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Part 6


This recommendation must come from a mentor, employer, pastor or other adult (possibly someone at school) familiar with your leadership potential and involvement outside of school. Print your name below and give the form to the recommender. Inform your recommender to which college(s) you are applying. That person should return the form to you in a sealed envelope for you to submit with your completed application.

Applicant name







I WAIVE my right to access this form in the future and I understand I will never be able to see its contents.

I DO NOT WAIVE my right to access this form in the future and I may someday choose to see it once I enroll in college.

Applicant signature



Community Recommender

The student named above is applying for the Excel Leadership and Scholarship Initiative and admission to Union University, and/or CBU. Excel is a Christian urban leadership development and scholarship initiative with a four-part strategy: (1) Locally recruits and selects a diverse, multicultural cadre of Memphis’ most promising urban student leaders; (2) Intensively trains this group of students in the months prior to college, equipping them to support each other, grow in leadership, succeed academically, and grow as service-minded leaders and agents of transformation; (3) Helps facilitate the Excel scholarship and send the teams to Union University in Jackson, or CBU in Memphis for four years of Christian education at a highly diverse liberal arts college; and (4) Provides strong campus support and ongoing leadership development experiences to nurture these young people as they find their vocation and grow into the next generation of community leaders.

We are seeking young people who are passionate about learning, eager to foster intercultural communication and relationships, willing to step out of their comfort zones, committed to serving those around them, and ready to make a difference on the college campus and in their communities at home. The selection process also places high value on students' teamwork, critical thinking, and communication skills, as well as on their academic potential. In seeking to identify qualified students for this extraordinary opportunity, we value your candid evaluation of the applicant.

How long have you known the applicant and in what context?



What are the first words that come to your mind to describe the applicant?



Please describe the applicant’s character and any information that would be helpful to better know them.







If you have any reservations or concerns about the applicant, please share those here.




Compared to other college bound students you have worked with, how would you rate this student in terms of:

No basis

Below average


(above average)

Very good (well above average)

(top 10%)

Outstanding (top 5%)

One of the
top few encountered
in my career

Leadership potential

Respect accorded by peers

Ability to work with a team

Commitment to service

Concern for others

Desire to give back

Vision and goals for life


Disciplined work habits

Intercultural competence

Ability to make friends

Awareness of social inequity

Reaction to setbacks


Initiative and motivation

Honesty and integrity


Maturity and judgment

Emotional stability


If you would like to include a letter of recommendation as well, you may do so.

Please return this form to the applicant in a sealed envelope so that s/he can mail it by the January 16, 2015 application deadline.

Recommender name


















May we contact you with information about Excel in the future?

Yes No

Recommender signature



Memphis Leadership Foundation


Deadline: January 16, 2015

Memphis Leadership Foundation

The mission of the Memphis Leadership Foundation – Excel program is to provide, in a distinctly faith based environment, a quality education to prepare students for service and leadership. Memphis Leadership Foundation therefore desires to admit students who will profit the most from studies in this kind of environment.

Affirmation of MLF Purposes and Standards

Begin by carefully reviewing the mission of the Memphis Leadership Foundation – Excel Program, then sign to affirm the following statement:

In applying for admission to the Memphis Leadership Foundation – Excel Program at Union University, and/or CBU, I have reviewed its mission as stated above. I affirm that if admitted to Union University, or CBU through the Memphis Leadership Foundation – Excel Program, I will abide by these purposes and standards.



Student name (please print)

Student signature


College Choice

Please indicate first and second choice below: Union University or CBU.

1st Choice ___________________________________________

2nd Choice ___________________________________________


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