Apa style Basics

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First Pages

If an assignment description includes a request that you submit it in APA Style, then include a title page (unless otherwise directed). Set up your running head and page numbers using the header function in Microsoft Word. Make the body of your title page look like the information provided in the title page for this paper. To make the first page include Running head: SHORT TITLE while the remaining headers say only SHORT TITLE, click Different First Page on the Header & Footer tab (the location varies, depending on the version of Word you are using). To find an illustrated answer for how to do this, use Google to search for MS Word header first page different and Mac (if applicable) and add the version of Word you are using.

The first page after your title page, in this course, would normally be a Table of Contents (TOC). You may use TOC generator to create your own TOC; however, do not forget to update all the font size and format to match the other parts of the whole writing. The second page after your TOC, in APA Style, would normally be an abstract, or specialized summary, of your paper. However, do not forget to list up to five key words under the abstract.

For this 200w, the first page of text (after the title page) should include the title, centered, in plain type (not bold), then a double space, and then the beginning of your introduction. Do not repeat spelling out the title in this page, but instead just put Introduction as the section header.

Margins for the paper should be one inch all around, with a half-inch indent at the beginning of every paragraph. Double-space the text. Please use 12-point Times New Roman as your font. Definitely do not use sans serif fonts, as they are harder to read when grading a large, virtual stack of papers.

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