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Keywords: Musa Sapientum, Polishing Agent, Non-Toxic, Eco-friendly CHAPTER I

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Keywords: Musa Sapientum, Polishing Agent, Non-Toxic, Eco-friendly
Musa Sapeintum is the scientific name of the famous and the most common house fruit called ”Banana”. The Banana is the number one producer of the vitamin/element called Potassium that helps our body to eventually gain muscle strength, metabolism, water balance and helps the nervous system to function well. But banana also has the component of being a chemical cleaning agent for polishing and cleaning the surfaces in every kind of vehicles. Banana has the component that can be used as substitute to chemicals that can be found in car polishers. Car Polisher is a chemical cleaning agent that helps every vehicle to become shinny.
According to Int.Curr.Microbiol.App.Sci (2018), the potential use of banana and its products anti-bacteria activity of ethanol and aqueous extract of banana peel. Actually all parts of banana has a medical application such as the flower in bronchitis, dysentery and on ulcer, and also for diabetics. It can be a medicine for bug bites, sting, poultices on burns and other skin afflictions. Exploring alternative uses of banana peel would thus bring an additional value to the industry. Fruit peels generally contain organic compounds such as cellulose, hemicellulose, pectin substances, chlorophyll pigments, and some other low molecular weight compounds (Xiaomin et al., 2007) .Based on the FAO (2010), banana is second largest fruit crops being cultivate with estimated gross production exceeds 139 million tons.
In the recent data by Essien et al. (2005); Shah et al. (2005); Yabaya and Ado (2008), the India, China, Uganda, Ecuador, Philippines, and Nigeria is the world leading plating and cultivate banana producers. The cultivate edible bananas are mainly their fruits, but because of huge amount of valuable untapped commodity and without a proper management waste agriculture, it will be lost and causing serious ecologic damages. In addition the native people find a purpose for these plants. It began to research some possibilities of utilizing banana plants in their daily life. Banana have been use for creating foods, clothes and various ceremonial occasion and expands through cultural diversification (Kennedy, 2009).These resources can be turned into raw materials or products having the potential capacity of being recyclable which in turn having positive environmental acceptability or green label attributes plus commercials viability ( Mohanty et al. 2002 )This could contribute to an additional source of revenue to farmers & processing industries without adversely affecting soil fertility & reduce the depletion of the non-renewable resources ( Reddy & Yang 2005 ). Numerous studies have been done to improve the usage of banana by products to meet the escalating demand of raw materials supply in various industries (Clarke et al. 2008; Doran et al. 2005; Emaga et al. 2008; Kuo et al. 2006).

This research paved new & alternative ways in creating new products & applications with value added approach at the cost of recycling banana agricultural wastes. Due to the high demand for food products, energy,& other essential needs, gradual improvement in the current technological development towards utilizing alternative resources in many industries is necessary to cater the needs of the ever - increasing world population ( Mohammadi 2006 )

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