Apollo 13 Problem Solving Graphic Organizer for the 5 Paragraph Essay Directions

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Apollo 13 Problem Solving

Graphic Organizer for the 5 Paragraph Essay
Directions: You have just finished watching the movie Apollo 13. (If you haven’t, you should get a hold of a copy and do so!) As you were watching, I asked you to analyze the movie from the viewpoint of problem solving. In the movie Apollo 13, the astronauts, ground crew, families and the nation face seemingly insurmountable problems. We will not be looking at the problems per say, we will be looking at how all the characters in the movie (and originally in real life) used problem solving techniques to bring the crew home after the almost fatal spacecraft disaster. By examining the problem solving process in the movie, hopefully we can glean knowledge we can use for our own future problem solving efforts. In this essay, you will examine the problem solving process to see if there are commonalities in problem solving that apply to wide-ranging types of problems.

Use the Organizer on the next two pages to help you organize and outline your 5 paragraph essay. After you do this, you should be able to develop a thesis statement for your essay. What do you want to say about problem solving? The graphic orgaizer should help you to then develop opening and closing paragraphs to lay out the information from 3 problem solving ideas you want to talk about in your essay. I will use the “Response to Informational Text” Rubric to grade your essay.

To start, think of 4 or 5 problems that occurred in the movie. Then in the next box, think about what happened so that the problem could be solved (or not.) The third box helps you look at how the problem was solved. THIS IS WHAT WE”RE INTERESTESED IN! Here are some suggestions:

Technical knowledge or expertise

Group/Team work

Practice and training



Common sense

Attention to detail

Logic, reasoning


Time constraints




Physical condition


Chemistry – Mrs. Cameron

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