisa Esguerra Campus). This study shows how a banana peel work as a car polisher.
The research aims to lessen the amount of toxin and chemical that affects the environment. That cause and could added to the societal issues in our society. This research does not include the solutions for any other chemical related problems in the environment.

This research has its own general objective of seeking other usage of banana in terms of cleaning and polishing agent that will been held at Arellano University – Malabon( Elisa Esguerra Campus)
This study particularly desire to attain the following objectives includes: making alternative non – toxic cleaning and polishing chemical agent that would not affect the environment and would not be added to societal issues, the any other usage of banana in cleaning and polishing industry, and the alternative ingredients that is more cheaper than.
This research entitled “Musa Sapientum (Banana) as Car Polisher” that been held at Arellano University – Malabon (Elisa Esguerra Campus) SY: 2019 -2020, it will valuable and significant to the following respondents includes:
For the Car Owners, this research will help them to have and achieve an affordable cleaning and polishing chemical agent. And this study will be able the car owners to know an alternative cleaning and polishing chemical agent.
For the Car Wash Business Owners, this will help the said beneficiaries in terms of cheaper price of cleaning and polishing chemical agents that they are producing to their customers. This will also help them to gain more profit and salary in low budget materials that they can use in their business.
For the Car Companies, this study will help the car company seek for the alternative cleaner and polisher for their own product in non – toxic ingredients that would not harm the quality of their product
For the Future Researcher, the result of this research will serve as their reference and guide who wish to conduct the same study or any related to the alternative non – toxic cleaning and polishing chemical agent.

Download 497.92 Kb.

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