Application to Yale Summer Session (yss) 2014

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Application to Yale Summer Session (YSS) 2014

Please complete the following table and essay prompt, provide proof of your grades,* and

return via email to Ms. Cathy Wong at by March 1, 2014 (Friday).
Applicant’s Information

Surname/Family Name

First Name





Current Year of Study

Final Year of Study

Latest CGPA score

and proof*

Birthday (yyyy-mm-dd)

Contact Number

Other HKU Summer Programmes to which you have applied/

will apply:

Essay Prompt: In less than 300 words, please describe your reasons for wanting to attend this programme, what you hope to achieve from it, and what makes you a good ambassador for The University of Hong Kong. You may type your response below.


* Proof of grades may include either a scan of your official transcript or a copy and paste of your grades from the HKU into the end of this application document.

Directory: admission
admission -> Monroe college jumpstart program essay
admission -> The deadline to submit your supplemental materials (secondary application and the required letters of recommendation) is March 15, 2014. However, we encourage all applicants to submit materials as early as possible
admission -> A non-refundable application fee of $90. 00 is required. (Please make check/money order payable to umdnj-som). Please return your secondary application to
admission -> University of madras [Established under the Act of Incorporation XXVII of 1857 – Madras University Act 1923]
admission -> Accuplacer Frequently Asked Questions What is Accuplacer?
admission -> Writing Workshop Constructing your College Essay
admission -> Supreme court of the australian capital territory ceremony for admission of lawyers speech
admission -> B. A. R&S file. University of madras m. A degree courses choice based credit system regulations
admission -> The Faculty of Arts

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