Appreciation Programme in English-Khasi Translation

Transport and Communication

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Transport and Communication


What are the transport facilities available for the trip?

Kiei ki jait kali kiba lah ban ioh nangne?


When will your vehicle come?

Lano ka kali jong phi kan wan?


What is your vehicle’s registration number?

Katno ka nombor kali jong phi?


There is no vehicle out there

Ym don kali hang thie


This is your ticket

Kane ka dei ka tiket jong phi


This bus goes to umroi*

Kane ka bos ka leit sha umroi*


Where can I get the ticket please?

Nangno ngan lah ban ioh tiket?


There is the ticket counter

Hangtei ka jaka die tiket ka don


How far is the station from here?

Katno ka jngai ka jaka ap kali /steshon nangne ?


The bus leaves at 5 o clock in the morning

Ka Bos kan mih ha ka por 5 baje mynstep


Go by taxi

Leit da ka taxi


Can I get a taxi here?

Nga lah ban ioh kali nangne?


What is the best way to travel in the State?

Kiei ki rukom leit kai kiba biang tam ha ka jylla ?



We want to go shopping

Ngi kwah leit thied jingthied


How much does this item cost / What is the price of this item?

Katno kane ka tiar ka shong dor?


The shop is closed

Ka dukan ka lah khang


Do you want anything more?

Phi dang kwah eiei shuh?


Please pack it well

Sngewbha song bha iaka


What are the major shopping/ marketing centers here?

Ki ei ki jaka leit siew/ thied jingthied kiba biang tam hangne


I want to hire a vehicle from here

Nga kwah ban shim wai kali nangne


This item is too costly

Kane ka mar/tiar ka rem eh/palat


Can we bargain in this market/shop/place?

Hato ngi lah ban ia pan dor na kane ka iew/dukan/jaka?


I want to go to another place from here

Nga kwah ban leit noh sha kawei pat ka jaka

Places of Interests


How do we visit Mawsynram*?

Kumno ngin leit kai sha Mawsynram* ?


How far is Mawlynnong * village from Shillong?

Katno ka shnong Mawlynnong* ka jngai na Shillong?


What are the must-see places in Meghalaya?

Kiei ki jaka jngoh kai kiba itynnad kiba dei beit ban leit?


We want to visit Golflinks

Ngi kwah ban leit kai sha golflinks


We want to take rest

Ngi kwah ban shong thait shuwa


We want to collect/buy souvenirs from here

Ngi kwah ban lum/thied ia ki tiar sahkynmaw nangne


How far is Cherrapunjee from here?

Katno ka jngai ka Sohra nangne?


I/We want to go back

Nga/Ngi kwah ban leit phai noh


We want to take pictures

Ngi kwah ban shondur


At what time should we come back here?

Katno baje/por ngin sa ia wan biang hangne?


I/We want to go to Ranikor*

Nga/Ngi kwah ban leit sha Ranikor*


I am feeling tired

Nga lah sngewthait

*Name of any other place of interest also



What are the main local dishes available here?

Kiei ki jait jingbam tynrai kiba lah ban ioh hangne?


Are vegetarian dishes available please?

Hato ngi lah ban ioh ki jingbam ba la shet tang da ki jhur?


We want non-vegeterian dishes?

Ngi kwah ki jingbam ba la shet na ka doh


Can I have tea/coffee/fruit juice please?

Sngewbha ai ia nga / ngi da ka sha / kophi /umsoh


What are the local fruits available here?

Ki ei ki soh tynrai ba lah ban ioh nangne?


I am feeling hungry

Nga la sngew thngan


The food tastes very good

Ka jingbam ka long kaba bang bha


I want to eat local food items

Nga kwah bam da ki jingbam tynrai


What is special in the menu today?

Kiei ki jingbam kyrpang ba la pynkhreh mynta ka sngi?


I want to pack these food items

Nga kwah ban song ia kine ki jingbam



Why is Meghalaya called the ‘Abode of clouds’?

Balei ia ka Meghalaya la khot ka ‘jaka shong ki lyoh’?


What are the units of administration in Meghalaya?

Ha kano ka rukom la bhah / phiah iaka synshar khaddar ha Meghalaya?


Who is the Governor of Meghalaya?

Uei u Lat jong ka Meghalaya?


Who is the Chief Minister of Meghalaya?

Uei u Myntri Rangbah duh jong ka jylla?


How many districts are there in the State?

Ka jylla ka don katno tylli ki distrik?


Can you please give me the police helpline number please?

Sngewbha ai ia nga u helpline nombar jong ki pulit


In case of sickness, what is the nearest hospital to visit?

Ynda iohpang, kaei ka jaka sumar kaba jan tam?


Can you show me the way to the library please?

Ka long phin sngewbha pyni/batai ia nga ka jaka buh kot jong ka sorkar/library?


Where is the Assembly house located?

Haei ka don ka Iing Dorbar Thawain?


I want to lodge a complaint in the police station

Nga kwah ban leit ai jingmudui sha steshon pulit

People, Culture and Tradition


What are the major tribes in Meghalaya?

Ki ei ki jaitbynriew kiba kham bun paid ha Meghalaya?


Are they all following a matrilineal society?

Hato baroh ki bud iaka rukom shim jait na ka kmie?


What are the major festivals in Meghalaya?

Ki ei ki rukom leh kmen tynrai ha Meghalaya?


Are people in Meghalaya hospitable?

Hato ki briew ha Meghalaya ki long kiba bha bad kloi ban iarap?


What are the staple foods of the people in Meghalaya?

Kiei ki jingbam ba kham kyrpang jong ki briew ha Meghalaya?


What are the main occupations of the people in Meghalaya?

Kiei ki jait kam kiba ki briew jong ka Meghalaya ki ju kham trei?


What is the traditional dress of the Khasi ladies known as?

Kumno ki ju khot ia ka riam tynrai jong ki kynthei khasi?


I want to go to the prominent Cultural museum?

Nga kwah ban leit kai sha ka jaka buh tynshop kaba kham paw


Can you tell me stories of “U Lum Shyllong”?

Hato phi lah ban iathuh ia nga ia ka khana shaphang “U Lum Shyllong”?


Before the advent of Christianity what was the main religion of the people of Meghalaya?

Shuwa ka jingwan jong ka niam Kristan, kaei ka niam kaba ki briew jong ka Meghalaya ki bud?



What are the types of clothes to wear in summer/winter?

Kiei ki jaid jaiñ kiba biang ban phong ha ka por lyiur / tlang


Where is the nearest hospital available?

Kaei ka hospital kaba jan tam nangne?


Where is the nearest Bank located?

Hangno ka bank ka bajan tam ka don?


See you again

Ngin sa ia shem biang


We had a great time

Ngi la ia sngewtynnad bha

6.5 Activity
In this section, you will find several types of information brochures dealing with different kinds of content. Your task will be to translate these information brochures into Khasi and vice versa. After translation, you can get others to read your translations and assess whether the translations communicate the content of the information brochures. The first three brochures are handouts, usually one page printed on both the sides. The first two brochures will serve as translation activity from Khasi to English. The third and fourth brochures are translation activity from English to Khasi. The third brochure contains a description of Shillong town while the fourth brochure is aimed at introducing Meghalaya with all its different features.
Information Handout 1
Meghalaya: Ka jaka jngoh kai
Ka Jylla Meghalaya ka don ha ka thaiñ shatei lam mihngi jong ka ri India. Ka don hapdeng 85.49’ bad 92.52’ East Longitude bad hapdeng 20.1’ bad 26.5’ North Longitude. Ka jingjrong ka long haduh 300 kilometres bad ka jingiar ka long haduh 100 kilometre. La tawiar sawdong ia ka na shaphang shatei da ka Goalpara, Kamrup bad Nowgong Distrik; shaphang mihngi, da ka Karbi Anglong bad North Kachar Hill Distrik na Assam; bad na shaphang shathie bad sepngi, da ka ri Bangladesh.
Ia ka kyrteng Meghalaya, lah ioh ne sot na ka ktien Sanskrit kaba mut “Ka Ri jong ki Lyoh”. Ka kyntien Meghalaya ka thew bad ka ringdur ia ki lumbah, ki wah, ki lyoh ba rben bala pynshong nongrim thik kum ka kyrteng ba ka ioh; namar ia ka jaka hi baroh kawei la tap lut tawiar da ki lyoh ba rben kiba wanrah slap. Ia ki kliar jong ki lum, la tap tawiar da ki lyoh ba rben itynnad kiba pynitylli/ryntih bad bym lah ban pyniapher ia ki. Ka nongbah jong ka Meghalaya ka dei ka Shillong.
Ka Meghalaya ka la kylla long ka jylla kaba laitluid hapoh ka jylla Assam ha ka 2 tarik Iaiong 1970, bad ka la long ka jylla ba pura ha ka 21 tarik Kyllalyngkot 1972. Ka Indira Gandhi kaba long ka Myntri Rangbah duh jong ka ri India ha kato ka por ka la long ka Kongsan ha ka sngi ba la pynskhem ia ka jylla Meghalaya kum ka jylla ba laitluid ba la pynlong ha Madan Polo, Shillong.
Ka jylla Meghalaya ka long kawei na ki jylla kaba itynnad tam ha ka ri India baroh kawei. Ka mariang kala kyrkhu bad thehsei ia ka da ka jingbun u slap, ka sngi ba tyngshaiñ, ki law kyntang, ki syntai lum kiba jrong, ki kshaid ba kyrhuh, ki wah ba shat phalang, ki wahduid ba thiah lyngngai bad nalor kitei baroh, la shong la sah ruh da ki riewstad kiba khraw bad shemphang. U Shongknor barim jong ka Lok Sabha, u Dr. G. S. Dhilon (bam kwai ha dwar U Blei), hadien ba ula iohi ia ka jingthaw jong kane ka jylla, ula thoh sngewtynnad da kine ki kyntien harum:
Tucked away in the soaring hills of the eastern Himalaya, Meghalaya nestling in the clouds, is a brave romantic dream. With its own distinct identity, its own tradition and culture, arts, music and social customs, this dream-child of the hill-people is a bright scion in the fabric of Indian polity. Teeming with a flora, perhaps the richest in our sub-continent, blessed with nature’s bounty in mineral and forest resources, with a cheerful hospitable and extremely individualistic people, this young State stands a proud witness, as much to the incredible wealth and diversity of our land, as to the great resilience of our political system. Meghalaya is a land of pregnant-potentialities awaiting unfoldment. It is a gratifying thought that these sturdy and exceptionally gifted people are now on the road to development and on a challenging programme of reconstruction and modernization, uninhibited by a sense of encroachment on their tradition and style of living. There can be no doubt that this young State now stands poised for a future of growth and progress”
Ia ka jylla Meghalaya, la niew ba ka dei kawei na ki jylla ba itynnad tam ha ka ri India. La tip ia ka da bun jait ki kyrteng sin kum: Ka Meghalaya
Ka ri kaba itynnad pynshohbieij

Ka ri ba pynkhring

Ka ri ki lum-ki wah ba itynnad

Ka ri jong ka jingpynshohbieij ka bymjukut

Ka Scotland jong ka ri mihngi
Ia ka jingitynnad ka mariang ba pynshohbieij la kyrkhu da ka mariang hi bad ka jingsyaid bad jinglehbha/jingpdiang sngewbha jong ki briew jong kane ka jylla ka pyni bad pynkhring ia ki briew kiba na bar-ri bad na la ri kiba wan jngoh kai khamtam kito ki shnong kiba ai jingmyntoi ia ki da ka jingtynnad ba ki shem.
Information handout 2
Shisien peit ia ka Meghalaya

Jaka : 22,429 Sq. Kms.
Distrik : Don 7 (hynniew) tylli ki distrik ha kane ka jylla kiba la tip kyrteng kum, East Khasi Hills, West Khasi Hills, Jaintia Hills, Ri-Bhoi District, East Garo Hills, West Garo Hills and South Garo Hills.
Civil Sub-Division : Sohra, Mairang, Mawkyrwat, Amlarem, Khliehriat, Ampati, Resubelpara and Dadenggiri
Jaka Khlaw : 8510 Sq, Km.

Jingbun paid : 29, 64,007(2011 provisional census)

Jingrben : 132 per sq. km.(2011 provisional census)
Jingnang jingstad : 75.48% (2011 provisional census)
Jaitbynriew tynrai : Austric, Tibeto-Burman
Jingkynjang : 1496 metres
Jinghap slap : 241.5cm
Ktien-thylliej : Khasi, Phareng & Hindi.
Ka riam- ka bei : Lyiur (April to October): jaiñ stang.

: Tlang (November to March): jaiñ saiwul ne jaiñ rben

Jinglong suiñbneng : Lyiur – Max. 23 C- Min. 15 C

: Tlang – Max. 15 C – Min. 03

Nongshong shnong ba kongsan : Khasi, Jaintia and Garo
Ki mar poh-khyndew ba kongsan : Dewiong, mawshun, maw-it, mawshynrut, mawleiñ, maw-marbul
Jingmih ba pawnam na ki khlaw : Diengsawdong, siej, pai, kymbat dawai, traw
Ki jingmih ba pawnam na

ka rep-ka riang : Khaw, riewhadem, phan, kynphad, sohniamtra, sying, latyrpad, sai nalia, kait & sohtrun
Mrad : Hati, Khla, Khla-thapsim, dngiem, sniang khlaw

Sim : Han, sim-puh dieng, moina
Ka Kad Rel ba jan tam : Guwahati ha Assam, kaba jngai 103 kms na Shillong

Ka Kad Liengsuin ba jan tam : L.G.B airport ha Borjhar, Guwahati ha Assam ba jngai 128 kms bad shim kumba 3 kynta haba shong kali
Ka Kad Liengsuin ha Umroi : Ka Kad Liengsuin jong ka jylla, kaba jngai kumba 31kms na Shillong tangba ba dei tang na ka bynta ki liengsuin kiba rit (ATR planes) kiba iasoh bad ka jylla Kolkata.
Information handout 3
Meghalaya’s capital, Shillong and also the District Headquarters of East Khasi Hills District is situated at an altitude of 1,496 metres above sea level. It is named after the “Shillong Peak” overlooking the city. There are many legends about the name ‘Shillong’. It has also been the capital of Assam since 1874 with a temporary break from 1905 to 1912. The city was founded by Col. Henry Hopkinson, Commissioner of Assam in 1864. In that very year, the headquarters of the district Officer of the Khasi Hills were transferred from Cherrapunjee to Shillong. Shillong’s picturesque setting and salubrious climate were found very suitable for sanatoria and holiday home of the British civilians, who were tormented by the heat in the plains. It was also considered an ideal situation for the establishment of a military cantonment to keep vigil on the entire north-east. The capital city has a bracing climate throughout the year. This city has been the seat of Government since the consolidation of the British administration in this part of India more than a century ago.
Shillong is also called as the ‘pine city’, the ‘ Air-conditioned city ’ because of its pleasantness and the abundance of pine trees with their needle-like leaves that fills the air with their intoxicating aroma throughout the year. The city is well connected with motorable roads all-over, charmingly different from other hill stations, and presents a natural scenic beauty with waterfalls, brooks, pine groves and gardens. The place, the people, the flora and fauna and the climate all combine to make Shillong an ideal resort throughout the year. Shillong offers, amenities for tourists with good hotel accommodations, facilities for sports, angling, trekking and hiking.
Shillong is connected by the National Highway 40 with the rest of the country through Assam. It is also well connected by road with other important towns of the States.
Shillong is also the Headquarters of the North-Eastern Council (NEC), the Eastern Air Command the Assam Regimental Centre, the North Eastern Hill University (NEHU) Martin Luther Christian University (MLCU). A bench of the Guwahati High Court also functions from Shillong. The North-East Telecom Circle has its headquarters at Shillong. Shillong is also the Regional Headquarters of Power Grid for North Eastern Region. NEIGRIHMS, the first and the only Postgraduate Medical Institute in the North Eastern Region and third in the Country has been established in Shillong. Shillong also boasts of having the first Indian Institute of Management (RGIIM) in the North Eastern Region and the 7th in the Country. The 12th National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT) has also been set up in Shillong.
Information Brochure 4

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