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Excel Overview

Excel is a Christian urban leadership development and scholarship program with a four-part strategy:

  1. Locally recruits and selects a diverse, multicultural cadre of Memphis’ most promising urban student leaders;

  2. Intensively trains these groups of students in the year prior to college, equipping them to support each other, grow as leaders, succeed academically, and grow as service-minded leaders and agents of transformation;

  3. Helps facilitate the Excel scholarship and send the teams to Union University in Jackson or CBU in Memphis for four years of Christian education at a highly diverse liberal arts college;

  4. Provides strong campus support and ongoing leadership development to nurture these young people as they find their vocation and grow into the next generation of community leaders;

Who Should Apply

The Excel program each year seeks a diverse, multicultural cadre of Memphis’ most promising urban student leaders: young people who are passionate about learning, eager to foster intercultural communication and relationships, willing to step out of their comfort zones, committed to serving those around them, and ready to make a difference on their university campus and in their communities at home. The selection process also places high value on students’ teamwork, critical thinking, communication skills and academic potential.

Selected scholars will enroll as freshmen in fall 2015. Applicants must be Tennessee high school seniors planning to graduate in 2015 or must have previously graduated from a Tennessee high school in 2014. While ethnicity and family income are considered as factors in selecting an intentionally diverse group of scholars, students from all ethnic backgrounds are encouraged to apply. An applicant must be a Tennessee resident, and have a minimum ACT score of 21 and a high school GPA of 3.0 or higher.

Selection Process

PHASE I: Applicants complete an initial written application that includes a basic college admissions application as well as additional essay questions, letters of recommendation, and family financial information. After an initial screening, top applicants are invited to participate as candidates in Phase II.

PHASE II: Semifinalists spend time on their selected campuses usually in early February for an event that will allow students to experience and learn more about Union or CBU and participate in an evaluation process that includes a personal interview. Housing and meals for the visit are provided by the program.

DECISION: A selection committee will name finalists shortly after the campus visits. Once named, finalists are expected to make a formal commitment to the Excel program upon receiving their financial aid packages. By committing to the program, students agree to attend Union University or CBU and to participate fully in the leadership training and preparation program throughout the remainder of the academic year. Applicants may withdraw from the process at any time prior to this commitment.

Selection Timeline

January 15, 2015 All applicants must have completed the FAFSA.

January 16, 2015 Phase I applications must be postmarked by this date.

January 31, 2015 Phase II candidate semi-finalists selections announced.

February TBA Semi-finalists visit Union and CBU for Phase II selection event and interviews. Details will be included in the semifinalist packet.

March Finalists notified.

March-May 2015 Excel scholars announced.

Mailing Address and Contact Information

Questions about Excel or the application process can be directed to Tracy Anthony at 725-3122 or

All Excel application materials must be postmarked by January 16, 2015 and mailed to:


1548 Poplar Avenue

Memphis, TN 38104

Application Checklist


Deadline: January 16, 2015 Cover Sheet

It is your responsibility to review this entire packet thoroughly and carefully follow all instructions. The included Excel application consists of six required parts for all applicants. Read the instructions for each part below carefully and initial the corresponding box when it is complete. Do not include any covers, binders, staples or paper clips.

All completed materials should be assembled in order and mailed in a single envelope to the address below, postmarked no later than January 16, 2015. Materials should not be mailed to CBU or Union.

Excel 1548 Poplar Avenue, Memphis, TN 38104

Application Checklist and Cover Sheet

Legal name







Initial here

Application Checklist. This page should be included as the cover sheet in your packet.

Initial here when complete

Part 1: Basic Application for College Admission.  You should complete the four-page form providing basic biographical, educational and extracurricular information. Be sure to answer all questions that pertain to you.

Initial here when complete

Part 2: Personal Essays. There are two required essays. They should be carefully and thoughtfully prepared and typewritten on separate sheets of paper. Each essay should not exceed one page in length and should have the question number and your name printed at the top.

Initial here when complete

Part 3: FAFSA Financial Information.  You and your parent(s) must complete the online FAFSA this will require a PIN. There will be a confirmation page and a summary with your EFC information. Please include a print out of these pages. Also fill out the financial section of application. * Warning: TSAC free money for college runs out quickly. Please complete FAFSA by January 15th.

Initial here when complete

Part 4: School Report, Official Transcript, and Exam Scores.  You should give the form to a school counselor who can obtain an official transcript and who has access to exam results as well as school and class GPA information. All materials should be returned to you in a sealed envelope. Verify that the report, test scores and official transcript are included.

Initial here when complete

Part 5: Academic Recommendation.  You should give the form to a teacher who has taught you an academic subject. The form should be returned to you in a sealed envelope. You may only include one academic recommendation.

Initial here when complete

Part 6: Community or Pastoral Recommendation.  You should give the form to a mentor, employer, pastor or other person familiar with your leadership potential and involvement outside of school. The form should be returned to you in a sealed envelope. You may only include one community recommendation.

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Basic Application for

College Admission
Deadline: January 16, 2015

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